Many people starting out in Reiki may wonder how long to keep their hands in one place before moving to the next. There is really no set time that I have heard of, and most of the time I prefer to just go with the feeling and move when I feel I should move. Sometimes this will be 10 minutes and sometimes it will be just a few seconds. I try to let my intuition guide me in such things.

Sometimes I feel angry or impatient though, and find it would be helpful to have a timer. Sure, ideally I would center and relax myself. Sometimes I am self healing and part of the reason for the Reiki session is to help center myself, so there is a bit of a paradox there.

I also found it helpful when I was first starting out to time my hand placements. It helped me to practice “feeling.” I could spend the time just feeling the energy and vibration without worrying about deciding when to move to the next hand placement.

The amount of time can vary, and each session could be different from the last. Even so, there is no harm in timing your hand placements. There is no reason to be accused of this practice, and it actually has some benefits, as it allows you to focus on the Reiki instead of considering when it is time to move your hands.

So, what is the ideal amount of time? I like to decide how long I want to spend for the overall session. A typical Reiki session consists of 12 hand positions. If you take three minutes for each position, then you will have a 36 minute session. If you take five minutes for each position, then you will have a 60 minute session. These are probably the most common time frames for a typical Reiki session.

When timing Reiki session, you have a couple of options. I have seen some reiki timers out there that you can set for different intervals. My preferred method however is to use a music CD that is geared towards Reiki. Some Reiki Music albums include a small bell, chime, or tone when it is time to change positions. Others will have tracks of a certain length and you change positions when the track changes. I like using Reiki Music CDs (or MP3s) because in addition to timing the hand positions they provide a peaceful musical back to relax and provide healing.