On a recent morning Jeff is setting up drums in a chair circle at a Nevada community center where he is preparing to coach a class to familiarize the adult attendees with circle drumming. Jeff's class participants will be experiencing the spontaneous creation of music on a variety of drums and percussion instruments.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of Jeff's personality is his reassuring certainty that what he teaches is a great way for all ages to discover their creativity. It was while serving in the armed forces, Jeff studied drum circles abroad. His background is also in the medical healing arts.

An inspiring reply from stress, this session was simply simply “Drum Circle Class.” It is a one-hour class where no prior musical experience is required. When today's drum circle begins, it is made up of a group of men and women of different ages sitting and playing hand-drum and percussion instruments. There is no head or tail and everyone is made to feel equal. Jeff's objective is to demonstrate how sharing rhythm allows participants to get in tune with others and with themselves.

Music circles were popularized in the United States in the mid-1960s and are unarranged and co-created by their drumming contributors. Best of all, no musical experience is required to have fun. With a few rhythm starters, the circle quickly begins to experience the excitement and humor that grouping brings.

Jeff's drum circles are informal and recreational, while promoting music, wellness, education, spirituality, personal growth and more. Participants forge their music as they go, applying both listening and playing to craft musical ties while expressing themselves. Jeff's community music circles are a fun learning experience that welcomes anyone who wants to take part.

When the Container Park shops opened in November 2013, Jeff was invited by Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com and the downtown Las Vegas developer and Container Park shops creator too come moderate free public drum circle experiences. Container Park drum circles are currently held daily at sunset. Participation often includes both shoppers and passerby in drumming and listening.

Community drum circles often attract regular and drop-in participants of all ages and can take place just about anywhere. Strict rhythmic perfection or planned structure is not their goal, but the ability to become unstressed and reach the state of a group mind is the purpose.

The therapeutic effects of drumming include hastening physical healing, boosting the immune system, creating feelings of well-being and can even have a calming effect on people suffering from Alzheimer's and painful life experiences. The act of drumming is thought to help partakers express and address emotional issues that might otherwise be difficult to deal with. The drummer is able to create an outward and physical expression of whatever frustration that may be feeling inside.

Indeed, the beat of a different drummer is music to the ears and the emotions. There are many reasons a drum circle is powerful. A circle symbolizes perfection and is classic for wholeness and unity. Who would have thought that a little drumming could lead to all this wellbeing?

Drum circle classes and groups are being offered in many communities and they can be located by searching drum circle and your community's name and soon you too could be moving to the beat of a different drummer and the music to your ears could be your own.