So you are thinking about having a Reiki treatment but are unsure what to expect. First I think you need to understand what Reiki is. So let me give you a brief explanation. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing and a feeling of well being. It is administrated by placing hands on your body, and is based on the idea that an unseen universal life energy flows around and through us. When a student receives Reiki initiation they are being opened up to receive and channel this universal energy. The initiative allow the student to draw the energy down through the top of their head and then channel the energy (Reiki) through their hands.

Most Reiki practitioners will have soft gentle music playing to help set up a calming space. When you go to have a Reiki treatment you will be more than likley laying on a massage table. The Reiki practitioner will then place their hands on your body. Most Reiki practitioner will ask you to lay on your back and start working on you from the top of your head.

They will work down your body to your feet, then ask you to turn over onto your stomach. Again they will work down to your feet. I suggest that if you are someone who does not like anyone touching your head or feet then advise the Reiki practitioner so they are aware of this. Receiving a Reiki is all about you so you would not want to feel uneasy in any way. Each persons experience with Reiki is different. You may not feel anything other than being relaxed. Some people feel great heat or cold coming from the practitioners hands. Just remember your experience will be unique. I think its always best to go and try something new with an open mind and not have to many preconceived ideas.

Most Reiki treatments go for a minimum of 1 hour. I would suggest that you have a glass of water once your treatment is complete, as Reiki can draw toxins out and this helps to flush them out of your system. Receiving a Reiki treatment is very relaxing and I would not recommend having a quickie treatment on your lunch break. Simply because you will feel very calm and relaxed and would not want to go into a stressful situation and undo that great feeling.