Importance Of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic treatment aims at the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of the problems and disorders in the musculoskeletal system and the lumbar spine, neck and thorax. This procedure consistes of manipulation, manual therapy and adjustment of the joints, muscles, spine and soft tissues. This kind of treatment is becoming popular at a fast rate and is a very important part of the medical field.

It has been observed that more than half of the population goes for chiropractic treatment for spinal problems. Chiropractors work hand in hand with other medical professionals to help patients relieve their pain. There is a vast range of duties that chiropractors can perform. They can plan a treatment regimen for the patient, they can order diagnostic imaging and tests, they can explain the findings to the patient and they can perform through physical tests.

Chiropractic treatment works best for low back pain. Although there have been conflicts on the efficiency of Spinal manipulation for low back pain, many people all over the world go for chiropractic treatment. The conflict was that it was observed that chiropractic care is equivalent in effect to medical care along with exercise. But other studies have shown that chiropractic treatment has proved to be more effective in case of low back pain plus it does not have side effects which medicines usually produce.

This type of treatment also proves to be pretty effective in case of neck pain and whiplash. In this case also, some studies report that chiropractic gives the same result as medical care with exercises but at the same time there are studies and patients who report chiropractic to be one of the best ways to get relief during any kind of pain. Time and again many studies and reviews have provided that chiropractic care is one of the best and natural ways to heal your body with the help of hands on pressure. This does not deal with take of medicines or any kind of drugs. There is no surgery involved. At times, there are conditions when the pain is extreme and the patient has no other option but to go for a surgery. But chiropractic treatment can help in this case. It is only that many people are not aware of its benefits or do not trust it to be that effective. You should consult your chiropractor to know more about this kind of treatment and how it can help you.

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Chiropractic Treatment Gives New Life

Many people doubt if chiropractic treatment works or not. Chiropractic treatment has many advantages and can treat conditions of chronic pain. Everyday chiropractic treatment helps many patients to get relief from pain. Back pain is a problem that affects many people and every one of us experience that troubles us at least once at certain point of time in or life.

Depending on the condition of the patient, chiropractors make a treatment plan which includes cold therapy, massage therapy, spinal manipulation, electrotherapy, heat therapy, orthotics, nutritional advice, exercises, patient education, lifestyle advice and treatment with mechanical devices.

It has been observed that most people prefer chiropractic treatment over any other because it is completely natural and does not include surgery or drugs and medicines. It is a wonderful way to relax your body and reduce the pain permanently and not just temporarily. After this treatment, people have reported great relief and improvement in their condition. Before you go ahead with drugs and medicines, you should be aware of all the treatment options that are available to you. It is an important thing for all those who suffer from back pain. At some point, this treatment was considered to be alternative method for treatment but now people have made it their first choice because of its many benefits.

Brain and spinal cord makes up the central nervous system and this treatment believes that all the functions of the body are controlled by the central nervous system. Chiropractors work to provide treatment in a way so as to remove any interference in the working of the nervous system. The interference here is known as subluxation. This subluxation is a result of spinal misalignment. Chiropractic treatment works to correct spinal misalignment. It is believed that this is done, body heals itself.

Cracking the back, hips, neck and other joints is the main idea behind chiropractic treatment. This method of treatment needs a lot of skills and education but cracking the back helps a lot in this case. Chiropractors are highly trained and skilled people who help their patients not only in reducing the pain but also give them advice regarding their diet, exercises and lifestyle. This is so because they provide a permanent solution to their problem so that the pain does not come up again in the future. There are many benefits that chiropractic treatment can provide you and so you should consult your chiropractor especially if you are suffering from any kind of pain.

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Anodyne Therapy – The Healing Power of Light

Anodyne therapy is a unique light therapy used for the management of aches and healing. Having used this therapy on my knee I can testify that it definitley works. In fact, I was astounded that a bit of light could make my body feel so good after suffering for weeks with aching knees.

This infected therapy effectively brings pain relief without the use of pain killers and is completely non-invasive. It does this by harnessing the healing properties of infrared light. Infrared light emits wave lengths of energy and it can infuse up to 5cm into the body.

This one-tone infra-red photo-thermal energy increases circulation to nerves and tissues in the area where the treatment pads have been placed and so reduces neuropathic pain, stiffness, muscle spasms and areas of chronic pain.

The key to the dramatic improvement in blood flow with light therapy is Nitric Oxide. The infrared light therapy assays the body to discharge this gas from the blood cells. Nitric Oxide gas is the body's most powerful vasodilator. Basically, what this reflects to is the widening of the blood vessels in the body. It is also known to be one of the main pain relieving ingredients in pain medicines such as morphine.

Nitric Oxide molecules relax the arteries, which helps regulate blood pressure, fights free radicals, and discourages platelets from clumping together in the blood vessels. By increasing the manufacture of nitric oxide and improving circulation, Anodyne therapy relieves pain.

The Anodyne treatment technique is simple and painless. Four pads, are placed directly over the injured area and treatment usually lasts no longer than half an hour. One of the great advantages of the pads is that they are fairly flexible and can be placed virtually anywhere on the body. The pad is applied directly onto the skin so that the maximum amount of absorption can take place.

Energy from the lights penetrates into the body tissue causing the body to release nitric oxide, dialating the blood vessels, which increases blood flow. After just 30 minutes of treatment, blood flow is enhanced by 400 percent, and this boost in local circulation persists for several hours after the treatment has ended.

Anodyne light therapy is suitable for anyone, where an increase in circulation would help with relief of pain and inflammation or a condition characterized by poor blood flow. It is gaining traction in the treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy and a wide variety of other ailments such as fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, strains and sprains, and wounds of any nature.

Anodyne infrared therapy is used by the US military to treat elite soldiers in the Navy Seals, Army Rangers, and Special Forces. Hospitals and nursing homes also use it to relieve most of any kind of chronic pain. Anodyne therapy is also used during occupational therapy treatments to make other therapy more bearable, such as improving strength, flexibility, movement and function.

Anodyne Therapy has been clinically proven to increase local micro circulation and reduce pain. There are numerous clinical studies that demonstrate significant medical results including restoration of patients who have lost feeling in the limbs due to diabetes, pain reduction, increased nerve incidence and faster healing of diabetic ulcers and other chronic wounds.

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Is Usui Reiki Master the Best Option?

If you have an interest in becoming a Usui Reiki Master then first and foremost you must have an overwhelming passion for healing and want to dedicate your life to practicing the Usui system. Being a reiki master should not be thought of as a job, it is a stage of self development and discovery.

If you are to ensure that you achieve your desires by learning the methods necessary to be a Usui master you must understand that it is often a lifetime commitment. There can be various motivations that encourage us to go down this road. Many people today have discovered that the Usui system suits their lifestyle and aspirations.

Mikao Usui was a Japanese practitioner who is the founder of this particular system. It was after years of meditation that he came to realize that it is possible for anyone to connect with the universal energy and undergo attunement. His teachings have been adopted and used by modern masters to allow students to achieve perfect harmony between the chakras and the reiki energy with the minimal of effort.

Although one of the major aspects of the Usui system is the possibility of self attunement you may still want to take some training off an experienced master. It is important to consider carefully who will initiate you. They must have immense self knowledge and be able to train you with care. It is better to choose a master who has many years of experience of the Usui system.

It may not be easy to find an individual with the commitment necessary. It would be better to locate a master that is financially secure and offering to help out of willingness to spread knowledge. They should also be able to challenge you as and when is required while also guiding to places unknown. The reiki master you choose is an individual that you will have a long lasting and maturing relationship with over a long period.

It is important to never rush when searching for a master. It can take years for such an individual to appear to you. Do not think that a fast initiation is in some way a sign of success. If you are to become a master yourself, the urge and calling will not diminish with time; it should exist deep within you.

To help you achieve your goals you should attend the classes of as many masters as possible. Try to become acquainted with as many different variations of Reiki before deciding whether the Usui system is the best option.

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Anthroposophical Medicine Healing

Anthroposophical medicine advocates a holistic approach for the treatment of any ailment. Outlined by Rudolph Steiner in 1920, he believed that every human being is endowed with spiritual powers that can be enhanced by stressing on meditation and mental concentration. So, this alternative therapy medicine is focused on improving the spiritual awareness of the person. Now this approach is very popular as there are number of holistic healers and naturopaths who use principles of anthroposophical in their practice.

Steiner was a staunch believer of many disciplines and modalities, like Ayurveda, nutrition, exercise, spirituality and Chinese medicine. According to him the modern science had lost track of the spiritual philosophy and focused only on the physical aspect of the human constitution. He that wanted to create a therapy that retained the gratifying aspects of traditional medicine and at the same time the boons of technology and science which were essential to the advancement of modern medicine.

Benefits of Anthroposophical Medicine

The use of Anthroposophical medicine has been found effective in healing various health conditions. This therapy is mainly recommended for infections, chronic diseases, preventive care, inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and treatment of cancer. It also makes a good fit with the concept of wellness, as opposed to the absence absence of disease that underlies many alternative therapies.

The therapist will ask you questions about lifestyle, diet and constitution with a stress on your body's rhythms such as sleeping, eating and lifestyles patterns as well.

This alternative therapy is natural and scientifically proven. It is for people who want a healthy life but do not want to limit themselves to a conventional approach.

One must seek expert advice from a qualified practitioner before proceeding with alternative medicine.

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The Chiropractic Adjustment

The main method by which chiropractors treat patients and subluxations is by providing spinal adjustment. Chiropractic treatment aims at correcting spinal subluxations that is found during the examination. This is done by applying pressure on the bone and freeing it from its wrong position. The bone then aligns itself in the right position.

It is a common notification that chiropractic treatment puts the vertebrae back to its right position. But the patient's conscious and mind only knows the exact and right position of every bone. The chiropractor only frees the vertebrae. It is the body that does its job after that and puts them back to its right position.

At times, the muscles that are related to the vertebrae that is subluxated gets used to the position they are in and keeps pulling the bone back in the wrong position. In this case, it may take a few adjustments before the bones are back in their right position permanently. Every patient might have his or her story about adjustment depending on their condition. This is so because there are many kinds of adjustment methods that the chiropractor can select from.

Chiropractors might carry out the adjustment according to their will like some might ask their patients to lie down whereas some might ask them to sit up. Some chiropractors go for stationary tables where some may use elaborate tables with head or foot rests being movable. Chiropractors might also change their methods and techniques every visit.

Chiropractic treatment works on the method or technique that will correct the subluxation in the best manner and will require a minimum amount of force. It is not strength that works wonders in this treatment. This art requires skill and training. This is the same reason why even slowly built lawyers can easily do the adjustment on all type of patients irrespective of their size. Since there is very little force and pressure in this treatment method, patients do not feel any discomfort during the session. Some patients may hear some sounds like popping sounds. But you need not worry as nothing is breaking. This is very natural and normal and the popping sound is the sound of gas releasing.

In any case, the chiropractic adjustment process is pain free. At times, due to tension some patients stiffen and try to resist the adjustment. So, till the time they relax, they may feel some discomfort during the process. Overall, chiropractic adjustment is natural and very helpful.

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Anodyne Therapy for the Treatment of Pain

Pain has been one of the major debilitating problems encountered in physical rehabilitation today. It can be a powerful obstacle to mobility and independence in performing activities of daily living. In Physical Therapy, one way to manage pain is by the use of heat. Heat is one of the oldest and most basic dimensions used to treat pain. One of the few treatment methods using heat is the Anodyne Therapy.

Anodyne Therapy aka Monochromatic Infrared Photo Energy or MIRE is designed for the maximum effectivity of Infrared Photo Energy in applying heat and decreasing pain in the area of ​​the body being treated. Its mechanisms of action are: First, Heat can directly decrease pain because thermal sensations are transported to the spinal chord by large-diameter nerve fibers while pain sensations are carried by small-diameter nerve fibers. So when heat is applied in a painful area, the heat sensation will reach the brain ahead of the pain sensation. As a result, the heat will be felt over the pain. Second, when Infrared Light is applied on an area, it will heat the area causing Nitric-Oxide to dissociate from the epithelial cells at the site of treatment, and from the Hemoglobin in the red blood cells. Nitric Oxide is a very powerful natural vasodilator of the body and it is also a natural pain killer. Nitric Oxide relaxes the walls of the arteries to allow more blood flow. When there is good circulation, noxious chemicals produced by infection or injury will be removed or transported away from the affected area of ​​the body so pain will decrease. In addition, muscle spasm cycles will be broken as the muscles are supplied by oxygenated blood so pain caused by ischemia will also decrease. Therefore, Anodyne Therapy relieves pain directly by the use of heat and by improving blood circulation.

The Anodyne Therapy procedure is simple and painless. It lasts for 20-30 minutes but its effects may persist for several hours. It utilizes 4 pads that congruently conform to the body part where they are applied. Each pad has 60 tiny inferred sources. When they emit Infrared Thermal Energy, they can penetrate up to a depth of 5 cm into the body. Anodyne Therapy has become popular today, it is being used during physical and Occupational Therapies, and it is even used by the US Military in treating soldiers who are injured in combat.

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Tai Chi DVDs – How To Get The Best From Them For Your Health

Owning a Tai Chi DVD suggests you have an interest in looking after your health by improving and maintaining it by the use of gentle exercise. Personally I do not believe you will find a better exercise system in the world today for which you will also find many Doctors, General Practitioners who will actually recommend Tai Chi to many of their patients.

First and foremost and quite obviously the first step for your health after the purchase of a Tai Chi DVD you will have to take it out of the cover and put it in your player. If you think I was being a little sarcastic by that statement I would just like to point out there are many people that will buy exercise dvd's and fail to take the next step and leave them on the shelve to gather dust.

I would like to encourage you to get over this first hurdle for your health and make a habit of putting the exercise DVD on every day for at least 20 minutes even if you are not going to do the exercise at first, this way you will become familiar with the exercise system and you may then find the inspiration to take the largest step and start.

Tai Chi is one of the eldest exercise systems to date and quite recently has become more popular than ever with scientists conducting research into the claimed health benefits. This exercise system predates Christ easily by 3000 years and many elements from the exercise system are used by Buddhist Monks and other religious and non religious individuals in their search for Spiritual Growth and enlightenment.

Tai Chi DVD For Your Health

Most tai chi dvds will start with a brief or in depth history of the exercise system then perhaps an introduction to the linage of Masters and the style that the presenter will be showing you. Then at some point they will suggest that you wear lose fitting clothes for taking part in the exercises.

You will find the exercises quite different from any system you may have experienced or seen as the movements are carried out in a slow and relaxed manner. This system adopts the mind set that you and your body are going to be together for your life time and the stress and strain of running, lifting weights, even things like aerobics is quite unnecessary for looking after your health and becoming the fittest you possible can be. It is not advised to run every day nor lift weights but doing Tai Chi and making it part of a regular routine each day for your health is recommended.

Getting the Most for Your Health from Exercises Shown in your Tai Chi DVD

I am sure you will agree when engaged in an activity most of us have quite a short attention span before our mind might start to wonder thinking about something else. Pay close attention to what is being shown and how the presenter is doing the movements, especially their form. For instance if they have shown you an exercise where your arms start at your side and then you slowly raise them in front of you to above your head imagining you are holding a large beach ball.

You should carefully take note of the presenter, how bent were their arms at the elbows, what position are their hands in relation to each other, what about their fingers, did you notice that when they raised their arms showing you how to do the exercise their shoulders did not shrug or scrunched up.

Although at first it may be difficult to get the correct form when executing the exercises from your Tai Chi DVD, a little perseverance in keeping your mind focused on the correct positioning and execution of the exercises and your body will take this on and carry out the exercises in the correct manner without trying which in turn will provide maximum rewards for your health and body.

Treat Your Health Take That Tai Chi DVD Put it in the Player and Take Action!

I would like to suggest making full use of your tai chi DVD and exercises contained within make a start right away. You! Take control of your health and your mind do not let which you think is your mind tell you what to do.

When your eyes glance past your DVD and a voice in your mind says to you “agh yes my Tai Chi DVD I have been meaning to do that, ill put it on this Sunday morning coming” That's when you tell your mind exactly what you are going to do for your health and put that DVD in the player and start training no matter what mood you are in.

It has been accounted and stated by people who have had type two diabetes after doing Tai Chi Exercise for 30 minutes every day vastly improved their condition with many people reporting of having no more complaints. In fact Tai Chi in all its forms and names is known to help improve and keep at bay many other conditions and aliments which continues to surprise the world of medicine, I would suggest probably worries them.

If this is your first time in really looking after your health through exercise make a big effort pull out all the stops and do exercises from the tai chi DVD for at least 20 minutes every day without fail. Work up to 30 minutes then one hour every day. This will provide you excellent benefits and the best chance to enjoy the things you do today when you are 70 plus.

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Health Benefits Of Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment and services use alternative therapeutic practice. The main aim of chiropractic treatment is to prevent any problems and disturbance in the musculoskeletal system and specifically spine. It pays attention to its treatment and diagnosis. It is based on the idea that stress and disorders caused in various parts of the body is mostly due to problem with the nervous system.

Chiropractic works on the principal that the problem or malfunction in the spinal joint affects the performance and working of the entire body. It is also believed that any dysfunction causes changes in the intelligence of the body. It basically deals with rehabilitating the body manually by spinal manipulation and manipulation of the soft tissue and joints.

Chiropractor also helps you by giving advice about your health, diet, lifestyle and exercises that will help you to recover faster. Chiropractic services help you to heal your body in a permanent way and not in a temporary manner by taking drugs and medicines.

Chiropractic services include ultrasound, electric stimulation, heat and ice, manual adjustments in the spine, low level laser, nutritional therapy and complimentary services. These are some of the methods by which patients can be treated.

This kind of treatment is very helpful and is available for everyone irrespective of the age. It can be used by a small baby or an old person. Some tests are done on the patient like x-rays and MRIs before going ahead with the treatment so that his or her situation can be properly understood. Patients are asked questions regarding their medical history and other information as well so that the cause of the pain can be clearly understood and a proper treatment plan can be made.

After medicine and dentistry, chiropractic care is the third best alternative health care method. The main purpose of a chiropractic treatment is to treat pain and help with the problems related to the nerves in the body that go through the spine and help with easing the discomfort. With the help of this treatment, the body is healed manually and there is no involvement of surgery or medicines and drugs. The chiropractor starts by providing adjustments to the part of the body that are affected.

Specialists believe that chiropractic care can help in improving the performance of the athletes in the time span of two weeks. The chiropractic process of subluxation help athletes in better coordination, give better body movements, react faster and enhance their health and fitness. Many athletes turn to chiropractic treatment to enhance their performance and give a better result.

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Overview of Body Physiology

Physiology is identified as the investigation of system and function at all levels of biology. The system reflects to the anatomy and the weight that creates up our bodies. While the function refers to causes for instance movement of materials, differentiation, proliferation, support and secretion.

There are five kinds of structural levels of the body: molecular, subcellular, cellular, tissue, and the body. As well, the body is organized into four systems. Firstly, the cells, which are the primary structural and functional units. Secondly, the tissue, which is a range of specialized cells. Then we have organs, which are created up of a variety of tissues. And also finally, we have systems, which are the interaction of organs.

On the cellular perspective, there are eight levels. Originally we have the epithelium which lines the glands, bowel, skin and organs. The endothelium lines the blood and lymphatic vessels. The mesothelium lines the pleural, and pericardial spaces. The Mesenchyme, which are cells that fill spaces among organisms, which embrace fat, muscle, bone, cartilage and tendon cells. Blood cells are either red or while, and can be located in lymph nodes and the spleen. Neurons are the conducting cells of the nervous structure. Germ cells have to do with reproduction, and a number of examples are sperm and oocytes. Moreover finally, we have the stem cells which are a incredibly hot topic these days in the scientific community as the cells are capable to turn into one or several of the previous mentioned kinds of cells.

Next we will talk on the subject of tissue types. There are four types of tissue: epithelial tissue, muscle (excitable) tissue, nervous (excitable) tissue, and connective tissues (cells, fibers, matrix). The epithelial tissue forms the lining between the inside and outside of the body, and as well comprise the skin and mucous membranes. Muscle tissue located in skeletal (striated) muscle, smooth muscle and cardiac muscle. Nervous tissue is found in the brain and spinal cord. And also finally, connective tissue are the cells, fibers and matrix that hold everything together. Connective tissue combines the loose connective tissue, dense fibrous tissue, cartilage, bone, and even blood (which originates from bone marrow).

Depending on how you classify them there are more or less ten to thirteen systems in the human body. Here is a list of a version with twelve regions. They are followed by some examples. The muscular system is consisting of the skeletal muscles and tendons.The nervous structure has the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves.The cardiovascular system which has the heart, blood vessels, and lymphatics.The skin which or the integral structure, which defends tand covers the inner from the outside.

The immune classification is made up of the lymphocytes, lymph nodes, tonsils and spleen. The respirators structure is composed of the nose, pharynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs. The skeletal structure is consisting of bones, cartilage, and ligaments. The gastrointestinal tract is comprised of the mouth, oesophagus, tummy, and intestine. The reproductive classification which is created up of ovaries, uterus, testes, and epididymus. The urinary tract, which has the kidney, ureter, bladder and urethra. The endocrine classification, which has the pituitary, thyroid, pancreas and adrenals. The Exocrine classification which has tubular acinar, branched and coiled glands.

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The Women Shamans – Healing Traditions of Peru

The women shamans of Peru have come to visit. They carry the sacred objects we will use in ceremony, and between them, over 50 years experience in healing. In Peru they are called curanderas, here they are sometimes called shamans. I have booked Ysabel and Olinda heavily during their 3 day stay. It is a rare opportunity for people to receive healings in the US from these women. They do not often travel from their neighborhoods or villages in Peru.

The morning after their arrival, we are up early, shopping for supplies. They do not speak English and my Spanish, while passable as a tourist, seems woefully inept. Sill, we manage to get by with a lot of hand signals and some interesting gesturing. Through it all their smiles and laughter make everything seem smooth and easy. They are probably the least judgmental and most loving individuals I have met in a long time.

Our supplies consist of eggs, white candles, a large glass bowl and lots of water. As we move through the aisles at Target, Ysabel and Olinda are enchanted with the store and ask to return for some “shopping” after the work is done. It is one of the few words that they consistently use in English.

When it is time for the first person to receive their healing. I am there to translate and to observe, as Ysabel and Olinda begin their work. It is fascinating to watch them, each one has her own tasks and they support each other in every moment of the healing.

Ysabel begins by having the client (for lack of a better word), sit with her at his healing altar (mesa). She pours a glass of holy water, prays into it briefly and drinks it down. Next she will offer one to her patient, then to Olinda, then to me since I am to participate in the healing.

The water is holy water which has sat on Ysabel's mesa since she began her practice 26 years ago. The bottle has never been completely empty, and the essence of that night so long ago remains in the water to this day. These women are from the Catholic tradition, but it seems to me as I watch from my seat in the corner, that they have a deep understanding of the sacred, and are open to the many and varied interpretations from traditions different from their.

Once the participants are properly blessed, Ysabel has the patient stand up and she rubs 2 white candles over her body, followed by rubbing an egg over her entire body. She is gentle with her movements, and she misses nothing as she fulfills her work. When she is finished, she cracks the egg into a glass of water and sets it on her mesa.

Then she sits down in front of her altar and Olinda begins her work. As Ysabel instructs her on which of her many healing staffs to use, the auxilia begin to cleanse, or perform limpias on the person receiving the healing. Ysabel watches as the egg begins to change, and the mesa tells her what the patient needs. Several different staffs are used for each person. The staffs, which are carved out of several different types of wood indigenous to South America, are a common tool in Peruvian north coastal healing.

At the end of the cleansing, on every person she works with, Olinda picks up a pair of scissors and begins to snip away old environments and patterns that do not serve the person. She uses the scissors in a complete circle around the person, going from head to foot on all sides. They do not explain what they are doing – I can see it as I sit there watching – old threads, dark clouds, patterns of disease, falling away.

While the cleansing with the staffs takes place, Ysabel sets in communion with the mesa and with her higher guidance, which she calls the Holy Spirit. When she finishes the limpias, Olinda goes into the kitchen to work with the candles that have previously been rubbed on the patient's body.

Ysabel has the person lay down on a mat we had placed o the floor, and she begins the healing portion of the session. She uses a form of hands-on healing – part massage, part energy work (similar to Reiki or Healing Touch). Her hands have been described as “the hands of an angel”. She focuses on particular parts of each person's body, depending on what she is seeing.

Meanwhile, Olinda is working with the candles. She brings them out into the kitchen, breaks them in half, and melts them in a small frying pan. They have carried this frying pan around with them through their 2-month stay in the US I somehow find this touching, an example of the humility and egolessness of these gentle healers. She waits patiently for the wax to melt and when it is finished, she pours it with a flourish into a glass bowl of cool water. There, a form begins to take shape in the wax. I watch them do over 20 healings in their 3-day stay and no two wax forms are the same.

As soon as the wax has solidified, Olinda carefully removes it from the bowl and brings it into the other room where Ysabel is working. She looks at it and they exchange a knowing glance between them. “It is like an x-ray of the person's physical body, energy and spirit,” Olinda tells me in Spanish. I notice that it almost always corresponds to the place or places on the person's body where Ysabel has already been working. There are many people who stories I know, or with what I have already worked, and I find that I can clearly read what the wax is telling them in some cases.

During the rest of the session, Olinda takes off the white rosary around her neck and begins to say the Hail Mary in Spanish. She speaks the prayers softly at first, rising in tone as she goes through the beads. It took me several days, but I finally realized that she was clearing the space and protecting Ysabel with the prayers. I could feel the intense amount of heavy energy being released during the sessions, but when they were over, the apartment felt completely clear and peaceful. It was as if the light they access came through and swept away anything that was not resonant with Light.

As she reaches the end, Ysabel will explain to the person what she has seen. She brings up things that have happened in their past which have stayed in the body, causing emotional pain or physical illness. She shows them the wax “x-ray” and says that this is what the candle has dropped out of them. It is in the past, she says, all here in the candle and no longer in your body. Then she breaks the wax picture and throws it in the garbage. Gone.

Next she picks up the egg which has been evolving in the glass of water. The egg is not as clear to me. It speaks more directly to her. The yolk symbolizes the person, and what happens in the glass is a kind of movie of what goes on during the healing. In some people she has opened a pathway to Spirit and this is reflected by white threads drifting upward from the “body”. In others there is a lot of energy removed from the body that clouds the glass completely. In a few, the yolk has broken, and its pattern gives her more information about that particular person. Like the candle wax, each egg is completely different.

It has been a privilege for me to witness these healings and to learn from them as an apprentice would – by watching, listening, and being of service in whatever way I can. It has informed the way I will go forward in my own healing practice and taught me that there is much to learn always.

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Introduction to Sound Therapy

Vibrational Sound Therapy

If you have ever had homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, color therapy, Reiki, flower essences, sound therapy or even aspirin, then you have already experienced vibrational medicine. But what exactly is vibrational medicine?

According to Richard Gerber, MD, “Vibrational medicine attempts to heal illnesses by manipulating subtle energy fields via directing energy into the body instead of manipulating the cells and organs through drugs or surgery.” Sound therapy is a method of applying vibrational or energy medicine and facilitates positive change in our energetic fields by guiding the body back to a healthy vibration.

Using sound and vibration for body and energy work can greatly enhance the affect of therapy on yourself or your clients. This occurs because the use of sound helps you to relax which in turn allows you to become more receptive to what is being offered.

Everything in the universe is energy and all energy vibrates: the Earth, your car, the tree outside your window, the paper on which this article is written. Thoughts and emotions, as energy, are vibrations as well.

Have you ever felt stress, fear or anger at work or with family? These feelings are examples of unhealthy vibrations. Have you ever felt completely at peace while sitting by the ocean? Have you experienced unconditional love? When we feel good we are experiencing harmonic and healthy vibrations.

So why do we not re-adjust our vibration to a healthy state automatically? The answer lies with the principles of resonance and entrainment.


John Beaulieu ND, Ph.D, a composer, pianist, and naturopath, describes resonance as “[what] occurs when the vibrations of one object reach out and set off vibrations in another object.” If two people are feeling negative, they often commiserate. Misery seeks misery. If someone starts laughing uncontrollably, have you felt compelled to laugh with them? This is considered resonance.


When two or more objects are brought close together, they begin pulsing in synchrony. This is entrainment. We can see the result of entrainment when women who live in the same household often find that their moon cycles coincide. Entrainment can also transform negative energy into positive energy.

Sound therapy, through the dynamics of resonance and entrainment, recalibrates the vibration of our physical and emotional bodies.

Hospitals and doctors are using music and sound to help their patients reduce stress associated with illness and surgical procedures. There is now evidence that recovery is accelerated when sound therapy is applied. Sound therapy is also commonly used in conjunction with body work, Reiki, meditation and other healing modalities. Many cultures use sound for healing, ie drumming, chanting, didgeridoo, Tibetan bowls.

Sound therapy is a natural method of awareness, healing and transformation. The vibration of our physical and emotional bodies can be recalibrated to accelerate healing and growth. As John Beaulieu states, “… we can merge with the rhythms of the cosmos.

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Cure Depression With Support Of Your Family

Feeling sad for a certain period of time is normal to all of us, particularly if there is some mishap in our lives. However, people suffering from depression face a long period of sadness.

This disease is very common in today's world. Study reports say that the depressed people of Canada institute 5% of the total population and 10-20% Canadians can suffer with depression in future. However, it has become difficult for the friends and family member to understand the sadness in the patient's attitude. Since there is no physical symptom, the disease has been difficult to diagnose. Depression is generated by certain chemical reactions inside the brain. A smaller percentage of people consider that it is a fault of the sufferer and none thinks that it is a case of depression.

Similar to other type of sickness, depression is also associated with symptoms. After identifying the reasons of depression; you can also take steps to minimize the problem. The symptoms could be feeling of sadness, depression or worry; feeling hopeless about the life; feeling like crying; getting irritated in simple situations; disliking favorite pastime and other activities; feeling of low self-esteem; losing appetite or eating in abnormally large quantity; difficulty in sleeping or sleeping for more time; difficulty in concentrating and deciding; and thinking about suicide or death.

Depression can be controlled by the patient or the family members, once they know the causes behind depression. However, it's still not clear that why some people have depression and some do not. But there are certainly some triggering issues like excessive stress, losing some person or thing, physical sickness, levels of hormones and being under drugs or alcohol.

Usually we relate sadness with depression. However, it could have been more to involve emotional, physical and mental conditions of the patient. Depression makes the people to feel helpless and they also feel that this is not going to change. The dearth of positive energy and interest, make these people unhappy or unsatisfied. Being into this condition, some think of withdrawal from the system by being less affable. It becomes difficult to make them happy and these people get easily irritated. There is no way by which you can help these lonely persons.

Additionally, there might be a physical problem as well. Some people may feel insomnia or incomplete sleep during night. Some people feel like sleeping for longer hours. As a result the patient loses the interest on food or becomes a glutton for every meal. By craving for sweets, these people may have constipation, stomach pain, headaches, speeding heart, sweating or other symptoms. However, the positive thing is that you can treat depression in many ways, so that no depressed person can suffer forever.

As a treatment of depression, there are antidepressant medications, medical care, counselors and support from family and friends. The most vital thing for the treatment is to look for help. In case you have depression, contact your doctor as early as you can to feel much better and do not lose hope.

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Know About The Cheap Silver Sol That Is Available For Your Health Requirements

These days there are various excellent skin care products that are being manufactured by many top notch countries all around the world. Due to pollution and other health hazards people often suffer from various skin diseases which are very difficult to cure. Before you take specific medicines for your ailment it is very essential for you to consult your physician. Various antibacterial as well as anti fungal creams are now available in the market that have great efficiency to kill different pathogens. Children often tend to suffer from diseases like influenza, malaria, sore throat, scraps and colds that can be cured easily if you are using the appropriate medications.

Many big organizations and companies are now carrying out researchers that would help you in various ways. They are now manufacturing medicines that would not only help you to cure skin diseases but various internal ailments as well. One efficient ingredient that is present in these medicines is silver solution. In the olden days people using silver for curing various skin diseases as well as bacterial and viral ailments.

This solution is very effective remedy that you can use to really get rid of your day to day problems. The solution is easily available in various medicine shops and you can purchase it according to your requirement. It also comes in various different forms and types. Some important things that you need to know about this solution are mentioned below.

1. All About the product
You must know that it is extremely safe and even pregnant women and children can use it in a highly effective manner. It is an odorless and colorless solution that should be taken by you according to your doctor's instructions. Basically you have to drink this product regularly in order to get rid of the ailment that is troubling you. A gel based solution is also available which is basically needed for curing the skin diseases. It can also be used on your pets as it is extremely pet friendly. Another great advantage of the solution is that hundred hundred safe and without any side effects.

2. Great benefits
You would be surprised to know that now this solution is gaining great popularity in the market due to its beneficial results. People are now using it on a daily basis in order to get rid of various skin problems and other related ailments. Some ailments that this solution can cure are flu, malaria, upper respiratory track infections, gonorrhea, bronchitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, urinary tract infections, eye infections, sore throats, ear infections, abdominal pain and diarrhea, retro viral infections, vaginal yeast infections and external cuts.

3. Usage Instructions
Although this solution is very easy to use but still you must consult your physician before you order this product. Your doctor would advise you about its usage and healing power. There are various online websites related to this solution working on the internet. In order to gain any important information about the product you can consult those websites.

I am sure the points mentioned above would indeed give you a solution that is miraculous for your health.

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How To Receive A Reiki Master Attunement

A reiki master attunement is a ritual that helps to connect the healer with the source of the spiritual energy used in the practice. In this process the body's energy centers or chakras become activated and open to receiving the actual universal energy. It is this that is then used to heal people.

If you believe that to undergo an attunement would take a lot of effort then you have not been informed correctly. Yes in most cases it is required to pass all three reiki levels in order to give attunements to others, but it is also possible to carry out the procedure at an earlier stage. In actuality it does not have to be a long and complicated procedure and in fact you do not even require the touch from a master. It is possible to feel the very same benefits from the comfort of your own home and at a time convenient to you.

Are you familiar with the name Mikao Usui. He is often described as being the founder of the modern form of Reiki practice. Whilst meditating and fasting on Mount Kurama, Mikao discovered he could access universal energy alone by himself. Of course, the man had spent a long time studying the principles of Reiki, but soon after his own personal experiences he suggested that it is possible for any one of us to undergo the same process and be rewarded with the same sense of awareness and understanding .

Today there is a lot of interest in the works and teachings of Mikao Usui. In fact there are even online courses that can be taken up that have his knowledge as the core principles. There is a belief that many of us have already experienced attunement without even realizing it has taken place.

This is best explained in the following way. Sometimes we have a talent but are unaware that it exists. For example, if you have never picked up a paintbrush you do not know either or not you have a natural aptitude for art. By following the teachings of Mikao Usui you can unlock your own powers that may have been lying dormant.

As the popularity of Reiki continues to spread around the world more of us will come to realize that we can tap into out own universal energy without the need for a master to be present. At the end of the day the more people that undergo attunement the better world we will be living in.

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