If you're reading this article, sometimes you resonate with the idea that if your body is sick, if your emotions feel heavy, if your mind is constantly spinning, or if you just feel disconnected spiritually, you may be experiencing what is called ” blocked energy “.

The concept is very simple, and ties into the ancient Eastern concept that “all dis-ease (both mental and physical) is the result of blocked energy”.

The question I want to address in this brief article is: How can you go about removing energy barriers?

Removing energy barriers can be quite simple when you invoke the power of the loving animals that are surrounding all of us – the angels.

We each have guardian angels who are with us from birth to death – and beyond. But we can also call upon any number of healing angels to help us at any time.

What I am going to do for the rest of this article is giving you a taste of how powerful your healing connection to the angels can be. I am particularly coding the words and intentions of this article to be very spiritually powerful for you as you read them.

Please breathe deeply and gently now – 3 times in, 3 times out, calming your body and mind.

On your behalf, I now invoke the power of your soul, the power of your guardian angels, and the power of the healing angels to be with right now for the purpose of removing energy barriers.

Please repeat this phrase in your mind or aloud: “I now call upon my own dear soul, my guardian angels, and all the healing angels who would now like to scan me for the specific conditions that are now present in my physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. ”

Breathe, and feel the shift in your energy field as these beasts are “activated” into your experience.

Now, with the power of conviction that what you are asking for is actually happening, speak in your mind or aloud: “I now call upon all the beautiful beings here to fully scan me for any energy blocks, and gently and easily, effortlessly and without side-effects, I ask you now to open up a door of light above me, and spiritually vortex out of my energy field any and all negative, lower slower energies that do not belong within me any more.

“I call upon you to now start removing all energy barriers to my highest healing, my highest expression, my highest state of feeling clear and connected to the Pure Light of Spirit.”

Now, breathe as these beasts are called into action and you begin feeling their healing power.

Continue to sit like this for about 5 minutes, continuing to release and breathe, allowing the energy blockages to leave you.

After 5 minutes, now say or intend: “Angels, my own dear soul, and spiritual beings, please now bring the vortexing to a completion, and now clear, heal, balance, open, align, and fill with light my entire aura.

“I thank you with all my heart and soul for removing these energy barriers. I ask you to now replace all that has left me with only love, light, and healing, and that you would monitor my body continuously so that I can stay fully present in this new healing state. ”

Spend a few moments in gratitude, thanking your own soul and all the angelic animals for helping you.

You may want to repeat this entire process daily for a while. Each time you speak it, your intention for healing and removing barriers will be strengthened, and you will feel additional levels of clarity and joy.

Please let us know how this works for you!