Misalignment of spinal bones or spinal occlusions is almost every day self corrected in everyone. This happens very naturally in our body. Just like digestion happens without our knowledge automatically, there are many other functions that take place in our body. We can think about it, observe it and describe it, if being asked but to explain in detail, we need to dig deeper than what can be seen above. The idea of ​​the human body being self correcting and self regulating is not a concept that is supported by modern day practitioners.

There are processes that can not be explained by laws laid down by chemistry and physics alone and these processes fall under vitality. It is believed that there is a wisdom which organizes and runs all the functions of the human body and utilizes our brain accordingly. This is known as spinology. This theory or wisdom is ignored by many doctors and scientists because this wisdom can not be studied in a scientific manner within the body.

There are spinology courses that help people to understand more about this wisdom and that it is an important aspect of our life. It is like being dead without this wisdom. It is believed that all we need to survive is food, water, sleep, air and sunshine but if we put a dead body in the sun and provide it these basic amenities, it will not make the dead alive. The main force that drives our body and keeps it alive is not present and since there is no life in the dead body.

There are many tiny muscles that are attached to all the segments of the spine. If our body is not functioning properly, it is because our nerves can not function normally. Usually, our brain sends signals to all the tiny muscles to contract and align themselves in the normal pattern. All minor alignments takes place by itself in our body but at times the force that causes the misalignment is greater than what our body can take and it causes nerve transmission problems. Here, there is no self alignment.

A clinologist helps in determining the parts of the body where the self correction of alignment is not working and helping the wisdom of the body to treat that segment and realign the spelling accordingly. He or she helps by assisting gently by putting force in the direction where the muscles are already being dropped. This method is quite similar to chiropractic treatment.