Our number one reason why people do not heal for the long term. We already went through number three being the fact that we do not take personal responsibility. Number two, our mentality is the fact that we think we need to be 'fixed' or there's a 'quick fix' out there. Point blank. Number one. Number one reason why everyone places in pain for the long term: We do not communicate with our body.

Our body is an alternating device. It always changes. So if you throw something at it, it's going to adapt and change. And what we see is just the change. And then we think, 'Oh, everything's all good. It changed. It stopped doing what it was doing before. ' But all that's like is, if a baby is crawling to a light socket, an electrical socket, all we're doing is going, 'Oh wait, let's change its direction,' and it goes this way. So we change the baby, like, 'Yay, we got him away from the light socket,' but little do we know, we pointed him at the next light socket. That's all we do.

So we have to learn how to communicate with our body effectively because it talks, it is a guide. It's not just mind and body. There's a third thing in there. It's you. You're the person that's behind everything. You're the one that's always going to cause the issues, by the way, too, so YOU ​​have to learn how to communicate with your body effectively.

And that takes practice. That takes you doing all kinds of things. And the largest one is looking at What You Do. Turning the mirror on and looking in the mirror and saying, 'Oh hey, this is what's happening. This is why I'm doing that. Look at me. I am doing that. ' All those questions need to be asked all the time, and you'll start recognizing that you're doing things, and then you'll start recognizing that your body keeps you up about it. Your body said, 'By the way, I do not think this is a good idea, but you're going to do it anyway. That means I have to defend myself. ' It's going to defend itself. It's going to do the things that it needs to do to allow you to keep doing the things that you're doing. And that's what it does. It works just like that.

So, number one reason: We do not communicate with our body. We just keep throwing stuff at it. And because it knows how to dodge and bob and weave, it just goes with the flow. But ever, it's going to stop being able to bob and weave and you're going to start hitting it. It's going to start going through. And then ever, it will not be able to do much at all. And that's when you say, 'Man, I feel like I'm falling apart. Every time I try to do something, it just deteriorates. I can not do this. I can not do that. '

And you go to a doctor. You have that 'quick fix' mentality where you say, 'Doc, fix me.' And he says, 'All right. Take this pill. ' Little do you know that pill is going to make that pain go away, but it's also going to attack the body, that's already falling apart as it is, a little bit more in a different area. So yeah, you feel better for a little bit of time but then something else starts falling apart. Then you say, 'I can not keep up. I can not do this. I can not take any more personal responsibility for everything so I'm going to keep on going to people. ' And there goes the cycle. Top three reasons broken down in order for you just like that.

Your body is talking to you all the time. You just have to learn how it's communicating to you, just like you have to learn how your dog communicates, just like your baby, just like you're snipping at others. Now, this is going to be the best one, because you should have many other ways of communicating. You have to now break that down like, 'Wait, I know that face. I can not do that. Oh, she's not talking to me. I did something wrong. Let's find out what's happening. ' That's what needs to happen. You have to learn how your body is communicating. That's something that someone else can not give to you. That's something that you have to figure out on your own. How you are going to figure it out on your own is by experiencing things.

So folks, hopefully these three tips helped you out. Hopefully, I've broken it down in detail for you so you actually understand it. If you do not, hit me up. I'll gladly walk you through the whole process and say, 'Oh, by the way, this happened, and this happened.' If you have not done so already, download the eBook. The eBook has a lot of information about this, and learning how to communicate your body. So folks, until next time, bye.