Qigong pronounced chigong is an ancient Chinese health technique developed from tai-chi. Until recent times the forms and teachings about this subject were intensely guarded and only passed on to one's own family members. So what is it and how does it work?

First let us look at the father of qigong, tai-chi. Tai-chi is a seemingly slow dance form that when practiced over several years gives great power and fighting ability and has a side effect of also bestowing strong vigor and vitality. When the ancients saw this they gradually developed qigong to deal with health problems. As one practices qigong the chi meridians in the body are opened and life giving chi is channeled through the body. Also as one channels his chi he learns to channel the chi from the earth and the universe that surround us.

Until recent times only the greatest adepts could read and use chi for healing but now with the advent of modern science many machines can measure and record chi as it moves through the body. Also bringing up the new theory of field energy. While one can independently slowly build up their own individual chi through years of practice, with field energy chi one tap into the earth's energy, the chi energy in plants, the air, and life itself. Also there are many qigong practice groups with huge numbers of people all freely emitting their chi and those who are sick can quickly heal just by being in the portfolio of such groups.