Finding Our Heart-Home

Letting go of obsessions, fixes – do we really need these things, these people or these feelings, to feel good about ourselves? Or are they just excuses to remain trapped, to not expand our consciousness, to remain small and stuck and sad? And yes, sometimes new fears can pop up, but by looking deep inside ourselves we can sometimes find the root of those fears and that root is nothing new. It may be something we've been avoiding or condemning for a long time. Are we just passing the time, filling the space? No! We are transforming, ascending, deepening our connection with source. We are transferring human bonds, becoming pure energy, resonating with pure beauty, expressing love. We are becoming one with Mother Nature – fecund, fertile, prolific, as we dance in space yet remain earth-rooted, feeling and knowing both mystical ascension and earthy sensuality. We are the bridge. We are the way. Receive, give thanks, be.

You can not put a price tag on your soul, just as you can not price out passion, art or creative expression. “Put your hand over the side of the boat. What do you feel?” From the song “A Coral Room” from the album “Aerial” by Kate Bush

Sometimes it feels like I spend more time shutting out the world than I do being in it, through meditation, deep thinking, deep feeling. The time spent on this is immeasurable – time does not equal money. How little money can we exist on? How to simplify so that basic needs are met, leaving room for art-making, play, deep reverie? A longing for one-ness with the universe, the Divine, the source, the thread connecting all I do. Sometimes we seek outside of ourselves to fill this emptiness, this loneliness felt deep within our soul, but outside sources can never fill this bottomless pit. Instead we need to recognize our pronunciation for what it really is, a search for source, a longing for re-connection with our Divine self. When we realize this – that our heart-home lies always within reach and that our true home is always within ourselves, we are home, we are blessed, we are free.

“I love the ground where he stands.” From the song “Black Is The Color” by Marcy D'arcy & The Prodigal Sons from the album “Women of the World Celtic II”

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Healing Art of Reiki

Reiki is an ancient healing art, which channels universal life energy through the hands of a Practitioner into the body of a Receiver. Because it is Universal, Reiki belongs to anyone who is ready to receive the gift of healing hands. Reiki does not conflict with any religious or meditative practices or rituals; it only enriches and strengthens their universality.

Reiki is a Japanese word. Rei means universal, Ki stays for energy and it flows through everything alive, including our own individual vital life energy.

The Universe – the space around us, is filled with endless and inexphaustible energy. It is this universal, pristine and productive source of power and energy that also keeps us alive.

Reiki is a natural healing art and it flows through the hands of the Reiki channel in a powerful and concentrated form. It can never cause any harm or ill effects. We are all born with this Universal Life Energy, but as we go through life we ​​become less open to its source.

Reiki was rediscovered in 19th century by Japanese monk named Dr. Mikao Usui, who found references to it in a 2500 year old Sanskrit's document written by one of the Buddha's disciples.

In the Usui System of Reiki, the Healing Energy is spontaneously and effortlessly transmitted from one's own body to another organism, through the touch of hands.

The strength of the energy depends on the need of the receiver. Reiki goes through any kind of material such as clothing, plaster, bandages, metal, etc. Reiki does not know Time and Space. Distance healing can be performed.

Reiki has its own innate intelligence and goes where it is needed. Reiki brings the body and mind into a lasting balance and works on all levels – Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual.

Reiki induces self-healing, strengthens body, mind and soul, opens energy blocks, balances the chakras, rebuilds harmony and flows in unlimited quantity. Reiki has a way to heal minor illnesses, as well as chronic disorders. It reduces stress, provides calmness and inner peace. Reiki revitalizes your energy system – the core of well-being.

Reiki heals the cause and eliminates the effect. It can be performed on adults, children, animals and plants. Reiki is a valuable complement to other modalities of alternative, holistic healing and conventional medicine.

The best way to know of what Reiki is about – is to experience it.

Thank you for your time, thank you for your attention I wish you LUCK, I wish you HAPPINESS, I wish you LOVE

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Human Energy Field

The Human Energy Field is comprised of energy whirlpools which process and distribute incoming energy as well as release outgoing energy. These whirlpools are referred to us as Chakras.

As human's chakras spin and vibrate over specific areas of the body to maintain its form and homeostasis, they generate electromagnetic field known as Aura or Human Energy Field

The size of the auric body differs from person to person. It constantly changes depending on each individual physical, mental and emotional state of being. The importance of our Aura can not be ignored as it's in constant exchange with all forms of energy whether man-made or natural.

At the same time it reveals the health and emotional state of a person. People with the ability of clairvoyance can read a person like a book as the Aura contains the past, present and future thoughts, as well as the feelings and actions that a person has. Aurically, we all give and take what we need without question or conscious recognition, from whatever energy source is in close contact.

First level of Aura is known as ETHERIC body. It is the level most closely shaped like the physical body, it is always in motion. It is the place of knowing that one exists.

Second level of Aura is known as EMOTIONAL body, including all the colors of the rainbow. It is fluid and follows the outline of the physical body. It is the place of real feelings

Third level of Aura is known as MENTAL body and associated with thoughts and mental processes. It appears like a finer material emerging as a bright yellow light radiating from the head, shoulders and enveloping the entire body.

Forth level of Aura is known as ASTRAL body. This is where we connect with others. It is the place of love.

Fifth level of Aura is known as EHERIC TEMPLATE body. It is the spiritual template form for the Etheric Body. When trauma is caused to the Etheric Body, the Etheric Template Body provides the support for its healing. It is the place of Divine Will.

Sixth level of Aura is known as CELESTIAL body. It has shimmering glow that exists in everyone. It indicates each person's potential to become more ethical, more humane and more spiritual.

Sixth level of Aura is known as KETHERIC body. It holds the entire structure of the aura together and it is sparkling like a web of light that is pulsating with energy.

Each individual aura is changing constantly. Every emotion, thought or mental activity effects aura's color and its vibration.

Aura cleansing is a part of a Reiki session. The best way to know of what Reiki is about is just to experience it.

Thank you for your time, thank you for your attention

I wish you LUCK, I wish you HAPPINESS, I wish you LOVE

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Human Body’s Seven Major Chakras

The human body has seven major centers of concentrated energy that is called “Chakras”, which in Sanskrit means “Wheel”. The Chakras are vortexes that spin and vibrate over specific areas of the body to maintain its form and homeostasis. Chakras produce electromagnetic field known as Aura or Human Energy Field.

These energy centers collect methyl energy, transform it– and supply it to the body. They are responsible for the person's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of being. These seven chakras are located along the central line of the body, from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each chakra has association with a physical body's organs, region and has its location, element and function.

1st Chakra – ROOT
Location: At the base of the spine
Element: Earth Function: Survival, grounding and physical activities of the body

2nd Chakra – SACRAL
Location: At the pubic area, the reproductive organs,
Element: Water Function: Pleasure, desire, sexuality, protection, emotions and duality

3rd Chakra – SOLAR PLEXUS
Location: At the abdomen, the navel
Element: Fire Function: Personal power, energy, wills, transformation and self-interest

4th Chakra HEART
Location: Center of the Chest,
Element: Air Function: Love for self and others, relationships, sympathy, affinity and humanity

5th Chakra – THROAT
Location: At the middle of the throat Expression: Sound Function: Communication, creativity, truth, responsibility, nourishment and self-expression

6th Chakra THIRD EYE
Location: Between the eyebrows
Expression: Light Function: Intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, imagination and wisdom

7th Chakra CROWN
Location: Top of the head
Expression: Consciences Function: Spirituality, enlightenment and consciences of oneness

Our modern, fast pace and demanding life contributes to the unbalanced energy flow though these vital energy centers. When it happens, a whole range of mental, emotional and physiological conditions can manifest themselves.

There are many ways to help your body and mind. Here is one of them – simple, easy doable and beneficial Find a few minutes daily to be among the Nature, stop being busy. Breath in Universe loves, healing energy, breath out your tension and concerns consciously. Be present in the moment, observe your feelings. Breathing outdoor oxygenates your body much more and improves its energy flow.

If you did not have a Reiki session, I highly recommend experiencing one.

Thank you for your time, thank you for your attention I wish you LUCK, I wish you HAPPINESS, I wish you LOVE

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Reiki Training Benefits

So many people are getting interested in Reiki training now. And this is good timing, because it is becoming more and more accepted into mainstream medicine as a supplementary healing process. Did you know for example that Reiki is used more for pain management in cancer patients? And for controlling stress and hypertension naturally!

No, it is not a cure for cancer, and it will not fix your TV if it is broken! Some people have made some crazy claims about the power of this healing and self-realization art. And there is something to positive thinking and the law of attraction. Of that there is no question.

Reiki training can make you feel great and can help you make others feel the same way! It is all about balancing your energy flow for maximum tranquility. And it really has helped people to control extreme pain, which is why it has become a tool for long-term cancer patients. It also has been shown in studies to help reduce stress and anxiety significantly and thus control and reduce high blood pressure.

These are just some of the benefits of Reiki.

Many medical practitioners have been looking to increase their knowledge of this healing art so that they can begin to apply it in their practices. And many others have been embracing it for all of the healing, relaxation, and self-realization benefits that they can receive.

To get Reiki training involves first having an open mind and embracing it. It is something you must believe in to be attuned to it. The attunement process is a stagnated process where the master educates the student and awakens the student's energy to Reiki. Without that willingness, there will be no success.

But all you need is that willingness and you can be successfully attuned to Reiki. Indeed, with the guidance of a suitably qualified master, you can even attune yourself to Reiki. The key element is the experience and pedigree of the master – not the physical promotion!

Some traditionalists have resisted that concept, but their position is untenable! Because distant healing and remote attunement are fundamental aspects of Reiki! Even the traditionalists teach and promote that. Unfortunately, there has been some elitism associated with Reiki on the part of masters.

On the other hand – there are great online Reiki courses which efficiently give students all they need. Including full reiki training and attunement! These are becoming more popular by the day and they are a great introduction to Reiki and its many benefits!

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Chiropractic Wellness Treatments for the Whole Family

Contrary to what many people think, the work that chiropractors do is not just limited to those who have suffered injuries and trauma, and those who have back and neck problems. While it's true that Nashville chiropractic practitioners are most known for the work they do to treat spinal conditions and problems affecting the joints, the scope of chiropractic care goes way beyond that. Chiropractic is essential for improving the overall well-being of the entire family by improving nerve function as people of all ages adapt to the many changes they experience as they go through life.

Chiropractic Care for Adults and Pregnant Women

Chiropractic treatments have been found to be highly effective in making pregnancy a more comfortable process for women. During pregnancy, women experience a multitude of physiological changes including increased back curve because of abdominal protrusions, changes in pelvic balance and alignment, and postural adaptations as they go through the stages of pregnancy. All these changes affect spinal and pelvic alignment and function, which in turn affects how the baby develops and even the process of childbirth.

A misaligned pelvis can lead to intrauterine constraint, which means there will be less room for the baby's development and prevent the baby from getting into the best position for delivery. Other benefits of getting chiropractic care during pregnancy include reduced nausea symptoms, relief from back, neck, and joint pain, significant cut in labor and delivery time, and even prevention of the need for a cesarean section.

Chiropractic Care for Kids

A common misconception about chiropractic care designed for infants and children is that it's dangerous because kids' bones and tissues are much more tender and then, more prone to damage. What most people do not realize is that this susceptibility of children to spinal and bone structure damages is the exact reason why they should get quality Nashville chiropractic care on a regular basis. Even from as early as infancy, our bodies are already undergoing constant changes that we may not be adapting to as well as we think.

As kids learn to walk, the instances of them falling, tripping, and bumping into surfaces increase. These repeated instances have an impact on the spine, joints, and bones, and affect the overall function of their nervous system. Chiropractic is also known to be effective in treating conditions that commonly affect children such as bedwetting, allergies, and asthma. Kids going to school everyday, carrying heavy backpacks and sitting in classrooms all day can cause spinal misalignments. Chiropractic care is also very important during puberty, when your kids aged 10-15 experience major growth changes which can strain the spinal and affect nerve function.

Our nervous system serves as the body's main communication system. By getting regular chiropractic treatments, you are ensuring your family of good spinal health, typically functioning nervous system, and then, an improved overall body function and well-being. There is no need to worry about the safety of treatments for kids and infants. The Nashville chiropractic practitioners who specialize in family wellness are experienced and highly qualified in providing treatments especially designed for babies, kids, pregnant women, and adults with specific physical conditions.

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How Important Is Chiropractic Care In Sports?

A chiropractor has the option of either being a general practitioner or be totally inclined to the area of ​​sports in practicing his chiropractic skills. The main aim of any chiropractor is to reduce the pain that is caused by problem with the skeletal system, nervous system and the muscular system. This is usually caused due to subluxations in vertebrae that cause pain and discomfort.

Other reasons that result in pain and problem is also studied and determined by the chiropractor. In order to treat the present situation and make sure that it does not happen in the future, your chiropractor might analyze the kind of exercises you do, your diet, your movements while you practice and environmental issues so that he or she can determine the cause of the pain. Without using drugs or medicines that could affect your performance, a chiropractor can help you reduce pain and discomfort.

The main aim of chiropractic treatment is to regain a person's normal health and functioning without using any drugs. This kind of treatment is totally natural. If your body is properly aligned and keeps getting the nutrients it requires, it can heal on its own and make your life healthy and normal. This, in turn, helps you perform better in sports.

It is not necessary that you consult a chiropractor only in case of sports injuries. You can also go and consult them if you think that your performance level is not up to the mark or if you think you are not in the position to utilize your movements properly. Your chiropractor will check for misalignment or help you in every way possible. It is not irrelevant of the sport you play; a chiropractor can help you in any case. Some of the athletes that benefit from the chiropractic services are football, motorcross, racing, basketball, swimming, bicycling and track and field.

There are many sports which can call for the need of chiropractic services and especially if the athlete is connected to sports like hockey or football. Chiropractic treatment can also benefit a motor cyclist. Bicyclists and motorcycle racers sit in a weird position while performing the sport. This can put strain on the vertebrae and a chiropractor is just the right person in this case.

Your chiropractor will also advise you on how to perform the tasks of your sports in a way that will not hurt you or cause any injury to your spell. You can also take diet and exercises tips from your chiropractor as well. By taking advices on how to lift, sit or move, you can avoid many future injuries or pain.

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Secrets of Your Immune System – How to Support Your Best Defense

Your physical body has an incredible ability to heal itself. You support your immune system when you eat correctly; when you add supplements that support your immune complex; when you reduce tension and stress; when you exercise on a regular basis and when you steadily try to address your emotional and spiritual well-being.

The innate capacity of your body to protect you from invaders such as microbes, viruses, and fungi can be enhanced or made weaker. If you do not eat well, are under consistent pressure, dwell in negative thought processes and emotions, do not work regularly; and have to deal with poisons in the air, water, and food, then you may have weak immunity.

Your Immune System Work

Definition of your immune system: an extensive network of cells, tissues and chemicals protecting your body from substances causing illness; that destroys infected and cancer-causing cells; and removes cell by-products (wastes).

Your immune complex is very specialized and an important network for your on-going health and well-being. A multitude of different cells, chemical interactions and chemical communications between cells make up the integrity of your immunity.

All members complying your immune system have specialized functions. The cells on the immune team can engulf bacteria, kill parasites or tumor cells, or kill viral-infected cells.

What is important to understand is your immune system is a team performing an intricate dance and teamwork. All the members and constituents know how to play and how to dance together on the team.

The primary function of your immune system is to defend you against infection. If your immune complex is working at the height of its ability, few bacteria, microbes, viruses, and fungi, cancer cells or parasites (worms and other cells that live off your body) can make a home inside your body.

Your Immune System Tasks: Kill and Remember

Your immune system is like a community, a network, or a team. Its two most important tasks are to kill and to remember. For the cells in your immune system to kill and remember, they must be able to recognize foreign substitutes as they invade your body.

Invaders are everywhere. They may be inside your body, or they may be outside in the environment. They are ready to infect your body. The strength of your immune system determines whether they are successful at infecting you or not.

Your immune organization must be able to recognize the different invaders. All invaders release chemicals and proteins known by your immune network. When an invader is identified, this triggers a “kill response” by special immune cells. The cells are responsible for killing actually eat and digest the invader. (This is going on inside your body all the time).

Eating the invader allows some immune cells to package the invader bad guys so other members of the team recognize them if the same invaders return.

When you eat well, exercise, and take an immune support supplement, you can keep your immune team performing at its best. Keeping your immunity strong results in better health. You consistently feel better with a stronger immune system.

Unrivaled Support for Your Immune System – Reactive Molecules in a Bottle

Protect and strengthen your cells and support your immune system with a liquid stable form of 'reactive molecules.' These tiny particles provide the basic materials your immune network needs to work to the best of its ability.

Reactive molecules are produced by mitochondria, organelles inside every cell in your body. They supply the raw materials you need for your immune complex perform its natural functions of detecting, destroying and removing harmful invaders and damaged cells in your body.

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Learn How to Reiki With Online Reiki Courses

Learning how to Reiki can provide many great benefits for you. And learning it got easier with the introduction of online Reiki classes. Indeed, there are fast surpassing physical classes because of their cost-effectiveness and ease of use. No matter why you want to use this wonderful healing art, your options for further education are very broad.

Self-realization is one of the great benefits of what this healing art can do, in addition to an alternative healing science. Numerous people do not get it either. Online courses are wonderful for getting an education in healing and self-realization.

You have maximum flexibility if you choose an online course. You do not have to miss out on quality knowledge if you pick from the well-established online Reiki courses. Neverheless, one wonders can classes on the internet be as good as traditional courses? Is that realistic?

Certainly that is the reality! There are some characteristics of the art which cause this to be the answer.

First, all the energy you need to have for energy healing is there in your body already. When you embrace great training, whether as a result of lessons online, or through traditional classes, the Master is attuning you, by helping you to tap the energy that is already in you – energy you will require for healing and / or self realization. You do not get any energy from the Master. But you do need a Master to get the attunement!

Additionally, it is not the actual presence of the Master which decides the strength of your empowerment. Instead, it is the experience and lineage that counts. That is the key. That is all that is important. If you want a good attunement you must use a great Master. So do not be driven by where he or she is. Instead, question the pedigree!

The Masters are very aware of this fact, and they see many low quality courses providing how to Reiki training, both on the web and in person. This was the motivation for why certain of the hugely qualified Masters devised online Reiki courses as a result of their annoyance – to make sure that everyone had equal chance! Instead of only those nearby!

The only thing you need to always remember is that you must make sure that your master possesses the experience and pedigree. With those elements in place, you are assured of the best training and you will get maximum benefit, with all the convenience and flexibility of online learning!

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Ice Cream – The Ultimate Comfort Food

During hot summer days, ice cream is the only answer for the heat. It is so refreshing to have a pint or a cone of different flavored ice cream while enjoying the summer sun. Although it is usually for kids but it does not really have a specific type of costumer. At any age we can all eat this cold sweet cream. It has a lot of flavors; vanilla flavor, chocolate, strawberry, mango and many more.

Not just that, ice cream is also one of women's weapons when it comes to the healing process. Have you ever noticed that most women have the tendency to eat much more more it when they are in pain? When their boyfriends broke their heart the eat this cold sweet cream. They said that it can heal the heat inside their heart. I say, this cold sweet cream that was discovered in the 4th century BC is really the ultimate comfort food.

So if you're wondering what's on it that can even heal women's broken heart? The answer is just simple. Because it is cold it insulates and soothes the pain in our heart. It serves as an anesthesia for the pain that's engulfs the heart. Their main ingredient is milk or dairy, according to Chinese medicine, dairy can generate fluids and it is neutral in nature that has an affinity for the heart, lung and stomach. This cold cream can mends the heart and slows down the heavy breathing of the lungs because of the calming nature of milk. Milk has a nature of slowing things down it is opposite of coffee which can make you more hyper.

Although it is good for the heart it can also cause some digestion problems. If you have lactose intolerance, eating ice cream is a bit much of a problem. And also excessive eating of it may cause some irregularities in your body.

Remember that everything has its opposite and equal reaction; even our comfort food has also a side effect on our body. It is not advisable to eat it all the time. Everything has its useful moment so do not abuse things. If your in some kind of pain, try ice cream as a first aid to the heart because ice cream is the ultimate comfort food. It does not also mean that ice cream can heal all the pain. Having a shoulder's friend is still the best way to heal the heartaches and pains.

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Crystals for Health and Happiness


See all about the magic of crystals , where they come from and how they can help for healing and happiness in life. If you just think about it crystals are nothing more than rock benefit our feet. So then why has myths and history told of all there magical powers? In this day and age people are still fascinated with the crystal, even if you are not into spirituality.

The Magical Power of Crystals

The crystals can be used in many ways; you can use them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. One will always jump out at you either choosing a pendant, ring or simply a stone. At the same time as your wear with as time goes on you will notice your well being improvements, you can manage more in trying circumstances, you will feel more balanced.

The healing traditions of Crystals

Not to mention the special powers, the extraordinary, supernatural, ancient peoples believed that the crystals had fallen from above a gift. Even so when people carried them, or them or just simply used them they would receive the same power from the spiritual realms. In Egypt the pharaohs believed their beloved turquoise was a symbol of fertility, life and joy, their people copied this but in blue glass in amulets. The two ways was to show your earthly stature and for focusing on the magical and healing energies.

The Color of Crystal

If you think of the level of energy in light, which in turn stimulates the brain, which in turn changes our thinking and physical self. We are inherently drawn to certain colors and stones.

Some of the colors in crystals enabling features:

Blue is for communication

Black for grounding

Brown to enable something

Clear is to clarify something

Green for balancing

Red is for energizing

Orange for releasing

Pink is accepting

Indigo for cooling

Yellow is for organizing

Violet for integrating

White is for cleaning

The aura – the energy field around the body, is made up of several layers, each layer contains certain aspects of our make-up, which some can effect others. Using Crystal healing you can clear those allowing the light to come in, freeing one of those onion like layers.

The levels of the aura

The Etheric Body

The Emotional Body

The Mental Body

The Astral Body

The Spiritual Bodies

Chakras and crystal healing

Ancient India is where a lot of crystal healing began, allowing the prana to flow freely through the nadis (channels). The 7 main chakras run down the center of your body, each of the charkas vibrates to a frequency from one of the colors of the rainbow spectrum. The root chakra is red, the sacral is orange, solar plexus is yellow (golden), and heart chakra is green, the throat chakra light blue, and the brow chakra indigo and finally on tops the crown chakra, which is violet. Balancing the charkas is what is used in crystal healing, placing the right color on each chakra for a short while will balance your whole body.

Ayurveda also gives gemstones a special role as well, as well as, as was told in ancient texts, the light of the Creator is transmitted to earth by the planets gemstones collect and radiate this energy.

Birthstones come in all the colors as well, but I find that you are better to use a crystal or stone that attracts you to it, it just means it resonates with you on a defect level. Which in turn means it will activate what needs to be activated at the time.

You can keep your crystals on your whether in your handbag or pocket either in a little bag or loose. You will feel their extraordinary powers once they get activated, be amazed and guided with your crystals.

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An Ounce of Prevention – 3 Ways to Guard Against Seasonal Illness and Disease

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That is one of many wise sayings that has lived through the ages, and with good reason, it is true! There are obvious examples like driving too fast and following too close causes accidents, and eating too much sweet and greasy food will make you fat. What I have recently learned, however, is that there are some pretty simple ways to guard against seasonal illness and disease.

A Little History

In the late nineteenth century, Louis Pasteur and Antoine Bernard Bechamp were both studying the cause of disease. From their body of work, two schools of thought about disease emerged.

Pasteur believed that microbes caused disease, and his work resolved in the germ theory. The germ theory is the basis for modern medicine, killing the germ with a variety of expensive chemical concoctions that must be highly regulated because they are, for the most part, poisons.

Bechamp believed that disease was caused by imbalances in our internal body territory. His work directed in the terrainist theory of disease. Natural healing practitioners generally subscribe to this theory. Keeping the body terrain balanced is an ounce of prevention, because disease can not take hold if the terrain is not a suitable environment to sustain it.

Back to the Present

There is a sizable body of research to support the terrainist theory, but traditional medicine ignores it. For instance, has your doctor ever spoken to you about your body pH? Mine has not. Research has proven that cancer cells, bacteria, and viruses thrive in acid pH, and introducing alkalinity into cancer cells kills them. Might it not be logical to presume that in an alkaline environment the cancer, bacteria, and viruses would not take hold in the first place? Would it not be wise to monitor our pH as closely as our blood pressure? Instead we are encouraged to support costly research to “find the cure”. Friends, the cure may well just be an ounce of prevention and a change in the way we care for our internal terrain.

I have gotten a little off topic, so back to the subject at hand, here are some suggestions based on the terrainist theory.

1. Stop drinking carbonated beverages and start drinking water. Most people I know drink soda every day! This contributions to keeping the body fluids at a continuous acid pH level (6.5 and under). With a low pH, your body is far less able to do what it was designed to do, which is to neutralize the inviting organizations and stay healthy. At a neutral to slightly high pH level (7 to 7.5), our body fluids are in a healthy range and we are unfortunately to be mineral deficient. Our natural biological defenses can find and destroy the harmful pathogens that enter the body.

Monitor your pH level. Test strips are available from a variety of sources and are inexpensive and easy to use. Strive for 7.5. It is not hard with some simple configurations to your diet.

3. Learn about nutritional supplements to boost your immune system, help balance your system pH, raise your blood oxygen level, and maintain balanced blood chemistry.

When you consider the hard cost of illness, things like doctor visits, prescriptions, and loss of income, then add to that the soft cost of illness, like pain and discomfort, loss of family time, missing important events, and even the sacrifice of closeness and intimacy, the evidence is very clear … an ounce of prevention is really worth far more than a pound of cure!

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Cure Gas Forever – Is There a Way to Cure Gas for the Rest of Your Life?

I will bet that you have had horrible, putrid smelling gas at some time in your life. I would also bet that you have at sometime has extremely painful flatulence trapped somewhere in your body. I know this because it is natural and we all have experience the embarrassment and pain before.

Once I had gas trapped in my back, under my shoulder and it actually felt like I was being stabbed! I actually went to the hospital and had many tests performed on me to rule out a serious condition. It hurt so bad but I was only sent home with pain pills that did not remedy my problem.

So the question is, is there a way to cure gas for the rest of your life?

Well I hate to be the messenger of bad news, but no, there is not a cure for gas. On the bright side, there are ways to get relief and prevent flatulence from interfering your life.

Gas or flatulence is a normal everyday thing for all humans and even animals. The average person passes gas between 15-20 times per day depending on diet.

It's crazy to think that passing wind is still an inappropriately thing in public even though it is natural. If you let out a stinky smell or audible sound when passing wind, it can really offend people. As a kid, it was always something to laugh about. If there was a way to cure gas, we would never have to worry about the embarrassment again.

There are dozens of ways to drastically reduce the amount of flatulence your body produces. Just the same, there are many ways to prevent it from being a problem in your life. It is up to you if you want to take things further and try feel better and not worry about being in social settings.

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Patient-Centered Care – Incorporating Spirituality Is Good for Patient AND Physician

Physicians are often brought into the most imitate moments of their patients' lives. Moments that ask for more than a scientific diagnosis. At those times, the patients need to draw on their physical strength, intellectual capacity but also need to find spiritual strength to see it through their illness or disability.

Yet doctors often are relevant to address the spiritual side of healing. Not because they themselves do not believe in its power but because they are unsure on how to incorporate spirituality into their patient care.

In addition to questions about “how to”, there are doubts about the extra time this would take. Given the huge demands on doctors today, it's no wonder that they often feel that they need to pass this aspect of health care off to a professional.

This article is about proposing a few ways that makes this task less “daunting” and hopefully even convinces some doctors of the multiple benefits to the physician him / herself and their patients.

More than ever doctors today are under tremendous stress from outside influences.

Physicians often feel that they have no control over their lives at work. That causes more and more doctors to burn out, want to quit their jobs or emotionally disengage from their work. When that happens, work becomes just a way to make a living and ceases to make a life! Learning to bear witness to their patients' search for meaning and purpose, and by simply acknowledging this difficult quest, allows doctors to provide their patients with tremendous inner strength and a huge opportunity to grow.

Here is an example:

A patient comes in with progressing arthritis that inevitably impairs his ability to play golf. He is frustrated and angry. He is angry at God, angry at the world. Even though his doctor provides all the right medication, there is no doubt that the arthritis will progress.

Occupational therapy is prescribed but in that moment between the patient and the doctor there is an opportunity for special closeness, a bonding moment that no other provider can fill.

Despite the physician's time constraints he realizes how painful it would be to lose his own ability to de-stress on the golf course. He decides to be there for his patient as he tries to find the strength to create new meaning in his life. He asks about the core joys the patient experiences while playing golf and finds out that it's the outdoors, the beauty of wide openness and the companionship with other like-minded people.

They both just sit for a moment sharing this common bond. The physician can see that the time and space provided for sharing alone, without any advice or attempt to “fix” the issue at hand, holds much meaning for the patient. In that moment, they both feel understood and cared for.

Time loses its stronghold for just a few precious moments even though in reality, this has only taken a minute or so.

The physician then encourages the patients to create a list of possible new activities that would provide the underwriting joys of golf but are less taxing on the arthritic hands of his patient.

The patient leaves, feeling strengthened by the bond and inspired by the question. He promises to bring his list to the next visit. The physician in turn feels renewed, inspired by the strength of his patient and grateful for his own health.

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