Better Meals Planning With Eating Well Magazine

There are many temptations to keep your family from eating the best of foods. Fast food stands are on every corner and the press for time can often lead us to fall to the temptation to grab something quick on the way home. The key to feeding the family better foods is to plan ahead. Eating Well Magazine offers many tips and recopies that can help you family to do better in their quest towards healthy foods.

One of the biggest challenges to eating is to have a plan. The plan can include the menu as well as making sure that everything that is needed on hand in the pantry. By knowing what Eating Well Magazine can help with the menu plan by suggesting new recipes so that you do not end up eating the same meals repeatedly. The variety can help you to keep foods interesting without resorting to fast foods.

In economic tough times, many consumers find themselves desiring the comfort foods of their childhood. Many of these comfort foods are high in starch and fat. In this magazine, you often find those classic recipes have been remade to lower the fat content but increase the flavor. Lower fat meals may help to lower cholesterol and be a key to losing weight.

A constant source of new recipes is a great way to include new foods in the family diet. Part of the problem of including many of these newer foods is knowing how to prepare them so that they are both healthy and tasty. Including the new foods is a great way to give the family better access to the nutrients needed for health.

Eating Well Magazine is a great source of new ideas for menus and recipes. The magazine can help you in your plans to improve your family's eating habits. You can learn to improve flavor of some old favorites while cutting fat.

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Eating Well Magazine Can Help Everyone Eat Better

Eating Well is a very popular read for so many people considering it is an internet magazine. It is difficult to target a specific audience because of the wide range of topics this global periodical covers. Nonetheless, a very wide variety of people take the opinions of its pages fairly seriously. Articles cover an array of topics such as menus, diets, party planning, national culinary events, and worldwide food trends.

The scholastic achievement behind this business is actually very established. Founders and editors all have qualifications that are easy to admire. In whole, there are more than two centuries of education and experience available to the reader. When the reader actually accesses the library of information; graduates from Yale, writers from SELF, and professional farmers, are there to give informational supply such a thing.

The fact that this internet magazine is only available bi-monthly is beneficial for the consumer. Crops are changing. Irrigation is constantly fluctuating. Depending on the season and the terrain, what to expect will always lead to news articles and web updates. How certain farms perform in the middle Tennessee area are of major concern.

The attraction of Eating Well might always stay in its ability to help the subscribers lose weight. The concept itself revolves around having a healthier lifestyle in general. Applying the known concepts of weight loss with that of exercise makes everything surprisingly doable. The online concept has several known lifestyles such as the diabetic diet, the lower GI diet, and the South Beach Diet.

The Eating Well magazine concept is genius. This is a way to show the general population how many ways there are to showcase food, be part of making cuisine, and finally be part of one's owners decisions when deciding a menu. Eating well makes all us the culinary world understand that all menu concepts are achievable.

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Eating Well Magazine Provides Great Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

Eating Well magazine is an award-winning, independent communications company that started in 1990. It is part of the Eating Well Media Group that produces not only the magazine but books about high-quality food and nutrition-related information, e-mail newsletters, and a website full of important information.

The magazine is available in the traditional hard copy magazine which is available for purchase at merchants who carry magazines and is also available in subscriptions to be delivered to your home or office and in is available for subscription in an electronic format. Subscriptions are easily affordable with the price being $ 14.97 for one year and magazines are issued bi-monthly. This is a savings of 50% off the newsstand price.

The goal of Eating Well magazine is to provide the information as well as inspiration for people to make healthy eating choices for a better life. With more than 240 years of magazine, book and publishing experience among them, the senior members of the magazine are able to produce a magazine that has won over 100 awards for writing, creative marketing, art direction and editing. They are putting their experience to work helping people live healthier lifestyles.

Information provided in the magazine includes articles on diet, nutrition and health, food origins, healthy cooking, recipes and menu planning. The online version has a blog section for people to share their cooking experiences, recipes and other healthy food related information. The online version also has a video section so you can actually see and hear ideas for healthy snacks, diet tips, recipe preparation and information on eating healthy.

Eating Well magazine is an excellent resource to help you find your way to a healthier lifestyle through eating better, diet tips and nutritional information. With the affordable price offered for the magazine, this should be an easy decision for you to make!

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CranioSacral Therapists – Are You Giving Potential Clients a Bureau When All They Want Is A Rose?

I once dated a funny, charming man who scared the bejeezus out of me.

On our first date he gazed into my eyes and asked to know everything about me. Uncomfortable, I spent most of our lunch staring at my salad.

Not one to give up too soon, I agreed to a second date. The day after that one, I arrived home to find an antique bureau waiting for me on my doorstep. It was the same bureau I'd like at this gentleman's home when we met for dinner the night before.

Despite the grand gesture, I knew I had to cut off the relationship fast. He was lovely, but this was too much attention far too early in the relationship.

Are You Making That Mistake in Your Practice?

Ironically, I see big-hearted CranioSacral Therapists make this mistake with potential clients all the time. They try to rush from first glance to first session. Then they wonder why people pull back.

It's not you. It's simply too much and too soon.

Like any relationship, the one that grows between you and your clients needs to be cultured a step at a time. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind as you reach out to attract more clients:

Tip # 1: Stop trying to get people on your table every time you “touch” them with your marketing.

Instead, craft each piece of your communications protocol with the intent of only getting your potential client to the next piece. When each piece represents the next stage of your relationship, you can safely attract clients piece by piece till they land effortlessly at your door.

Tip # 2: Leverage your efforts to deliver your message to many people at one time.

Write client-outlet articles and post them in online directories. Give a talk to local associations and support groups. Try your hand at podcasting.

These are all powerful ways to share your message with many people at one time. At the early stages of your relationship with potential clients, that's the best way to proceed.

Tip # 3: Let your passion fuel your efforts.

There's a reason behind your desire to connect and share your hands-on help with more people. It's your gift. It's your passion. It's your purpose.

Allow that joyful, magnetic energy inspire you to move past your communication stuck points.

When you bring potential clients through each stage of your relationship with reverence and respect, the process becomes easy. And your efforts pay off handsomely with the perfect clients for you.

PS I long ago passed that beautiful bureau on to someone who could give it the care and attention it deserved. And the man who gave it to me? He became one of my most cherished mentors. And I think of him often with love.

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Cupping Therapy – The Heath Benefits of Chinese Cupping Therapy

Body pain is associated with every individual's life in this world. Pain basically indicates that there is some disorder or imbalance in the body due to some external or internal factors. Right from the ancient times to this modern world various medicines and therapies have evolved to treat different pains in different parts of the body. The modern therapies used are some modification of ancient ones only but the basic concept or logic behind them remains the same.

Among so many therapies, one is cupping therapy. This is basically a 3500 years old China based therapy for reducing body pain. Cupping therapy mainly includes use of plastic or glass cups to create a vacuum on the body part which enhances circulation of blood and lymph through tissues. During ancient times, heat was generated among the glass or bamboo cups and then this heat was applied to the painful part of the body. This heat would help in healing that particular area.

Cupping therapy mainly works on the meridians. Meridians are the energy pathways lying all across the body reaching to all tissues and organs. The energy inside our body, also called as chi, flows through these pathways only. Any disorder in our body is caused due to blockage in smooth flow of energy. So this therapy mainly clears the energy pathways through increasing circulation of blood and oxygen and smooth working of lymphatic system. This is mainly carried out on back portion as our back have maximum no meridians ie five. Moreover this helps in releasing body toxins from the tissues and organs. As the vacuum creates the suction, it reaches deep inside the cells and tissues which causes toxins to move out of cells.

This Cupping therapy is performed in two methods. One is Stationary and another is moving. Basically oil is applied on the body for creating smooth movement of suction cups. Sometimes these cups are kept on a particular part for 5-7 minutes without any movement. This comes under stationary method. While while vacuum pumps are continuously moved on body covering a large area then this is called as moving cupping therapy. At times, five to six cups are placed on different parts simultaneously and removed cyclically. This is termed as Flash Cupping.

Once you are over with this therapy, you may feel some sensation and tingling deep in the tissues. This sensation is the indication of fast blood flow after this therapy. It is very beneficial to apply essential oils just after this treatment so that it reaches inside the tissue, nourishes them and makes your skin glow and shine.

There are so many health benefits of this Chinese cupping therapy. It mainly reduces back pain, headache and fatigue. This regulates and balances hormones in the body, helps in ovulation in women, solves the constipation problem, eliminates skin problem and makes your skin healthy and reduces weight problems. It also strengthens our immune system thus giving us power to fight with attacking diseases.

If you want to try this therapy for yourself then you may visit any health center who will offer you complete package. You may also get the instruction from the Internet so that you can do it for yourself. For this you will have a need of cupping set which can be purchased from any medical supplier or you can also order it through on internet from anywhere in the world. Due to the increasing health benefits of this Chinese cupping therapy, it's becoming popular day by day.

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Healing You

Chiropractors doctors can be of a big help to you, be it for reducing your pain or neck pain or treating carpal tunnel syndrome. If you want to enjoy a life free of pain, then you should consult a good chiropractor soon.
Chiropractic treatment not only provides you relief and relaxation from pain and discomfort but also from serious conditions like scoliosis, carpal tunnel, sciatica and fibromyalgia. If you are suffering from a severe problem which is more painful than back pain and neck pain, you should go to your chiropractor.

Motion injuries, poor posture and ergonomics are the reasons that cause nerve problems and muscle tension. These conditions can be very uncomfortable, painful and causes tingling and numbness. In these times of computers, one such kind of condition is the carpal tunnel syndrome. The narrow channel in your wrists that is around the important nerves and tendons in order to protect is known as the carpal tunnel.

Sciatica is another condition which is related to nerve. It also causes pain to your body and produces numbness to burning pain. Sciatica nerve is located in the lower back. It can be caused due to irritation by any inflamed disc or ruptured disc and it spreads to the nerves in the legs and hips. You can cure this condition and get relief from the pain by going to a chiropractor for a treatment. For both these problems, carpal tunnel syndrome and sciatica, you will find chiropractic adjustment done to you and also you will receive massage for your ligaments, tendons and nerves.

Carpal tunnel syndrome and sciatica are some of the conditions that might fade away on proper treatment but there are some structural problems that are not as simple to treat. For scoliosis and fibromyalgia, getting a treatment is not very easy and a little complex. If you go to a well trained and licensed chiropractor, you will feel that your pain is reduced a lot and your discomfort is gone. Proper treatment for scoliosis includes straightening of the spinal and adjustments that helps to relive the pain and discomfort. Fibromyalgia does not have a cure as such but there are certain chiropractic procedures that can help relieve muscle tenderness and joint aches.

If you are suffering from a lot of pain and discomfort in your joints, nerves or muscles and it is hindering your daily activities, then you should go for chiropractic treatment. You should go for a well trained and licensed chiropractor that will help you to reduce the pain and give you a long term solution to your problem rather than a temporary one. So, go ahead and get in touch with a good chiropractor.

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Chiropractic Care For Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a problem that usually affects people who are 50 years of age or more. It is a very common joint disorder. The cartilage cushions that exist in between joints and the bones that make the joints are worn out in osteoarthritis. This disease results in abnormal growth of bone as with time, more cartilage begins to ear out and bone on bone wearing takes place.

Pain and Stiffness are the major signs of suffering from osteoarthritis. It gets pretty painful after prolonged sitting and getting up and also in the morning. Change in humidity or rainy weather also increases the pain most of the times. If osteoarthritis advances you from doing daily activities or activities that you like doing, then it can have a big impact on the quality of your life.

There are many treatments that are available in recent times for osteoarthritis. Chiropractic treatment not only reduces the pain but also treat you so that you get a long term relief from the pain. Medication and anti-inflammatory can give you relief but it is just a temporary relief. You can suffer complications and gastrointestinal problems due to these drugs.

The best and most natural method of treatment for osteoarthritis is chiropractic treatment. It depends on the complexity of the situation and also on the patient. The patient starts to feel good after the treatment and the process does not hurt. The condition of the patient and the complexity of the situation also affect the treatment. Reduction in pain, reduction in stiffness and restoring the normal motion of the joint are some of the results of the manipulation. Ice and heat can also be used to provide relief.

A very important aspect of chiropractic treatment for osteoarthritis is proper and healthy nutrition. Supplements like glucosamine, fish oils, chondrotin sulfate and many more can prove to be very helpful. Avoiding certain specific foods can reduce inflammation and hence reduce pain and improve healing. In order to find out what would be the best supplement for you, you should get in touch with your chiropractor as different things suit different situations.

Regular visits to your chiropractor may be able to help you prevent osteoarthritis. Correcting dysfunctional joints allows proper movement and can reduce your risk of the disease. It will also help keep discs stay healthy and prevent other causes of joint pain. If you suffer from osteoarthritis, speak with your chiropractor to learn how they can help you conservatively control your symptoms and prevent the progress of the disease.

In order to prevent osteoarthritis, you should visit your chiropractor regularly. You can easily reduce the risk of this disease by correcting any dysfunctional joints and hence keep the movements normal. This results other causes of pain in the joints and helps in keeping the disks healthy. If you have the problem of osteoarthritis, then you should consult your chiropractor so that he or she can help you in treating the problem and reduce the pain.

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Conservative Care of Neck Pain Injury

There are seven small vertebrae in your neck and it is also known as the cervical spine. It starts at the base of the skull. Our head weighs about 12 pounds and its entire weight is supported by the cervical spine or neck. The movement and flexibility of our head depends on our neck but this property also makes it vulnerable to injury and pain.

The biomechanics of the neck also contributes to its vulnerability to injury and pain. Accidents, prolonged sitting, repetitive movement, aging, falling, blows to the body and usual wear and tear are some of the activities that affect the biomechanics of the cervical spine. There can be many reasons for neck pain. Neck pain can be really irritating at times.

Osteoarthritis, accident or injuries, degenerative disc disease, growing older and spinal stenosis are some of the main reasons of neck pain. Some of the other daily life reasons for neck pain can be weak abdominal muscles, wrong posture and obesity. Weak muscles cause the balance of the spine to disrupt and the result is the bending of the neck forward so as to maintain the balance. Emotional tension and stress are also contributors to neck pain and headache.

There are tests that will be delivered by your chiropractor. There will be two types of tests in particular physical and neurological. The main movements that cause pain will be noticed in the physical test like physical condition, posture and range of motion. Your spine, its alignment, its curvature and muscle spasm will also be tested. Your shoulder area will also be inspected. Neurological test will deal with testing nerve changes, reflexes, pain and muscle strength.

In order to assess your situation rightly, your chiropractor may also conduct some tests. Arthritis, fractures, bone spurs and disc space can be evaluated by x-ray. Herniations and bulging discs can be checked with the help of CT scan or computerized axial tomography or with magnetic resonance imaging test or MRI. EMG or electromyography test will be done if your chiropractor suspects nerve damage. It is used to check how fast your nerves respond.

Chiropractic treatment is a very natural method of treatment and does not include any use of medicines or drugs or surgery. Your chiropractor will refer you to the appropriate specialist if he or she thinks that the condition is sever and may require the attention of the specialist. This is in case of a neck fracture or conditions for a serious disease. In order to coordinate your medical care and chiropractic care, your chiropractor may also take your permission to inform your family doctor as to what kind of chiropractic treatment you are receiving.

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Chiropractic Maintenance – If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It, Maintain It!

One of the most misunderstood and misused concepts in healthcare is that of “chiropractic maintenance”. Let me explain.

Some people go to the chiropractor because their back went out or their in some sort of pain. And because chiropractic adjustments are so effective in taking pressure off nerves that cause pain, symptoms clear up pretty quickly. Well, reliably quickly depending on how long symptoms have been apparent. This usually takes a few weeks to a month. Most folks that use chiropractic care simply for pain relief end up coming back sooner than later because the problem was not fully corrected before they stopped care.

And then, some folks go to the chiropractor not only to get rid of the pain but to do what they can to keep the pain from coming back. This process can usually take anywhere from 3-6 months. There's a good chance in some cases that the pain never returns and the person thinks everything is OK. And as long as the symptoms do not return neither does the patient. And, as long as symptom relief and prevention is concerned that's probably a reasonable exit. Most chiropractors that accept insurance would probably say that is perfectly fine. It's great (sort of) for everyone. Patient knows where they can go for relief and the chiropractor always has a source of insurance reimbursements.

But then, there's maintenance care. Some people look at maintenance care as a preventive measure to keep that serious problem from coming back. And, you know what? It IS great for that. But, maintenance care always presents a problem. Insurance does not pay for it and Americans expect to use their insurance if they have it. Many times, patient and chiropractor likewise tell little white lies to the insurance carrier so that their patient can continue their maintenance. Ongoing care is GOOD. But, having patient and doctor lie to have insurance pay for it is NOT good.

There's a larger reason why chiropractic maintenance is a good idea. In fact, I think “chiropractic maintenance” is a better idea than crisis or corrective care. While some view “maintenance” as a preventive measure, that's only a small part of the benefit that “maintenance” affords you.

The best comparison I can think of is your car. Just about everyone keeps their car at some level or another. We know to change the oil every 3-5000 miles, to rotate the tires on a regular basis, to have the front-end aligned, to check the radiator, the transmission fluid and so on. Obviously, doing these things will help prevent breakouts and maybe even accidents. But what routine maintenance on your car REALLY does for you is to give you peace of mind. Not only do you have the comfort of knowing your car is safer to drive it's also less likely to have a breakdown. You know that now your car will now run better. And because it runs better and you worry less, you can enjoy driving and focus on those other things that make your life better.

Ongoing chiropractic “maintenance” care does that same thing for your body and your life. As you and your chiropractor keep stress off your nerve system, your body functions better and helps prevent all sorts of problems in the future. It also helps you be better able to handle future pressures. In short, “chiropractic maintenance” will make every aspect of your life more effective and enjoyable.

Oh, here's another great reason to choose ongoing “chiropractic maintenance” care. It's cheaper. Just like a regular oil change is cheaper than replacing a burnt out engine, regular wellness visits take only a few minutes while the benefits pile up. One of the aspects of my practice that I really enjoy is that folks come in smiling and leave smiling. And because you pay monthly or annually, you never have to deal with the hassle of insurance, copays and collections.

So, regardless of your health situation, whether sick and hurting or a finely tuned athlete, I encourage you to seek out a chiropractor who specializes in “maintenance” or wellness care. Heck, you can even qualify them by looking for someone who does not even take insurance. Good luck in enjoying your new worry free body and lifestyle!

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Whiplash Injuries Can Cause Serious Spinal Trauma

When there is an injury in the neck, it is referred to as whiplash. When a whip like movement is created when the neck suffers from a sudden jerk in different directions, whiplash takes place. This is primarily due to the pain that arises due to the sudden movements. Usually, it happens due to automobile accidents but other causes can be work injury, falls, sports injury and such kind of reasons. When the neck and head go through forward and backward movement with sudden jerks, whiplash happens. Oblique style whiplash or side to side whiplash can result due to the crashes that take place during a whiplash injury. Usually, whiplash injuries are on a moderate to mild level but if it is serious or severe, it can even lead to death or paralysis. You should also remember that even mild whiplash injuries can cause a lot of damage to your health and spell.

Stiffness and pain in the neck are some of the symptoms of whiplash. The areas that are affected by whiplash show most symptoms. A good example would be to imagine that has been hit from the back. The first jerk motion you get is in the head as it is lifted and moves front and then back due to the sudden impact. Then it moves forward again and the muscles, ligaments and tendon at the back of the neck and the spine get over stretched. The term “whiplash” is used because the forward and backward motion created a whip like motion. If we compare the size of the spine and the weight of the head, it is pretty clear that the head weights more as compared to the weight that can easily be taken by the spine. When the head moves in a forward and backward pattern, the entire weight of the head and the strain created by the motion comes down to the spine and then to the muscles of the neck.

Chiropractic treatment and spinal manipulation can help you a lot. The result of the whiplash injury is pain and muscle spasms. Usually, chiropractic treatment includes using ice or heat to reduce the pain and muscle problem. For short periods of relief from pain, other methods like ultrasound and electrical simulation can also be used by chiropractors. One thing which should not be stopped is exercise and stretching. A lot of relief from whiplash pain is provided by chiropractors by spinal manipulation and mobilization.

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Gemstone Therapy Today

For ages, gemstones have been used medicinally. Jade was thought to protect the kidneys, liver, spleen, and heart; beryl to cure eye injuries, and carnelian to purify the blood and treat menstrual cramps. Yet the properties assigned to gems in the past tend to be general and ambiguous. No more. Today, gemstone therapy has evolved into an art and science, and a sophisticated energy medicine modality.

Gemstone therapy is based on gemstones in spherical form. The primary advantage of spheres over crystals is a sphere's ability to radiate its energies in all directions. The body's energy field is able to moderate how much of this energy it wants and can direct the energy where needed. This is impossible with a crystal, which points its energies in only one direction. Furthermore, when a sphere is cut from a crystal, it captures the finest essence of that crystal, leaving the dross behind.

Gemstone therapy began in 1987 when Isabelle Morton researched the missions and essential effects of gemstone spheres by intuitively communicating with the devas, or guardsians, of individual healing stones. Back then, gemstone therapy was limited to wearing the therapeutic-quality gemstone sphere necklaces to support physical and life issues, plus concerns that involve emotions, memory, and mind. A few techniques for placing necklaces on the body over ailing organs were also taught.

Today, many new applications for the therapeutic gemstone necklaces are available, including special techniques for applying them in the aura. Gemstone therapy has also expanded into two more branches: single sphere applications and gem formulas, which are homeopathic-like remedies made from the energies of gemstones. gem formulas are the next generation of gemstone elixirs. They are imprinted with the energies of the therapeutic gemstones that have been arranged to produce energy fields with unique purposes.

These two new branches make gemstone therapy more affordable and offer the layperson a great deal of versatility for self-therapy. This is what makes gemstone therapy stand out among other energy medicine modalities, which is on hands-on applications. With gemstone therapy, the gems do the work.

Gemstone energies work through your body and aura. They are also adaptogenic in that your body's energy field can direct gemstone energies wherever they are needed, and in whatever quantities are required. Gemstone energies have a normalizing effect on the emotions, mind, and body, including all physiological systems. Because gemstones work energetically, they can be used safely along with any other natural or allopathic medicines. In addition, they are ideal self-therapy tools, which allow individuals to take an active role in self-care, and more direct responsibility for improving their health.

Affordable self-therapy uses using single gemstone spheres. Single spheres can be used in a variety of ways, such as placement on acupoints and special energetic “windows” of organs and tissues. Spheres can also be arranged into patterns or small mandalas, called “mini-gemandalas,” which are supported by a disk of beeswax attached to a therapy rod and applied in the aura.

Mini-gemandalas can address a wide variety of health concerns. Each gemstone provides its unique benefits, plus you get the support from the numerology and geometry you use when you make the gemandala. Even with a reliably small collection of single spheres, you can make a nearly unlimited number of gemstone configurations-each tailor to your unique energetic needs at the moment the treatment is applied. Instructions for how to do self-therapy using mini-gemandalas can be viewed on the Gemstone Therapy Institute certification series DVD # 1 “Mini-Gemandalas for Self-Therapy” available from GEMFormulas, LLC.

The Gemstone Therapy Institute offers Gemstone Therapy Practitioner certification to students who complete the three-part training. A trained gemstone therapist can also use gems to diagnose the energetic picture of an illness; address the energetic patterns and accumulations that underlie disharmony; correct chakra and aura anomalies; loosen limiting patterns of emotions, habit, and belief; unwind the energies that hold life issues in a negative rut; directly address local and systemic conditions, as well as bringing ease to emotional, karmic, and thought-based disharmony; and more.

Gemstone therapy offers something for everyone: from the layperson who wants meaningful self-therapy to the health care practitioner looking for effective ways to add energy medicine to their practice.

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Untold Cure From Music Therapy

In 1950, The National Association for Music Therapy was formed and it brought the process into the world of professionalism. This was the root for their discovery. Using music as a cure for a person's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being has been used for centuries. However it was never referred to a professional science. Even though everyone does not consider it to be, it will make up a significant part of alternative medicine, which is commonly and popularly known.

Many people do refer to it for help. These people are professionals like a physician, a psychologist, or a social worker. There are also many parents that will use it for their children. There are reasons that someone will come under the care of a music therapist and they will always be in good hands.He or she is going to be a very qualified individual with a good education and training. There are music therapists that often work with the handicapped and the abused. This is also something that will help the elderly, terminally ill and the mentally derailed to recover quickly.

There are so many techniques and they deal with the expression of emotions for calming the body. A music therapist may tell a patient to sing to express their emotions that need to be let out. Others may also use piano playing as a way to increase their motor skills and others may use instruments to help a patient illustrate his or her inside feelings. It has different applications thereby making it an exciting and interesting therapy to undergo.

Definitely, there are patients that are involved in this process and are going to increase their skill in using an instrument or in another part of music, which is not the main focus. Music therapy is going to focus on the areas of communication, academic, motor and social skills. All of these areas can be affected with the use of music and proven by music therapist consistently.

Most of us may be surprised that music can cure some disabilities and illnesses. It is a good tool when used by those that are willing to participate so as to help them with problems. Many use it in hospitals, rehab centers, retirement homes. It can also help many children that are dealing with social skills in school. Music therapy can help in these fields and it is very interesting to learn that music therapy is showing up everywhere and it will soon become the rave of the moment. With this article, I know we are now aware of the untold cure from music therapy.

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The Healing Effects of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a physical and meditative practice that has been in use for more than 5,000 years, and employs a holistic approach in promoting physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Pittsburgh yoga offer Kundalini classes for it aims to tap into the consciousness and energy that flows within us and use this energy to achieve self-awareness and improved well-being. Kundalini yoga combines breathing, movement, and sound into the exercises to not only keep your body physically fit, but also to relieve stress and aid in the healing process of certain medical conditions.

According to Hindu philosophy that governs and guides yogic practice, the Kundalini is an energy coil found at the base of the spine. And according to this philosophy, this energy can be adapted into and channeled to be even distributed throughout the body and bring about positive mental, spiritual, and physical effects in the Kundalini yoga practitioner. Kundalini yoga sessions usually start by chanting, the sounds of which are believed to have the effect of relaxation and calming the mind, and then making the participant more physically and mentally open to guidance.

Like other variations of yoga, Kundalini also combines postures and movements with breathing exercises (known as pranyam) and mantras. The postures and movements used in Kundalini are designed to improve circulation and gland secretion, and aimlessly aims to establish in the individual a well-balanced glandular system.

The physical benefits you'll gain from practicing Kundalini yoga include an improved and strengthened nervous system and a well-balanced glandular system. The breathing and movement exercises employed in Kundalini also improves blood circulation and aids in pain management. As mentioned, Kundalini exercises a holistic approach to healing and meditation. This is why this variation of yoga is also popularly used to heal people of their drug and alcohol addictions – it mentally and physically prepares and strengthens the participant to make these life-changing decisions and make the transition easier.

Depending on the orientation of the Pittsburgh yoga instructor you choose, Kundalini can be tailor to specifically address health issues and medical problems. See the human body has several chakras or “energy centers” that we can tap into to allow our inner consciousness and energy flow to remaining balanced and prevent physical ailments. Among the conditions that Kundalini can address are headaches, menstrual irregularities, diabetes, drug and alcohol condition, depression, and heart and lung diseases.

In addition to the above-mentioned conditions, medical studies and research have also explored the possibility of the practice of Kundalini yoga as having the effects of improving and developing cognitive functions such as memory retrieval. Kundalini is generally known as an intense physical and psycho-spiritual practice, which should be done only under the supervision and guidance of a certified instructor.

If you live in Pennsylvania and you're looking for a Pittsburgh yoga instructor, you may want to find someone who is certified and specializes in Kundalini yoga. Also, if you're looking to practice Kundalini yoga with the aim of learning alternative healing methods for your health conditions, you should find an instructor that teachers Kundalini with a slightly more health-based and medical approach as opposed to those who focus more on physical fitness and weight loss.

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Why the Biofavonoid Quercetin Is Important

Good question, can we answer it? Yes, but let's get through some basic facts. First, quercetin is a natural compound that can be found in many of the foods we eat everyday, such as apples, onions and many other fruits and vegetables. These can be found not only in nature, but also grown on human vegetable and fruit farms. Man has used these fruits and vegetables to cure diseases and ailments for ages. It has been known that fresh vegetables and fruit are used to treat different diseases and health conditions in humans. All through history man has known fruits are needed for good health, but never really understood why this was so. Today there are those in sciences that consider fruits an important option because they include the bioflavonoid quercetin.

First, I think we need to explain what the meaning is for the word, bioflavonoid. Bio means two and flavonoid is defined by a medical dictionary as, “Any of a large group of phytonutrients that are water-soluble pigments, considered to have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.”

The word bioflavonoid is not totally unknown to many people, but very few of us understand what it really means. Flavonoids are pigments found in vegetables and fruits that make them colorful, and it is these pigments that are so beneficial to humans in curing so many ailments. The lists of human ailments these pigments can cure include: arthritis, skin ailments, cancer, LDL cholesterol, and heart problems. Bioflavonoids are a rich source of anti-oxidants which makes them even more useful. Because all bioflavonoids are natural compounds found only in plants grown by man or nature and not artificially created in some laboratory makes them 100% effective and also gives you a guarantee there will be no side effects. Free radicals are known to be one of the main targets of anti-oxidants and this eliminates the cell damage caused by free radicals. A great deal of research has been completed on the bioflavonoid quercetin in an effort to learn the different ways it can be used to treat human health issues.

OK, now that we understand what a bioflavonoid is, we need to find a way to identify the bioflavonoid quercetin. The reddish tint in a fruit is one of the best ways to identify it as containing quercetin. Berries are one of the richest sources of quercetin. Red wine, red onions and red apples are rich natural sources of the bioflavonoid quercetin. Vitamin C rich fruits such as grapes and oranges can also be used to add quercetin to your diet.

Quercetin, as a bioflavonoid, has been substantiated by massive data developed by many scientific research projects around the world that it is beneficial in healing many human health problems. Available data shows it can prevent or resist allergies and inflammation in the human body. As quercetin's reputation spreads, there are more and more doctors prescribing it to patients dealing with allergies like asthma and hay fever. It has also been found to be effective when used to treat urinary tract infection. Research at UCLA, found that quercetin was effective in treating type 1 hepatitis C and there were no side effects experienced by the test patients. This research will need further study to verify the UCLA data, but it is a really big breakthrough.

There is a great deal of research being done with the bioflavonoid quercetin and every day can bring new data. The best way to benefit from quercetin is to keep reading all the reports being published and educate your self.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a Doctor and do not give medical advice; This is a news report and can not substitute for the advice of a medical professional.

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How to Release Pain and Unlock Your Own Body’s Power to Heal

If you're looking for an effective and non-invasive modality to support your overall health energy medicine may be the answer you're seeking. Your body has it's own natural healing abilities but that healing may be caused due to stress, trauma, and chronic pain among other causes. You may wonder, “How can energy therapy help me?”

When using energy therapy, often chronic pain can be released. This happened in the case of an elderly woman who had a compression fracture in the lower right back region. Prior to the energy therapy she rated her pain between 7 and 8 on a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the most severe pain. After the assessment of the energy field and chakra system, energy techniques for the back were provided. A “Pain Drain” was also given. When the session was complete, the client's pain was a 0. The pain had been released. The relief she felt allowed her to do her daily tasks.

Energy medicine also addresses many other health concerns. Sometimes when one area of ​​the body is addressed, other conditions release as well. Stress is pervasive in our culture. Another woman was treated for severe stress (8 on the scale with 10 being the most severe), back and neck pain (6 out of 10) and muscle tension (5 out of 10). Her intention was reduction of stress and release of pain. After energy therapy was provided the person reported that not only was she feeling very calm and centered (her stress had been reduced to 2 on the scale with 10 being the highest stress) she also reported that her back / neck pain and muscle tension had been reduced to 0.

Energy therapy is effective, non-invasive and supports traditional medicine very well.

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