The Universal Principles Of Entrainment

Now, the term entrainment is not a widely recognized one, none the less, it has a huge impact on our health, our wellbeing and our evolution as human beings. The term entrainment was coined by noted physicist, Christian Huygens, in 1666 when he noticed that a pair of pendulum clocks, left to their own devices, would ever synchronize to each other. Only recently scientists have begun to understand the principles responsible for this phenomenon: a condition inherent to nature that motivates the minority exchange of vibrational information between the pendulums, such that the pendulums “communicate” with each other until they find a harmonic and energy efficient rhythm together-as one.

Since Huygens' time, the Principles of Entrainment have been found to apply to any system in which vibrating, oscillating or rhythmic cycles are present. Not the least of which would be the cells, systems and organs in our very own bodies, all being affected by this universal force, compelling the cells systems and organs of our bodies in the direction of a harmonic, energy efficient relationship and greater whoeness; oneness if you will.

A research and educational organization from California known as the Institute of HeartMath, has identified a special physio-emotional state that humans can fall into when the various oscillating systems in the body become entrained by the rhythm of the heart. In this state, according to their research, the body's systems function with great efficiency and harmony and the body's natural healing capacities are activated and amplified, which results in a number of positive changes in health, wellness and consciousness, such as, and I quote : “reduced stress, anxiety and depression; decreased burnout and fatigue; enhanced immunization and hormonal balance; improved cognitive performance and enhanced learning; increased organizational effectiveness; and health improvements in a number of clinical populations” (McCraty, Atkinson and Tomasino).

Furthermore, what the Institute of HeartMath has discovered is that the heart rhythm of a person in this special state can be detected in the nervous system of another person when the two people are either near each other or touching, meaning that this special, heart- entrained state and its benefits can be transferred directly from one person to another through touch, like through healing modalities such as the work I'm doing here, or close proximacy, like when people are on tables next to each other.

So what I'm doing here is taking advantage of the fact that there is already a direct exchange of information between the cells systems and organs of your body, already a direct exchange of information that is occurring between humans that is already nudging us toward greater health, greater wholeness and greater conscious awareness, and simply giving that exchange of information permission to happen.

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Chemically Happier – Simple Ways to Increase Your Endorphins

Today's stressful life comes up with so many tasks to accomplish. Be it financial challenges, deadline meeting or paying attention to family, all seem hard and create lots of stress. Then, how can we activate our happy hormones in such scenario. Well, there are a few amazing ways to do so.

Spending Time with your Best Buddies!
It is a fact that increasing competition in every area of ​​life has reduced us from little joys of life. If you can make time with your best friends on weekends, it boosts the oxytocin high. It is the time when you start feeling good naturally. Even if you handshake or pat on the back while cracking joke, the random body contact helps in releasing happy hormones.

Aromatherapy Can Renew You!
Endorphins are known to set off the brief Euphoria which historically masks physical pain. To quickly fix it, you could consider lighting a candle in your favorite scent. It has been found that scent of lavender or vanilla can really help boost the endorphins. So, do not delay to experience an aromatherapy session if it gives you multiple-fold results.

Hug your Near and Dear Ones!
Now, this has to be with the closest persons around. Make sure whenever you meet anyone close in family, hug the person. You may be surprised to know what a thirty seconds hug can do this to your body. It gets the neurons fired up easily. While hugging, throw yourself completely into it. Hold your near and dear tight and be loving. Express the love by resting your head on the hugging partner that you have.

Laugh Out Loud!
A heartfelt laugh can work wonders for your endorphin. Take time out to read a funny book, take part in play, calling a friend or dance like crazy to get that much-awaited laugh. Grab the every opportunity to laugh enough while forgetting everything for a while. Find out more occasions to smile and never miss a chance to laugh out.

Accomplishing a Pending Project!
Finishing up a pending project can really help you from long-chasing worries. Go for the set goals and make sure to complete it. Do not let television or online shopping eat your time that you could probably devote to finish something at hand. This way, you can honestly feel good because it gives you a sense of accomplishment. Wake up and clean the yard or give the piles of clothes that are waiting to be dry-cleaned or simply finish the pending blog or whatever looks important to you.

Eating Spicy Food Can Help!
Now, this may come to you as something unacceptable. But the fact is that spicy food can be really helpful in triggering the endorphins. So, do not mind having spicy food once in a while even if you do not like it generally. This is one of the best ways to activate happy hormones in your body.

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Doctors Are Necessary for Both Major and Minor Illnesses

When it comes to soliciting the help of doctors, some people choose to wait until they experience painful, unbearable symptoms. If the issue is mild, they may choose to ignore it altogether or attempt to diagnose and treat the problem with over-the-counter medicines or home remedies. Unfortunately, overlooking seemingly minor or mild issues can sometimes be a bad call. Some of the symptoms that people tend to self-treat include headaches, stomach cramps, and sore throats.


Several things can cause headaches and migraines, one of them being stress. Some people attempt to dissolve the symptom by trying out different stress-relieving activities like walking, jogging or even going for a swim. However, there are times when such activities just are not enough, and the head continues to linger. Some people choose to visit doctors, while others just end the pain for extended periods of time. The latter choice is not recommended because headaches can be a sign of more serious illnesses like strokes and high blood pressure.

Strokes can lead to permanent muscle weakness, memory loss, involuntary behavior changes, or even speech issues. High blood pressure, on the other hand, can cause heart failure and aneurysms, according to the notable medical organization Mayo Clinic.

Stomach Cramps

Stomach cramps are another common symptom that can sometimes be overlooked. Persistent cramps that last for more than a week should be checked out by a medical professional. This sickness can be the sign of constipation or early pregnancy.

US News reports that as many as 19% of the North American population suffers from constipation. If left untreated, it can lead to hemorrhoids and urologic disorders. Additionally, being unaware of a pregnancy can also be dangerous. Those who are sexually active and dealing with relentless mild cramps should resolve the expertise of doctors. If a woman does not realize she's pregnant, she could unknowingly harm her baby by smoking, drinking, and missing out on early prenatal care.

Sore Throat

A sore throat usually firms or follows a bout with the common cold. However, depending on how long it lingers, it can be the sign of strep throat or tonsillitis. Strep throat can lead to illnesses like rheumatic fever and heart valve damage. Rheumatic fever, in particular, can be life threatening. In the case of tonsillitis, more severe symptoms can call for prescribed antibiotic or even a tonsillectomy.

Each and every feeling of discomfort or small symptom does not necessarily require a doctor's visit, hospital stay, or prolonged treatment. Neverheless, there are times when professional medical assistance is necessary. Symptoms that linger or those that do not improve over a noted period of time could have the sign of something much more serious. Leaving these issues untreated for a prolonged time can lead to even more illnesses, some of which can become untreatable or even life threatening.

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Balanced Energy Centers Within Contribute to Vitality and Beauty

The seven colors that compose natural light also correspond to the energy of the seven major energetic centers of Ayurvedic medicine or chakras.

In holistic living, we have already begun to think of the body as an energetic system:

• Vital energy powers and directs the body.
• Vital energy sources include ancestral energy from our parents and energy transformed in our bodies from the air we breathe and the food we eat.
• We are also subjected to the energies of our environment from heaven (in the sense of cosmic energies) and earth-called telluric energies (from the Latin 'tellus,' meaning 'earth).
• Energy is constantly transformed and flowing within each of us, and it also flows in and out of each of us.

Ayurveda also has energy points known as marma points that correlate highly with acupuncture points, and energy channels called nadis.

Each chakra receives and sends out energy, creating an energy distribution system not only within the body, but also between the body and our energy field. Each chakra has its own range of energy vibration that corresponds to one of the seven colors of the rainbow. Energy blockages can also occur in chakras.

It is possible to balance chakras by giving them the lacking energy.

Chakras are numbered from one to seven, starting at the root chakra and ending at the crown chakra. It is best to simultaneously balance chakras by pair, determined by their symmetrical position relative to the middle or heart (fourth) chakra.

The sum of the paired or complementary chakras is always eight: 7 + 1, 6 + 2, and so on.

To each chakra correspondents certain organs and for some, one or two of the eight hormonal glands. The health of organs and hormonal glands depends on the energetic quality and quantity of the corresponding chakra.

A healthy hormonal system requires a healthy chakra system, thus the importance and practicality of working with light and oils to energize and balance them.

Chakras go deep into the body in a funnel shape and extend outward several inches beyond the skin level into the layers of our energy field-the aura around the body. See illustration, right column.

When our chakric energetic centers are in balance, meaning they are either transmitting nor receiving too much or too little energy, they are in balance. This energy center balance assists in the creation of good mental, emotional, spiritual and even, physical health because each of these aspects affects all the other ones.

Each individual aura has its own blend of vibrations, energy and color combination, specific not only to each individual but also subject to changes from moment to moment and specifically according to emotions felt.

The closer we live to nature or in harmony with it, our energy fields and centers align to the energies of the earth and we consequently experience more balance and better health. Because of the challenges our current modern world presents to us, we must find ways to ensure our chakric system stays in balance. Be sure to read our blog post of tomorrow to discover a whole host of ways to do this!

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Relaxation, Healing and Peace With Elemental Healing

Holy and ancient scripts speak of body as created with 5 natural elements, with which the whole universe was created- Fire, Water, Land, Sky and Ether. Those who do not believe in religion, but have their interests in spiritual world, they also say that we are a part of the Paramatma- the supreme conscious and conscience. Those who are atheists and believe only in science, they also probably know about what the Big Bang Theory says. It says that the whole universe was made up of different “Elements” which were separated with an explosion, and the vibrations created life and thought rest of the parts in order. It is a known fact among all the religious believers and saints that “God created humans in His own identity” which means- Since God is the creator, the same we are; and if He can destroy, the same we can do. And the whole point of saying this was that we have the whole control over our body system; we can create positivity and destroy any kind of disease in our body naturally

This simply proves the fact that our body enterprises of all the 5 elements as stated above. Those believing in spirituality tell us that we have 7 Chakras in our body and each chakra has an element associated with it.

1. Root Chakra ( Mooladhar) – it is called the base of life and is made of the Earth element. All our spiritual powers and potential is enclosed in this base chakra. It is very important to heal this chakra in order to maintain a balance in life. If you have any related related problems, get your mooladhar chakra healed. The core of the earth is considered to be associated with it.

2. Sacral Chakra ( Swadhishthaan) – this chakra is considered to be having all our animal impulses. Our sexual desires are all driven by the sacral chakra. If you are suffering from any uterus or reproductive problems, get your swadhishthan chakra healed. It is made up of the Fire element. Lower levels of the element lead to slowing down of the digestive process, and too much of it leads to unnecessary agitation because of piled up heat energy.

3. Naval Chakra ( Manipur ) – functioning of two of the vital organs- liver and kidneys and the pancreas are all associated with the naval chakra. This chakra is composed of the Fire element too. Interference of any other element leads to a major imbalance and shows that the liver or the kidneys have been damaged. For example, Ascites- accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity, showing that the liver is stuck with some major disease like cirrhosis, and hence needs proper attention. So there is an interference of the water element with the fire element, which causes trouble in the body.

4. Heart Chakra ( Anaahat ) – this is the center of all our feelings and emotion. This chakra needs to be full of light because the soul is considered to be located in the area of ​​this chakra. It controls the respiratory tract, heart and blood flow in the body along-with regulation of our emotions and feelings. It is the center of unconditional love. We need to activate and heal it in order to live a joyous and healthy life. This chakra is considered to be composed of Air element.

5. Throat Chakra ( Vishuddhi ) – it is said by all the saints that if you are able to make your vishuddhi chakra strong, then you will have ” Vaak Siddhhi” ie whatever you say would turn out to be true. It is like being a prophet with heavenly powers of declaring and declaring words which would get materialized in real world. It does the work of a detoxifier. The name itself says that it is The Purifier. All the unhealthy air that we breathe in or any kind of poison in the body can be annulled by the vishuddhi chakra. It is said that Lord Shiva held the poison borne out of the saagar manthan, with his vishuddhi Chakra. It controls the salivary glands and the Thyroid gland too. In order to get rid of any skin disease, thyroid or cancers, you must opt ​​for healing of the Vishuddhhi chakra.

6. Third Eye Chakra ( Aagya Chakra) – It is the center of all the conscious, sub conscious, and ages old unconscious experiences. Our third eye chakra lets us have a strong memory, builds up our spatial intelligence, and gives us a control over our life. On its correct activation, our conscience gets very sensitive and then it constantly guides us into what to do, where to go, what to follow etc. It gives us wisdom and controls our visual, nasal (Olfactory) and hearing systems. This chakra is made of Ether element, which is the Space.

7. Crown Chakra ( Sahasraar) – the most important of all is the sahasraar chakra which enterprises of the pituitary gland- the master gland. On its activation, we get to experience the Supreme Conscious. It controls all the bodily functions, since it controls the brain which is the control processing unit of the whole body. We receive Enlightenment when this chakra is filled with the right amount of energy. It is composed of the Ether element.

These are some of the spiritual facts which can be very useful for relaxation of our body and its healing. We are said to have a physical body and an etheric body. The ethric body is our spiritual body, which is directly proportionate to our physical health. Since we all can not meditate for long hours every day, the most viable solution to our healing would be to take some recreating spa services like aroma therapy and Asian Body Massages.

Aroma therapy activates all the senses and the Chakras get healed automatically. Asian massages are very helpful because the oils that they use and the strokes which are used are applied with acupressure techniques. There is a naturopathic treatment called Panchkarma , in which they give body massages of different types, acupressure , shirodhara , steam baths, and a strictly regulated diet. Visiting any of the best spas around your place would help you have a healthy mind and body. Spiritual science says that there is no disease which we can not cure our own self. All we need to do is have a balance in all the elements of our body which can be attained through Elemental healing and Chakra Healing. You can reach a blissful and peaceful state once you are in professional masseurs' hands who know exactly how to energize your body. Relaxation, Elemental Healing and Peace- all three things happen simultaniously, just with a right choice.

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A Mindful Life for Spiritual Development

How do you manage spiritual growth? Not many people nowdays concern themselves with it granting that they are aware of its value. Yet, they should.

The spirit is the center core of your personality, your physical progress, and your success guide. It determines how you assess your place in asocial environment around you. It is also a tool that in a holistic manner affects your being. Spiritual growth impacts many areas of your life. So it is crucial to ensure and promote it.

How do you achieve spiritual growth?

One of the ways is to lead a mindful life. Mindful life is all about being observant of the surrounding with a degree of criticism, being compassionate to yourself, seizing and controlling one's own self and steering it to a certain desired “proper” way of life. The environment around you is a major determinant of our state of being, it determines aspects of the spirit including happiness, sadness, and general mood. For example, when stress seeks to overtake us, a mindful life dictate you take a spiritual control over the situation, viewing it as a passing cloud. Engross in it, be curious about it, derogable any valuable lessons from the experience and become better equipped to deal with similar cases in the future.

Thus, the fruits of a mindful life do not manifest themselves immediately but have a long-term effect. The continued observation of a mindful way of life advances mood change and raises levels of happiness and well-being; aspects that have a great positive impact on spiritual development. Scientific studies have proven that a mindful way of life assists in handling the stress level, anticipates the occurrence of depression and positively influencing the brain functioning.

Why is this so important?

Body and spirit are inseparable. If a person experiencing problems with his orleans or muscles it also affects her emotions and spirit and vice versa. That stress affects not only your mood but also your whole being, including your physical body.

A human nervous system has only one built-in mechanism that responds to stress. It is called fight-or-flight response. It came to us from a long time ago, when our ancient lived surrounded by wild nature. They had to immediately react to the appearance of a wild animal in their field of vision or hearing. In the moment of stress, adrenaline was thrown in blood; arteries constricted to raise blood pressure in order to deliver all nutrients to muscles. Thus our ancestor could make an instant decision either to fight or to run away.

Unlike the good old days, today sources of stress are different and there are many more of them. Back then there were no economic downturns, financial crises, and an intellectual pressure in final exams or even horror movies.

Whenever these events happen, modern human experiences stress. Although, she does not have to run away from a cave bear, her nervous system reacts exactly the same way – pump adrenaline in blood, constrict arteries and raise blood pressure.

Mindful life can reduce interpreting external irritants as something significant. As instances of depression, stress, sadness, and irritability are encountered, a mindful way of life helps to melt those stressors away. Thus, it can intercept a stress signal in its cradle, allowing a person to reduce its negative effects. However, this level of control can not be turned on and off. It's gained by practicing the mindful way of life.

Depression and negative emotions diminish the spiritual energy and serve to destabilize the stream of spiritual development. Mindful life reduces the influence of these occurrences. Many accidents, which other perceives by a person's consciousness as stressful, are perceived as a “passing cloud” by a mindful person, preserving to some degree the energy required for spiritual growth.

Meditation also advances mindfulness. Meditation is neither a cult nor nor it is limited to the Asian communities in Tibet, nor is it difficult. By employing simple short meditation, you can overcome any obstacles preventing a mindful way of life.

Meditating only a few minutes per day will change your life gradually. Let go of the constant restless thinking, practice yoga breathing, connect with nature, walk on the grass, swim in the ocean, and do various exercises. These activities will bring a spiritual balance into your life and give you a piece of mind.

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The Fundamental Difference Between Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy

There is a very common misunderstanding among the greater number of people about Physiotherapy and Massage therapy. It is not the same application and one can not get all the benefits from both the therapies. Although both therapies can perform almost the same kind of functions. The below-discussed post sparks light on the fundamental difference between Physiotherapy and Massage therapy.

Massage and Physiotherapy

Massage therapy and Physiotherapy are both therapeutic applications widely used by thousands of professionals to enhance one's well-being and to improve the body condition.

Comparison Between Massage and Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a well-known medical profession, which is applied by registered and licensed physiotherapists who provide care to their patients to get rid of different body injuries, pains and headaches, which may include therapy or the therapeutic exercises. Some manual techniques also applied according to the condition of the patient. Whereas, massage therapy is nothing but an alternative medicine composed of structured body movements used to manipulate the body muscles as well as ligaments. Physiotherapists typically create tailor and individualized programs for each patient, in order to reinstate movement as well as function to the body. Age, body weight, diseases, and injuries are all such factors that cause the human body to have very limited movement.

Many treatments are there to revamp a person's well-being, some therapeutic workout, manual techniques and functional training. However, many physiotherapists are specialized in pelvic floor reintegration, custom bracing, acupressure, acupuncture and myofascial release.

Advantages of Physiotherapy

There are several advantages of physiotherapy. It helps people who are suffering from back pain, neck pain, shoulder injuries, arthritis, sclerosis, wound, sprains, fractures and other body injuries related to regular work or sports. A physiotherapist also develops different programs to retrain function as well as limited movement, prevents any mobility loss prior to happens, minimizes body pain and prevents any disorders that one might have.

Advantages of Massage Therapy

Massage is nothing but a technique used by certified and licensed practitioners. It involves various techniques for moving someone's muscles, soft tissues and relieving other body aches. The techniques of massage therapy may include, but are not limited to the rubbing, kneading, gliding, shaking, vibrating, compression and sometimes active and passive stretching within the usual anatomical range of movement. Some of the most common forms of massage therapy are Swedish massage, Trigger massage, Deep tissue massage, and Head massage applied by the major of massage therapists around the world.

This therapy can treat various kinds of disorders. It also helps you relieve muscle stiffness, body aches, reduce pain and muscle spasm, boost your immunity, normalize your blood pressure, enhance your blood circulation, alleviate your discomfort, ache felt during pregnancy and can boost your athletic performance. Massage therapy can help you recover from intestinal workout sessions. It is also good for managing one's anxiety, headache, and depression.

Last, but certainly not the least, Physiotherapy is specifically done after complete medical examination, physical evaluation and diagnosis as well as physical intervention. On the other hand, Massage therapy is nothing but a generic, hands-on-techniques typically employed for the purpose of fatigue, balancing work life, relaxation, stress management, removing body ache and for a “feel good” thing.

Both the therapies sometimes used for restoring soft tissue function, relieving muscle pain, decreasing tension and spasm to enhance the physical as well as athletic performance. It is widely used to promote healing. A qualified and licensed health care provider only can advise you to select the appropriate therapy, be it Massage therapy or Physiotherapy that most fit your needs.

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Healing Flowers to Grow in Your Garden

Can you imagine yourself swinging outside your lawn smelling the sweet scent of the blossoms that are vividly blooming? Is not calming? Simply seeing and getting a whiff of flowers will give you calmness– a spiritual healing.

Across history and cultures, we have witnessed how flowers are used for medicinal design. You know what's the best thing? These gifts from Mother Nature can easily be grown in your garden. Indulge in the wonderful activity of gardening with these invigorating blossoms.


These flowers come mostly in yellow and orange. Ironically, the fire-colored blooms help in healing. Cream created from brightly colored calendulas is perfect for treating skin burns and wounds. A plus to this flower is that it is also edible. It will give your salad a kick with its spicy and zesty flavors.

When growing calendulas, they prefer a cooler atmosphere. You can care for them indoors. But, always remember that any plant requires the sun for nourishment. It is advised that you place them where they get enough sun and shade.


From its roots to its leaves, dandelions are used to cure various ailments. A round of applause to Mother Nature for creating such wonderful plant. Ancient people use the leaves for curing illnesses. These are perfect for problems with kidneys, gallbladders, and skin among many other ailments. Herbal healers use the roots for detoxification. Surprisingly, it can cure your hangovers. You should probably stack-up on these roots or better yet grow it in your backyard.

The dandelions are very adaptive to its environment. It can grow in almost anywhere! These viguous flowers can also thrive in the summer and winter. You should prepare a well-fertilized and drained soil to grow healthy flowers that could last.


You guessed it right. The lotus came from China (as it is known) and some parts of Asia. It has been a used as a traditional healing plant. Say goodbye to diarrhea, high blood sugar, and cholesterol. Like dandelions, the lotus' roots promotes healing. It is used to cure upset tummies.

Despite growing in the mud, the lotus flower is tantalizing and even aromatic. The roots are deep into the mud while the leaves and flowers are above water. Growing lotus is an exciting change of garden technique that will challenge your green thumbs.


A bouquet of flowers made from peonies is a wonderful gift. But, a cup of peony tea is the bomb! The roots may help with menstrual cramps and muscle pains. These flowers are not only pretty but, they are really relaxing as it relieves you from bodily pains. Peonies are beauty and value grown in magnificent blooms.

You can grow peonies in your garden during the spring or fall season. These blooms require colder weather to grow healthy. They can be nourished in the garden or in pots. Be sure to water them regularly.

Allow yourself the relaxation that you need in this mad world we live in. Go and have fun growing them!

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Sudden Headache Whilst Giving Reiki To A Client

Reiki healing can go very smoothly for the new practitioner. That is, until a strange or scary experience happens, such as feeling a sharp or sudden pain as a consequence of channeling the Reiki energy for the client. This is especially since the energy not only goes into the client but out of the client as well.

For example, everything may seem to be going fine with a client and pretty much what you have experienced in healings so far. Then all of a sudden, when you put your hand in a particular and common position, maybe your hands could not move and you suddenly got a terrible pain, such as a very bad headache or a sudden extreme cold, feeling feeling. This can be very frightening, and you may feel like you have to take your hands off your client and ground yourself.

So what happened there, and how do you handle it ?! Well, I think you would have had a Healing energy come through you that you are simply not as yet familiar with, so it was scary. If possible, next time keep it going while the bad pain, cold feeling, or feeling feeling stops. If needed, sit on a chair doing the healing, until the feeling leaves your body. Then the Healing is done.

There is no need to be wary of what energy you channel in or out of the client. You are being treated at the same time through, and by getting these feelings, you are getting a measure of how long you need to stay in that position. In other words, you know to stay there until this feeling goes.

Flow with it. Observe it. It is only energy. Get a childlike curiosity and be curious about how the bad pain will go from a hard rock in your head to a sponge. Feel it becoming that sponge. Imagine the sponge becoming a cloud. Feel it and notice it dissipating. Be curious about where it will come out of your body. Will it leave, through the Crown? Or sideways, for example?

Also, you can use the pain drain. Have one arm draining into the violet flame, all the psychic gunk energy in your head, into.the violet flame. Till all this gunk is gone. Do not expect this healing position to last only 3-5 minutes. I have experienced such things to go on for half am hour; sometimes even the whole session.

I hope this helps shed light on some questions. enjoy your healing journey and development.

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Reiki Case Study Questions and Answers – Ear Manifestation

In supervising pupils' Reiki case studies, I get many unusual questions. This makes them of course usual, normal questions! If you are going through your Reiki case studies at the moment, I hope this article can help shed light on some common manifestations, this time about an ear issue.

An experienced and very talented pupil reported that something totally weird to have had just happened with a case study. Whilst performing this case study, everything initially went fine. The session was proceeding pretty much like any other that he was so used to giving. However, my pupil suddenly got an intuition that he should go to the persons ears and cup them both, as if to block out sound towards the outside world. He followed his intuition and cupped both ears with his hands. After about a minute in this hand position, a sharp pain shot through my pup's right hand.

Although this was a shocking shock to my pupil and a sign to him that something unusual had happened, his case study client said that nothing weird happened to him either before or after the session. Nor had anything unusual happened to him since the appointment.

So, what happened there, you may well ask? I can hazard an educated guess. To start with, the feeling my pup was experienced was just energy after all. It seems to me from experience that he may well have released an energy disruption from the ear area for his case study client. And I would also make an educated guess that the client was blissfully unaware of this. There is no need for the client to be aware of anything. He will enjoy whatever benefits come from this session and not know that my pup had probably preverted physical or emotional challenges caused by the stuck energy that had been in the ear area.

If you have had something unusual happen in a Reiki session, and your client did not notice it, you can give yourself a pat on the back and tell yourself “Well Done”! Not all clients have to experience weird and amazing things during or after their session. Sometimes the best Reiki sessions are the understated ones.

If you have any Reiki questions about your case studies, do not hesitate to contact your Reiki Master Teacher. If for whatever reason, you do not have your Master Teacher available to answer your questions, the next best thing is to attend Reiki and Healing shares, where there will be an experienced facilitator who can help you.

Enjoy your Reiki journey of learning and discovery.

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Energy Safety and Troubleshooting

There are a number of unpleasant side effects that can accompany energy work. Remember that energy, such as stress knots releasing from muscles and organs and emotional issues being released, must go somewhere. Sometimes this energy can manifest as heat, anger, anxiety or depression. These energies can also manifest as happiness, uncontrollable laughter, uncontrollable crying and so on.

It's important to remember to give yourself space for some of this energy to manifest and be released. I'll always go for a drive and just start crying for no apparent reason, which can be disturbing if you do not understand that it's just an energy outlet. I also make it a point to laugh a lot, work out a lot and sometimes even go for a drive and curse at everyone I know (on a mountain back road in the privacy of the vehicle).

We tend to connect emotional reactions to the people in our lives, or events that happen, and this is just not always the case!

Sometimes it's the reverse, the event happens because we need a release and subconsciously we were creating a catalyst (an argument with a spouse for instance) to allow that release.

Taking more control of how you release these energies can have a very positive effect on your relationships as well as the harmony of your life.

Warnings and Troubleshooting

Some things to remember;

• Energy follows thought, which means it goes where you send it, as opposed to where you want it to go. You must work with a high level of awareness and intention.

• Cool Your Energy – As you begin drawing energy up your spine in some of the more advanced exercises you'll need to be sure to cool it off. An excess of hot Yang energy will cause headaches and a hot forehead and crown.

Troubleshooting excessive Yang;

1. The simplest way to fix this is to just relax and let the excess heat just flow out through the top of your head.

2. If that does not work then do the Microcosmic Orbit exercise (from Mantak Chia's Awaken Healing Energy Through the Tao, also presented in Part 2 of this manual) but run the orbit backwards, bringing the hot energy back down the spine.

3. Ground and Center – The Grounding Exercise can also help draw down excess heat. You can also draw all of your energy into your Center (the point 2 inches below your navel) by simply placing your hands there and breathing into the point right behind your hands. Just inhale and draw your breath into that point, it's easy.

4. Left Nostril Breathing – Close off the right nostril with a finger and inhale through the left. This will increase the flow of Yin and help balance the heat.

5. A cold compress on the forehead. For years I had problems with Yang headaches and had no clue what was causing it. As a last resort a cold compress will make the headache go away almost instantly.

• Using Intention – Be sure to be aware of your intentions while running energy with another person. A feeling of dislike or disapproval for the other person can cause you to send harmful or incompetent energy into them.

• Energy does not flow through tight muscles. Use the Secret Smile and Mantak Chia's Inner Smile and 6 Healing Sounds to ensure that you are running relaxed, happy, loving energy as much as possible.

• Do the Secret Smile as often as possible! If I could only do one exercise this would be it. Whenever you seem to be having energy problems and issues in your life take 15 or 20 minutes and run through this exercise. After a while you'll find that simply remembering to smile will help activate that energy.

I do not put these warnings here to discourage anyone, but simply to help you be aware of some of the more common problems. Many Qi Qong teachers insist that students be closely guided by a competent teacher and I do not disagree. On the other hand, it's not always feasible to try to find a 'competent teacher' as many of us are constrained by time, finances or geography.

Be careful, be aware and pay attention to your intentions. Do not be in a hurry and do not let your expectations get your ass into something that your mind can not get you out of. There are a LOT of resources on the web these days as well as discussion groups. Sort through all of this with an open mind and remember that in some cases it's like the blind men trying to describe the elephant. We all have different pieces of the puzzle, in other words.

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Learning Reiki Is A Continuous Process

Learning Reiki is a continuous process. And the more we know, the more the wise amongst us realize that we can learn. Reiki itself stretches on and on to infinity, a concept most of us can not really understand but accept.

Logically, if Reiki, like pure unconditional love, can stretch on and on to reach ever more, then so can the practice of Reiki. In other words, it takes an infinite number of ways to learn Reiki. Let me illustrate.

I have personally taken my Reiki First Degree course in 1999. Initially, I assumed that was all there was. Even after learning Reiki 2, I still thought that was all there was. And then, I had the opportunity to do a demonstration of Reiki to the public. This was in one of two big shows in the UK, for the association I was a member of. One show was in Birmingham, the other in London. This was in London, which made it easy for me to attend, as it was local. I was excited about the show, but little did I know what was about to happen to me. Still thinking that I knew all there was to know about it. The head of the association of which I was a member started by asking that we all receive a healing from each other. She chose to give me a healing. I found that a nuisance but put up with it anyway. She even cave me extra time, as she said she could feel that I needed it. Well, all I can say is that she was right!

After that day, a pain which was my constant companion reduced very significantly. I had been seeing various professionals about it on average three times a week in total. Strangely after this healing, it reduced to once a fortnight. Now that was an eye opener!

Since then, I have been going to more Reiki shares and workshops. And although many of those were run by me, I learned to expect learning from others far less experienced. This is because every one of us Reiki healers has a different energy and different experiences. By participating in Reiki shares and classes, we learn more from everyone present. We notice different energy patterns, we question, we see new revelations, we feel new feelings. And so we learn even more about Reiki. And we learn that we have not learned enough!

It was very humbling for me to learn from my own miracle experience with Brenda Davies, the head of the Reiki and Seichem Association, who gave me that fateful healing. And humbleness is something we can always improve on. The ego can take us to places in our mind that do not serve us well. Humbleness can give us great peace and open us up to even more wisdom. And humbleness is one of the properties Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, has asked us to embrace.

To be honest, healing with Reiki is such a pleasure that learning more is also a pleasure. So it is not at all a chore. It is wonderfully pleasurable and uplifting!

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Why Do People Tell Me I’m Clumsy?

Why do people tell me I'm clumsy?

You might think that you are “clumsy” or you may seem to trip over your own feet. Did you ever think that this may be for a reason and that you are not just “clumsy?” I've had many people tell me that they are “just clumsy” or “feel like they have two left feet.” There may be a reason for this.

“Clumsiness” can be caused by many things including medications, medical conditions, fatigue, and many others. One common cause of “clumsiness” is correctable.

There are many nerve endings in your joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. These nerves provide information to your brain to orient you in space. This sense or information is called proprioception. Proprioception along with your vision and the sense organs in your ears are the three major components of balance in your body. Try to stand on one foot with your eyes open. Pretty easy is not it? Now close your eyes and try to balance on that foot. Most people start to fall over soon after closing their eyes. Did you feel the muscles in your legs tightening and loosening? The muscles were getting information or feedback from those proprioceptive nerves that I mentioned before.

Clumsiness in children has even been linked to a higher risk of learning disabilities, emotional problems, and attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). [1]

The part of your brain that receives proprioceptive information is called the cerebellum. If there is any interference in the path from those proprioceptive nerve endings and the cerebellum a loss of balance can occur. Many things can cause this type of interference. Previous injury can be a major factor even if those injuries occurred over time. Chiropractic care, exercise, and adequate nutrition can help you address these issues and help to restore function to your body.

Chiropractic care includes chiropractic adjustments which will help restore function to the joints. Restoring function to joints allows improved range of motion and improved proprioceptive performance to the brain. This improved joint function will improve balance and can help reduce the risk of falls and injuries. So, that feeling of being clumsy might not be what you think.

Improved function can also include balancing the muscles in the body. An imbalance in muscle can cause many issues. An imbalance in muscle can include a weakness in an individual muscle or an entire group of muscles. Often these imbalances are difficult for an individual to detect. They go unnoticed and can be the root cause for injury. An example would be a weakness in one of the hamstring muscles in one of the thighs. If that person was going for a run or playing a sport they are at a high risk for injury to that weak hamstring muscle or to other muscles in the legs. Muscle imbalance is not just an issue for athletes though. Just walking up a flight of stairs with an imbalance in muscle can be the cause for an injury or fall.

Exercise helps to strengthen the muscles which provide motion and also to provide postural support to the body. Muscles are an important part of the framework of the body. Exercise allows the body to get rid of toxins and improves the body's ability to heal itself. A good exercise program includes both cardiovascular and strength training. Cardiovascular training helps keep the blood pressure low without medication and increases metabolism allowing you to keep a healthy body mass. Strength training can also help to prevent injury.

Another key component to good health is a sound nutritional program. Today's world of rushing around and trying to keep up can adversely affect health. It can be very difficult to get adequate nutrition. Grabbing some fast food or eating something because it is quick and convenient can be very tempting. The things that we eat and drink perform some important roles in the body. Food is the energy source that keeps us going and allows cells to heal. Without good nutrition the body's ability to heal itself is adversely affected.

The body requires full function to heal itself and reduce the risk of injury. You may perceive a loss of function as being “clumsy” or not having good balance. The root cause of this “clumsiness” may not be out of your control and something you can correct.


1. Hamilton, S., MD (2002). Home American Academy of Family Physicians. Retrieved September 09, 2015, from

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What Is Manual Muscle Testing and Applied Kinesiology and Why Should I Care?

What is manual muscle testing and applied kinesiology and why should I care?
Manual muscle testing (MMT) is a method of using the strength and response of a muscle to test function in the body. Applied kinesiology is an art more than precise method of using a manual muscle test to evaluate a condition in the body. Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system that evaluates structural, chemical, and mental aspects of health using manual muscle testing combined with other standard methods of diagnosis according to the International College of Applied Kinesiology.

A brief history of manual muscle testing and applied kinesiology:
Manual muscle testing was developed in 1915 by Robert W. Lovett, MD as he was trying to determine muscle weakness in polio patients. Then in the 1940's Henry and Florence Kendall published a book called “Muscle Testing and Function” which defined specific muscle tests to isolate each specific muscle. Frank Chapman, DO first described small tender nodules just under the skin that he related to dysfunction of an organ system in the 1920's. [1] These small tender nodules are called Chapman's reflex points or neurolymphatic points as they are referred to in AK. Dr. George Goodheart was a chiropractor who practiced in Michigan and the founder of AK. Dr. Goodheart published the Applied Kinesiology Research Manual in 1964. He made many observations when conducting muscle tests developed by the Kendalls in association with Chapman's neurolymphatic points. Dr. Goodheart noticed certain muscles were related to Chapman's neurolymphatic points. This correlation is used in AK to indicate an organ that may be stressed. A chiropractor named Terrance Bennett identified points in the body that he related to the circulatory system which he called neurovascular reflex points in the 1930's. These neurovascular reflex points are also related to specific muscles. AK utilizes acupressure meridian points and the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the treatment of dysfunction. Although all four of the previously mentioned methods are used in AK the primary method of treating a dysfunctional or “weak” muscle is through chiropractic adjustment.

How is muscle testing used?
“… MMT may not be just testing for actual muscle strength; rather it may also test for the nervous system's ability to adapt the muscle to the changing pressure of the examiner's test. activity to meet the demands of the test. ” [2] There are several factors that can affect a muscles response to a manual muscle test. These may be structural (dealing with the nervous system), lymphatic, dealing with the vascular system, cerebrospinal fluid flow, or the acupuncture system. The goal of applied kinesiology and the manual muscle test is to address the root problem in the body. The chiropractic adjustment is the primary and initial treatment when using AK. There are times when a chiropractic adjustment fails to resolve the issue. AK can then be used to further evaluate the body to determine if a stressed organ or body system is the problem.

According to a study published in 2008 in the Journal of Chiropractic and Osteopathy a “reason for the addition of manual muscle testing to chiropractic diagnostic methods is that most other parameters of dysfunction identified in low-back and neck pain patients have not been shown to precede the pain, but rather only to accompany it. “An important exception is muscle strength, which can predict future low-back and neck pain in asymptomatic individuals.” [3]

Pain is an indicator that there is a problem in the body. Pain is a symptom though and not the underlying problem. Addressing the underlying problem is the only way to move the body towards correct function and away from dysfunction. Muscle weakness and imbalance is a much better indicator of dysfunction in the body than pain.

What else may a muscle test be telling me?
As mentioned earlier there are several factors that can affect a muscle's response to a muscle test. There has been shown a correlation between weakness in certain muscles and problems in an associated organ. A study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics in 2004 reported a case of a young man with low back pain which could not be resolved through oral anti-inflammatory agents or local cortisone injections. The patient then tried Chiropractic adjustments which were not resolving the issue. Throughout AK evaluation the author was able to identify a congenital large intestine abnormality which the patient forgot to identify initially. This abnormality was the root cause of the young man's low back pain. After properly addressing the large intestine the back pain subsided. [4]

Manual muscle testing and applied kinesiology are methods of evaluation that are used in conjunction with other more typical diagnostic tools to determine the cause of dysfunction in the body. The body has a very powerful ability to heal itself when given the opportunity. The cessation of pain and identification and removal of dysfunction increases the body's ability to heal itself.

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2. Cuthbert, SC, & Goodheart, GJ (2007). On the reliability and validity of manual muscle testing: A literature review. Chiropractic & Osteopathy Chiropr Osteopat, 15 (1), 4.

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Reiki In The Big Brother House

Reiki finds its way into our lives in many different ways. And it has found its way into the Big Brother house again just now. I am not sure how I feel about that. I can see that there is a lot of good in Reiki on reality TV shows, and I can also see that it is not exactly best represented on them. So is it a good thing, a bad thing, or just a thing?

Just before writing this article, I watched one of the most self-confessed conniving players on the current Big Brother show giving Reiki to another contantant. I was watching the show with another Reiki Master, and we both cringed. But then, we surprised if the desire to help another in discomfort is actually genuine and not for the cameras this time.

In other words, even the most conniving people, the apparently most self-centred game-players, could have some desire to help others. But do they really, or are they on TV to market their healing skill? If so, what about their conniving, seemingly almost evil side? How does that work? A Reiki Healer, and especially a Reiki Master, takes very seriously vows to be humble. They take very seriously the Reiki Principle of being kind to all others. How do they mix being incredibly unkind in order to win a game show with a technique where every day you do your utmost to be humble and kind?

I deduce, and of course, that is only my personal opinion, that there is no way a serious Reiki Healer or Master can possibly even temporarily give up on being humble and kind. Not even to win a game show. There is the concept of win-win situations. I remember seeing just that in the first UK Big Brother show. The most conniving and nasty contantant said he was a “Reiki Master”. He was the one people loved to hate. He played everyone. He was totally two-faced. And he did not win, although he almost did. The winner was a nice man who came on the show to win the money for a worth charity. This charity really meant a lot to him. A win-win situation. And most people, faced with a genuine choice not influenced by negative emotions (which, by the way, Reiki helps to release), would prefer a win-win over a win-lose situation.

So, is game-show Reiki performed by reality TV contestants a good or a bad thing? Whilst I question the seriousness of the so-called “Healer” protestant who is a cold and cruel game-player, I am not determined about whether any coverage of Reiki on TV is better than no coverage. The more TV coverage of Reiki there is, the more of a household name it becomes, surely. It could be argued that any coverage in the media is better than none; that bad publicity is better than no publicity. Who knows ?!

Perhaps it just is what it is. Maybe Reiki on Reality TV has all the elements of the Universe (or Multiverse, if you prefer). Ying and Yang, good and bad. And that is all there is to it.

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