From the moment we come into this world, there's a part of our brain and nervous system that begins assessing what is safe and what is not safe for the purpose of survival. This very sensitive part of our nervous system is a part that gathers information by 'feeling' into our world. There's no thinking involved. We're just reaching out into our world through this feeling and sensing part of our nervous system. Through this very sensitive part of our nervous system, we make very fine distinctions about our relationship with ourselves, others and the world by relating to them on a minority energetic level. When our nervous system deems that some experience is not safe, let's say it's a sensory experience of some emotion in our bodies, our system uses tension to sequester the offending energy, to lock it down, to keep it from moving; essentially to keep us from experiencing this thing that has been labeled as unsafe.

This survival programming is a bundle that is tied together through an intricate weaving of physical, emotional and mental components. The physical component of this process involves physical tension, a change in physical posture, a mechanical stretching of the spinal cord and structural changes to the spine. As we mature emotionally, part of our intellectual intelligence becomes stunted because the sequestered energy has an emotional component to it which has been deemed unsafe to feel. Later on, as our mental capacity develops, we apply thoughts and stories to support this survival programming that may have been installed years ago. If this physical / emotional / mental complex is going to dissolve completely, all three parts must be affected. If only one side of the triangle is affected, the momentum of the other two sides will reassert the pattern and force the one side to resort to its old relationship to the other two sides.

Furthermore, our nervous systems are self-observing, self-organizing systems. Your nervous system is observing the state of your body and making a billion decisions in this very moment that you do not have to spend any time thinking about. It's breaking down the food you just ate and turning it into you. It's making decisions about your blood pressure and temperature and body chemistry; constantly keeping all of these things in a delicate balance. Your nervous system is responsible for regulating your immune system; making moment to moment decisions that allow for the most efficient adaptation to your environment.

Both survival programming and resources can be accessed through the body. There are specific parts of our bodies that are anchors for the survival patterns in our systems, parts where there is sequestered energy, parts that are disconnected, parts where information is not freely moving. It's like a circuit breaker has been tripped and the system only knows how to play out the survival pattern in those particular parts.

Then there are specific parts of our bodies that are anchors for what's resourced in our systems, parts that are connected, parts where there is a free-flow of information, parts where there is 'available, free energy,' parts where there is a reservoir of resource.

Conventional chiropractic, the chiropractic that the majority of people will think of when they hear the word chiropractic, works predominantly with the physical / structural aspect of the survival complex, leaving out the mental and emotional components. That's why it's common for people to report having experienced great physical relief from a conventional chiropractic adjustment, only to find that their body looks to eventually resort to its former misaligned state, requiring another adjustment, and the pattern repeats itself. That was my experience so many years ago. I saw many different conventional chiropractors on a regular basis for years and I certainly experienced changes and a lot of relief. But the changes and the relief did not keep deepening; they seemed to bottom out at some point. That's when I started exploring other avenues for healing. It was not until I stumbled upon Network Spinal Analysis that things started to move again.

Many modalities, including conventional chiropractic, as holistic as it is, tend to focus on what is not working; what is not connected. Conventional chiropractic utilizes quick thrusts in a 'subluxated' area of ​​the spell to change the structure before the protective mechanisms of the system have time to react. While a precise adjustment can be hugely beneficial by taking pressure off of the spinal cord and nerves, this model does not take advantage of the nervous system's ability to observe itself and make new choices on its own. In this way, tension may be temporarily released but the system does not learn anything new in the process. The person continues to live their lives the exact way they did before and the tension builds up again.

Network Spinal Analysis is so powerful because it amplifies the system's awareness of what is working; of what is resourced in the system. It only takes a gentle contact – albeit a contact in exactly the right place, with exactly the right force, at exactly the right time – to cue the system to self-observer and self-organize around resource. When the self observing, self organizing nervous system can observe itself from a researched perspective, it naturally wants to spread that resource to areas where survival programming has been installed. The system is then able to reorganize according to a blueprint based on resource. These results in a permanent change in the physical / emotional / mental, survival complex, which results in permanent physical change, as well as new emotional and mental awareness, extremely leading to permanent growth and evolution.