Spirit of Life Enhancement

The way to Physical Healing, Emotional Healing, and even Financial Success begins with small steps of faith from the Living Word of God. FAITH is essential to Divine Healing Success. All begins with the Spiritual Healing resident in believing God. God's desire for you to return to the original plan for you in creation was so great He entered the human experience in Jesus.

Jesus experienced the same testings and trials of every other human, finally giving in to His Fathers for his life and not His own will. The struggle to give up His own will was so emotional He sweat what appeared to be 'drops of blood'. Then, after rising to Eternal Life, Christ Jesus went away to prepare the place for you He created for you.

Today you are in the place in His Kingdom He created for you; believe that and accept the healthy newness of being who He created you to be – where you are now. Physical health and all earthly blessings begin by accepting His Spirit into your life. Your fallen spirit is replaced with God's Spirit of Eternal Life; here your will becomes His Will of health and newness of life for you.

Many desire Divine Healing and Success but are skeptical to receive it. If you are one of them, listen carefully: “God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should change his mind. “He said.

Until you are fully convinced, you may never be healed. The Bible tells us that, “without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.”

Prayer. I want to return to the image and likeness of God in which I was created. I accept your invitation to return to you through the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus. I believe you love me, Father God, and are asking me to return to you. I want you in my life as a comforter, teacher and guide to Spiritual maturity.

Thank you Father. I am returning home to you through the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus, where I can live in the healthy fulness of your Joy and Peace. Amen.

Find a Bible believing and teaching church in your area. Relationship with maturing believers allows you to grow in Christ with others who share the same journey, discovering the real way to live by daily reinforcing the Joy and Peace received at the beginning of your journey to Divine invigorating healthy success.

Being Godly in an Ungodly World © 2008

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Making Your Own Tinctures Will Save You Money

Being a part of a very large home schooling support group, I am learning that many of our large single income families are saving money in very creative ways. We strive to feed our kids healthy foods, while providing them with the best home based educations, the strongest moral foundations, and the deepest level of social development and character building that we can provide. We pool our individual gifts together as a support group, and we help each other to achieve our goals while finding ways to survive during difficult economic times.

Recently, I have been going over the bills again, to see if their is yet another way that we can save on our single income. I discovered another area that I have not explored yet, and I am now learning how to make our own medicines, tinctures, herbal remedies and teas. What has truly amazed me so far is the simplicity of the process and how unbelievably inexpensive it all costs. I can now fill my medicine cabinet for a few dollars instead of hundreds of dollars by simply making it ourselves.

Now that our youngest has reclaimed beautifully from multiple ailments due to her disabilities, we have all noticed an improvement in each family members overall health since we switched to home cooked meals, organic foods, and homeopathic remedies. I have been purchasing tinctures, extracts, remedies, and teas from our local health food store, and now realize that we spend a lot of money in this area of ​​our budget.

Researching the process of making tinctures has encouraged me to start selecting a whole new selection of herbs and plants for our garden next Spring, so we can start growing our own medicine right here at home. From Echinacea tinctures, to Dandelion root tinctures, Chamomile Teas, Ginseng tinctures, and more. We can literally make our own healing medicinal herbal tinctures, teas, and remedies and save thousands of dollars each year.

There are various tinctures that can be easily made using either fresh or dried leaves and roots of herbs such as Echinacea, Motherwort, Ginseng, Dandelion root, Yarrow, and other plants, flowers, and roots. There are lists of each plant, flower, and root and what their healing properties are online. It is very important that you study a list of edible plants, and non -ible plants before you even begin on this path so that you are very certain the plant you are selecting for your tincture is in fact edible.

To make an Echinacea Tincture:

  1. Dig up Echinacea roots (try not to break the root), or purchase a store bought Echinacea root and wash well.
  2. Chop the root and add to a pint glass jar filling it 2/3 full (about 2 cups in a large canning jar).
  3. Add about 2 cups grain alcohol such as 100% Vodka to the jar and screw the top on.
  4. Place the jar in a cool dark place away from sunlight for about 6 weeks, shaking the jar daily.
  5. Strain the liquid from the roots using two layers of cheese cloth then pour into a new sterilized glass jar.
  6. At this point, you can carefully fill small amber or blue glass dropper bottles with your Echinacea Tincture, and store them back into their cool dark place. Your tinctures will go a long way, and last for years if properly prepared and stored.
  7. If you have an alcohol sensitivity, you can put a dropper full of your homemade tincture into a cup of hot tea which will help dilute the alcohol and allow it to evaporate, leaving only the herbal properties.

As I venture into this new world of natural medicines, I will document, and share all that I find with you so that your family can take control of your families medical / pharmaceutical budget too. We are all on this journey together, and together, we can survive even the most difficult times and stay healthy, happy, and free.

Happy Travels!

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How Safe Is Chiropractic Care?

For any neuromusculoskeletal problems, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain or joint pain, you can always rely on chiropractic treatment to give you relief without the use of drugs. Chiropractic care is a natural way of treatment and is safe but we are all aware that nothing is free of adverse effects.

There are hardly any risks associated with chiropractic treatment. Usually, patients feel immediate relief from pain after chiropractic adjustment but in some cases, patients may feel aching and soreness like one does after a lot of exercise. It has been observed that this soreness or discomfort usually goes away with a day after the treatment.

Neck adjustment is the method by which some of the headaches and neck pain are treated. Cervical manipulation is the other name given to neck adjustment. It works by releasing pressure and tension by improving joint mobility and increasing range of motion. It also reduces spasm in the muscles. This method is carried out by applying pressure to the joints of the neck by hand. The result is better mobility in the neck and reduced stiffness and pain in the neck.

You should visit your chiropractor in case there is a mysterious head or upper neck pain. This show there can be a pre-stroke condition as it can be severe and sudden. Turning with a jerk while driving, stargazing and getting shampoo in the salon are some of the activities that can cause an aneurysm which results in the artery walls becoming feeble and they widen the neck arteries and this result in stroke. These are some of the things that take place and usually can not be predicted.

Before going for the usual treatment methods for pain in the neck or back, patients should be aware of the risks and side effects associated with them. NSAID or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may have problems and risks that treatment by manipulation does not have. It has been observed that NSAID or painkillers causes one-third of all the deaths and health problems that are connected to gastrointestinal bleeding.

You should be very careful and specific about what are your symptoms when you consult your chiropractor. This will help your chiropractor in identifying the exact reason and problem and hence suggest the best treatment that is possible for the problem. If the condition is serious, he or she can refer you to a specialist. If you wish to know more about stroke and if it is a cause of concern in your case, you should go ahead and discuss that with your chiropractor. Your chiropractor will assess your condition and may forego manipulation and go for soft tissue technique, joint mobilization, therapeutic exercise and many other treatment methods.

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An Overview Of A Reiki Master Healer

A technique that has gained in popularity over the past few years is Reiki. It is a Japanese way to reduce stress, relax, and promote healing performed by individuals who have been trained in specific methods and techniques of the practice. A reiki master healer is at the mid-level of skill in this technique and understanding something about it first should help clarify this form of healing so powerful.

The technique utilizes the “laying on of hands” and is based on the fact that “life force energy” flows through the body of an individual. The energy within a person is believed to be their source of life so if it is low an individual will often become sick. Therefore, Reiki seeks to maintain a high energy level that keeps a person happy and healthy.

The treatment one can expect from a master in this art is a feeling of warmth that radiates in and around the body. Body, emotions, mind, and spirit are all affected leaving feeling at-peace, secure, and well. It's a simple, natural, and safe alternative that can be used by anyone. Additionally, it will not interfere with other medical procedures one may be undergoing.

A healer has perfected the first two levels of the technique, but a master healer has also achieved the third level. At this level the healer is able to channel the energy of the universe in order to pass it on others who may be in need. At this level, healing can occur wherever the recipient is close at hand or at a distance and can even transmit to larger audiences.

In doing their work they never take credit for the actual healing process as they understand that it is the reiki process that does the healing. On the other hand, they also will not blame themselves if desired results are not achieved. If the patient is not receptive this technique will not work.

It is difficult to move from one level to the next and is achieved when chakras are opened by a Master or Grandmaster. It's always easier for those trying to achieve this level to work with someone who in a “hands-on” setting where the ability to heal can be transferred to the healer. It generally takes about three days of intense training to achieve this goal.

The desire of most professionals in this field is to help others. Although it is not a religion, those in the field are still encouraged to act and live in such a way that harmony is promoted when interacting with others. For the reiki master healer, a commitment has been made to continue to improve one's self while helping others.

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Sound Healing – What Is Sound Healing, and How Does It Work?

Can you think of a song which had a powerful effect on your emotions? How about the sound of a car accident coming nearby – what would that do in your body? Do you feel a bit uneasy just thinking about that sound? It's clear that sound and music are powerful forces in our lives. Imagine what might be possible if you could harness that power to create a positive, healing reaction.

This is Sound Healing , a form of energy medicine or vibrational therapy designed to have a measurable effect on organs and tissues as well as brainwave activity which changes the way a person feet, functions and responses. It is also effective in the body to induce a state of calm, slow and regular breathing, lower blood pressure, alleviate pain, and reduce stress, all of which boost the function of the immune system. Sound can take your brain waves from active to alpha, as if you were meditating. The director of a Baltimore hospital coronary unit found that 30 minutes of classical music produced the same effect as 10 milligrams of Valium.

The Journal of Advanced Nursing reported that listening to music for one hour a day for one week reduced chronic pain by up to 21 percent, and depression by up to 25% in people with a range of conditions including rheumatoid arthritis. Premature infants exposed to music increased their rate rate 2.5 times, which allowed them to leave the hospital two weeks earlier than other premature babies, in research done by Jayne Standley, a leading music therapist from Florida State University. Mozart's music has been found to reduce the electrical activity associated with seizures in people with epilepsy. A leading New York oncologist uses Tibetan singing bowls and Hindu Sanskrit chanting to help cancer patients; in his book, “The Healing Power of Sound,” Dr. Mitchell Gaynor discusses the amazing results seen by integrating music, vocalization and meditation into patient care.

We know what a great health benefit it is to reduce stress, and using music and sound to help do this is a fun, powerful and effective way to enhance health and improve energy. In fact, sound and music can help you shift from one state of energy to another, from feeling tired and depressed, to feeling more calm, energetic and happier. Often, emotional and mental difficulties can also be resolved.

Hospitals and clinics today use sound to heal in a number of ways, from music in the waiting room, to ultrasound waves aimed at kidney stones to dissolve them. After WW II, the benefits of sound gained attention in the West when veterans in homes and hospitals responded extremely positively to visiting musicians. Today, hospitals are being constructed with music and sound as an integral part of the architecture, with different music for waiting areas, outpatient clinics and emergency rooms, and even in the operating rooms, all designed to aid patients in healing, and to rejuvenate and support staff.

Sound healing is based on vibrational frequencies. Physics tells us that everything in the universe is made of energy which vibrates at its own unique speed or frequency. If a person is in pain or feels out of balance it may be because his or her subtle energy system is blocked in one or more areas, in addition to any physiological issues.

When parts of the body such as organs, muscles, and bones are vibrating at their normal frequency, a person is healthy. If a part is vibrating at a frequency which is not in harmony with a person, he or she is unhealthy. Using music, sound tools, technique and intention, the sound healer helps to release the pain, and asserts the person in healing by making changes in the unhealthy sound patterns found in a person who is ill or emotionally upset.

For example, someone with lower back pain may have dropped a muscle but is also feeling unsupported by those close to him or her. This pain, and even the thoughts about the pain, vibrate at a specific speed creating a sound; which may or may not be audible to human ears. The task of a sound healer is to match this specific frequency in order to release the pain. However, most sound healers would agree that this addresses only the physical issue. The person must also pursue healing on an emotional, mental and spiritual level so that the pain will not return shortly after the session.

Sound, even in its simplest form, such as a single tone sung at the proper frequency, can effect change in our bodies. Scientists believe this may be possible because our bodies are made up of about 80% water and water is a major conductor of sound. If sound helps the cellular activity move towards greater order, the body can do its own job much more more effectively. More complex music affects us on a mental and emotional level because it is acting on the nervous system, specifically, the parts of our brain responsible for emotion, memory and non-verbal communication.

Some researchers take this idea even further. Masuru Emoto, a Japanese researcher, has studied the effects of music, chants, thoughts and words (which technically have their own measurable vibrations) on the shape and pattern of water as it forms into crystals. Water in vials onto which the words “Thank You” have been placed creates a beautiful crystal, while the words “I hate you,” creates a dark, chaotic mess. The theory is that since humans are made up of mostly water, sounds, including the inaudible frequencies of words and thoughts have an effect on us, both positive and negative

This kind of work implies that using sound, and adding a positive intention doubles the positive effect of sound healing, and moves the person closer to a state of balance and health. There are many studies, formal and informal, which illustrate the effectiveness of using sound to create positive changes in body, mind and spirit, but a person only has to think of a song which strongly influenced his or her state of mind to demonstrate it.

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Chiropractic Pain Relief Without the Side Effects

In the United States, Chiropractic is a natural way of healing which does not include any drugs or medicines. It is into existence for more than 100 years. Chiropractors in recent times are very skilled and highly trained in the field of health care. Chiropractors can help you in many ways like treatment of back pain, joint pain or arthritis.

Chiropractic care has proved to be very beneficial for people with chronic pain. The kind of treatment chiropractic provides is said to be beneficial for normal functioning of the spinal and in reducing pain as well. Chiropractors are highly trained for this. A recent study compared chiropractic spinal adjustment to Celebrax / Bextra / Cox-2 inhibitors for the treatment of chronic pain. This was published in July 2003 in Spine which is number one orthopedic journal in the world. Chiropractic treatment was proved to be 5 times better in case of chronic spinal pain as compared to Cox-2 inhibitors. It was also observed that the medicine caused more pain, side effects and reactions as compared to the natural healing process of chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractic treatment has been practiced for many years and has many ways to treat old patients in a safe manner. Food advice also comes under chiropractic treatment as some food have bad effects on inflammation and cause harm. There are other kinds of foods that help our body to produce hormones that are anti-inflammatory. There are nutrients that can increase the production of anti-inflammatory hormones in our body and are completely safe. There are no reactions or side effects as our body makes these anti-inflammatories itself. It is said, prevention is better than cure. With chiropractic treatment, you can reduce the rate at which your spine ages. It has been observed that spinal manipulation can help the spine from aging and avoid arthritis and other similar problems.

You can find all the advantages of spinal manipulation in the scientific literature and chiropractic care is becoming popular day by day. Research is being carried out regarding the various aspects of chiropractic care. It is a sad thing to notice that there is not the right kind of awareness in the people regarding the effectiveness of chiropractic care and how naturally it can heal various problems like neck pain, back pain and shoulder pain. It is an important field of health care and should be given proper attention as it is free from drugs, side effects and pain.

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What Is Reiki Energy and Can It Help Me?

Reiki is a form of hands on healing passed down from healer to healer. It is generally said to always be a positive, good form of energy that can not be used for anything negative. Reiki helps calm and clear the mind, and allows the body to relax and receive healing energy. A Reiki practitioner has been taught three levels of healing from a Reiki master practitioner, and may have the title of Master themselves. Rieki can relieve pain, remove trauma from damaged tissue and restore a body / mind balance in the recipient.

Reiki is based on Kanji's – Japanese writing used as symbols; and there's a Hawaian version with a different symbol Karuna Reiki that sees more powerful than just “regular” Reiki.

The way to clear your body and energy field with it is to let it flow through you and push out the other stuff. The practitioner also receives Reiki energy as it flows through their hands, making it a dual healing system. The energy itself is described as “life force,” energy. It is easier on the practitioner than something that requires them to try and force a healing energy from themselves as it is an energy flow from a source outside of themselves, and therefore does not exhaust them physically.

I have had three different attunements to be made a Reiki Master. However, I found it was not until I really worked with the symbols daily that amazing stuff started happening for me. It is a quick way of feeling grounded, protected and healthy all at the same time, to treat yourself to even a five minute session of Reiki daily.

The founder of Reiki was a Japanese mystic, but a real documented person. His gravesite has been identified in Japan and some of his work and philosophy quoted there. The writing itself has become more recognizable as more people see Japanese symbols used in tattoos, etc.

I have a symbol painted on my hall door that immediately catches everyone's attention. It is amazing to me how many people ask what kind of writing is that and what does it mean? Because 20 years ago no one even recognized Kanji's or Japanese writing!

As a write for women in their Second Acts, or Starting Over, I recommend Reiki as an alternative or a compliment to massage for both mental and physical healing!

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Natural Healthcare Tidbits

Natural Healthcare is a system of healing based on the theory that disease and disorders are caused by either a misalignment of the bones in the body, especially in the spine, the body being polluted with toxins and chemicals or leading a chronically stressed life. These things stated may obstruct proper communication of the body leading to disease. Some of these resulting diseases can be things like arthritis, pinched nerve, sciatica, headaches and many more.

Wellness Physicians maneuver around the physiological values ​​and belief that the brain and nervous system controls the functions of the body and if the communication within the body is operating at its highest potential that the body will be able to heal itself. When disruption occurs in this cycle the brain is unable to communicate with all or parts of the body and a breakdown of the body occurs. We see this happening in persons dealing with conditions such as fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome and other neuropathies. Since there is not one area of ​​the body damaged causing the symptoms one must look to the main control center of the body for a remedy.

The job of a Wellness Physical is to restore the communication channels of the body, ie. nervous system, by removing the disruptions from the brain to the body. These disruptions and blockages are referred to as subluxations which means a minor misalignment of a segment of the spinal causation irritation to a nerve and drawing away from its normal function. One would only logically see that removing the interference would restore normal function and relief from any neurologically related diseases.

There are some things one could do at home to begin alleviating the nerve disruptions like beginning a mild to moderate stretching routine, eating healthy foods, and removing toxins from the body. The one thing that is impossible to perform is an adjustment to the spell to specifically remove any nerve blockages. For this one must seek out a chiropractor. The best way to go about finding a Natural Based Doctor that will work for your specific goals is to begin interviewing them much like you would interview a person to take care of a loved one. Find out their beliefs, background and any reviews they may have.

Most diseases will not respond to only one type of treatment but to take a multidisciplinary approach much like what is listed above. This includes to remove interference in the nervous system, enhance the stress mechanism in the body and remove toxins and chemicals.

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Therapeutic Essential Oils – A Healthful Consideration

There are certainly many ways to maintain your health. There are the usual Western ways: pharmaceuticals and surgery. They both certainly have their place. However, if you want to take a more natural path towards health and wellness, you may want to consider the use of the therapeutic essential oils .

What you might think of as the natural approach to health may just be what you're used to, or all you know. Your parents or teachers may have taught you that if you want to avoid diseases you should have a vaccine shot. You may have been convinced that pharmaceutical chemicals are the only solution for your ills. But, if you grow up in China, the area of ​​what's known as Eastern medicine, the usual measures we practice in the United States may seem unusual or harsh.

The area of ​​natural medicine, or what may be termed alternative or complimentary here in the United States, can include such modalities as chiropractic, herbology, nutrition, massage and meditation. The use of the therapeutic essential oils can certainly be included in this group. The use of essential oils for health and wellness, or what some may call aromatherapy, is growing in acceptance through the western world.

The earliest known documentation of essential oils is from 4500 BC, and through history, their use and effectiveness has been documented again and again by doctors, scientists and spiritual leaders. More recently during the twentieth century, they have been extensively studied in France and in the United States and are scientifically proven effective for many uses in the healthcare field.

In the beginning of the time of man, there were no drug stores or surgical suites. Ancient peoples used the Earth's botanical bounty for its health benefits. While there may be a need for some aspects of the more “modern” medical practices, there are certainly those who chosen path may be on the more natural side of health. If you are that person, you may want to research the therapeutic essential oils for your own use. I thought it was worth a bit of consideration for myself. Perhaps you feel likewise.

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Balance Your Chakras With the Power of Tuning Forks

The chakras are energy centers in your body that play an important role in your health. Most people think they need to be in a yoga class to work with the chakras. Sound healing with tuning forks can be a simple but powerful way to balance the chakras and improve the flow of energy in the body, resulting in less stress, and more energy to make life changes.

The Chakras
The chakras are 7 major energy centers in the body that run along the spinal column. They extend from the base of the spine to the brain. The chakras are the control center for the flow of energy in the body and all energy coming into the body. They link the physical body to the subtle energy fields around the body that represent emotional, mental and spiritual activities. The chakras are connected to the physical body through the spinal column. There are three primary energy channels in the body. The central energy channel, the Sushumna, runs along the spinal column. Two other channels, the Ida (female energy) and Pingala (male energy) intertwine along the Sushumna. The chakras are created where these two channels cross the Sushumna. Excesses or shortcomings in each chakra will indicate where the body is out of balance. These imbalances can manifest in the form of physical aches and pains or illness or in an emotional imbalances such as anxiety or an addiction. Although many people associate the chakras with sitting on a yoga mat, sound can be an effective way to improve the flow of energy in the body and restore the proper balance to each chakra.

How Tuning Forks Work
Quantum physics is now confirming that our bodies are not solid matter, but an orchestra of vibrational frequencies. Each cell, organ or body system has its own optimum frequency that corresponds to a health state. Illness and disease indicate that the vibrational frequency is out of balance. The specific frequencies of various sounds can change the frequency of the chakra. At a metaphysical level, aches and pains are an indication at the cellular level that the life force energy of the physical body is blocked. The power of sound can release trapped energy and make this energy available for restoring health and making life changes. Tuning forks can search out and work on blockages in the mixture energy bodies that surround the physical body and change imbalances before they manifest at the physical level.

Putting it Together
There are many types of tuning forks that use different frequencies. Some are based on the current musical scale while others are based on specific numerical sequences or energies. One example is the tuning based on the ancient Solfeggio frequencies. The Solfeggio frequencies are part of an ancient musical scale that was originally part of the Gregorian Chant. Usually these powerful frequencies were replaced with changes in the musical scale based. These frequencies have been rediscovered and are now being used to reduce stress, increase energy flow and facilitate the body's ability to heal itself.

Each of the six frequencies correspond to one of the chakras:
1st Chakra uses the UT Fork at 396 Hz for Liberating Guilt and Fear
2nd Chakra uses the RE Fork at 417 Hz for Facilitating Change
3rd Chakra uses the MI Fork at 528 Hz for Transformation and Miracles
4th Chakra uses the FA Fork at 639 Hz for Connecting to Others
5th Chakra uses the SOL Fork at 741 Hz for Expressions and Solutions
6th Chakra uses the LA Fork at 852 Hz for Awakening Intuition
The 7th chakra is the connection to the Universe and is the sum of the previous six frequencies

The practitioner works by having the client first lie face down on a massage table. The client hears the tone of the first tuning fork. The fork is held over each chakra to achieve balance. After the root chakra, the client answers a combination of the UT fork and the next chakra. The interval between the two forks is important. The practitioner creates an energy bridge from the root chakra to each succeeding chakra. The two forks are used to trace the intertwining energy channels up the base of the spine to the crown. The client turns over and the process is repeated, working from the crown chakra down to the root.

In summary, the chakras play an important role in balancing the energy within the body and maintaining the proper balance necessary for optimum health. Sound is an important way to restore balance to the chakras and facilitate the movement of energy through the body. It can be a simple but powerful technique.

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3 Things The Best Day Spas Have in Common

There are many spas in Colorado Springs. There is a spa and a treatment for every budget. Here are some things to look for in the best spas in Colorado Springs.

1. Knowledgeable Staff

Staff members of any spa should be able to answer any questions you may have. With some of the skin treatments available today, it is very important the technician explain all the after care issues with the customer for the most desirable results. Look for a spa that has technicians with applicable educational degrees. Formally trained staff is not only safer for the customer, but they are informed of the latest trends in beauty, so they can offer the latest spa services.

2. Services offered

Almost every spa has hair, nails, and massages listed on their menu of services, so if you want to find one of the best spas, look for one with more to offer. The most popular spas have a range of facials available to treat everything from acne to anti-aging. There are many different massages to choose from as well as hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and even some guided meditation at the best spas. Most spas will also let you customize your services as well as offer packages for the best possible experience.

3. Pricing

While the adage “you get what you pay for” is true, it pays to shop around when looking for a spa. Once you have narrowed your choices down by which services you would like to receive, how knowledgeable the staff is, it is time to compare prices. Some things to look out for are package deals and group discounts. The best spas do not usually offer coupons, but most will give a large group a discount. This type of discount is a wonderful idea for those who are planning a day out with the girls. Most spas will register your group as a private party, so which ever services the group is getting, it will stay together. Your group will not be split up and mixed in with other spa customers.

If you are not looking for a group experience, then a package deal may the ideal way to save some money. Packages offered by spas are almost infinite, so it is easy to locate the ideal package for you. Since most spa sell gift cards, men can purchase a package and present their significant other with the perfect gift of pampering.

If you keep in mind the three things listed above when choosing a spa, a relaxing experience is waiting to reward you for your work.

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Secrets to Choosing the Right Day Spa for You

Finding the right kind of day spa can be a difficult choice. There are many to choose from, with different services offered and different pricing options. For those in the Colorado Springs area, there are many options for excellent day spas to choose from. This overview will deal with some of the options available at various day spa facilities, and offer a guide to choosing the right Colorado Springs day spa, no matter what you are looking for.

First, a brief overview of the services offered at day spa facilities is required. These include many different services, like massage, facials, body wraps and baths, as well as manicures, pedicures, and reflexology. All of these treatments are designed to patients you relax and keep the body healthy. Treatments such as massage are often believed to help reduce stress, making them a top choice for many with lots of tension. Many spas also offer couples massages, which makes for a great way to spend an afternoon or a special occasion. Most day spas offer a variety of massage treatments, including hot stone massage, Swedish massage, and deep tissue massage. Other treatments are geared towards removing toxins from the body, like the sea algae body wrap. This treatment is designed to remove toxins from the body via the skin, and is a great way to relax while cleansing the body. Many day spas also offer sea algae baths, which not only help remove toxins but also rehydrate the skin, leaving the body smooth and soft. Other treatments include facials, pedicures, hair removal, or package options. Treatments offered at different spas will vary, but these are some of the most popular.

For those who wish to spend a day at the spa, other options are also available. These comprehensive packages can be designed to fit your needs. Often, a spa package includes a massage, facial, and a manicure or pedicure. Spa guests can also combine services that include aromatherapy, hot stone massage, body wraps, and more. Some packages are even available for those who wish to spend all day at the spa getting pampered and relaxing. This is a great option for honeymooners or special occasions. Couples day spa packages are available as well. Pricing for spa packages is determined by the length of time spent at the spa, as well as the types of services received.

Finding the right Colorado Springs day spa does not have to be a difficult choice. By choosing the types of services desired, simply call or go online and book your appointment today!

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Day Spas – A Busy Woman’s Best Friend

Colorado Springs, nestled at the foot of majestic Pikes Peak, in addition to being a prime spot for skiing, is a hotspot for many luxurious day spas. Whether you're vacationing in the area or are sufficient enough to be a resident, paying a visit to one of the local day spas promises to offer the perfect pampering experience to go hand in hand with the serenity found in nature around you.

There are many options in and around town for scheduling a relaxing massage, including Swedish, Aromatherapy and deep tissue. If you're visiting a day spa in the cool of winter, a soothing hot stone massage may be just what you're looking for to warm your body and soul. Another wonderful option for relaxation is the variety of body wrap treatments offered in many local spas, with results ranging from weight loss to detoxification of the body.

There are also a number of knowledgeable licensed aestheticians working among Colorado Springs Day Spas that can help you achieve a healthy, radiant glow on the body and face. You may opt for a calming facial or an anti-aging treatment to fight free radicals. A body scrub done in a spa is a great way to exfoliate and reveal younger looking skin. Many day spas in the area offer organic product lines using the most healthy, nourishing ingredients on the market.

While Colorado Springs Day Spas offer many services that will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered, many area spas also offer services to ensure that your experience leaves you looking as great as you feel. There are numerous spas that offer in house salon services, including hair removal by electrolysis or waxing, manicures and pedicures, hair cuts and coloring, personal grooming and makeup application. Tanning is also a commonly offered service and is a wonderful option during the winter season when the sun does not grace our skin as much as some might prefer.

For many of us, taking the time out of life's hectic schedule to unwind and be catered to just does not happen often enough! The benefits we reap from visiting a spa on occasion is well worth the investment. Whatever services you may be looking for, there is sure to be a spa in the area to fit the bill.

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The Reiki Precepts and More – An Everyday Practice To Fit In With A Busy Schedule

Most Reiki Masters strongly encourage their new Level I students to begin their healing journey with twenty-one days of daily self-healing. After all, Mikao Usui was enlightened with the Reiki holistic system of healing as he spent twenty-one days meditating and fasting on Mount Kurama. I do always request that my students begin their three-week, self-healing odyssey as well as a simple daily practice that they can continue on with indefinitely. I truly hope they can see the benefits of a daily personal practice, and that continuing on becoming an enlightened and pleasant task, as opposed to a tedious ritual that one feels they must do.

Every Reiki practitioner should have a regular daily practice. With today's hectic schedules, it is okay if you do not sit for an hour and meditate. A fifteen minute practice can be brief but powerful, and will energize, balance and prepare you for the day. But it is key to develop an energetic routine that resonates with your own beliefs as well as time schedule – one that feels good and uplifting to you!

I will share a suggestion that is ideal for practitioners that are Level II or up. You can use all of these steps, or some of them, and feel free to add or continue those actions that have already worked well in your life.

  • Sit in a relaxed, meditational position with your spain straight and aligned, but not rigid.
  • Get in touch with Earth energy for grounding. Imagine you have roots growing down from the base of your spine (root chakra) and from the bottom of your feet, going all the way to the center of the Earth, connecting you securely with Mother Earth.
  • Draw the symbols that you are attuned to into the palm of each hand.
  • Place your palms over each chakra, beginning at the crown and working down. Skip the third eye but when you have reached the root, place one hand on the root chakra (your back, bottom of spell) and the other on your forehead over the third eye area.
  • As you place your palms on each chakra, take a deep cleansing breath (breathe all the way down to the belly) and envision that the symbols are entering that particular chakra and filling your own being with their energy.
  • Do the Japanese Reiki technique called “dry bathing” to dislodge any negative energy and make way for positive energy.
  • Go into Gassho position (two hands together, also called “Prayer Position”) and recite the Five Reiki Precepts three times slowly, reflecting on them as you state them.
  • Do an “invocation” or “invitation” to Reiki to fill your being. Visualize that Reiki energy (Universal life force) is flowing down through the crown of your head and filling your heart center.
  • Invite Reiki to fill your entire living space. Ask to be surrounded by healing light as you go about the tasks of your day.
  • Give thanks to Reiki for being part of your life and for healing you.
  • Take a few additional deep cleansing breaths, let your face and heart smile – and you are ready to begin your day!

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How To Reduce Or Prevent Cold Sores Naturally

Cold sores are painful and ugly. The good news is that there are ways to greatly minimize the effect that they have on our lives, and better yet doing so naturally.

They are caused by the virus herpes simplex. A person usually is infected early in life and may never even know it, as it will lay dormant for many people and never actually appear. For others infected with the virus, cold sores will appear from time to time. Estimates are that the majority of adults carry the virus, but far fewer experience cold sores.

The simple fact is that there is no cure for the underlying virus, but there are ways to manage cold sores. Preferably they are invented from ever appearing in the first place. If that is not possible the next best thing is to minimize the effect that they have on us by reducing the time they are active and lessening the symptoms of the breakout.

Preventing them, or greatly reducing the number of times that they appear is primarily a matter of making sure that our body's immune system is in top shape, cutting back on certain types of problem food categories, and a few other lifestyle adjustments. Yeah, it means some work but the benefit can be no more breakouts and a much healthier existence!

  • Get plenty of antioxidants like vitamin C, garlic, vitamin E, and coenzyme Q10.
  • Take lynsine supplements. These can really help reduce the number of breakouts there effect when they do appear.
  • Cut back on inflammation causing foods like polyunsaturated oils, excessive dairy products, refined sugars, and anything with corn syrup in it.
  • Eat plenty of fresh fish or take fish oil supplements in order to get omega-3. This will reduce infection and balance out the omega-6 fatty acids that we all get too much of.
  • Get more exercise and cut back on alcohol and drop those cigarettes if you have them.

These healthy changes can greatly increase your likelihood of reducing outbreak and make you feel much better overall. The improvements to immune system health can really have a substantial impact on many areas of our health and how the body deals with viruses such as those cause cold sores.

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