Without using any drug or administrating any injection, this oil had been known to cure wounds for centuries. The oil is an extract from a herb known as St John's Wort which for ages had earned the reputation of being a wound healer. It became popular as a wound therapy during the Christian crusade when it was being applied to fresh wounds from swords. It was also used to expel evil spirits, in fact, oral tradition had it that it was hung above people's doors especially on the eve of June 24, when witches were believed to be most active. On exposure to air the juice of the herb turns red, and people thought this was the color of John the Baptist.

There curative properties of this ointment are very significant, especially for healing cuts and wounds. Using a few cotton-wool drops on a wound daily will effect speedy relief. For gastrointestinal disorders, application of the ointment is very effective. St John's Wort has been found to be more effective in treating depression than any medication, its products are currently being prescribed as depressants in many Western countries, in preference to synthesized drugs. Its tincture is a good treatment to bring emotional stability for anyone angry or panicky. People suffering from menopause or speech disorders, neurosis, sleepwalking, etc will find relief with the use of the herbal ointment. For very strong emotional disorders, take the powder: take a spoon 4 hours apart in the day time for best results.

St John's oil therefore is clearly a home and family companion. It is very indispensable in the home, factory and school first aid boxes. For dental problems, especially gingivitis, gargling the liquid down the throat twice daily will produce relief. It is the quickest and most effective cure for burns, bruises and eczema. Its tea is good for neutralizing poison. For young, pre-puberty age girls, drinking two cups of the John Wort tea daily will regulate the genital organs, preparing to enter the menstrual cycle.

Finally, the therapeutic properties improve blood circulation, improvements easy sleeping, eases gastrointestinal distress, and also increases cardiac circulation. For all person who are always busy, simply drink the tea daily provides strength to wherever the runs. This is another herbal oil that has become a great companion to all those who know and use it, because it reduces the unnecessary over-dependence on drugs; good health can be attained and retained if a little more care is taken to tap into the benevolence of nature.