When it comes to treating sports injuries, chiropractic treatment can and should be a valuable part of the plan. Injuries are a part of sports, regardless of whether one is a professional athlete or a weekend warrior. Chiropractic can help get an injured athlete back on his or her feet again, ready for the next game. Many chiropractors are now choosing to specialize in this field of chiropractic and are accredited as sports chiropractors.

Although they are called sports injuries, it does not always require a strenuous game of touch football to cause one. Simply twisting wrong while unloading the dishwasher or lifting a box at work can cause an overuse syndrome to occur, and one usually does not think about stretching or warm up prior to doing household chores.

Although the usual advice given for this kind of injury is to ice and rest the area, this can take a long time for a noticeable effect to be felt. Along with physiotherapy to help with any soft tissue injuries, chiropractic adjustment realigns the spine and assists return the vertebrae to their normal range of motion, allowing the injured person to return to daily activity quicker. Many chiropractors also offer massage as part of their treatment protocol, a soothing option which also helps relieve stress. Chiropractic treatment can also help a patient avoid long-term treatment with pain killers, which can be hard on the liver and kidneys and, in some cases, quite addictive.

Professional athletes such as Lance Armstrong, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Evander Holyfield, Emmitt Smith and Joe Montana all tout the benefits of chiropractic treatment as part of their routine to help them be the very best athlete they can be. Professional and college sport teams have started having a chiropractor on hand, along with the team doctor, as part of the sports medicine team to treat injured players and prevent injury.

Part of chiropractic treatment is to teach the patient ways to prevent future injury, including stretches and other exercises, and how to safely perform them. With this knowledge, the patient can safely warm up and prepare for the next workout, knowing that they are doing everything they can to exercise in the safest possible manner. Chiropractic health care is based upon the promise that when the spine is healthy, the whole body can be healthy and can function at its very highest level. It's easy to see why athletes everywhere are turning to chiropractic treatment.