Some people suffer from pain and discomfort in the jaw muscles and joints. At times, this is not permanent and usually stops after your stop doing it. But at times, people with TMD or temporomandibular pain can develop chronic symptoms. Your chiropractor will help you to recognize the problem and if it is TMD, help you to get a treatment for the problem.

TMD can be due to three reasons. One, it can be due to a dislocated jaw or displaced disc. Second, it can be due to degenerative joint disease like osteoarthritis in the jaw joint or rheumatoid arthritis. Lastly, it can be due to myofascial pain like pain in the muscles of the jaw, shoulders or neck. The main cause of TMD is a severe injury to the jaw. Excessive chewing of gums or chewing on one side of the mouth more often and a hit in the jaw, there can be many reasons for the cause of TMD.

While diagnosing the patient, the chiropractor can ask the patient to put three fingers inside the mouth and bite them. The patient may also be asked to close the mouth and act as if chewing something so that his jaw movements can be monitored. If there is no problem in these activities, then the problem might not be TMD. Chiropractor may then look for inflammation and abnormalities. In order to be sure of the diagnosis, MRI, x-ray or some kind of special imaging technique is required.

Along with the treatment, you will also be advised to perform three important things that might help you. First of all, your chiropractor will advise you on how to apply heat and ice so that the pain is reduced. Initially, ice is to be used to less the pain and later on, heat is the method of treatment. Secondly, you should avoid joint traffic that can prove to be harmful for you. Any fast or heavy movement or a movement with jerk should be avoided.

Lastly, you need to do specific exercises that are meant for TMD. You will be advised on some specific stretching and strengthening exercises. These exercises help you to get your muscles in the right shape. These are some of the key points that will help to speed up the recovery process. Chiropractic treatment is one of the most effective method that reduces pain in a natural way and also helps to avoid having TMD in the future.