I hope you must go through my posts to enjoy happiness at the same time taking perfect care of your heart. Actually if you think you would do something to make your heart healthy, you can. It is not very hard to follow some measures that I want to mention here. Though our life and death depends on the Almighty we must try our best to keep ourselves healthy and fit. If we find something real good for our heart, we must take it and have the benefits out of that to attend perfect happiness.

It is not hard to find garlic. If we take a small piece of garlic everyday we may keep our heart strong. As per the doctors it raises the ratio of HDL and LDL. They who have cholesterol more than 200, have the bad cholesterol (LDL) lowered 15% and good cholesterol (HDL) increased 10%. The total cholesterol lowers to 10-12%. There is a possibility of lowering the triglyceride too. The blood pressure lowers to 10% and the blood vessels carry 50% blood. You have enough scope to attend happiness

We have no way to escape stress and tension. It is your own ability how to come out from the cavern of tension and enjoy happiness. First you have to find out why you are tensed. If you can not find out the cause you just be casual and go through different books, watch films, listen to music or visit a place where there reigns nature after her will. All these things tell the tales of life. I hope you may get the answer of your question and enjoy happiness. If you do not find the way how to enjoy happiness make friendship with anyone who listen to you attentively. You may take the help of a psychiatrist too. The best way is to divert your mind from the obsessed thoughts. Meditation and Yoga can help you to concentrate. To make your heart healthy these two play vital role and offer you enough scope to enjoy happiness.