You should count yourself lucky if you have not suffered from sciatica. Sciatica happens when you feel pain in the sciatic nerve which is a nerve mass which isoted in the lumbar spine that travels from there till the crossing at the knee. It goes through the hip and down the outside of the leg till the knee and then the nerve continues to the foot. Pain may occur through the entire length or at certain places in varying intensity. Depending on the cause of sciatica, healing it can be a challenge at times. Some of the common causes of sciatica can be spinal trauma, tumors, stenosis which is narrowing of the spinal channel and also herniated discs.

The sciatic nerve continues through the back and then branches off into both legs and so any one of the legs can be more susceptible to symptoms than the other. The sensation as described by some patients is that like their leg is on fire. From being mildly uncomfortable to being intolerable with time, a painful sciatic nerve can cause various ranges of discomfort and pain in the patients. The basis of the symptom is irritation to the sciatic nerve and that the nerve is being pinched. This causes discomfort to the nerve.

Seeing a chiropractor is one of the easy ways to treat the pain that sciatica causes. Chiropractors aim at correcting the problem by determining the main problem rather than providing a temporary solution. If you take the help of a chiropractor, they ease the pain of sciatica in a very natural way. Chiropractors can align your body in the correct way and adjust your alignment and hence your pain will be relived. There are many people who have found peace with the help of chiropractors.

Although there is no definite way to heal sciatica, bed rest is usually prescribed for it. At times, the pain from sciatica is so much that patients can not even move properly. What can be pretty effective is bed rest with periodic movements and physical activity. There are some special exercises that is prescribed by some doctors. You can try to ease the pain by taking bed rest with proper lumbar support and change in sleeping position. An added help would have lifted your knee with the help of a pillow.

A good and natural method in order to adjust your spinal and reduce pain so that it can function better is chiropractic treatment. In order to provide you relief from lower back sciatica, a chiropractor may also perform massage and stretching.