Yeast Allergies and Personality Changes.

When I was in my early twenties researching the effects of allergies on the brain, I was astounded to discover how profound these allergies naturally thought about 'personality changes' in the individual. During this research, I would witness the individuals change from being calm and relaxed into agitated, stressed and anxious individuals. The change was legally like 'Doctor Jekyll to Mr Hyde'. Many mental illnesses can be attributed to chemical imbalances in the brain thought about this condition. Depression is only one such example. How could these sudden debilitating changes occur ?.

Yeast Allergies are CHEMICAL ADDICTIONS.

Food allergies need to be treated like any other 'chemical addition'. Allergies are sudden and negative changes to the body's biochemistry. The body has become so toxic and stressed that any further introduction of the 'allergen' will 'push the chemistry over the top' in tolerance. The body-language is saying 'do not give me any more of THAT food!'. Yeast is particularly severe for many reasons, mainly because it is in everything and is there before hard to avoid. If we're taking a break 'from certain foods we do not seem to develop allergies in these foods.

Three Stages of Mr Hyde.

The 'food allergen' is taken into the mouth. The body 'defense' chemistry is immediately alerted. The stress pattern begins. The food is then passed down into the small and large intestines. The intestines are so damaged by repeated encounter that instead of being property digested, it is absorbed DIRECTLY into the blood stream and becomes a POISON. This is the second 'stress response' that can be detected in the body. The 'undigested allergen' then travels to the brain via the blood stream. It it penetrates the protective barrier and arrives in the brain. The chemistry of the brain undergoes a dramatic 'shift' from relaxed to 'stress overload'; from relaxed and thinking to agitated and impulsive. All other anxieties present then become inclusive in this 'personality shift'.

What to do?

Since yeast is 'in everything' it presents a very real problem. People 'go mad' withdrawal from yeast allergies. The approach must therefore be a 'multifaceted' one.

1. Slowly reduce the intake of yeast in the diet, check the labels.
2. Restore general health levels and organ repair through the body from chosen therapies.
3. Target 'damaged bowl syndrome'.
4. Commence 'allergy desensitisation' with your local homoeopath.
5. Take a break from yeast regularly until your digestive system has cleaned and repaired itself.