Hello again! So, I am writing about the base chakra again. Last time, I wrote about the properties of a balanced base chakra, and also about the types of issues and conditions that can occur when the base chakra is out of balance. This time, I would like to write about how to balance and heal the base chakra.

Healing the base chakra means re-establishing a healthy connection with the earth. Being outside, walking barefoot on the earth, gardening (or even looking after indoor plants, particularly if it involves touching the soil they are growing in), chi kung, tai chi, yoga, swimming, dancing, shaking the body, tree hugging, and receiving massage are all very useful for rebalancing the base chakra. Affirmations that may help are to do affirming that it is safe to be here, and that the earth and universe support and nourish me.

I know that I can have a tendency to disconnect from my roots; conversely I know how nurturing the feeling of heavy, solid, “safe” earth energy flowing in my body can be. When I was first at the School of Energy Healing, and learned chi kung, I used to stand in the basic grounding post of wu chi for 40 or 50 minutes every morning. I intuitively knew on some level that I needed to invite in as much earth energy as I could, and re-establish that healthy connection with the earth that I had somehow lost. I am sure this contributed hugely to my recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome (ME)

Similarly, since I have been here in Hebden Bridge, I have really felt the need to connect with the land round here, in order to literally “root” myself in my new environment. I have been outside a lot, which has been great, but I have needed to actually get my feet on the earth. Fortunately so far it has been good weather and comparatively mild – but it feels so good I intend to carry on doing it even in the winter!

Energy healing and reiki can be very good for grounding, and bringing someone energetically back into their body; at its most basic level energy healing and reiki are about loving touch, and that can create the feeling of safety and nurturing that someone needs to fully inhabit their body energetically.

Energy Healing and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also has a lot to offer in terms of healing the issue that led to the lack of grounding in the first place. Typically, this is very early on in an infant's development, from in the womb to one year old. It's also possible that there are inherited fears to do with survival that have been passed on from generation to generation (eg to do with the holocaust, famines or other disasters) which energy healing and / or EFT can also help to heal. So, an inner child healing, a relationship cord healing or a past life healing can be powerful in these situations.

Color healing and sound healing can also work on balancing each chakra. For the base chakra, the balanced color is a deep red and the balanced sound is a deep “OH” that comes from the base of the spine. As a healer, I hold the balanced vibration of either the sound or the color (or sometimes both) which inserts the client's chakra to come into a balanced place.

This rings to an end the discussion of the base chakra; next I will look at the sacral chakra, which is mainly to do with issues of creativity and sexuality.