Getting regular massages incorporated in your daily routine has medically shown many benefits to the human body. More experiments are being conducted with each passing year and massage is being more and more accepted as a medical practice, one that is preventive and curative in nature.

Massages Fight Depression through Relaxation

There was a time when massages were viewed as luxury activities, often because of the relaxation therapy connotation attached to the phrase or concept. Studies however have shown that relaxation or deep tissue, massages yield real benefits by reducing soreness and curing tired muscles by easing the tension in the tissue. Massage has also shown to clearly reduce anxiety levels.

Massage is Good for the Muscle Tissue

Athletes and body builders can especially appreciate the advancement in massage research today because it has clearly shown to fight muscle inflammation similar to Cyrotherapy. Massage reduces pain in muscle tissue, as well as waving that result from trauma caused by weight lifting and repetitive motion type activities.

In fact, clinical research has also shown that massage after exercise sessions reduce production of cytokines, which are proteins responsible for the swapping in muscle tissue. This in essence is the same effect that an anti inflammatory medicine like Icy Hot or Biofreeze can do to muscles.

Strengthening of Immune System

Research has also shown that massage impacts the immune system and in turn one's overall health and wellness.

Several studies have been associated involving control groups where massage was provided to one group which has clearly shown that those offered massage increased their antibody count. The control groups also in many cases taken off putting on weight relative to the test group.

Other such studies have shown the following benefits: reduction in cytokines, decrease is cortisol production (stress hormone), increase in lymphocytes which are cells that fight disease. These are real, measurable and scientific results. Other benefits are more inherent in nature such as a better, healthier feeling in the patient. Many have also reported improved posture.

There is a lot more evidence through study and experiment that massage truly yields real and measurable benefits to the human body. In fact, in most studies, only one session of massage has been enough to see noticeable benefits. This is why many professionals suggest the incorporation of regular massage in one's routine in frequent increments.

The argument is that if only one session can do the body so much good, imagine what regular sessions can do over time. Many studies have also focused on massages over the course of time. Results of those studies further reinforce the benefits of massage, and further ensures that isolated instances are not strictly driving the recommendations of medical professionals.

Accessing massage has been easier than ever before, with an increased number of therapists, practitioners as well as mobile businesses that offer massage at your place of residence or employment. Those who would like to benefit from massage therapy have the access to do so. This field is gaining more awareness and more importantly, recognition as a legitimate medical service that improves one's overall lifestyle, health and well being.