What Applied Kinesiology Can Reveal About Your Health

Applied kinesiology is a relatively new technique in the world of medicine. Its creation is credited to George J. Goodheart in 1964.

Over one third of chiropractors practice this newly popular form of alternative medicine. The procedure is primarily used as a way to test the wellness of patients without using invasive methods.

As a result of this, many people have taken an interest in the practice. This has led to chiropractic kinesiology becoming the 10th most-used technique among chiropractors.

What is Applied Kinesiology?

Being sick has obvious effects on your body which you probably notice when you try to get out of bed or perform simple physical tasks whenever you have a cold. When you are sick, your joints ache and you typically feel weak.

Muscle kinesiology uses this connection between your body's health and your muscles to determine if your body is functioning at 100 percent.

If your body is suffering from an illness, chiropractors try to target the problem by studying the affected muscles. If the chiropractor can target the issue, they may even be able to eliminate aches and pains associated with the problem.

How does the Chiropractor Perform the Test?

The idea behind chiropractic kinesiology, a branch of applied kinesiology, is testing muscle resistance. This does not mean testing pure strength, but instead focusing on the quality of resistance.

One such method for testing the quality of muscle resistance is the commonly used delta test. For this test, the chiropractor exerts pressure on an extended arm and measures the response.

A weak response, such as shaking, may indicate to the chiropractor that there is a problem. This could mean that the targeted part of the body requires special attention.

What can Applied Kinesiology Tell Me about Myself?

Applied kinesiology is a broad term that covers many different techniques. Chiropractic kinesiology focuses specifically on the stress some muscles may be feeling, but there are other methods that practitioners of alternative medicine believe can tell you what kind of allergies you have or how your organs are functioning.

Applied kinesiology is used as a lie detector test for your body. The professional can study how your body is reacting subconsciously rather than just relying on how your body appears to be functioning. These techniques are believed to more pure because they are simply on your body's reactions and not simply how you tell it to react.

Chiropractic kinesiology is becoming ever more increasingly popular among chiropractors. Instead of relying on how a patient feels, chiropractors believe they can read the feedback the body gives them to get a better estimation of what might be wrong with the body.

If you already visit a chiropractor for adjustments, having the test performed is simple and non-invasive. If you have never been to a chiropractor, but you are curious about what they have to offer, having the test performed may be the perfect reason to try one out.

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Can I Hurt Someone With Sound Therapy?

Can you do damage with sound therapy? The short answer is no but does depend on 1) how stubborn you or your practitioner are and 2) how much you are willing to put up with.

Sound therapy is about frequencies and vibration, resonance and dissonance. I'll go into what these terms mean in a separate post but for now, know that resonance feels comfortable and dissonance feels uncomfortable. For example, if you are introduced to someone and instantly feel good about that person, that is resonance. If you take a dislike to that person, that's dissonance. If you turn on the radio and can not listen to song that's playing, that is dissonance. Need to listen to the same song over and over again? That's resonance. If you like the picture to the right, you are in resonance with the image and feeling. The reasons do not matter.

If during any type of healing session you feel uncomfortable, your body is telling you that what you are receiving is dissonant. If on the other hand you are completely relaxed after a session, then you were in resonance with what was happening.

The important thing to take away is that you'll survive. Why? Because your body is a lot stronger than any frequency bought to it so if you give or receive a session that does not feel right, do not worry. You might feel a little out of sorts for a while but you will recover.

Now if you continuously subject yourself or your client to the same dissonant frequencies, that could be a problem because of something known as sympathetic resonance. If you continuously encounter a frequency stronger than you, you'll always start vibrating at that frequency. That's sympathetic resonance. So the important point here is if something does not right, then pause and consider whenever you want to do it again.

There is a lot more I can and will say about this in the next few weeks. For now, just know that if you give or receive a therapy which does not feel good, you will recover and be just fine.

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Witch’s Brew to Beat the Flu

The old wicked witch is making headlines between Delaware's Christine O'Donnell and Halloween's approach. It was interesting to see the responses to O'Donnell's admission that she'd dabbled in a little witchry in her youth. When I first heard about it I thought, “Considering how things have been going, what's the harm with having a little magic in Washington?” It looks like it could use some to me.

Then I got to thinking a little more about witches and how they're viewed with fright and disdain. They are not that scary, and I'll explain why.

The true definition of the word “witch” is “Wise One.” She was the natural healer and midwife for centers, using herbs and skills passed down through many generations to help peasant populations. She birthed the babies, assisted the dying, and helped heal the sick. The witches were often the only practitioners of medicine for entire villages. Many of her remedies are still used today. Did you ever drink mint tea?

Hundreds of years ago, European ruling classes began training men at the university level to become doctors. This thought on the medical profession as we know it today, which is based on science. This fascinating history is well-researched and reported in a book called Medicine Women: A Pictorial History of Women Healers by Elisabeth Brooke.

Women had been deeply involved in the healing arts for centuries. In the mid of the new practice of medicine based on science, they continued their own healing practices, using extensive knowledge of plants, herbs, and roots. To their ultimate detriment, they also relied heavily on what could be called intuition, a 6th sense. For the new ruling class, this was too mysterious, and against God's law.

Along with the cultural change that the new European ruling classes inspired came the announcement that healers were not following a proper code of conduct. Indeed, some of their practices were so strange (rituals, nighttime celebrations, and so forth) they could very well be assisted by the devil himself. Healings that occurred in ways that did not make sense were deemed too magical, unnatural, and opposed to God.

During this time, woman-as-healer was turned into the witch witch she is caricatured as today, complete with evil intentions, scary spells, a big crook nose, dark draped clothing, a broomstick, and a loud cackle. In a Google search to define the word witch, a variety of definitions come up, including a woman who practices black magic, an ugly, ill-tempered old woman, a woman having a compact with the devil, even “a woman who is not submissive to her husband. ”

Because the mysteries and misunderstandings of old-fashioned herbal healing became mixed up in this confusion, women healers (and a large number of male healers, too) were eliminated. They were silenced through fear or violently killed. But the practice lived on. Even some of the common rituals and celebrations have been incorporated into our modern holidays.

Plants that sprout from the earth have healing qualities, and this simple fact is not easy to ignore. Why not use some of them? It's that time of year when we find ourselves or loved ones catching a bug. I think you'll find this special brew to be a welcome “magical potion,” helping you feel fine through the flu season. You can use it when you're coming down with something or when you're already in the middle of a cold or flu.

Witch's Brew to Beat the Flu

3 quarts water
8-10 pieces of fresh ginger (cut into “” pieces)
T tsp cayenne
The juice of two organic lemons
2 TBS crushed organic garlic (do not be afraid of garlic – better to smell like it than spread germs to others!)

Put all ingredients into a stainless steel, ceramic, or glass pot. Simmer 8-10 minutes. Drink as warm as possible. This can be left on the back burner of your stove for a few days to be reheated as you go along. Drink 3-4 cups a day, as needed.

This suggestion is not intended or implied to be a substitution for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, nor should you delay medical advice or treatment based on it.

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How To Do Distance Healing

The term Psychokinesis (PK) (from the Greek, “psyche”, meaning mind, soul, heart, or breath; and “kinesis”, meaning motion; literally “movement from the mind”), also known as telekinesis (TK) Greek, literally “distant-movement”), referring to the direct influence of mind on another physical system which is done 'remotely' or at a distance.

Psychokinesis, can not be performed by volition alone. To have an effect on an object at a distance some things are required. The first thing, is one needs to use one's imagination to hold an image in one's mind, to provide a pattern, thought form or intention for the movement of one's energy. The second thing, is one needs to build up power or a force of increased vibrational energy in the body, which can also be seen as 'emotional energy' or as a charge building up via activation of nervous system and this charge being held in body vibration in the muscles. The third thing is one needs a relative medium or body through which the power can work, which is the end point or object of one's focus, which one wants to act upon. It is not possible to change things without having an object to work upon. In distance healing we act upon energetic objects, and even though we can not see them, this does not make them less real.

All changes in conditions in the world are thought about through Psychokinesis, which is a natural process of creation, employed consciously by everyone to greater or less degrees. The physical world is literally created out of our collective actions, which all action has at its base 'a thought' as the seed to create it, and thus the physical world can be seen as a 'reflection of thought'.

To do Psychokinesis consciously is what distance healers do when giving a distance healing. One is transforming one's intention (idea) into desire (emotion) and then into completed action on an object – but doing so at a 'distance'.

Detailed steps for distance healing

1. Raise one's bodily vibration using your favorite method. I stand and hold a copper ring and intone 3 reiki symbols, the last being the long distance symbol. As I do this I focus on feeling the energy movement in my body. When I feel the vibration in the body is highly activated, I then sit down to start the distance healing.

2. Next, put one's hands on one's own body (the body part of your choice), using either fingertips or palms. Keep your focus on movement of energy happening between your fingertips or palms and the body part you are touching. When you are feeling that strongly, then you state your intention. One must decide clearly what one desires to do with one's energy, one does this by stating one's intention of what one wants to accomplish, create or do. This sets the thought at the base level and provides the idea or creative element as seed to channel the vibration force built up as energy charge in muscles (emotional energy) as desire and also determines the direction of movement of the energy and the time for it to happen. One also states the object of one's focus, what one wants to act upon. For example: “I request a long distance energy connection with the being of Sandy Johnson, in West Palm Beach, Florida, at 10 pm or at the best time for her. her being, and to be intuitively guided by the being of Sandy to send her energy in the most effective way and be open to receive any messages for her. ”

3. After the intention is clearly expressed, then one drops the intent and enter into a meditative or no-mind state, just focusing on the feeling of energy occurring between one's palms and one's own body. One does not have to keep repeating the intention, it is set – it is so, repeating it just keeps the mind busy. The greater one's ability to sustain quiet mind, the more one's bodyily vibration will keep rising to higher levels and the more effective one will be in sending energy. Another way to say this is your vibration in body will rise up to the level which reflects your own self-realization and ability. The higher you can raise your vibration and sustain it, the more effective the healing for yourself and the other person at a distance. When in state of no-mind, even if it lasts for only a second, you are in that second one with the vibration of all, and while 'like that' you can exchange energy with other objects on the level of vibration or energy.

4. Establish 'ethereal' connection with the other object to lock in your resonances. Now that one has raised one's vibration by entering into a meditative state and one's intention is set, next one needs to identify the unique identity of the object one wants to connect with. So in the case of long-distance healing, one needs something from the other that uniquely identifies that unique vibration of them, so it can be zoomed into or selected out of the universe of all other objects – it's much like an address. A photo of a person, their full name and location, or a piece of something they have owned and put their energy into it, or a piece or hair, any of these will definitely identify them as 'their vibration'. What I do is visualize my body and face as the other person, and then I imagine my hands are being placed on their body. I continue to visualize the body / face of the other and simultaneously focus on the feeling of energy exchange happening between my hands and their body, until I feel a physical link or connection established with them. This is the entrainment process itself, and when you FEEL it happens, then you know you've set up a scalar wave with the other, your resonances are locked. This usually happens within a few minutes. One might feel this as a sudden inrush and elevation of energy, or one will sense a kind of pulling sensation of the energy out of yourself, there is a kind of tugging action established between the two of you, a push pull action. You have now established a physical link or cord, it is also known as resonance locked scalar wave. If you do not feel this link, then either you are not quiet or receptive enough and / or the other is not open to receive the energy exchange, in which case you should not go any further, but you still can do a self-healing …

5. Keep the link established. Once you feel this pull / push wave, then you can drop all visualization and all intention and just sink into a pure meditative state, becoming your breath, not really doing anything, except moving your hand positions for your distance healing session, when indicated by intuition or according to the healing method you are used to doing. Thinking too much about moving one's hand or trying to heal the other in specific ways necessarily uses the mind and is counterproductive to being in a meditative state. If one is not very advanced, it is best to not move one's hands at all, but rather to just put ones hands in one position and hold them there for the whole session. Long distance treatment is different from 'hands on', as one is working on the energetic level and can treat the whole body easily from any hand position. The most important aspect for an effective remote healing is that one has established a firm link and can sustain quiet mind.

6. The natural amount of time it takes to entrain to the others energy and for the energy to move up to higher frequencies on spine, from tailbone to skull takes around 1 hour, so this is a good amount of time to allow for a session . When one no longer feels the pulling sensation in oneself or you notice that the energy healing has come to natural conclusion (energy moves up spine to brain as last step), then the session is over. In any case, make sure you conclude the session by doing a verbal disconnect, to break the link you have established. I just say: disconnect with 'name of person'. If you do not do this, you may still be resonance locked (connected) with them, and you might notice this when you have dreams or pick up on images or feelings that feel they are not your own.

Signs one is being effective in distance healing

When one is able to sustain quiet mind for longer periods, then it will feel like one has fallen sleep, and like one is sort of 'out in the cosmos' or 'out of body'. Sensations in one's own body are remote, like at a distance, yet, one can still feel sensations and might even recognize pain in one's own body as healing takes place, but one does not react to it, it is easily passed through. One can easily Observe energy flows rapidly passing all over the body, in all kinds of figure eight and vortex patterns. An hour session can go by in what looks to be a few minutes. It is also common to experience enhanced hearing of outer sounds, and to see a starry background in one's mind's eye (eyes closed of course) and to hear cosmic sounds or tones in one's ears, such as a melodic sound or the sound of a train . If one opens one's eyes, one will see sparks of light in the air, and a kind of moving picture view of the world, but doing so easily take one out of the deep meditative state. While one is in this state, one may receive images from intuition, or from the 3rd eye, that do not come from mind activity. They just pop up into view and one can trust the information contained in them to be helpful for healing yourself or the other. While the above is the ideal session, in reality, it takes quite a bit of practice and probably years of doing daily meditation before one is able to sustain quiet mind and have such a session for a whole hour. What is important is the more you practice, the better you will get at it and every second you can be really quiet is what counts, as in that moment you are one with all, and are not only helping to heal others but also you are healing yourself.

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How A Reiki Master Manual Can Be Used

If you have an interest in the ancient healing form known as Reiki it is important to familiarize yourself with as much related knowledge as you can if you are to be able to help as many people as possible. Often thought of as an essential item for practitioners, a reiki master manual would allow you to develop your understanding of the ethics, principles, and techniques that lie behind this spiritual practice.

Before you rush out to your local bookstore you should understand that not all such manuals are the same, though as a rule they contain similar information and concepts. This spiritual tradition is one that has been preserved for hundreds if not thousands of years. You can take your knowledge and understanding to a completely new level by choosing a masters guide.

All reiki manuals would contain information relating to the ethics of the practice. This is important as giving a healing can be rather personal. It is important as a healer to understand where boundaries lay and what your role actually should entail. It is not possible to force anyone into a healing session, it must be a decision that people choose to undertake. Be responsible with your skills and respect the power that is within.

A professional reiki master manual would clearly state that there is a big difference between healing and curing. Remember that no matter what your abilities you are not a qualified medical practitioner. You have specific skills and ones that are of great benefit to society, use the manual to become aware of your own limitations.

All the master manuals should contain comprehensive information relating to the symbols that should be used. Such images in themselves may not hold any special power, though some people may say otherwise, understanding how they can be used as a focal point when connecting with spiritual energies is essential. By becoming familiar with the manual you will have a much deeper knowledge and understanding of how to use symbols for the best effect and results. There are in fact a number of ways symbols that can be used in Reiki, take your time to find out how they can affect on the healing that you give.

A well put together manual would also provide clear reference to the techniques that can be adopted to break off the connection with the spiritual plane. Understanding such methods is essential to help in keeping yourself properly balanced and grounded.

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Tips For Healers: Grounding And Centering

In order to keep ourselves in good energetic balance as healers we need to develop a daily routine for keeping ourselves centered and grounded. The following techniques are a couple of my favorites:

This technique using the colors of the chakras is quick and easy to perform before giving an energy healing or at any other time you need to feel more centred.

Standing with feet slightly apart, imagine bringing red light (base chakra color) from the earth and up through all the chakras, streaming out from the crown and flowing down the outside of the body to the feet. You will now be encased in rich, glowing red.

Repeat this procedure for each of the other chakras in the following order, allowing each new color to be drawn up from the earth and cascade down the outside of the other colors around the body to the feet:

Orange (sacral chakra)
Sunshine Yellow (solar plexus chakra)
Emerald Green (heart chakra)
Sky Blue (throat chakra)
Indigo Blue (third eye chakra)
Violet (crown chakra)

Then imagine drawing up liquid metal from the earth, up through all the charkas, then allowing it to flow in a fine line down the outside of the other rainbow colors. Hear the metallic “clink” as the gold locks under your feet, encasing all the colors inside it. Now you are protected in a gold eggshell. Visualize rising all the rainbow colors around you into brilliant white light. Notice how calm, balanced and centred you feel.

With practice the colors can be drawn up through the body on the in-breath and cascade down the outside on the out-breath, making this procedure very quick.

When doing healing work to clear energetic blocks and to raise the vibration either for yourself or others, it is very easy to become ungrounded. This may manifest as feeling tired and washed out, vague and unfocused or “off with the fairies”.

It is advisable before starting any healing session to imagine roots, like tree roots, extending from the soles of your feet deep into the earth to anchor you firmly there. Imagine the root system becoming quite complex and reaching all the way down to the molten core of the earth. You may even like to imagine your feet are buried in soil up to the ankles.

At the conclusion of the session just reinforce the roots from your feet are still going into the ground. If you are working with someone else you may also like to visualise roots coming from their feet at the end of the session to help ground them, as well as brushing their legs down firmly towards the feet.

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Is Anodyne Therapy the Solution for Chronic Falls Among Elderly People?

Anodyne Therapy can decrease the incidence of chronic falls among the elderly people.

The Elderly holds a soft spot in my heart. Seeing their clumsy movements, their small and very careful steps when they walk, never fail to evoke a poignant feeling in me. It is just so heartbreaking that once in their lives, they were just as agile as us but that agility is now gone. Worse, they are even at great risk of hurting themselves. Falls is a major cause of injury among the elderly, it causes 90% of hip fractures and in worst scenarios it can even cause accidental death.

One cause of Chronic Falling, which is defined as falling at least twice in a year, is Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy is a complication of Diabetes mellitus wherein nerves are damaged. When our nerves are damaged, it may produce different kinds of symptoms but the ones which are linked to chronic falling are the loss of balance and coordination, and loss of sensation or numbness. The Peripheral Nervous System is a network of nerves connecting the different parts of the body to the spinal chord and the brain. It is sort of similar to the electrical wires in our homes. Like the wires, the nerves are covered by a sheath called the myelin sheath. In neuropathies these outer coverage is damaged and so the “wires” inside the nerves or the axons inside the sheath are exposed and gets more damaged. When this happens the nerves loose their ability to transmit signals to the brain and vise versa. These results to numbness or loss of sensation when sensory nerves are affected, or loss of balance and coordination when proprioceptive nerves are affected.

In diabetes, there is an increased production of free radicals that for reasons that are yet to be known, cause direct damage to the blood vessels that supply the nerves. So the cause of nerve damage in diabetic neuropathy is Ischemia or significant reduction of blood supply. Before, it was believed that nerve damages in neuropathies are irreversible. However recently, that belief was proven wrong. Studies show that Anodyne Therapy can help in nerve regeneration. Anodyne Therapy uses Monochromatic Infrared light to increase Nitric Oxide levels at the site of application. Nitric oxide is released from the red blood cells during the treatment and it acts by dilating the blood vessels to allow more blood flow in the area being treated. When there is good blood circulation, more nutrients will be delivered to the damaged tissues and healing will take place. New blood vessels will be produced to promote better circulation and nerve regeneration will occur. When the nerves heal, the patients will regain their sense of balance and coordination and will gain their sensation back so incidence of falls will decrease.

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Chiropractic Care Is Important

Chiropractic treatment is a very important method of treating pain that comes up in various body parts. Just like any other medical community, chiropractic care contributies in helping patients in getting relief from pain and discomfort. Chiropractors provide adjustments in the area that is affected and helps in reducing pain. There are three kinds of treatment that exist in chiropractic treatment.

The first type is chiropractic relief. This type of treatment is given to the people who a general pain and discomfort and does not have any specific reason for it. Chiropractic treatment is given in this case to provide speedy recover from pain. The duration of the treatment depends entirely upon the condition of the patient.

The second type is known as the corrective form of chiropractic. This kind of treatment is more advanced than the previous one. Patients that have the problem of spinal condition since a long time which is severe and can not be treated properly are given this treatment. This is a long term treatment. It depends on how fast the patients recover and what type of problem he or she is suffering from.

The third type is known as chiropractic for maintenance. This kind of treatment is given to maintain the condition of the patient after the treatment has been provided for spinal disorders. After success has been achieved with the help of first round of treatment, sometimes chiropractic treatment becomes a continuous thing. This treatment basically aims at stopping the pain from coming back again in the future.

Chiropractic treatment is a good alternative for medicine and in fact works in a better way at times. It aims at the internal healing power of our body and can improve the spinal condition which causes interference with how our cells and nerves work. This is the reason why this type of treatment is becoming more and more popular by the day. It corrects the malfunction in the body and hence keeps it from suffering more damage. If you feel there is pain or problem in any part of your body, you should immediately consult your chiropractor. With the help of chiropractic treatment, you can improve the overall condition of the body and health.

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Tai Chi Online For Your Health

Before you decide to enroll on a Tai Chi Online exercise course I would like to give you something to think about as personally I do not believe this is the best way to go about looking after your health.

The instructors of the online courses will tell you that you will get exactly the same benefits as if you were going to a local club in your town, if I was that instructor with an online course I may tell you that same very thing. Seen as I am not and actually teach Tai Chi exercise from a local club I would like to inform of what I think, although I believe starting a Tai Chi online course will be beneficial to your health I do not believe you will get the same benefits as you would belong to your local club.

Tai Chi Online vs a Local Club

When any body enrols on a tai chi online course they will be missing certain elements that they would not be by training and exercising in a local club, please see my list below from an instructor's perspective.

My first and main concern would be that I can not see my student so how do I know that they are doing the exercises properly and as they have been shown. Many students are unaware that the body form they possess when shown and when copying an exercise from an instructor will not be quite like it has been shown. With Tai Chi online how does the instructor know when this is the case and how will the student ever know if the instructor can not see you. The form of your body and how you extend it from your major joints is a very important element in Tai Chi for your health .

Secondly you will be missing out on class interaction which in my mind is a very important part of developing in your Tai Chi training, we learn about ourselves through our interaction with other people. You will miss making friends with like minded individuals, the group encouragement and support and how you will compare or know about your promotions if you do not belong to a group.

With instructors that have made this exercise system a life time of learning you may find they offer what is called closed door Instruction offered only to those people that have shown dedication and the correct advances in their training.

If you are a member of a local club with an authentic instructor that offers you this closed door training jump in with both feet because the possibilities of what you will learn of yourself and Tai Chi has many Doctors, Scientists, Psychologists, Physiologists, Para and Meta psychologists completely baffled to this very day. They will tell you your promotions are all in your mind. And, so is the day you experience is not it?

Tai Chi Online Who and What is it Good For

Although I have stated a couple of reasons why tai chi online is no substitute for a real life and local club I would like to tell you my thoughts to why it is OK to enroll on one and who it might be for.

If you are thinking of looking after your health and there are no exercise clubs, martial arts, tai chi or otherwise close to you because you live in some hard to reach far out place then my first option to suggest to you would be Tai Chi online supported to any other online exercise system.

The biggest reason for suggesting this is because it is the best practice known to man and woman and offers slow continuing movements which do not put any undue pressure on the body, joints or ligaments. It will be perfectly safe and an exercise system that any body of any age can take up, there is a good 95% chance you will never pull a muscle by training in this ancient exercise unlike systems like yoga, Pilates etc.

Tai Chi online is a good place to start for an introduction to this exercise system for your health and a great resource for those that already belong to a local club as it will offer you motivation and encouragement to make this exercise system part of your daily routine .

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Chiropractic Treatment And Feet And Ankle Pain

Problems may persist for a long time and even weakness in case you have twisted your ankle anytime. The most common problems in ankle injury is when you turn it in when you wear high heels or when you turn it over when stepping on a stone or the edge of something. This is commonly known as ankle sprain. The conditions that result in a lot of brewing and swilling are when the end of the bone on the outside of the ankle breaks or when the ligaments of the ankle towards the front side tear off.

Usually, it takes around a few weeks to recover from the injury but the ligaments do not heal or repair completely and are often left with scar tissue. This keeps the chances of rolling over again and cause more sprains. This not only alters and affects the working of the ankle but also results in problem with the working of the joints of the knee and spine. This happens while taking long walks or jogging on uneven surface. The symptoms might be in any of the joints and so it is not necessary that the origin of this is the old injury in the ankle. You can avoid any suck kind of chronic pain and recurrent problems with the help of chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractors analyze and can recognize if the problem is cause due to a weakness in the foot or calf muscles. It can result into hammer toes, bunions, widening of the fore foot and flat fee. Pronunciation occurs due to ankle instability and its causes can be bad shoes, inherited tendencies and prolonged standing.

For correct propulsion, the feet consist of two arches; one on the outside and the other one on the inside. The arches of the feet are not used to shock absorbance if you wear shoes on even surfaces. It results in the weakening of the muscles and gradually the arches drop. These results in pressure on the inside joint of the knee and can also cause cartilage and arthritis problems. If you consult your chiropractor, you can find out if the arches have dropped or not. In case they have, there are exercises that can help to strengthen the muscles and arch support. Another reason of weakness in the legs can be nerve irritation. Your chiropractor will also analyze the spine to specifically determine the cause of the problem.

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How Can Chiropractic Help With Pregnancy?

Any pregnant woman can confirm the fact that pregnancy brings in a lot of changes in the body. As the baby increases in size and grows, the body of the pregnant woman changes. The belly becomes bigger and the back gets into a curve so as to strike a balance in the change in the weight. The pelvis gets widened to prepare and be ready for the birth procedure. At times, it so happens that the body does not handle so much of physical stress very well. The nervous system of the pregnant woman can get injured from all the stress. This may result in many problems. Chiropractic care can help in pregnancy.

Back pain and misalignment are the common problems that happen due to pregnancy. This is the reason why many pregnant women are turning to chiropractic care for relief. There are many different methods by which chiropractors help to correct these problems. Chiropractors are trained to handle these type of problem and hence can realign the strain and take the pressure and stress off the spell and at the same time cause no harm to the body. It is a very safe method. There are chiropractors who specifically handle peri-natal and pre-natal care. This type of care helps women during pregnancy as well as after it. There are many ways and techniques that are used at different stages of pregnancy. In order to ensure healthy pregnancy and prevent back pain, chiropractors teach postural and stretching exercises.

There are many advantages of getting this type of treatment and care and once once a woman learns that she is pregnant, she should go for it. This will make sure that the pregnancy and the delivery both are healthy. Neck pain and back pain can be avoided with this. This type of treatment can help in reducing the changes of undergoing c-section. At times, the body of the woman might not be able to cope up with the stress that labor puts on them. This interferees with the child birth as the bodies tend to tense up and block the passage of the baby through the birth canal. Chiropractic treatment can help by providing proper alignment. There are many other advantages that chiropractic treatment provides for a woman who is pregnant or in labor. It is completely a safe option as it is natural and does not have any type of side effects.

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Back Pain And Chiropractic Treatment

A chiropractor helps aligning your body in the right manner and helps its normal flow by giving you chiropractic adjustment and manipulation. Many people resort to chiropractic care as it does not involve any medicine or surgery. Doctors and physicians refer many patients to chiropractic treatment so that their condition can be treated in the right manner. It is a good alternative for those who suffer from back pain quite often and do not want to go for surgery or medicines.

Your chiropractor will first examine you, perform some tests like x-rays, and get your medical history so that he or she can know for sure how effective this treatment will be for you and will it work alone or in combination with other treatment methods. Chiropractic treatment can provide mobility and proper range of motion. It brings back pain to a high degree. This kind of treatment helps you to regain your mobility and help you get back to daily activities in a normal manner. It also helps to prevent injuries in the future. Your chiropractor will also help you with advice regarding your diet.

Accurate and right diagnosis is an important step for alleviating back pain with the help of chiropractic adjustment. You should give your chiropractor all the relevant and important information to diagnose the pain. If you do not give them all the information regarding your health, it will make it all the more harder for your chiropractor to lay out a treatment plan for speedy recovery.

There are other methods to provide relief from back pain like electrical stimulation and traction but chiropractic treatment can help you get relief from the pain for a long term period and not just for a temporary time period. It gives you mobility and helps to get back to your normal life.

You can research online regarding the chiropractic services in your area and also see if this is something which will suit you or not. You should consult your local chiropractor to know more about it. Chiropractic treatment is always beneficial and safe but it is good to first have all the knowledge before getting this treatment. Chiropractic treatment relieves your back pain and puts your body in proper alignment. It is a very helpful procedure and is not painful at all. Your chiropractor will also give you advice on exercises and diet to keep your pain in check and body in proper alignment.

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Severe Headache And Chiropractic Treatment

There are many people who have benefited from chiropractic treatment in case of headaches. In case the spine is not aligned properly, chiropractic treatment is usually thought to provide relief in back pain. There is not enough awareness of the benefits of this treatment and so people do not use this method a lot to treat headache. It has been observed that every one out of six people suffer from bad headache and many of them have pain on a daily basis. Chiropractic treatment is a natural way of pain relief as there are no drugs or surgery involved.

The main aim of this treatment is to provide relief from pain to the patients and help them living a healthier and better life. The spine which is near the neck area gets out of alignment and hence results in chronic headache. Chiropractors manipulate the strain and increase the flow of blood and that helps with the posture. Trigger point therapy, massage therapy, stretching and exercises help with the chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractors are highly trained in treating headaches that originate due to musculoskeletal problems with the spine and the neck. Manipulation along with massage therapy and trigger point therapy can prove to be really helpful for various kinds of headaches. Like usually doctors resort to medications and surgeries to provide relief to the patients, this treatment aims at helping them in the natural way.

Chiropractors not only treat the headache, they also find the main cause of it and try to provide a permanent solution so that the headache does not come up again. Usually, muscle strain and nerves in the neck cause the problem and chiropractic treatment reduces it to a high degree.

Since the main cause of the headache is the out of place alignment of the spine, once the spine is adjusted, header is also soon. In usual case, a patient goes to a chiropractor for a treatment plan and then continues with a maintenance plan. In this plan, the patient visits the chiropractor occasionally and not regularly. Chiropractic treatment is the best way to get freedom from headache without using any medicines. It is non toxic and very effective. It gives quick results and helps the patient in eradicating the problem from the root so that the headache does not keep coming back. So, in case you are suffering from migraine or severe headache, then you should go for chiropractic treatment.

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Sports And Chiropractic Treatment

Sports involve a lot of physical action and high speed and this can result in bad injuries and even hospitalization. If someone falls at high speed, then the musculoskeletal system is the first part of the body to get affected. Broken bones are another injury which is pretty common. There is hardly any sportsperson who has not suffered that kind of injury.

Some of the sports which usually result in broken bones are martial arts and boxing. Every sportsperson has some or the other kind of injury in their time span. It is a common thing in their career. Emergency care and first aid are not the only type of care that is available for sportspersons. Chiropractic treatment is one of the best ways to handle such kind of injuries. Healing is a lot faster in case of chiropractic care than other form of treatments.

Chiropractic treatment can have wonderful effects on a mobile sports person. There are chiropractors who specialize in athletic chiropractic treatment. These specialists can understand the situation of the athlete in a better way and recognize their problem in an easier way. They can then make a treatment plan for the athlete and help him or her recover fast. The athlete should seriously follow the advice of the chiropractor so as to get quickly healed.

An athlete who has suffered injury and has just returned to the sport is more susceptible to get injured again. If you suffer an injury and get treatment, you can heal soon. If you get advice from a chiropractor even before getting injured, you can avoid a lot of problems. This advice can help you to improve your game and relax your body so that you stand less risk of getting injured. They guide you in terms of your diet, exercises and the kind of lifestyle that will help you keep your body relaxed and fit for your game. So, one should keep that in mind and consult a good chiropractor.

A chiropractor also advices the athlete in terms of his or her lifestyle, the kind of exercises and diet regime one should follow and that help that athlete to improve his or her performance. It can not only improve the performance of the athlete but their health as well. Chiropractic treatment has helped many famous athletes to achieve the position they are in. It can help any sportsperson stay fit and healthy in a natural way.

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Buddhist Chant and Healing Sounds

Buddhist chant is an incantation or hymn, similar to Gregorian chant. Almost all schools of Buddhism incorporated Buddhist chant, or shomyo in Japanese, to one degree or another. It is often said that singing and even just listening to chant can bring about a spiritual wellbeing via the sound vibrations emitted.

I have had an interest in Buddhist music ever since my encounters with the shakuhachi, the Japanese bamboo flute, which is said to have its roots in shomyo. I chant every morning at the Shingon temple where I am a monk at in Nara, Japan, as well as have frequent group classes in the evenings. Often during ceremonies I mix my shakuhachi sounds with the chanting. Within Buddhist chant, various instruments souch as bells, gongs, conch shells (Horagai) etc. are used so the tone colors of the shakuhachi fit well together. The slight variation in pitch among the chanters and the shakuhachi works well together as an overall unison.

A few of the most difficult things to grasp are how to read the notes and intonations as well as there being 2 different styles of chanting the same song; Ryokyoku and Rikkyoku styles. As ordained monks there are many thick books of chants, however, the lay practitioners usually chant the Heart Sutra (Hanya Shingyo), and the repetition and unison of the voices has a very calming effect.

Shomyo originated with the esoteric schools of Buddhism, the Tendai and Shingon schools. In general, Tendai chants have more varying melodies and a wider tone scale, as where many of the Shingon schools keep the traditional less melodic intonations. Many of the more popular and newer schools of Buddhism refer to their songs as shomyo also, but are actually that temple's prayers set to a modern western melody, not like what you would hear at a Catholic mass for example.

In Shingon chant it is not always necessary to understand the exact meaning of the prayer. Sometimes it is believed that there is an inherent force to the sound and vibrations of the words, and the repetition of that is more powerful than focusing on what the words mean. Sounds can speak more directly to us than words sometimes. Often our interpretation and experiences associated with certain words alter the way we comprehend it, distracting us along the way. A historically famous Tendai priest even went so far as to use the shakuhachi in place of chanting. It was said that he felt a strong connection with the sounds and he communicated more directly using the bamboo flute. This page has more detailed information about the shakuhachi:


Buddhist chant can be seen as quite complicated, but if you understand it as a form of musical meditation where the sounds are what connects us to each other and nature, then it is easier to open our senses and feel the music for what it really is ; a communication with the universe.

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