Many practitioners consider the Reiki symbols and their meanings as sacred. These symbols open doors to higher levels of spirituality, manifestation and awareness. It is widely used and has many good benefits. It is an ancient ritual and a form of Reiki healing for mind and body.

Reiki Symbols are used during Reiki training that includes experiencing attunement. Reiki attunement strengthens the symbols to fulfill its purpose. During Reiki training, it is suggested to concentrate the symbols and accept a guideline of its uses.

The Harmony Symbol

This symbol is called Sei Hei Ki which is known for emotional clearing, balancing and healing that works with relationship issues, mental and physical illness, improving ones memory, anger, depression, fear and clearing a room from negativity. It helps unite the mind and body. This symbol can also help cure people who may be addicted to smoking, drugs and alcohol.

The Power Symbol

Cho Ku Rei represents power that is used for increasing the body's energy or for reducing power when applied reversely. It can also boost up the potential of Reiki healing. This symbol can be used in activating chakras, increasing the strength of reiki energy or other symbols.

The Distance Symbol

The symbol which is called Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen representations connection and can travel through time and space. The basic meaning is there is no limit on distance and time. Reiki healer uses Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen to do distance healing without touching the one he is treating.

The Master Reiki Symbol

This is the most sacred symbol of them all. Dai Ko Myo, the master symbol, is infrequently used for any particular reason but this reminds us that Reiki is also love and anyone can use it. The primary purposes of this symbol are enlightenment, unity, empowerment and awakening the soul.

The Reiki Symbol of Completion

This symbol is called Raku and is applied during the final procedure of a reiki treatment. It is used to store and seal the energy that is newly awakened in the body. It is considered the symbol for wisdom and insight and can be used to cleanse the spirit, soul and the aura of a person.

Although there are many more different types of Reiki Master Symbols, these four are vital to the practiceer prior to its Reiki attunement. If used properly, these symbols increase Reiki treatments and allow the person to get more energizing Reiki training, whether they will perform it to themselves or to others. door opener to help you gain a higher level of consciousness.