Discs are the pads of cartilage that separates the 24 vertebrae of the spine from one another. There are two layers in these discs. The outer layer and the inner layer with the outer layer being touch and the inner layer being soft to absorb the strains caused by the various movements and also the stress put on the spine.

As time passes and the disks are used more and more, they are more prone to disease, injury and degeneration. The risk of the disks being deteriorated or getting damages is increased due to certain day to day activities. The disc is herniated when the soft inner material of the disc is pashed out due to wear and tear. Degenerated, bulging ruptured prolapsed, protruding or slipped discs are some other names given to herniated discs. There are slight variations in the way these terms are used but they basically point to a disc which is note in its normal working condition anymore. The nerves in the spinal column are injured and there there is a pain caused by these herniated discs. They produce irritation, discomfort and pinching sensation.

Disc herniation typically takes place in the low back area. Other than that, neck is the next target for herniation. Due to herniated disc, there can also be pain downwards your spine to your buttocks and thigh right down into your leg. Cervical disc herniation can result in shoulder pain, arm pain or pain in the hand. The problems that come along with herniated discs are that it causes muscle weakness, causes pain when you strain, causes pain when you cough and it makes it hard to get back up once you sit or lay down. Herniated discs also cause pain in the lower right side of the abdomen most of the times. Incontinence can also be caused due to herniated discs as they may affect nerves and bladders as well. If this is the case, then immediate action and attention is needed.

Chiropractors can be of great help in such a situation. They evaluate your condition and find out the exact cause of the condition. Chiropractic treatment can provide you the treatment and adjustment that is required in your case. This treatment reduces the pain and removes the strain on the discs. Once the normal functioning of the body is restored, your chiropractor will give you words of caution so that you can avoid this kind of a situation in the future and stay fit.