Modern life seemed to be easy compared to the old one. Teenage people today are far different from the old days but one thing still the same, the stress. Stress can not be avoided and it still happens as long as there are stressors. The stressors are the one that triggers us to be stress. Stressors can be a thing, an event, or even a person that disturbs our serenity. Teens usually got their stress whenever they failed on their studies, when having a lover's quarrel, and a family problem; these are the most rated reasons why teens got to be stress. We are all aware that stressfulness is harmful because it may lead into different kinds of illness.

In order to avoid stress, here are the top 3 ways to avoid teenage emotional problems.

1. Identify your stressors. Before you settle your problems with stress, you have to locate your stressors first. Knowing what those things that make you stress will be a good hint for solving it. Actually, you do not need to think too much in knowing your stressors, you just have to stick to your usual deeds and be observant how you will react to those deeds. Occasionally, you will know the things that make you stress and you will be ready for the next step.

2. Prepare yourself for a break. It is not good to continue the usual things that offer stress to you. For example, you and your boyfriend have a misunderstanding. What you need to do in that situation is to apply the break, just sit for a while listen to music or do whatever that make you feel relax. Dealing to such problems are the main reason of stress, we are responding to problems by thinking critically just to solve it and some does not have a break as long as they did not find solution to it. Well, it is not right because you will just carry too much tension on your brain and as it goes, you can not think good enough. The best thing to do instead is to have a break.

3. Have an enjoyment. When you are feeling down, do not carry those entrenched problem just yourself, remember that you have your family or friends who are open in helping you and understand you. Do not make problem as a problem but think of it as a challenge. It is better to have an enjoyment because your mind will have a rest for too much pressure in thinking for your problems as well as the solutions how to solve it. Be free from stress by doing what you think can make you laugh because laugh can do a lot in our wellness.