I recentlyAVE a talk to an ME group on how I work with people who have ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – 5 simple steps to releasing fatigue and becoming more energised. And someone asked a question, which is one I am often asked which I I like to write about in more detail here.

I was talking about how a key step in healing a condition such as ME / CFS is releasing past trauma from the energy field.

I've written in previous articles about how we can “accumulate” unresolved issues from the past in our energy field, and how the energy techniques I use can help to release these energies. In letting go of the energies of stuck emotions such as anger, sadness, despency (or whatever it may be for you), the energy in our bodies flows more freely, which in turn leads to more wellness, more energy and less fatigue.

In the talk I was using as an example how it's often things that happened to us in childhood that can cause us to have some energetic “armouring” between us and the world. This can be anything on a continuum from physical abuse to just a careless, unkind word from an otherwise loving parent. And of course it can also be difficult events in our adult lives – an abusive relationship or a difficult boss.

And someone asked a question which I did not have time to answer fully, so I am going to address it here. The question is: what if there is no “trigger” from childhood, or from adult life, so there's no apparent “reason” of this kind for the sunset of a condition like ME / CFS?

There are several aspects to my response to this question. The first is that it can sometimes be the case that really small things can have a disproportionate effect. As a child, our energy field is wide open, and we expect only love. When we receive anything other than that, it can be a big shock and our energy field can close down, in what might seem a disproportionate way.

Or it may be that we have just forgotten. It's often the case that, I think as a protective mechanism, we do not remember the details of a difficult situation. My own personal experience is that as I do this healing work, I remember more about my childhood and other parts of my life. This is not in a negative way – the only point of learning more about these less positive experiences is to let go of any stuck energy around them, and to gain freedom.

Another possibility is that we came into this life with certain energetic patterns that can create stress or even physical illness. I have written in a previous article about past life healings, and you can read that here. For those of you who may immediately think “I do not believe in that” or even feel cynicism, I would say there's no need to believe in past lives for this type of healing to work. For whatever reason, it appears that we often hold energy from the past that can be released by regressing to a different time. Whether this is literal a past life, or just a “convenient” way of releasing what needs to be released to become more well, I do not know. But I do know from my own experience that this can be really powerful healing modality.

And that brings me to my last point. In the end, there is something mysterious about healing work. Sometimes we can say: “Oh! This thing happened in my past, I had this healing, and now I feel better in this area of ​​my life.” But in the end, we can not prove that this linear relationship is really how things happened (although much the logical mind may enjoy doing this!)

So, if none of the “explanations” for how trauma came into the energy field seem to apply to you, then my experience tells me that it's still the case that the energy techniques I use can help to release whatever needs to be released. I have often had the personal experience of a big release of stuck energy from the past, and I had no idea what it was about – and it 'something I often see with my clients too.