Serrapeptase: Miracle Enzyme and Anti-Inflammatory Enhances Natural Healing

To be commonly referred to as a “miracle enzyme”, Serrapeptase must be some pretty powerful stuff, right? Actually, it can do more than most people even know. And just because it's gaining popularity in the US currently, that does not mean it has not been around, and enhancing healing and enhancing lives for decades.

In fact, the enzyme Serrapeptase was first discovered in the early 1970's and found to have all kinds of extra health benefits. Since then, it's been widely used as an all-natural anti-inflammatory all across Asia and Europe.

It was actually a German physician by the name of Dr. Hans Nieper that popularized the use of Serrapeptase to advance the healing process in a number of different cases. He even claimed to have two patients who were about to have limbs amputated because of infection that began taking Serrapeptase and were instead able to keep their limbs and make a full recovery. In addition, he used the enzyme on many patients as a means to promote healthy function of the heart and circulatory system .

So what on earth is this stuff? Believe it or not, we get the enzyme Serrapeptase from silk worms. It's isolated from a bacterium in their intestines called Serratia. And for the silk worm, it serves as a very important factor in their life cycle. You see, at a certain point in the life cycle of a silk worm, it spins a silk cocoon where it remains while it turns into a butterfly.

But once the silk worm has transformed into a butterfly, it would have trapped inside its cocoon if it were not for Serrapeptase. Delivered via the silk worm's saliva, the enzyme is able to break down the cocoon so that the butterfly can escape. But these powers are not just limited to silk cocoons. Serrapeptase naturally eats away at all non-living matter. So around 25 years ago, a Japanese biochemist discovered ways in which this process can benefit our health.

The ways in which Serrapeptase works inside our bodies allow it to eat away scar tissue and other non-living tissues or blockages, decrease inflammation or swelling, and manage pain . The ability to eat away non-living matter is the reason it's used to improve the health of the heart and circulatory system. Once it makes its way into the blood stream, it dissolves the plaque that clogs arteries the same way it dissolves the silk worm's cocoon.

Its anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties, however, are what make it so important for post-trauma patients. After an invasive surgery for example, boiling can drastically slow the healing process, along with the formation of scar tissue. Serrapeptase not only reduces swelling dramatically, but also eats away at the dead tissue that builds up, allowing the body to heal faster. But how exactly does it reduce inflation? First, it breaks down something our bodies produce in the blood-coagulation process called fibrin. In addition, it acts as a thinner to the fluids our bodies produce when tissue swells and even promotes more efficient draining of these fluids from the injured area.

On top of the anti-inflammatory abilities Serrapeptase is known for, it's also well-known as an all natural pain killer. It works in this way by blocking the production of pain-inducing chemicals in our bodies called amines. In a double blind study involving 66 patients recovering from the same surgery, it was shown that, not only did the ones taking Serrapeptase heal more quickly, but they also experienced less pain than the patients not taking the enzyme. This is why it's called the “miracle enzyme” in reference to natural healing.

But surgery and trauma are not the only reasons people take pain killers. Many people, in fact, rely on meds like Ibuprofen and Aspirin daily, whether it's for headaches, joint pain, muscle pain, pain caused by an injury or surgery, or something else. It's been proven, however, that this type of medicine, called cox-inhibitors, can have a wide range of harmful side-effects.

For starters, they are known to damage renal cells which can lead to kidney damage when taken in excess. When some enough, some patients even require dialysis or a kidney transplant. Other major problems caused by common pain killers are stomach ulcers and bleeding, damage to muscle tissue, negative reactions with other remedies, and even irritation of the colon.

For these reasons and more, patients are discouraged by doctors to take too many cox-inhibitors like Ibuprofen. But too many people think living in pain is their only other option. That's not the case anymore.

Unlike harmful pain killers, Serrapeptase is 100% natural. It does not have the same dangerous side effects, and is at least as effective as Ibuprofen and Aspirin when it comes to killing pain. In fact, it has several healthy bone side effects such as preventing clogged arteries, blood clots, and scar tissue. Either way you look at it, Serrapeptase is an incredible discovery. It's classified in the United States as a health supplement, but is more commonly being used as a serious alternative to Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs or NSAIDs, and for good reason. Pick up a bottle of Serrapeptase capsules and see for yourself why it's been called the miracle enzyme.

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Changing From Desire to The Need for Pain Relief

Everyone knows that you can bring a horse to water, but you can not make him drink. So one of the things that happen here is you come in to the program and I find out why you want to do this, what you are taking out of your life that you want to bring back – all of these different things so I can find out what's your desire level. That desire level shows me how much you're willing to put into it. As I start to develop the program more and more, I started realizing that, 'Oh my goodness. Desire is not good enough for long-term results. '

And that's what started getting tricky because I had to get people to, one, desire something and then switch that desire into something more primal. You need to be this other person, and you have to lock on to the, 'I need to be this other person' because if you do not, things will start to waiver. Or it's almost like if you want a piece of chocolate: 'I really need it.' When it happens, because you crave it, because you want it right this precise second. But if I take you away from it long enough, 'My God. Wow, I really did want it. ' But you know what? It did not turn out all right. So be it.

I see this a lot when it comes on to pain, when people stay in pain for long terms. They're like, 'Oh my God, I can not do this but I really, really do want to be pain free.' But as soon as they realize they have to put in the work, consistently, consistently, that desire starts to wither away. It does not hold up for the long term.

We have to get you to focus on the long term only. And the only way that's going to happen is this: start off with the desire. Start off saying, 'I really, really want to do this.' Then start to change that thought process just a little bit based on your experiences: celebrate, 'Oh look, I have my first day of pain-free living. Yay! ' Everyone just says that. But what I intend to do is reinforce it: 'Oh my God, you had your first day. Does not it feel good? ' Look, this is what you can do and I'll show you. This is who you are and this is why you have to stay there. Think about it. How much better could you be after your first time you're pain free? And now you look at all the things that you're doing, how you started to expand your self-image. How much better would that feel if you did that for a week, for a month? And then when you start doing it consistently more and more, I start reminding you: 'By the way, you're doing it! Great job! You're doing it! '

We have this tendency to play down all of our accomplishments. Stop it. Folks, get it. Get it and say – like scream it – 'Oh my God, I had my first day without knee pain! Yay! ' or 'It's my first time that I did my trigger point stretching and my pain actually went away. I'm starting to communicate with my body! Yay! ' Tell yourself constantly, 'I need this feeling to be here. I need to do the things that got me here consistently because this is what's going to make me that person on a later date. ' That's what you have to start doing, it's not just the desire. You have to manually focus on the fact that you need to be this person.

That desire starts the process, but it will wither away as soon as you keep on getting hit with tests and tests, hit harder and harder with more things that you're doing. Because remember, it only gets bigger in the obstacles that you have to do, the better you are. You have to change it up.

So when things happen to a person that's functional and all that, it happens on a massive level because he's cutting down all the little stuff. So many bad things have to happen in a row for something monumental to happen. It's going to be huge in that way. So you have to remember that. And in order for you to do that, you have to realize that this is who you are; you need to be the stronger person for your kids – for whatever reason it is, you need to be it, not want it. 'That would be nice if I could get down and play with my kids all day.' 'That would be nice if I would play basketball because I used to love playing basketball.' 'I need to do this because this is who I am.'

That's what you got to focus on. 'I need. I need. I need. ' Get it. Get it in your head and do not let go because that what's going to drive you for the long term especially when it comes to pain because that's a hard thing to start cleaning up for the long term. You're going to be hit with constant bouts of: sometimes it hurts, sometimes it does not, sometimes you do this, it hurts and sometimes it does not. You have to reel it in. It's just going to be an ebb and flow. You're going to have to dance with it. And the only way you're going to be able to dance is if you recognize your accomplishments. As small as, 'I did not have knee pain when I woke up. I had a day without pain, etcetera, etcetera. ' Get it in your head. You need it but start with the desire.

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Pain Relief Using Through The Lymphatic System

Today we're going to be talking about is all about the lymphatic system. You know how I go crazy over the systems, folks. This is a big system that a lot of people do not really think about when they do all the things that they're doing.

This lymphatic system is designed to get all the sludge out of your body. All the toxic waste that your body produces, it comes through this channel first before the rest of the ways of getting out. Your sweat, your pee, your poop, all that has to run through the lymphatic system, but what people do not realize is the lymphatic system is really molasses-slow. So we have to understand that if we're going to do these massive detoxes, and all this movement-based stuff that's going to get muscle tissue to move and do all this, our lymphatic system is going to be taxed. And if our lymphatic system is not up to par, if you're not hydrated enough, if you're not doing and eating the right things that keeping the lymphatic system up to par, that's going to be really sluggish on top of the sluggish nature that it is.

I hear everyone going through all these detoxes and all these things to make the body better, but they're not realizing that they can only move as fast as the lymphatic system will allow it. So we have to take that under consideration. Our lymphatic system is something that moves with peristalsis, for instance. It works with the fibers of your muscle. So the better your muscle can contract – because where they're located – that's how your body is going to eliminate the toxins inside the body. As you can see the lymphatic system is broad through your body, from the top part of your head to your tippy, tippy toes, but there's also pockets of highly sensitive lymph nodes.

When people get sick and they touch around their neck or your armpit, they go, “Yeah, you're going through something because your lymph nodes are swollen.” But that swollen nature is showing you the first sign that it's active, but if it lasts swollen, something's up folks, so we have to get you moving. That's why whenever someone gets sick, I tell people you do not want to just stay sedentary for seven, eight days or even long it takes for you to get sick. You do not want to do that because we need the muscles to contract to get the lymphatic system to work properly. We have to focus around how the head moves – head and neck movement, around the shoulders, around the hips, around the knees, around the ankles. That's where you have highlyened pockets of lymph nodes. We have to get you to start learning how to move those things to get better.

Think when you're doing a detox of any sort or starting to pick up your movements, your workout regimen, you have to cater to this. Now, this is where it gets tricky because they're very, very easily bypassed because they're so close between the muscle and the skin that you can bypass it really, really quick and really easy. The things that you need to do is all based off intention: get your body to communicate with the lymphatic system, not with your muscular system. If you are sick, try foam rolling, but not foam rolling for tension release – foam rolling for lymphatic drainage. So you have to learn how to process up. You have to process how the lymph system is working in getting access to that.

That's a whole communication basis all on its own, so that's something that we'll talk about on a later day. But you have to understand that the lymphatic system runs all the way across the body, it's very, very slow and we always bypass it. So we have to start getting you to realize a defect picture of the lymphatic system. We have to get you to recognize, “if my lymphatic system is not working, I'm going to swell in certain places. Let's take a defect look into the lymphatic system.

Within the lymphatic systems, I already told you there's those pockets everywhere of highly dynamic lymph nodes. We know all around the neck, around the armpit, through the arms at every joint. You want to think about it as within every joint, there's going to be a pocket of lymph nodes because that's going to pull whatever toxins is in that extremity into the body and disperse them through the core of your body.

Your hips are a big, big lymph node area. Armpits, neck. Right here [points] as you can see, inside your chest cavity itself, there's a swell there because everything gets pushed into that, so your liver and your kidneys, all your detox organs could start doing the job they need to do. What you have to do is you have to stay very conscious and realize, “I want to detox. I want my body to get better, but my body can only get better if the systems around it are functional.”

So keep in mind how your systems are working. Lymphatic system, in general, for this week, but you have to start getting in the thought of looking at the world like that, your body as an intelligent system. You want to help your body. You want to start learning how to communicate with your body. That's top-notch, but do not over-stress your body because you want too much too fast. Okay?

Realize, it's a slow-moving system, and when you are sick, one of the reasons why your body hurts is because your lymphatic system is swelling and it can not hold that type of weight. No, it can not do that. So we have to cater to that system, and whatever sickness you have will start to speed up because you're getting it out, as long as you stay hydrated, eat the right foods and keep everything moving. It's all about moving, baby.

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Reiki: Benefits And Online Classes

Reiki is a popular holistic healing therapy used to harmonize body, mind and spirit. It gives emotional, physical and psychological satisfaction to the people suffering from various problems. This technique had its origin in Japan and is used to cure ailments like stress, anxiety, sinus, back, stomach, menstrual and respiratory problems.

The benefits of this practice can be felt by both the practitioner and the client. The various benefits of reiki include:

– Pain Reliever
– Reduces stress and anxiety
– Triggers natural healing abilities
– Restores inner peace and harmony
– Helps in keeping the mental balance
– Helps easy and speedy recovery from illness
– Clears toxins
– Promotes natural healing
– Increases immunity
– Promotes creativity
– Great alternate to other painful and expensive medical treatments
– Cures Insomnia
– Improves focus and self awareness
– Offers relief from migraine, arthritis and sciatica pain

The popularity of reiki classes has increased significantly and many people are enjoying the reiki attunement right from the comfort of their home. Online reiki classes have made it easier for people to learn this art. You will find a number of courses available online and many of them offer excellent and high quality training.

Picking the Right Online Course

There are certain things to keep in mind before you sign up for an online course:

Certification – The course you take up must give some certification. Check carefully the type of certification offered.

Experience – It is very important to check the experience and the ability of the person offering the reiki classes. Search on their site the number of students they have trained and the testimonials left by the people who have used their services. Also see if they offer any offline classes.

Online Support – See if the program offers any online support to its students and whether it has a forum to facilitate discussions with other instructors and students. This can make the whole learning process engaging and interesting.

Type of Material – Look for the type of material offered by the program. It should have both audio and video instructions as well as written manuals.

Guarantee Offered – If the course does not offer any money back guarantee; it is not worth registering for. Such offers show the confidence of the service provider in its product.

Reiki helps you develop a healthy mind and body if you take regular sessions.

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Benefits In Bone Healing’ Clinical Evidences

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) is an electrical instrument used to generate specific kind of magnetic fields that can influence the physiology of the human body. Each magnetic pulse generated by PEMF stimulates a tiny electrical signal in the cells of the body resulting in stimulation of the repair process. PEMF is a non-invasive instrument with established safety. FDA approved devices of PEMF are available for stimulating the process of bone healing.

PEMF and bone

Healing of the injured tissues is a normal process, which does not require outside stimulation in most of the cases. However, healing process of bones is very slow, especially in elderly people and people with diabetes. Almost 8 million fractures are reported to occur in the United States annually; which which 5-10% fractures show delayed healing or incomplete healing.

1 PEMF can be used as an adjuvant physical therapy to fasten the union of the fracture. Beneficial effects of PEMF have also been observed in the healing of soft-tissues (tissue surrounding bone eg muscles, tendon, ligament, cartilage); suppression of inflammation, pain relief and facilitating motion in various musculoskeletal disorders. 2 Research work done on PEMF and bone healing US National Library of Medicine, maintained by the National Institute of Health, is a comprehensive online database that stores the research works published in reputed international journals. A search using keyword “PEMF bone” rendered in 159 articles, including which 70 articles were discussing the research undertaken on human volunteers. Few important articles are discussed here.

1. Study of PEMF in patients with delay in union of tibial fracture (fracture of leg bone) 3 In this study, 44 patients (average age of 50 years) were involved. The patients were sufferings from delay in tibial fraction healing with conventional plasters. All the patients received PEMF therapy for 3 hours daily. At the end of 36 months, fractures were healed completely in 34 patients (77.4% of total population). The minimum time required for fraction union was 8 months and maximum time was 36 months. Probability of fraction union was higher with longer duration of therapy. The authors concluded that PEMF is an effective therapy for the patients not having fracture healing with conventional plasters.

2. Study of PEMF in cervical fusion 4 Cervical fusion or cervical spinal fusion is a type of surgery that is used to join two adjunct vertebrates for a variety of reasons like neck pain due to compressed cervical nerve root, injury, misalignment of vertebrates, etc . During cervical fusion surgery, a bone graft is attached to the vertebrates, which further facilitates fusion of the two vertebrates. The effect of PEMF therapy on the outcome of cervical fusion was evaluated in 323 patients with neck pain. Among them, PEMF therapy was given to 163 patients and remaining 160 patients did not receive PEMF therapy. After the 6 months from the surgery, more than 83% patients receiving PEMF therapy showed successful fusion; whereas the successful fusion rate in the patients not receiving PEMF therapy was only 68.6%. At the end of 12 months, fusion rate was 92.8% in the PEMF group compared to 86.7% in the non PEMF group. Thus, PEMF was found to be effective in fastening the growth of bone graft used in cervical fusion surgery.

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One Reason Why You Can Have Shoulder Pain

So shoulder pain could be caused by many different muscle tissues and many different malfunctions throughout the whole body. Shoulder pain does not necessarily have to come from the actual shoulder. It can actually be coming from lack of movement on the opposite side, lack of movement from the hip right underneath it – so it's trying to compensate. There's so many different ways to go about it. What I want to do is take apart your Third Level Foundation.

We already know the three foundations are your feet, hips, and shoulder girdle glide. We have to get that to start moving. So what I want you guys to understand and start learning how to do is start to get that top foundation and start moving slightly better by understanding the whole system of the whole thing.

Our society is a front-driven society, a front-driven society meaning that we do everything in front of us. Everything that we do is in front of us, as well as your body is hardwired to protect itself. So if we're in a stressful environment, if we're doing everything in front of us – that means your body is utilizing all the muscle tissue in front of it first, all the time. And if that's working all the time, that means it's getting stronger without you doing anything other than living life. You do not have to be in the gym, you do not have to be doing much to strengthen these areas.

We have to understand: focus on the bigger picture. If we're in front of us all the time naturally, we have a stressful life, naturally your body is hardwired to protect itself; then it's going to naturally want to protect the internal organs. So before we even get into what you're doing, muscular-wise and your exercise regime, we're talking about what's happening naturally.

Okay. It's very important to understand that because a lot of people think, 'Oh if I work on here, if I do this there, I'll get stronger.' It's not about strength. It's over-stressing the whole body, and we're not talking about mental stress now. We're talking about physical, mental, and emotional. The more you recognize how often your body wants to do a number like this because it wants to protect itself, the more you'll start to move along through your shoulder pain, rehab and restoration ten times faster. Yes there's exceptions to everything. But pretty much all the time what I've noticed is, your pec, pectoralis major, all the way through here is actually one of the bigger culprits because it's going to protect you all the time. It's always going to be working because we're always in front of us and it's one of the main things that get triggered when fight or flight kicks in. Now, a lot of people do not recognize, but it also will play a role in getting your rib cage to open up. Your pec minor that opens up your rib cage so you can take a bigger breath. The reason why that happens is the reason why it's in everything. It is because we are in fight or flight most of our lives, you have to run, you have to fight, what I am referring to a stressful state. So this muscle now picks up its pace. Now when that picks up its pace, it naturally wants to roll you forward. Now, if you do not take care of that fight or flight mechanism, you're never going to get your shoulder pain to roll forward because it's never going to ratchet itself properly within the whole joint capsule. It's always going to be slightly rolled in. The easiest way to notice that is notice the way that you walk. Anatomical position is when you put your arms down, your hands are supposed to be open, slightly open. But if you're seeing the back part of your hands, you're watching your body roll in. We have to get that to learn how to roll out. So once you roll it out, you'll notice your chest open naturally. And then you can take more air in; with more air, it becomes more oxygen rich blood – healing is just natural at that point. So we have to get you to start watching that.

The way that I want you to do that is start foam rolling your pec, start doing trigger point work for your pec as well as start doing pec stretches – proper pec stretches. You want to always think about getting the chest open for your pec stretch, not just a portion by the shoulder to move. So the concept that I want you guys to really focus on is: what other areas am I getting my pecs to work harder? What emotionally is happening in my life? How much am I doing things in here? Are you a computer worker? Bang, bang, bang. Are you banging away here, are you a person that picks up kids for a living? You have to hold things. If you're holding groceries or you're holding groceries with your arms tucked in. And then on top of that, how often are you holding groceries, your briefcase?

All these different things that you do on a daily basis, that's what I want you to start checking into. It's not always the workout that's the problem. It's the workout plus what you're doing in your life. See that you're doing so much more than just the one thing that breaks that straw that breaks the camel's back. That's what I want to say.

So find out what everything else is adding up to and there goes your culprit, not just the one thing that you did. And there goes your shoulder pain. You'll start clearing this up because this will start moving on. If you'll start to walk right and you'll start noticing everything starting to move cleaner. Your body will naturally want to clean that shoulder up. Your bicep tendon will start to lengthen all on its own. Now triceps will start bouncing up with the bicep. Deltoid will not have to work as hard because it's not being stuck in here so much.

So everything in the back has to try to learn how to pull it back. That's, that's the key, getting everything to balance out. And the way that we're going to do it, foam rolling, stretching, trigger point – got to clear it up, all within the pec.

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The Number 1 Reason Why People Stay In Pain

Our number one reason why people do not heal for the long term. We already went through number three being the fact that we do not take personal responsibility. Number two, our mentality is the fact that we think we need to be 'fixed' or there's a 'quick fix' out there. Point blank. Number one. Number one reason why everyone places in pain for the long term: We do not communicate with our body.

Our body is an alternating device. It always changes. So if you throw something at it, it's going to adapt and change. And what we see is just the change. And then we think, 'Oh, everything's all good. It changed. It stopped doing what it was doing before. ' But all that's like is, if a baby is crawling to a light socket, an electrical socket, all we're doing is going, 'Oh wait, let's change its direction,' and it goes this way. So we change the baby, like, 'Yay, we got him away from the light socket,' but little do we know, we pointed him at the next light socket. That's all we do.

So we have to learn how to communicate with our body effectively because it talks, it is a guide. It's not just mind and body. There's a third thing in there. It's you. You're the person that's behind everything. You're the one that's always going to cause the issues, by the way, too, so YOU ​​have to learn how to communicate with your body effectively.

And that takes practice. That takes you doing all kinds of things. And the largest one is looking at What You Do. Turning the mirror on and looking in the mirror and saying, 'Oh hey, this is what's happening. This is why I'm doing that. Look at me. I am doing that. ' All those questions need to be asked all the time, and you'll start recognizing that you're doing things, and then you'll start recognizing that your body keeps you up about it. Your body said, 'By the way, I do not think this is a good idea, but you're going to do it anyway. That means I have to defend myself. ' It's going to defend itself. It's going to do the things that it needs to do to allow you to keep doing the things that you're doing. And that's what it does. It works just like that.

So, number one reason: We do not communicate with our body. We just keep throwing stuff at it. And because it knows how to dodge and bob and weave, it just goes with the flow. But ever, it's going to stop being able to bob and weave and you're going to start hitting it. It's going to start going through. And then ever, it will not be able to do much at all. And that's when you say, 'Man, I feel like I'm falling apart. Every time I try to do something, it just deteriorates. I can not do this. I can not do that. '

And you go to a doctor. You have that 'quick fix' mentality where you say, 'Doc, fix me.' And he says, 'All right. Take this pill. ' Little do you know that pill is going to make that pain go away, but it's also going to attack the body, that's already falling apart as it is, a little bit more in a different area. So yeah, you feel better for a little bit of time but then something else starts falling apart. Then you say, 'I can not keep up. I can not do this. I can not take any more personal responsibility for everything so I'm going to keep on going to people. ' And there goes the cycle. Top three reasons broken down in order for you just like that.

Your body is talking to you all the time. You just have to learn how it's communicating to you, just like you have to learn how your dog communicates, just like your baby, just like you're snipping at others. Now, this is going to be the best one, because you should have many other ways of communicating. You have to now break that down like, 'Wait, I know that face. I can not do that. Oh, she's not talking to me. I did something wrong. Let's find out what's happening. ' That's what needs to happen. You have to learn how your body is communicating. That's something that someone else can not give to you. That's something that you have to figure out on your own. How you are going to figure it out on your own is by experiencing things.

So folks, hopefully these three tips helped you out. Hopefully, I've broken it down in detail for you so you actually understand it. If you do not, hit me up. I'll gladly walk you through the whole process and say, 'Oh, by the way, this happened, and this happened.' If you have not done so already, download the eBook. The eBook has a lot of information about this, and learning how to communicate your body. So folks, until next time, bye.

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Basic Tai Chi Moves: Paying Respect to Buddha and Grasping The Bird’s Tail

I am sure that every person reading this has seen a person practice the meticulous and methodical movements associated with the Chinese art of Tai Chi. There are many different moves that are associated with the different forms of Tai Chi.

Fortunately for most of us, we do not have to start our study of the basic Tai Chi moves at the difficult portion of the class. We can begin with the basics. Tai Chi is a discipline of gentle movements and those movements are so calm and quiet that it is possible for people of almost every age and physical condition to begin practicing them. If you learn some of the very basic moves involved in Tai Chi then you will be on your way to improving your health in body, mind and spirit

When you think of a martial art one of the first thing that should come to mind is how to breathe. As you warm up it is important to center your breathing so that you will be in a mentally relaxed state. A giant piece of mastering Tai Chi is to be able to breathe and control what is happening in your mind. Proper breathing will allow a person to clear their mind and focus on the energy inside of them or Chi. To breathe properly stand with your legs should width apart and place your hand on the lower part of your stomach. Then push in slightly as you breathe in and out through your nose. Breathe slowly and kindly as you feel your stomach move. If you feel no movement then push in a little bit harder.

In the same position you should stand while slowly bending your knees and holding your arms to your side with your palms open toward your body. Then you turn your right foot at a 45 degree angle and put your weight on it. It is then that you bring your left foot forward and put your heel down. Then bring your hands together in front of you and put your palms together. As your hands join form a circle with your arms and you have created one of the basic Tai Chi moves called paying respect to Buddha.

Another basic move of Tai Chi is called grass bird's tail. This move starts where the last one left off, and as you turn your right foot to a 45 degree angle you bring your left foot in close but maintain your balance. It is then that you have to make sure that your weight is even distributed across your body. Then take your hands and lower them to your left side. Then as you move your right foot in take your hands and get them in front of you with the palms facing away from you. While maintaining perfect balance and even distributing the weight between your feet, slowly push your hands forward while simultaneously stepping forward with your right foot.

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How to Become a Better Practitioner of Anything

Whether you are a surgeon, doctor, massage therapist or chiropractor, the healing power of your presence plays an important role in your effectiveness. From making your patients feel more comfortable to being more effective with the healing-empowering energies you project naturally and / or intentionally (discussed below), your presence is an important tool in your practice.

Your presence is the accumulation of the psychic energies (aka. Energy, chi, qi, ki prana, spirit, emotional and mental energies, energies of your psyche / consciousness) associated with the emotions and thoughts you have given your attention in the past. You may have experienced another person's presence when interacting with them for the first time or after a long break.

In each moment, specific psychic energies are amplified in your presence, because you have recently or are giving the emotions and thoughts associated with them attention. You may not notice this when interacting with an emotionally charged person you've known for a long time. You've probably experienced another person's healing, loving, calming or caring touch, or maybe an angry, aggressive, frustrated or anxious touch. Touch is a natural way presence is projected.

FYI: Both examples in the last paragraphs have been scientifically observed.

Healing-Empowerment (ex. Reiki, Healing Touch, Qigong, Yoga, Psychic Anatomy Exercises, Psychic Anatomy Treatments) is very similar to the examples above. The difference is that psychic energies are consciously projected with the intent of healing-empowering another person. As you empower your presence with healthy psychic energies, such as those associated with kindness, compassion and other virtues, your ability to do Energy Healing-Empowerment improvements for several reasons, as well as the quality of your presence in general. Decreasing the unhealthy psychic energies in your presence has a similar effect.

Using Energy Healing-Empowerment consciously in your practice is as easy as being mindful of your ability to do so as you focus on the intentions of helping to heal and empower your patients in general and specific ways. The more attention you give these intentions, whether it be by repeating them in your head like a mantra / affirmation or visualizing your patients being healthy and empowered (both have been scientifically confirmed as effective, you will be performing Energy Healing-Empowerment. much more you can do as well, which I discuss in my books.

Your hands naturally focus psychic energies and you will naturally feel drawn to place them in positions to help focus psychic energies there; mostly when doing Energy Healing-Empowerment consciously. Routine hand positions are very commonly used in Energy Healing-Empowerment modalities. It is unique to see hand positions taught for the anatomy of your presence (aka. Energy anatomy, psychic anatomy; ex. Aura, chakras, wheels of light, auric bodies, koshas, ​​lightbodies, meridians, nadis, hara, core star) but there are some (ex. Kundalini and Tantra Yogas).

Psychic Anatomy Exercises and its sibling practices Psychic Anatomy Yoga and Psychic Anatomy Treatments are very well developed Energy Healing-Empowerment modalities, especially when it comes to the anatomy of your presence. They are based on the best techniques and principles from other modalities, as well as over 2000 traditional and scientific references. These practices enhance the health and performance of your presence effectively, as well as enhance your awareness and control of psychic energies, which really helps with Energy Healing-Empowerment and other things.

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How To Find The Best Tai Chi School

It is very natural that a person would want to investigate the wonders of practicing Tai Chi. However there are different styles of the art and they are taught by people who are quite different and carry unique life experiences. It is important to find the school that will be the best one for you. This can only be done by knowing yourself as a student and understanding what types of lessons and tactics are going to motivate you the best. Tai Chi is a form of martial art that provides an opportunity to get to know yourself very well and how you practice will set the tone. Here are some simple tips to help you find a great Tai Chi school.

First you must assess the importance of a good teacher. If you really have very little value for good teaching skills and techniques then you will be better off just buying a few videos, practicing for a few days in your basement and then moving on to some other form of exercise. A good teacher will provide you with information about the art of Tai Chi and the method of practicing it. There is a sense of encouragement that will come from him or her that that will not only teach you the basics but also encourage you to grow as a human being. If you value teaching then finding a great teacher that fits with your style will be as easy as interviewing.

The proof of a great school of Tai Chi will absolutely be determined by the results that they get from their students. To judge the quality of the teacher then simply look at the students that they have worked with. These amazing self healing practices should be showing themselves on the faces and in the lives of the students. A great teacher will produce results in the students that they produce. Finding students should be easy and all of their stories should recommend the school being considered whole heartedly. One success story does not make a successful teacher, but a host of positive stories means that they were a success. The amazing results that you are looking for are only going to come when you commit to a school that has students who clearly already have experienced them.

Make sure that your teacher has a firm grass on a moral life and is teaching with the types of morals that you would like to be associated with in all walks of your life.

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Tai Chi for Beginners

For many centuries Tai Chi has been practiced all over the world for many different reasons. Some find its meditative and mental aspects to be the most important thing. Some will practice this art of controlled movement and breathing for the health benefits that it provides. Still others look to it as a method of self defense in physical confrontation. It does not matter why one participates in this ancient art, because all practitioners agree on one thing, it benefits a person to practice this art. There are many different styles of this physical practice due to their place of origin or the style they were created from. Each style can be broken down into basic movements and most include very specific forms. When just starting out learning Tai Chi it is important to begin by educating the mind before you begin to experiment with the movement of the body.

On Video

Some people will recommend learning Tai Chi by watching a video, but this is only going to teach you the basic moves without any kind of feedback. The movements of the discipline are important but the reason behind the movement is also important. Combining the spirit, the mind and the body into one unit is not an easy thing to accomplish and a video online might not be the best method for that. If that is the only choice you have then it is better than not practicing any Tai Chi at all, but remember that like all disciples that bring spiritual enlightenment into the picture, having someone to provide feedback to you as you grow and answer your questions is going to be very helpful in finding spiritual peace.

Join a Class

One of the best suggestions when talking about starting out for beginners is to locate a local class on the discipline in your area. There will most likely be a studio in a local city that will provide you with a form of Tai Chi instruction. The value of a class is that you will have a teacher to guide you in the intricate movements and to provide feedback on your progress as you move through the poses that are taught. If you have any questions then they can be asked and immediately answered. Bonding with a teacher that you respect is very important when it comes to benefiting from all that Tai Chi has to offer because it is a spiritual practice after all.

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The Beat of a Different Drummer Is Music to Their Ears

On a recent morning Jeff is setting up drums in a chair circle at a Nevada community center where he is preparing to coach a class to familiarize the adult attendees with circle drumming. Jeff's class participants will be experiencing the spontaneous creation of music on a variety of drums and percussion instruments.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of Jeff's personality is his reassuring certainty that what he teaches is a great way for all ages to discover their creativity. It was while serving in the armed forces, Jeff studied drum circles abroad. His background is also in the medical healing arts.

An inspiring reply from stress, this session was simply simply “Drum Circle Class.” It is a one-hour class where no prior musical experience is required. When today's drum circle begins, it is made up of a group of men and women of different ages sitting and playing hand-drum and percussion instruments. There is no head or tail and everyone is made to feel equal. Jeff's objective is to demonstrate how sharing rhythm allows participants to get in tune with others and with themselves.

Music circles were popularized in the United States in the mid-1960s and are unarranged and co-created by their drumming contributors. Best of all, no musical experience is required to have fun. With a few rhythm starters, the circle quickly begins to experience the excitement and humor that grouping brings.

Jeff's drum circles are informal and recreational, while promoting music, wellness, education, spirituality, personal growth and more. Participants forge their music as they go, applying both listening and playing to craft musical ties while expressing themselves. Jeff's community music circles are a fun learning experience that welcomes anyone who wants to take part.

When the Container Park shops opened in November 2013, Jeff was invited by Tony Hsieh, CEO of and the downtown Las Vegas developer and Container Park shops creator too come moderate free public drum circle experiences. Container Park drum circles are currently held daily at sunset. Participation often includes both shoppers and passerby in drumming and listening.

Community drum circles often attract regular and drop-in participants of all ages and can take place just about anywhere. Strict rhythmic perfection or planned structure is not their goal, but the ability to become unstressed and reach the state of a group mind is the purpose.

The therapeutic effects of drumming include hastening physical healing, boosting the immune system, creating feelings of well-being and can even have a calming effect on people suffering from Alzheimer's and painful life experiences. The act of drumming is thought to help partakers express and address emotional issues that might otherwise be difficult to deal with. The drummer is able to create an outward and physical expression of whatever frustration that may be feeling inside.

Indeed, the beat of a different drummer is music to the ears and the emotions. There are many reasons a drum circle is powerful. A circle symbolizes perfection and is classic for wholeness and unity. Who would have thought that a little drumming could lead to all this wellbeing?

Drum circle classes and groups are being offered in many communities and they can be located by searching drum circle and your community's name and soon you too could be moving to the beat of a different drummer and the music to your ears could be your own.

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Dr. Michael Stultz, Prescott Chiropractic And Rehab Discusses Auto Accidents

Dr. Michael Stultz, DC, Prescott Chiropractic and Rehab, came to be a doctor of chiropractic literally by accident. Having been an athlete his own life, Dr. Stultz suffered a serious back injury several years ago. After receiving chiropractic care for his injuries he decided to become a chiropractic doctor. He then made it his mission to share the same type of success he had experienced with his chiropractic treatments with others.

Dr. Stultz now owns and operates Prescott Chiropractic and Rehab, a full service chiropractic clinic in The Crossings Center in Prescott, Arizona. He specializes in treating those suffering from automobile related accidents and has dealt with many different types of injuries and accident situations. “Automobile accident and injury victims can be especially challenging. Often injuries do not show up for weeks or literal months after the accident occurred” explains Dr. Stultz.

Dr. Stultz recommends that you get a through medical diagnosis after an accident. This can be done at either a hospital or an urgent care facility. It is a critical step, he points out. Attorney Lawrence Lazzara of Parker and Lazzara, PLLC, in Chandler, Arizona, agreements. “If an accident victim does not desire a hospital visit then medical documentation from a competent health care provider will suffice.” This is important for medical expenses and addressing other hardships associated with an accident situation.

Dr. Stultz sat down with us to provide some important and practical tips on what to do when you find yourself in this unfortunate situation.

Doctor Stultz, what is the first course of action someone should take if they are involved in an auto accident?

Dr. Stultz: The first course of action one should take is to assess the accident scene first and foremost. Who was involved? How many drivers? Were there multiple occupants in the car you hit or you were hit by? Whatever it is, you write this stuff down. It's a very stressful situation so the more information you write down the better the better it's going to be.

If a police officer does come to the scene a police report could be a very valuable tool. So you may want to have that police report written. You want to report this to your insurance company immediately. Get all the information you possibly can from every other party. If there is an injury that involves you or one of the passengers, you want seek medical attention immediately.

You have the right to treat yourself as you see fit. If you want to go to your primary doctor you can do that. If it's a serious injury and an ambulance wants to take you, that's definitely a plus if it's necessary.

I am not an attorney, but in my opinion there are things you want to say and do not want to say at an accident scene. Do not give an opinion to the police and do not take responsibility.

There are obviously things you do not want to do. You do not want to leave the scene. You want to assess the flaws to yourself and the other parties involved. Again, that's not legal advice it's my experience with handling these type of situations.

The more you can write down the more you're going to remember and understand what actually happened at that moment of impact. You can then convey that to whoever is going to treat you and who is going to be involved in helping you with the accident.

In your opinion, what is the most common misconception people have about auto accidents and seeking treatment?

Dr. Stultz: In my opinion, the type of injuries that can be sustained in a low impact collision. Many people do not realize that small, very low speed impacts can cause a significant amount of soft tissue damage. That's probably the biggest misconception.

Do you find that people come to you with after effects of an auto accident? In other words, do people come to you some time after the accident with latent injuries?

Dr. Stultz: A lot of people will say “OK, I'm feeling good at the time of the accident”, they get checked out and feel OK. Then a week passes, two weeks pass, a month passes, I've seen people as long as three months after an accident and they have never experienced any problems and all of the sudden they start to experience severe headaches.

In many cases a lot of time has passed since the accident occurred and they do not contribute that to the actual collision they were involved in. It's important to have an understanding that many injuries can arise weeks, days or months later. This is also a big misconception. It's very important to get checked fairly soon after an accident.

Can you diagnose these conditions before they become severe? Is this the reason people need to get examined early?

Dr. Stultz: In a lot of cases just by examining the patient you can see that there is a lot of underlying problems. When you use diagnostic tools such as X-Rays a lot of things will show up in the soft tissue and the hard tissue that will be indicative of a whiplash type injury or head or neck injury. Many of these things may be asymptomatic at the time but can cause problems later on.

If I came into your office with complaints of pain related to an auto injury what steps would you take to diagnose and treat my injury?

Dr. Stultz: In our office what we would do is a full orthopedic and neurological examination to rule out any serious injuries. In most cases following an accident, if there has been a collision and there's some significant damage to the autos involved you would want to take X-Rays to know exactly what you are dealing with. It's a good preventive diagnostic tool that can give you a lot of information. We'll fill out an accident questionnaire, we'll get a full health history because we want to know the history of what's going on with the individual.

We want to know whether they have had any past injuries or illnesses that may be contributing to what they're experiencing today. We are very through about determining what care and additional diagnostic tests that may be necessary.

Dr. Stultz, what do you feel differentiates your practice from others?

Dr. Stultz: I think primarily my experience. I have a lot of experience with these types of injuries. Being able to write a sound medical and legal report is a very essential thing for a case such as this.

You have to understand what goes into these type of injuries and the research that's out there. You have to be up to date on all of those things. I've done a lot of continuing education over the years when it comes to the biomechanics of an auto accident. I think this gives me an upper hand in understanding how these injuries can cause future problems if it's not deal with properly in the beginning.

That being said, we focus a lot on rehab of the spine. We do not just have a therapist or someone in the office that works on the patient. The doctor will be treating the patient every single visit. I think that's one the biggest things that separates us from other offices.

Thank you, Doctor Stultz, for taking the time today to give us some insight into how to deal with an auto accident.

Dr. Stultz: You're very welcome.

Dr. Michael Stultz, DC, Prescott Chiropratic and Rehab, runs a full service chiropractic practice located in Prescott, Arizona. He can be reached directly by calling 928-778-6200. His business website is

Lawrence M. Lazzara Jr, Attorney at Law, Parker & Lazzara, PLLC, can be contacted at his Chandler, Arizona office by calling 480-456-3080. His business website is

Kevin Nimmo is a writer and online media strategist. He interviews subject matter experts and educated his readers based on information provided by experts in their relevant fields. He is also Executive Editor of The Western Medical Journal.

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Koshi Wind Chimes Are More Than Just a Wind Chime.

There are so many positive aspects to the four elemental tunings of the Koshi wind chimes that make them so exclusively potent, and most importantly make them an essential factor if you are considering your overall wellness and balance.

Firstly they are handcrafted by a small group of artists at the base of the French Alps. The Koshi chimes are constructed using an outer eco friendly bamboo veneer casing (Feng Shiu wood element), they have an inner steel component (Feng Shui metal element), they are tuned to the four elements – Earth, Fire, Air and Water (three more Feng shui elements). So from a feng shui perspective the Koshi chimes are very potent energetically.

Each chime has within its bamboo casing an inner steel construction of eight steel pins (from a numerology perspective the number 8 is the great karmic equalizer and first and foremost the number 8 is BALANCE).

Each Koshi tuning is crafted using a specific range of harmonic notes unique to that tuning – Earth's notes are – GCEFGCEG, Water's notes are – ADFGADFA, Air's notes are – ACEABCEB and Fire's notes are – GBDGBDGA.

These notes have been selected so as to give the most beautiful circular tonal range rich in harmonic overtones. (One of the most important facts (now this includes you) is about vibration and balance. Your body and all matter exists at different rates of vibration and each has its own resonant frequency. can negatively affect your lives. Therefore, sound and its corresponding vibrational frequencies play a fundamental yet key role in our lives, affecting the harmonic balance of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Taking this one step further, if you are out of balance because of stress, worry, anxiety or frustration then you are in a state of imbalance or dis-ease. Long term these conditions are known to cause heart attacks, high blood pressure and in the most severe cases – death.

Now back to the Koshi chimes and their specific harmonic tones. We have seven main energy centers within our physical bodies, these are known as the seven chakras. Chakra is an ancient Hindu term referring to the specific location where we have energy concentrations. Each of these concentrations has among many others things a specific harmonic note and a specific color.

So moving up from the base of our spine, the first of these chakras is known as – the root or base chakra, the second is the navel chakra, the third is the solar plexus chakra, the fourth is the heart chakra, the fifth is the throat chakra, the sixth is the brow or third eye chakra and finally the top energy center is known as the crown chakra.

The notes of each of the chakras from the base chakra are – C base, D sacral, E, solar plexus F, heart chakra G, throat chakra A third eye and B is the crown chakra. Can you see where this is heading. If you look at the notes of each of the Koshi wind chimes and compare them to the notes of the seven chakras you will see that they match. Each Koshi wind chime has at least one of these chakra notes, all four Koshi chime tunings has them all.

The signifiance of this is, if any of your chakras are out of balance eg not vibrating in the frequency of its specific note then you are in a state of imbalance. This may not seem a big deal, but medium to long term this imbalance can lead to physical and emotional symptoms. So the gentle and soothing tones of the Koshi wind chimes and their harmonic frequencies have a balancing effect on our entire bodies, our lives, our emotional, our physical and spiritual lives.

Another interesting consideration – if you follow your birth star and its role in shaping your horoscope and the course of your life you will be interested in the relationship between the four koshi tunings and their relevant birth signs –

FireAries . 21 March – 20 April, Leo 24 July – 23 Aug, Sagitarius 23 Nov – 21 Dec.

EarthTaurus . 21 April – 21 May, Virgo 24 Aug – 23 Sept, Capricorn – 22 Dec – 20 Jan.

AirGemini . 22 May – 22 June, Libra 24 Sept – 23 Oct, Aquarius 21 Jan – 19 Feb.

WaterCancer . 23 June – 23 July, Scorpio 24 Oct – 22 Nov, Pisces 20 Feb – 20 March.

Another interesting consideration: Our bodies produce certain chemicals quite naturally according to our surrounding environment, our state of awareness or consciousness. When we are in a state of deep relaxation, rest, light sleep or are meditating the body produces specific pheromones. These pheromones move into our brain, and there create the Alpha and Theta brain frequencies.

Conversely the Alpha Theta brain frequencies can also be purposefully created through specific harmonic tones. This is another great benefit of the Koshi wind chimes. The harmonic frequencies of the notes within the Koshi chime tunings create through our subconscious the Alpha Theta brain waves. Here you can see that we are consciously choosing to create our own peaceful and calm reality simply by hanging the Koshi wind chimes in an area where their soothing and gentle tones can be heard. This has such an impact on our lives and the lives of others who hear them. And all of this magic is created naturally by the breeze.

This is why the Koshi wind chimes are increasingly being used in and around yoga and meditation centers, resorts, health care, early childhood and aged care, private homes, spas, retreats, sound healers, energy workers and Feng Shui practitioners.

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Spiritual Healing – What Is It?

Spiritual healing is form of alternate medicine which treats upon the healing power from god. This had been famous for centuries and is practiced by many throughout the world.

There are several healing through the bible. All of them are best examples of spiritual healing. If there is a medical treatment method there must be a set of laws or rules that are to be practiced / followed always. Similarly spiritual healing also employs various rules that are a must to obtain any cure. Even though spiritual healing is practiced in various religions in various parts of the world, here we are going to see about spiritual healing via the bible. The healing done by Jesus Christ described in the bible are amazing and still the healing continues. A person who believes Jesus can heal is clearly promised that his disease will be healed. So, to do the healing that Jesus did, one needs to follow certain guidelines. Those guide lines are explained here.

Is it possible to heal like Jesus Christ?

Yes, it is 100% sure that healing can be done. Jesus himself instructed his disciples to go around the world, preach the Gospel and heal every kind of disease. So, it is sure that spiritual healing is possible.

What are the rules of spiritual healing?

If the bible tells that any believer can heal, then it is sure healing can take place. The bible not only instructs the command, but also instructs the laws of healing. Let us see them one by one.

Rule 1

No medicines

When it comes of spiritual healing, you do not rely upon medicines or equipment or any doctor, but you completely complete up the power that God gives. All the healing power is within the person itself. When God created man, he also loaded him with a healing system which fights diseases and heals wounds when wounded. But the sinful mind of man brought every kind of disorder that destroys the life of every person. So, in spiritual healing a person simply relies upon God to guide him towards a healthy life. There is no place for medicines in spiritual healing.

Rule 2

Trust in God

Healing with the help of God is possible only when a person completely trusts in God. With a doubt in the mind, expecting God to heal is impossible. God helps those who completely trust in him. So, trusting God is the first step to start a healing. Trust in God and his power leads peach of mind which kicks start button of healing. A doubtable mind never achieves healing.

Rule 3

No Pride or envy

Pride and envy arise due to the fact that what a person enjoys can not be earned by other. Say, if a poor man does not have car he has enough over those who have a car. Fact is that he is envious because of the fact that he is not in a position to earn money to buy it. So, if a person feels envious on other it indirectly means that “I am not able to earn this”. Feeling envoy confirms that he can not do things successfully. Being a loser does not help in healing. To be successful in healing, a person needs to be healthy in his mind, not feeling a pride or envy. This produces an inner peace which accelerates the healing

Rule 4

Never worry

Say, a person worries only when he feels he can do it. If a person in sports can not accomplish a specific task, then he worries that he can not accomplish. To obtain a healing, one needs to be in stable mind, without any trace of worries. A healthy person never worries even when he meets a failure. Fact is that he knows that, even when he fails, he can again try and succeed. So, a constant winning attitude is needed for healing. When a person possesses such attitude, he is free from worries.

Rule 5

Never ignore symptoms

Any disease does not come in a day. As an old proverb says, “Rome was not built in a day”, every deadly disease will certainly inform symptoms at the initial stage itself. But people ignore these symptoms and leave until the day comes where everything becomes too complex. Listening to every fine detail is the master key to achieve healing.

Above are the golden rules to spiritual healing. One needs to remember these golden rules of healing, always!

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