Mimosa Root Miracles

Most people think that certain kinds of Mimosa Root such as MHRB (Mimosa Hostilis) is highly visionary due to its abundant levels of 1.0-2.0% DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) but this assumption is not shared with local curanderos (healers) in the region who have used mimosa root for healing for generations.

They believe it is the consciousness of the mimosa tree (which is a far more highly evolved consciousness entity than the individual human) which diagnoses and damages spiritual disease through direct perception. According to their healing philosophy, the majority of the human race suffers from the spiritual disease of relying on the limited vision of the eyes for an accurate interpretation of reality. They believe the spirit of the mimosa plant teachings us to see through the heart which gives us the accurate vision of spiritual sight and perception.

When practiced regularly this will inspire one to live a conscious life of balance and harmony with all other forms of life. This spiritual discipline is extremely leads an individual to a state of being free of disease, pain and suffering. Through this transpersonal perception of reality one comes to understand that the only “dis-ease” an individual can suffer from is the physical illusion that they are separate from nature and others.

Scientists from the local laboratories agree that most of the species of Mexican mimosa root do not contain DMT or any other known psychoactive or hallucinogenic substances, yet they magically produce some of the most significant shifts in consciousness, personal insights and realizations (which are experienced in one's nightly dreams) of all of the known plants used medicinally by shamans in the region.

Preparing Mimosa Root for shamanic journeying is a complete ritual which has several distinct stages including the harvesting and drying of the mimosa root, the cooking of the sacred brew and the actual healing ceremony. Mexican curanderos say the bark of the mimosa root provides direct contact with cosmic consciousness. They consider it to be a powerful shamanic ally because the spirit of the mimosa is known to bless humans with the gift of spiritual sight.

Shamans believe this is scientific proof that the spirit of the mimosa tree does the actual healing and not DMT. They do view Mimosa Hostilis as the master ally of the Mimosa species. In their view, MHRB is the gateway to the transpersonal or spiritual realms in which immediate transformational shifts in awareness and being can occur by personally experiencing being one with all of creation.

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NDT Tests the Integrity and Reliability of the Product

Like the name suggests, this methodology of testing the integrity and quality of a product of industrial use is called non destructive testing (NDT). NDT does not cause any form of damage to the product that is being tested. There is no physical removal or displacement of elements of the test product and hence the test is preferred for critical instruments and equipments to test for deformities and irregularities. This method is mostly used in industries other than medical practices. Although, certain form of this method is also used for medical purposes, most often NDT is limited to industrial processes.

NDT uses techniques or rather mediums for testing in the form of ultrasound, X-ray and endoscopy. In fact, its use in the medical diagnostics stalled back in mid 20th century, medical X-ray professionals were known to use NDT in the past. Following are listed in brief the uses of NDT:

– It is used to measure the integrity of the product. Certain industrial processes can not afford to have the minimum fault in the most unnoticeable places of for instance, steel pipes. This is where the role of NDT is found to be of great significance as the test of probable damage or deformity can be carried out without having to stop any processes or physically changing the original form of the test product.

– NDT checks for the reliability of a particular machinery or industrial equipment or a part of it.

– The non destructive testing is carried out in order to keep a constant check on running processes and avoid any slightest compromise on the quality.

– NDT is transported out to avoid any upcoming failure of equipments. Most of these industrial products are extremely expensive and that regular non destructive testing ensures no long term or short term repairs go unnoticed.

– In many ways the NDT tends to prevent accidents and hence save precious human life.

– Any slightest change or repair is resolved by constant NDT tests. This result in no prolonged serious damages that may cost a fortune to the company to get the product in concern repaired or replaced. Thus NDT brings in profit to the one who inserts in this non destructive testing.

– NDT helps you achieve customer satisfaction and hence makes your business reliable enough to gain new business.

– A better product design is obtained using regular testing methods of this caliber.

– Uniformity is established in the delivery of quality products of high standards.

– Detecting damages or avoiding damages by regular testing helps in maintaining your industrial systems and operations well, thus lowering manufacturing costs.

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Chiropractic Can Help With Migraines

Migraines can be very painful at times. Chiropractic treatment is a safe and natural way of getting relief from the pain and avoiding medications at the same time. Prescribed medicines can help you for some time but they can not provide you long term relief. Therefore, many people are turning towards chiropractic treatment to get relief from the pain.

Migraine headaches are considered to be idiopathic. This means that despite the many medical advances, the reason for these headers is not clearly known. There are a few ideas that can explain migraines. They involve a serotonin deficiency in migraineurs, arterial swelling in the cranium and genetics malformations.

The subluxations in the muscle tissue at the skull base and the base of the neck cause or at least contribute to cause the formation of migraine. The tense locations in the muscle tissue connecting the bones of the upper spinal column are known as subluxations. When looking on x-ray, the bones seem to be located at the right place and therefore many doctors miss the pressure that is present in the muscular tissues. Chiropractic treatment provides manipulation to the backbone so that these subluxations can get loosened up.

Combined chiropractic and straight chiropractic are two kinds of care that chiropractor give to migraine sufferers. Manipulation from the spinal subluxations and the backbone come under straight chiropractic. When standard manipulation is combined with complimentary methods, it is known as blended chiropractic care. The aim of combined chiropractic is to reduce the stress and strain on the neck.

Researchers compared medicines for migraine and chronic stress complications and chiropractic treatment. Few patients were given medications and others were given chiropractic treatment. The reports showed a reduction of fifty percent in chiropractic care patients and forty percent for that of doctors patients. After following up for four weeks, it was seen that only the patients on chiropractic care showed continuous recovery. Chiropractic treatment provides long term solution to the problem of migraine. If this condition is left ignored, it can result in disarming and very sharp pain.

If you suffer from the problem of migraine headaches, you should consult a chiropractor soon. They help the body to heal on its own and do not result in any kind of side effects. It is a very effective way of dealing with this problem. Do not neglect this problem considering it like just another headache because it can cause a lot of pain.

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Tinnitus and Chiropractic Help

If you suffer from tinnitus, you might be very miserable and might not know what solution to get to achieve relief from the pain that this condition causes. Usually, people with this condition go to doctors hoping they will find a solution for the ringing in their ears but they end up getting treatment for the symptoms and those too temporary solutions. You should not lose hope as there is a way to get permanent and effective solution for the problem of tinnitus. Chiropractic treatment can work to its best capacity to get rid of this problem for tinnitus patients.

Chiropractic treatment for tinnitus or any other form of treatment takes time to treat the ringing in the ears. You need to understand that it takes time for the therapy to work well and not right in the first week it is necessary that you will see results. You need to be patient and see how chiropractic can work wonders for you.

The main aim of this treatment method is to reverse the suluxations in your spine that can cause problem with the blood flow and can also impair nerves. These things can result in tinnitus. Chiropractic treatment can help by reducing the ringing in the ears.

Tinnitus that results from hearing loss can be quite irritating. It is usually seen that patients are given some medicines by the doctors and are told that it is all that can be done. You should not lose hope or quit as there are many researchers that are going on for this condition. This condition can be easily corrected with the help of chiropractic treatment. You can expect long term results from this method of treatment. Many people are using this method for the treatment of many conditions. It is safe and natural and does not have any side effects. Spinal manipulation can be very effective for the problem of tinnitus. It helps in correcting all subluxations.

Chiropractors have seen that the treatment that help patients those who do not have hearing problem can also help those with hearing problem. Many times it is seen that there are many reasons for ringing in ears and correcting these problems can help in giving good results for working with this condition. If you are suffering from tinnitus, then you should contact a good chiropractor to see what benefits you can have from this treatment method.

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Help With Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is the inflammation of the outer part of the elbow. It is called lateral epicondylitis in medical terminology. The condition and the pain of tennis elbow results from the inflammation of the tendon and the outer layer where the tendon from the back of the forearm connects with the bone of the upper arm. The muscles that straighten the wrist are connected to the bone by the tendon. Any tension in that muscle results in pain like a tennis backhand.

Other activities are typing, using a screwdriver, writing or lifting objects with the palm turned down. The pain increases periodically with no swing that can be seen. You can see the pain and stiffness in the elbow after a long time period.

You should know the symptoms properly to know you have tennis elbow. You should try to lift a book with your palm facing towards the floor. You probably have this condition if there is pain on the outer part of the elbow when you are lifting the book. Therefore, tennis elbow is not a big problem with the elbow joint but with a lot of use of the muscles that are joined to the elbow. These are the same muscles that helps is straightening or extending the wrist.

If there is a lot of tension in the muscle group, it can result in a decrease in the joint space in the elbow and joint inflammation. With time, it can result in typical pain from the epincondylitis and also in the elbow joint too. Usually, people go for lifestyle change treatment along with anti-inflammatory drugs and medicines for relaxing muscles. The best and safest way to treat tennis elbow is to go for chiropractic treatment. It is a natural form of treatment that can provide relief from pain and can provide your body overall wellness.

Chiropractic methods that work well with this condition are soft tissue therapies like Graston, active release technique and cross fibber friction massage. Other methods that can be helpful are chiropractic adjustment of the lateral elbow that includes the radial humeral joint and proximal radial ulnar joint. The focus of chiropractic manipulation is to separate the joint surfaces of the elbow for some time by about one to three millimeters. This helps in easing the pain and takes the pressure off the joint. Manipulation of the wrist can also prove to be helpful.

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The Power of Intent

Self-Reiki is the basics of Reiki. As soon as you learn Reiki Sho-den (Level I) your teacher will tell you to 'practice' as much as you can and minimum twice a day. Self-Reiki is the opening gate to understand how the energies work. To re-align your whole body and auric body to new vibrations. Self-reiki is an act of kindness to your self. Once you progress on the Reiki path, then you will be able to put more labels on the energies and describe how your intuition is sharpening. To be kind to oneself is essential in life and during 'crazy' times like those around now, the kindred you are the better and the more the 'let go' of ego will help you fly higher and higher.

I am beyond words, beyond mind, beyond universal doubt and fear.
I choose to be love.
I choose to be kind to myself.
Kindness is life force energy.
I give myself to life.
Reiki is kind to me.

I will now share with you an affirmation that lived with me since I started Reiki, in 1999 and that serves causes of releasing and let go. Healing at deep level.

“I forgive and release absolutely anyone and anything that may accept or require forgive and release, including myself, in body, mind and spirit, in all life, work and surroundings, in all times, space and dimensions, I am free, you are free, I release you in love and fill the gaps with unconventional love. “

This is a deep affirmation that coupled with self-Reiki and absent creating create waves of new vibrations all around the here and now and send you in a completely new light. Try it now. It is my gift for you today.

A Reiki Master does not diagnose a disease, nor does he or she give prescriptions. However through cautious questions and answers an adequate line of action could have been to suggest a few good suggestions to keep the balance and / or enhance the healing process taking place through the treatment sessions received.

By working with the natural electromagnetic field of the body it is possible to work towards enhancing many aspects of life and here are some examples:

• Vibrant Health
• Fulfilling Relationships
• Inner Peace & Greater Happiness
• Overcoming Past Trauma
• De-rooting addiction such as smoke and alcohol
• Aligning yourself with the Best Job for you
• Finding and Manifesting Your Bliss

Intention is essential in healing and I will not get tired of repeating it. Intention is a matching energy with higher powers. You can imagine high energies flying along in the sky looking for healing and catching in up with you. However if you sit and relax and wait for healing to occur just like that, then it may take longer than necessary and even weaker you up. So relax, get your tool box in motion and keep Reiki on the way.

Reiki is timeless, and Karuna Reiki® associated with Usui Reiki is just the perfect combination for deep, deep healing to occur.

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Pranic, Tantric and Reiki – What Are They and Do They Work?

Whether or not you have a penchant for the books on spiritual practices, volumes on healing or dare I say works on sex, the following terms may be ones that you have heard before. Do the terms 'chakra' or 'tantra' ring a bell? Other terms you may have picked up from New Age Literary delights include 'prana' and 'aura'. So, what are they exactly, do they work, and if so, how?

These 'energy' healing techniques come from all corners of the globe, most notably of Japanese and Hindu origin. Pranic and Tantric healing have their origins in Hindu and are thought to be older forms of energy healing than Reiki, which came to light again in the early 1900s. Reiki's healing is drawn from a universal energy, thought to emanate from a higher intelligence. Its healing power can be used to treat illnesses whether mental, emotional, or physical. Reiki Students are instructed how to draw off this energy.

The energy healings of Hindu following, however, tap into a different source of energy. Pranic healing draws up life energy and Tantra upon sexual energy.

All these methods however do hold with the common notification that all organisms whether human or not are intrinsically connected to one another and the universe itself, as is the smaller universe of the body connected to the mind, in turn connected to the spirit.

Why Energy Healing instead of Medical Healing?

More and more people are resorting to 'alternative' healing methods such as Reiki and the Hindu based Pranic and Tantric, but why is that, considering the ease and convenience of modern medicine? Following are some likely explanations.

Modern medicine is not infallible and Energy healing has worked where it has failed.

Imagine yourself or a close member of the family was terminally ill. Of course you would try anything, including not only these alternative methods but also faith healers and even witch doctors, you have nothing to lose! It is a fact (although obviously not well documented by the medical profession) that modern medicine does not have the power to cure all ills and sometimes fails.

Modern medicine can make people feel unimportant.

Although every step is being taken recently to change this fact, people feel that they are not grateful as a human being in their own right, more as a 'carrier' of the disease, and this idea still persists. Doctors seem to focus exclusively on the causes and treatment of the disease itself without taking into account the emotional state of the patient. Energy healing differs in that it focuses not only on the disease itself but the person as a whole, since the whole ethos is the intricately interwoven web of energy and spirituality.

Unlike in energy healing, since energy and spirituality are intimately linked, the patient feels that all aspects of his health are being attended to.

Energy Healing does not involve operations and is perceived to be less risky

With the rise in popularity of healthy living, anything natural or organic these days is going to be popular. Of course patients who have been subjected to painful operation after operation and their families and loved ones are going to try to find an alternative, less stressful health therapy. It makes perfect sense and sees a completely logical thing to do.

Stress relief can be obtained with energy healing

The convenience of meditation as well as the fact that it can be done very cheaply is an instant draw for many people, particularly students who are both strapped for cash and open to new ideas. The fact that meditation is integral in many variations of energy healing sells energy healing in itself, particularly to people suffering from extreme stress.

There is no doubt whatsoever that both modern medicine and alternative or energy healing have their good points and their shortfalls and no doubt just like Yoda they will be battling for many years to come. It should be remembered through all this though that the absolute priority is to prevent and cure disease and maintain overall health and wellbeing.

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Help With Hockey Elbow

A condition that starts on the outside of the elbow, hockey elbow can be quite painful and discomforting. This condition occurs when the tendon muscles get irritated and inflamed at the point where they are attached to the protuberance of the elbow joint which is called epicondyle. Hockey elbow can either be on the inside portion of the elbow or the outside of the elbow. There are other names given to this condition which are golfer elbow, tennis elbow but in medical terminology, it is called Lateral or Medial Epicondylitis.

The real reason for this kind of a sports injury is when a prerequisite activity need reoccurring and continuing holding or gripping of things like a hockey stick. The continuous vibrations that go up and down the stick can contribute heavily to this condition. This causes severe damage to the lateral portion of the elbow. Professional competitors and athletes are more likely to fall prey to this condition or injury due to the continuous intensity and strain of practicing and exercising for long hours. Holding a cup or a plate can become a heavy task if this condition is ignored and left untreated. It can also become very painful.

In the recent times when competition is tough and sports injuries are hackneyed, chiropractic treatment is like a blessing for an athlete. It is not very often that sports injuries like hockey elbow heal on its own. It is important that you get a chiropractor to examine the injury and its cause and then start you on a proper treatment plan. They perform spinal manipulation which helps in correcting subluxations in the body and specifically in the spine. This helps the body to heal by itself. It is a natural form of treatment and so you need not worry about any kind of side effects.

Most of the sports injuries can be visited by visiting your chiropractor daily. Manipulation, regular examination, stretching and ultrasounds can stop many injuries before they get very painful or hard to handle. No sportsperson wants to situ idle on the side line as they are removed from the team due to an injury. Chiropractic care makes sure that these injuries are looked after and controlled before they get out of hands. So, if you are suffering from hockey elbow, you should talk to your chiropractor about it and should also make it a point to visit him or her regularly.

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Help With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Chiropractic treatment is famous for its effectiveness in healing neck and back troubles. But it is a wrong notification to believe that it can not treat other methods that result in bad health situations. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one such condition for which chiropractic can work wonders. It has proven to be very beneficial for those who are suffering from discomfort due to this condition. Medicines and other treatment methods do not provide a long term solution for CTS and can result in side effects but with chiropractic treatment, things are different. You can find long term relief from the pain with the help of chiropractic care and you can find relief from the pain and discomfort as well.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is known as a repetitive stress injury or RSI. The name 'carpal tunnel syndrome' comes from the region or the area that this injury affects. The wrist is affected in this condition. The wrist enterprises of bones that are called carpals and they form a tunnel. The median nerve goes to the hand through this carpal tunnel. It can also happen to both hands of a person but that is rare. Numbness and pain in the index and middle fingers and thumb, weakness and pain in the arm and tingling in one or both hands are some of the symptoms of this condition. The pain can be so severe at times that the patient can not sleep.

Chiropractic treatment is one of the best ways to treat this condition. The earlier this condition is diagnosed, the better it is for the treatment plan. For diagnosis, chiropractors use x-rays and physical examination. Correct diagnosis is important in order to treat this condition. Chiropractic treatment is very effective in treating carpal tunnel syndrome. Every day, more and more people are going for this form of treatment as it is natural and safe and does not result in any kind of side effects. It also provides a long term solution. it helps the body to heal on its own by correcting all the subluxations that are present in the body. Chiropractic care is a wonderful way to help the body to not only recover from its present problem but also for the body to get overall wellness. If you are one of those who are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, then you should not waste any more time and consult a good chiropractor immediately.

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Energy Therapy Techniques

Energy Therapy and how to use it.

Fluff & Tuck (cleansing the Auric field)

  1. Draw the hands down from head to toe, 4 – 6 inches from the body
  2. Your hands are like rakes, feeling for any disruptions in the field, hot, cold, sticky, or tingly.
  3. Feel for changes in density.
  4. Make six or eight passes as you complete a circuit around the peramater of the body.
  5. Flick your hands toward the earth and request that she take the energy and transform it into what ever is needed.

Grounding the Root Chakra

  1. Place both hands benefit the root chakra
  2. Feel for the density of the root chakra
  3. Draw the energy down toward the earth, like a cord

Opening the Crown Chakra

  1. Stand to the side or behind the person you are working on.
  2. Place your hands in a triangle above the Crown Chakra.
  3. Wait for the energy to pop open or start to flow.
  4. Drag your hands up away from the Crown about 6 inches.

Opening the Foot Chakra

  1. Place one hand over the top of the foot.
  2. Hold it here until you feel the energy pop open.

Flowing Energy From Foot to Knee

  1. Leave your hand over the foot chakra.
  2. Place the other hand just above the knee.
  3. Wait until you feel the energy at the knee flow.
  4. If it does not flow take your hand and push the energy through.

Flowing energy from knee to hip

  1. Place one hand in front of the knee and the other behind the hip.
  2. Push the energy from the front of the knee toward the back of the hip.
  3. With the hand that is behind the hip, you will feel the energy when the flow is open.

Flowing energy through the hand and arm

  1. Put the palm of your hand over the palm of the person you are working on.
  2. Once again wait for the energy to begin to flow.
  3. Place the other hand at the top of the shoulder.
  4. Wait for the energy to flow.
  5. If it is stuck use the hand at the shoulder to trace the energy down the arm until it flows.

Opening the Central Channel

  1. With your hand, fluff the energy up the front of the body.
  2. Do this until you feel a change in density.

Opening the Governing Channel

  1. With your hand fluff the energy down the center of the spine.
  2. Do this once again until you fall a change in density.

Opening the Root Chakra

  1. Put the right hand behind the base of the spine.
  2. Left hand in front of bladder.
  3. If the energy feels blocked push the energy from back to front with the hand at the front of the body.
  4. Wait for the flow to begin.

Opening the Second Chakra

  1. Right hand at the back of navel
  2. Left hand at front of navel.
  3. Push energy through from front to back.

Opening the Solar Plexus Chakra

  1. Right hand behind base of sternum.
  2. Left hand in front of sternum.
  3. Feel for any blocked energy and push the energy from front to back.

Opening The Heart Chakra

  1. Right hand behind heart.
  2. Left hand in front of heart.
  3. Feel for flow, if blocked push through with your hand from front to back.

Opening the Throat Chakra

  1. Right hand back of neck.
  2. Left hand front of throat.
  3. If energy is blocked take the front hand and push the energy across the side ogf the neck until it opens.

Opening the Third Eye Chakra

  1. Right hand at the back of head near neck.
  2. Left hand over the third eye, front
  3. If energy is stuck, push from front to back with front hand.

Fluff & Tuck (cleansing the Auric field)

  1. Draw the hands down from head to toe, 4 – 6 inches from the body
  2. Your hands are like rakes, feeling for any disruptions in the field, hot, cold, sticky, or tingly.
  3. Feel for changes in density.
  4. Make six or eight passes as you complete a circuit around the peramater of the body.
  5. Flick your hands toward the earth and request that she take the energy and transform it into what ever is needed.

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Learn Reiki: Master This Ancient Form Of Energy Healing And Learn A New Path Toward Health

You may be a bit curious to know why now is the best time to learn about Reiki and energy healing. For many Reiki practitioners, the ability to be calm and at peace during stressful times is one of the best results that this ancient practice provides. For those who have been under Reiki treatment, there is said to be a feeling of healthfulness that comes from it. Learn Reiki if you are seeking alternative paths towards better health. This path may indeed be the one that interests you.

The formal definition of Reiki is that it is an art of guiding life force energy into other human beings using spirituality. It is a Japanese energy healing art that is said to relieve stressfulness in the body. Its main goal is to impart a better kind of energy to areas of the body that lack it. Often, people experiencing Reiki treatments respond with a feeling of relaxation and greater energy. Reiki masters do believe that self empowerment is created when they use their skills to help others. And, there is also the belief that it is important to teach others how to be empowered through healing in this way. For skeptics, their belief is that Reiki sessions are not productive. With this treatment, each person will need to decide whether or not the time was well spent.

Although one may not be aware of any different or unique feeling during treatment, Reiki believers commonly describe the process as energy healing. The main overall concern is that treatment extremely combines the well being of the entire body. The idea is that if one part hurts, everything else in the body is compromised until the one part is better. Touch and placing hands on the hurting areas are the way that treatment takes place. The Reiki master will often ask the patient to quiet their thoughts and focus on the troubled area. Some focus on deep and calm breathing is required. A sort of calm and stillness fills the area where Reiki masters are working on troubled people.

It is truly impossible to totally explain the Reiki treatment experience. People undergoing treatments often say that they feel nothing special in particular. Others may say that a feeling of warmth or energy came from the hands of the Reiki master. In many circumstances, pains are lessened, and the area demonstrates improved function, but there is no way to understand why this has taken place.

To reap the spiritual benefits of Reiki does not mean changing to a different spirituality from your own. The treatments are available for all faiths, and all intellectual levels. The proposition of healing is not linked to the particular beliefs of the person.

People who follow Reiki do so because we live in a stressful world. They seek out this support system because they believe the ills of the body are created with living stressful lives. Many people around the world will request Reiki treatment before consulting a traditional medical practiceer. And some use it in conjunction with traditional medicine.There is really nothing special to see during treatment, however, except the hands of the Reiki master working on the patient. It is an odd exchange that believers say creates changes for their betterment, even though they can not explain how it happens.

You may wish to experience a Reiki treatment if you have injured yourself, or have chronic pain that has not responded to other treatments. If traditional medicine has not helped you, this may be an excellent time to learn about this ancient system of healing. There is no absolute promise that you will find relief. But because the treatment uses no tools except hands, and the touch is gentle, there is probably no reason not to try it.

If you already follow Reiki, you may hope to start a business helping others with it. Should you decide to do so, you will need to undergo Reiki training. Becoming a master will take learning and mastering skills at three distinct levels. Once after the highest level of mastery, you may find that your life has been totally changed.

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Why Is There a Resveratrol Anti-Aging Debate and What Future Does It Have?

In the last few months a real debate has developed over the ability of resveratrol to extend human life span and solve medical problems in using resveratrol in treating human health problems. There are no simple answers to the questions arising from the debate. Major pharmaceutical companies which had made large investments in research resveratrol have dropped out of their research and taken major projects. Supposedly, they are redirecting their efforts into other areas they believe will give them better returns on their investments. Then on the other hand, we have a number of smaller companies in the area of ​​alternative medicine that are investing in long-term clinical research projects, and this includes a European nation that has stepped up and is supporting this research. The big question, what is going on? Some have said that because the drug companies have dropped out of their research programs, resveratrol has no real future. But then the small alternative companies are making big investments and gaining support from a Scandinavian government. This could solve one of the big problems facing alternative medicine. The new players in research will be conducting clinical trials and publishing their research results. This could give them very strong growth potential if their research is successful.

I believe it is very difficult to know exactly what is happening if we do not take the events of the past few months and go over them in detail. So, I want to start with David Sinclair. His paper in 2003 was received with headlines announcing his discovery that resveratrol mimics the effects of caloric restriction, (CR) increasing the life span in an assortment of organizations.

David Sinclair is the prime pioneer in this research. Currently, he is a professor of pathology at Harvard Medical School; His research has been continuous for a number of years before 2003. He has commented that CR is a very perplexing occurrence. When the caloric intake of a large group of organisms, from worms to flies to primates, they should have been encumbered from the lack of nutritional intake in their diet. Instead, their lifespan was made longer. Research has shown that CR is effective in humans. It is clear that the effects of CR could be a huge benefit to health. Unfortunately, there are not that many organizations, especially humans, that respond to the idea of ​​cutting calories by 30 to 40% for an indefinite period of time.

There has been a great deal of work directed at understanding the mechanisms of longevity and CR. It is held that one day in the future drugs can be produced capable of triggering the same effect as CR improving human life span and health.

Aging occurs with all organizations and there is no simple or obvious explanation of why it occurs. There was a time when the experts in medicine would have answered the question by saying aging was controlled by genes responsible for controlling senescence; Many times they are referred to as the aging genes. This presents some problems in understanding how the genes would select aging genes, because when a person ages past the reproductive period there is no further adaptation.

How can the calorie restriction occurrence be explained? In the beginning, it was thought to be acted in a passive manner; for example, slowing the metabolic rate because of a lack of energy. This would have produced less toxic metabolic by-products. Research found that just the opposite happened with many organizations involved with CR. They displayed an increased metabolic rate and so this initial concept was abandoned.

A new concept was presented claiming CR acted to delay development of the organism; this allowed action to slow aging. Research found CR is just as effective when the organism is young as it is when older. This thought attention to the fact CR acts as it is independent of development mechanisms.

Sinclair's research posed the concept it is an active aging mechanism. His research team presented the concept CR operates as a form of biological stressor, which is acting to switch on the system's longevity genes to boost the body's natural defenses. This introduces the idea that a natural survival mechanism provides the organism the ability to survive when times are very bad.

Sinclair's biggest accomplishments came when he discovered a number of molecules which boosted the activity of Sir2 family of genes, the sirtuins. Research on the Sir2 family has shown that they are an ancient group of survival genes which have evolved to keep organizations healthy and alive during periods of hardship. Sir2 genes are brought into action when the diet is restricted because of lack of nutrition. Today, the object of research is to duplicate the sirtuin genes so they are accurate copies of natural sirtuins to protect against disease and allow the body to avoid the bodily stresses of disease.

It is believed resveratrol is a sirtuin-stimulating molecule, but there is no hard scientific evidence to support this concept. I would say that David Sinclair's major objective is finding the data to support or deny this concept.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a Doctor and do not give medical advice; This is a news report and can not substitute for the advice of a medical professional

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Surgical Support For An Umbilical Hernia – 5 Steps to Repair

If you or someone you care about has a hernia, you probably now have a desire to understand as much as possible about what a hernia is, how it is treated, and how to recover from hernia surgery.

In general, a hernia is simply the development of a weakness in a major muscle wall of the torso, such as the groin or abdomen. The weakness occurs at those natural seams that “sew” the various muscle sections of our bodies together. When a hernia occurs, the weakness allows a gap to form which allows internal tissues and / or organs to “pop out” through that muscle wall.

A hernia can be painful, but it does not have to be. Many types of hernias do not require immediate medical treatment, although if the protruding organs become “disturbed” – where the blood and oxygen supply is cut off from the tissue – then the situation should be taken very seriously and will require immediate surgical attention.

Most doctors agree that even non-disturbed hernias require immediate medical attention. Most hernias are corrected through surgery.

What Is An Umbilical Hernia?

There are many types of hernias. One common variety is the umbilical hernia. This type involves a weakness in the abdominal cavity that allows a sac to form in the inner lining of the belly.

This type of hernia is fairly common, and the condition can occur in newborns, children or adults. These hernias are most commonly found in overweight people and in women who have recently been pregnant.

If left untreated, umbilical hernias will often get larger over time. In the case of a baby with an umbilical hernia, crying can cause it to bulge out more due to the pressure that it causes.

Surgical Support for an Umbilical Hernia – 5 Steps to Repair

Umbilical hernias that are left untreated can pose danger to the patient. For example, if the protruding tissue becomes incarcerated (or stuck), it could result in the blood and oxygen supply being cut off to this area (strangulation).

In the case of infants, umbilical hernias are not usually treated with surgery; the hernia usually shrinks and closes on its own by the time the child reaches age 3. However, in the case of adults who umbilical hernia becomes painful, bulging or starts to turn dark blue, surgery is often required.

Here are the 5 major steps that most surgeons take when correcting an umbilical hernia:

1. The procedure starts with general anesthesia:

Of course, as with any major surgery, general anesthesia is administered to the patient. For a small hernia, this could be a spinal or an epidural block. As a result, the patient feels no pain during the surgery.

2. Surgeon makes a surgical cut in belly button:

The surgeon then makes a cut in the belly button. The incision is used as a way to access the hernia itself from the outside.

3. Tissues are pushed back inside the body cavity:

Next, the protruding tissues or organs are pushed back inside of the body. If the surgery is done correctly, the tissues should never protrude through this area again.

4. Strong stitches used to repair the incision area:

The stitches are made to withstand the intense pressure being exerted on the area.

5. Mesh may be laid over weak area:

Finally, a synthetic mesh that will not be returned by the body is inserted, as well. The mesh helps reinforce the strength of the affected area for the rest of the patient's life.

If you or someone you know has gone through umbilical hernia surgery, your next step is to learn how to take care so as to speed along the recovery process.

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Aloe Vera: The Burn Plant

Aloe Vera, also known as The Burn Plant, is a commonly known herbal plant that is of medicinal use. It is mostly found in areas with arid climatic conditions – eg, Africa and India. It is one of the most dependable medicinal plants used worldwide for the treatment of various kinds of health problems. The importance of this medicinal plan has grown up as its effects on various health problems was medically proven in the past years. The products of this plant are used for various purposes, including arthritis, eczema, skin problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, Irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, etc.

Composition of Aloe Vera

The ingredients of Aloe play a vital role in treating different health problems in human body. This plant contains various types of vitamins such as vitamins A, B (thiamine), B2, C, F, and niacin. Most of these vitamins are known to increase the immunity against different diseases in human body. In addition, there are enzymes and mineral supplements that are helpful for the treatment of skin allergies. One of the most important ingredients in Aloe Vera is the anthraquinones. These substances are very useful for nourishing the skin and providing natural supplements to the skin layers. Amino acids are another important component supplying most of the amino acids required by human body. Researchers have also suggested presence of saponin, lignin, and salicylic acid in Aloe Vera plants.

Aloe Products and Benefits

Aloe Vera products have multifold benefits in healing many of the health problems.

  • The major composition of Aloe Vera juice includes amino acids, minerals, and sugars along with many other nutrients, all of which boost the immune system to fight against bacterial and viral infections.
  • The juice is also taken for the treatment of peptic ulcers in many patients.
  • As per previous studies, the juice has also shown significant results in the treatment of edema and healing of wounds in diabetic patients.
  • Many people suffering from digestive problems are also advised to take Aloe Vera juice. This juice is very effective in soothing the irritation in digestive tract, intestine, and colon.
  • It has been researched that the juice also greatly helps in increasing blood circulation in human body.

Another important use of Aloe Vera products is the treatment of skin problems – eczema, rashes, burns and wounds. Anthraquinones serve as the healing agent for all such skin problems. Aloe lotions are used on the skin to avoid dry and cracked skin. It also helps in reducing effects of frostbites, burns, insect bites, blisters, and other common allergic reactions. The juice is widely used for preparing anti-wrinkle creams, shaving creams, facial masks, and even lipsticks. The natural moisturizing properties of these products help the skin to remain healthy and remove facial lines and wrinkles.


Aloe Vera is definitely a popular herbal medicine considering its medical application across the globe. Although the side effects of Aloe are rare or temporary, it is always recommended that one should consult a doctor prior to using any of the products to avoid any risk factors. Use Aloe Vera products for common skin and internal problems by developing the immune system to resist typical diseases.

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Living the Reiki Principles, Just for Today

The Reiki Principles are fundamental to the practice and understanding of Reiki. It should not be forgotten that Reiki was, and still is a powerful tool, not just for healing but also for personal and spiritual growth. Even though Reiki is non-denominational and is to be enjoyed by people of any faith, (or none), to get the most out of your Reiki experience, whether that is by giving or receiving Reiki, you should aim to live by the Reiki Principles. Reiki is a life choice, a spiritual journey in, and of, itself.

There are 5 Reiki Principles which are thought to have originated in the philosophy of the Meiji Emperor of Japan in the 1800's and adopted by Dr Mikao Usui the founding father of Reiki. There are different schools of Reiki but they are all derived from Mikao Usui's initial teachings, and have these principals (or versions that have similar meanings) at their core:

Just for today, do not anger.

Just for today, do not worry.

Just for today, honor you parents, teachers and elders.

Just for today, earn your living honestly.

Just for today, show gratitude to every living thing.

Just for today, do not anger :

We all feel angry sometimes, this principle is about understanding that anger can be transformative. It is not about suppressing anger, that would not only be destructive, but also counter productive, suppressed anger tends to surface again stronger and more powerful than before. Anger often hides other emotions like fear, so recognizing what we are angry about is important, maybe we feel trapped, maybe we are afraid for ourselves or others safety, maybe someone has hurt our feelings etc. Recognizing what anger looks like in ourselves and thinking about what the anger means can be the first stage of using your anger positively. Turning our anger from an automatic negative response which we have little or no control over into a calm and deliberative constructive action takes practice and perseverance. It is not going to happen overnight but we can follow the 'just for today' rule and one day at a time change our thoughts and behavior.

Just for today, do not worry:

Firstly, most of the things we worry about do NOT happen! Secondly, worrying does not help. Worry shows a lack of trust, an assumption that things will not turn out as we had hoped or planned. This is not surprising, from an early age we are taught to compete with each other, and struggle to 'make ends meet' – this fosters a fundamental lack of trust in the world around us. Bizarrely enough, the act of worrying drains our body of the very energy it will need to deal with any trauma, incident or catastrophe. So take appropriate action to reduce your worry, then 'just for today', let it go. Worry is generally fear of repercussions of past events or fear of how things in the future might hurt us, so let go of the past, trust in the Universe to provide for the future and live 'just for today'.

Just for today, honor your parents, teachers and elders:

Kindness and respect for ourselves and others is the starting point for any spiritual journey. Accepting, embracing and learning that each person's path is their and their alone create's freedom and understanding. As children we are raised to 'look up to', listen, and respect our teachers, parents and / or elders, and sometimes as we grow we forget this simple rule. So 'just for today' listen and remember … it might be surprising what we learn.

Just for today, earn your living honestly:

The world of work is a huge part of our interaction with each other, working with integrity then, is imperative to allow us to be at peace with ourselves. Earning our living honestly can be defined as being honest with our employer and customers, 'an honest day's work for an honest day's pay' is a saying I heard often when growing up. But it can also mean being honest with ourselves about our own path. Is this the right job for me, is this where I want to be? The answers to these questions bare some reflection, but if the answer is 'yes', or even (maybe especially) if it is 'no', today, this is the job we have, so 'just for today', we will give it our all, be positive, and be as good as we can be. When it is time for a change, trust in the Universe to help us to follow our chosen path.

Just for today, show gratitude to every living thing:

In this commercial world that encourages us to want more and more, we often forget to give thanks for what we actually have. Taking the decision to change our life from being obsessed with 'please can I have' to 'thank-you for what I've got' – is a real revelation. An 'attitude of gratitude' is said by some to be essential for happiness, by others it is believed to be the path to all riches. For certain, living this one principle, just for today, goes a long way towards living them all. Life is a blessing, just for today, appreciate it, acknowledge it and say thanks for it.

The key to living the Reiki Principles is the first part of each statement: 'just for today' … today is now. Live responsibly now, yesterday has already gone and tomorrow is still to come, Dr Usui is telling us to live in the present, do not spend all your time looking back or wishing for a future that is not here yet, embrace the present , and live life revving in the wonderfulness of today.

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