For many centuries Tai Chi has been practiced all over the world for many different reasons. Some find its meditative and mental aspects to be the most important thing. Some will practice this art of controlled movement and breathing for the health benefits that it provides. Still others look to it as a method of self defense in physical confrontation. It does not matter why one participates in this ancient art, because all practitioners agree on one thing, it benefits a person to practice this art. There are many different styles of this physical practice due to their place of origin or the style they were created from. Each style can be broken down into basic movements and most include very specific forms. When just starting out learning Tai Chi it is important to begin by educating the mind before you begin to experiment with the movement of the body.

On Video

Some people will recommend learning Tai Chi by watching a video, but this is only going to teach you the basic moves without any kind of feedback. The movements of the discipline are important but the reason behind the movement is also important. Combining the spirit, the mind and the body into one unit is not an easy thing to accomplish and a video online might not be the best method for that. If that is the only choice you have then it is better than not practicing any Tai Chi at all, but remember that like all disciples that bring spiritual enlightenment into the picture, having someone to provide feedback to you as you grow and answer your questions is going to be very helpful in finding spiritual peace.

Join a Class

One of the best suggestions when talking about starting out for beginners is to locate a local class on the discipline in your area. There will most likely be a studio in a local city that will provide you with a form of Tai Chi instruction. The value of a class is that you will have a teacher to guide you in the intricate movements and to provide feedback on your progress as you move through the poses that are taught. If you have any questions then they can be asked and immediately answered. Bonding with a teacher that you respect is very important when it comes to benefiting from all that Tai Chi has to offer because it is a spiritual practice after all.