Chiropractic Care For Headache

In the entire United States, headaches are a big problem faced by many people. This problem affects the daily activities like working. If we take it from a point of view of human suffering and health costs, headaches are a big problem in health care budgets. X-rays and other tests, professional visits, prescriptions and productivity lost due to days missed at work or work performed in pain and discomfort with not complete effectiveness; all these add up to a big ultimate cost.

There is a lot that is unknown regarding this problem of headache. There is a lot of information and statistics on how many people suffer from it on a daily basis. In 1994, according to a survey, the most number of people who were not satisfied with the treatment level of headache. It has been observed that around 25% of headache patients are not satisfied with their treatment and 27% seek for other types of treatment except for medicine. Chiropractors are the most consulted health care professionals in case of heads.

At times, it gets difficult for the patient to decide what route to take for treatment in case of headache. There are many factors that can help the patients to decide the right type of treatment for them.

The patients want to know are their heads primary or secondary. Simple head or benign headaches are other names given to primary heads. This type of head includes around 90% of all the headaches. Since they are not caused due to any underlying disease, they are known as primary headaches. These headaches only cause pain and do not cause any threat to life. The types of primary headache are cluster headache, migraine and tension.

Secondary headaches are more severe form of headaches and are caused due to disease processes and can pose a threat to the life of the patient and also are a challenge to the chiropractor. There are many diseases that can result in secondary headaches. The most predominant ones are hemorrhages, meningitis and tumors. Chiropractic treatment is one of the best and preferred options in case of any type of headache. It is a natural way of treating head without having side effects. It also gives long term effects as opposed to the short term effects of medicines. So, if you are suffering from severe headaches, then you should consult your chiropractor and get proper treatment.

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Flu Season Is Upon Us! Two Natural Remedies Using Essential Oils

With flu season upon us it's time to prepare our bodies for the bugs and bacteria that are about to wage war against us. Here we will discuss two natural remedies using Essential Oils to prepare your self-defense.

The first one we will discuss is Grapefruit Oil. This Essential Oil has many uses, you already know one of its uses just by its name. Grapefruit is associated with weight loss and when used as part of a healthy weight loss program its benefits are undeniable. It is also used as a revitalizing and uplifting scent when the oil is diffused or directly inhaled.

However, traditionally Grapefruit oil is used as a support to the body's natural defenses. It contains the cell protectant d-limonene a powerful antioxidant. This oil has been used as a preventative measure for a sore throat. Start off by putting just a bit on your skin to test for irritation at full strength. If there is irritation dilute it with olive oil. Now massage into your skin, full strength or diluted, around your throat area once or twice a day. Remember this is also a revitalizing and uplifting scent, it's not recommended for application before bedtime.

Now let's discuss a major must have of all Essential Oils. This would be Thieves oil, which is a blend of clove, rosemary, cinnamon bark, lemon, and eucalyptus. These blends of oils have been in use for some time now. It is a formula based on one that was used in the fourteenth century France by thieves that used a mixture of aromatics to protect them against the Black Plague as they robbed victim's of the plague.

Thieves oil is great at shielding against germs and bacteria. This is why many products have been made using Thieves oil. Some of which are household cleaners, soaps, toothpaste, and mouthwash. Naturally the use we will discuss here is to combat against dangerous airborne bacteria.

One way to combat airborne bacteria with Thieves oil is to use a diffuser. Once diffused into your homes air it quickly begins killing and combating against those airborne bacteria. Prevention is key for fighting any bacteria. Here we discussed using a diffuser in you home but what about outside your home.

We may be able to fight the bacteria in home with a diffuser or cleaning solution but what happens when we go outside our home? With so many people out there that do no sort of prevention for bacteria we are constantly bombarded with germs at every hand shake or conversation we engage in. Here you can dilute the oil for a mouthwash to protect yourself or you may even want to just take a quick smell from the bottle to give yourself a quick defensive boost. Again, there are products out there such as Thieves hand sanitizer and mouthwash, but if you are really going to live Essential Oils you should learn to diffuse, dilute and mix oils for your healthy living.

* Disclaimer: This material is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe or treat any condition or illness.

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How to Make Reiki Power Symbols Work for You!

A reiki course is quite simple in principle: through a simple course of treatment, a student is directed into the use of reiki energies via a series of ever more precise and powerful 'attunements', which contain a fantastically powerful form manipulating reiki energies effectively. These attunements also have a massively powerful effect on the body, containing and aligning the forces and energies that course through it. The different rates at which these energies spin necessitates the partition of reiki courses into three separate levels, according to the normal reiki teaching method. In the final stage of reiki instruction, the stage at which the student of reiki finally achieves mastery and the right to use these energies for their personal good and for the good of others, certain reiki power symbols are taught to them by their master. These will be discussed below.

Nowadays, it has become possible, thanks to the Internet and to the explosion of reiki courses throughout the world, to attain the first two levels of reiki mastery within a matter of days. This leads to a stronger reiki attunement, in the experience of respected reiki practitioners. The final control over reiki is signified and transported out by use of the reiki power symbol, which we shall discuss below.

The reiki master attunes the student by acting as a conduit, using his or her hands to alter the energy flows of the student, thereby creating a conduit which allows the energy to flow through the both of them unimpeded. The cosmic energy that reiki practitioners use is thereby given free play in the body, and the flows from the base of the spine to the top of their head. This river of pure energy is the secret behind the efficiency of reiki energy and the popularity of reiki as a healing method – frequently, both reiki practitioners and patients feel refreshed after a session. This makes these attunements a special experience for both parties, another benefit of reiki.

Stage one of the attunement process, which is meant to benefit the physical, corporeal self of the student, is not where reiki symbols are taught. That comes later, during the second stage, wherein the student is taught the uses of these power symbols as well as the importance of using the right ones for their ends and needs. This attunement opens up the body and allows it access to the spiritual energy contained in the body of the master. The second stage, attunement level 2, is where the reiki symbols are introduced, along with the basic reiki symbol, the reiki power symbol. Whereas the first stage is intended for the opening up of the energies of the body, the second stage sets the body's energies into motion and gives the student the power to contain them and use them benefically. So the use of the reiki power symbol lies in stage 2, along the distance symbol, and the mental symbol. The power symbol is the basic symbol of the reiki method, as it is what signifies the power of the student over the energies that course through his or her body.

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Distance Healing: How Can Distant Healing Be Possible?

Distance healing with energy healing has caused some controversies. Indeed, the concept of distant healing has caused many people to be skeptical about energy healing approaches like Reiki. What else might have seemed plausible to them, like hands-on healing, suddenly gets viewed completely differently when they are told that it can all work remotely.

This is an understandable concern and observation. After all, we are conditioned from birth in Western civilization that we must take something to get better. And to take something we must have it given to us. A pill, or a bandage, or a warm cloth – all of these healing approaches involve receiving something physical which we then use to heal ourselves.

But energy is not physical. So the big distance healing question, which may change your views on distant healing in general, is where the energy come from which causes the healing or relief? Taking Reiki as an example, what is the source of the energy which is claimed to heal and how is the healing performed?

The answer to both of these questions is critical with respect to distance healing. If distant healing is to be possible then the energy for the healing must not be coming from the healer. Because it's hard to imagine and accept energy signals flying around everywhere targeted to be received by individuals who are passing distant healing, being sent in a targeted fashion by the distance healing practitioners. That is just too “science fiction” for most reasonable people to accept.

And I do not accept it either. However, I also question what if any transfer of energy takes place. When the founder of modern Reiki attuned himself, after a period of fasting and meditation, he was completely alone and had been alone for days and days. So nobody transferred anything to him. Indeed, he has always taken the position that everyone has the healing energy within them, and just need to be attuned to capitalize on the energy.

This changes everything in terms of how one views distance healing. Suddenly distant healing is very achievable, realistic, and possible. If it is the energy of the person being healed which is being channeled and balanced to perform the healing then suddenly it all makes sense!

And the reality is that we all have the energy of life flowing within us. Up until the moment we die we possess this energy. We can be taught how to use it for self realization and for healing. And this energy can be channeled by those who have the proper training for distance healing of our ailments.

Suddenly distant healing no longer seems implausible at all!

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Learn What Reiki Meditation Can Do For You

Reiki is a Japanese term meaning 'Universal Life Energy'. It is a philosophy that originated in Japan during the 19th century, based on using this energy to improve quality of life and unlock the gates of spiritual healing. This energy, as you will now read, is universally available.

The basis of reiki is that there there is a universal, free-flowing energy in the universe, which wants us to be happy but, if ill-used or badly channeled, can also cause misery. Almost all practitioners of reiki, whatever their status and attunement – master, intermediate or beginner student – have this as their goal: to use this energy to experience and create joy in their lives and in the lives of others. However, because because of a quirk of human nature, the uses of reiki for enjoying one's own happiness, and pursuing that happiness full force, are not often pondered upon by most people, leading to a major imbalance in the way reiki energy is used. Therefore the initial and most vital step in using reiki to become and feel happy about yourself is to proclaim to yourself and to others that the end of your studies is the attainment of happiness.

A formula, or mantra if you please, that you could repeat to yourself during your reiki meditation is, “I desire that Divine 'ki', the energy that surrounds us, wash over and cover me completely, so that through it I may learn to feel and express my deep joy and serenity. ” Try this formula – it works, and has been used effectively by many reiki practitioners around the world. Breathe this meditative mantra several times a day, and spend your day looking for opportunities to repeat it, silently if in public, and loudly and joyously if in private. This way you will add to the benefits you derive from your meditation practices.

The best way to do this is to put aside a certain amount of time, when you are illegally to be disturbed, in a place where no one is likely to harass or annoy you, and spend that time repeating this mantra. In your mind, focus on the negative parts of your life, and let them be transfigured into reliably unimportant worries as you allow the healing energy to do its work. Doing so at repeated intervals throughout the day will only strengthen this bond and deep connection between you and the universe's energy, and the more you do it, the better you will become driving away unpleasantness, thereby maximizing the benefits you receive from your reiki meditation .

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Natural Healing With Reiki

For those who want to explore natural healing, Reiki is an excellent source of knowledge. This is due to the fact that this wonderful natural healing art actually draws from most of the ancient natural healing arts which have been in existence for centuries.

For that reason, an exposure to Reiki is the same as getting an exposure to numerous ancient healing arts without having to study each of them individually. Of course you can branch out later and expand your research once you realize how many approaches are available.

An important point is that many of the ancient healing arts have much in common. They are not distinct from that perspective. This is not unusual given when they were developed. Now we have instant communication and can know about things which happen on the other side of the world in seconds. In ancient times, sometimes it took weeks to find out what was happening in the next village which might have been only two or three miles away.

Nobody has a monopoly on healing, and equally bright and gifted people were observing what worked and what keep people relief. They may have called in something different, but they were all approaching natural healing by harnessing energy within the body or by discovering which herbs and natural products provided relief for different ailments.

For that reason, trying to research or learn about only one of the ancient natural healing arts is too blinkered an approach. Each has something to offer. Because modern Reiki was developed later than many of these, when communications were better, it actually incorporated a large number of the elements of the more successful of the ancient arts.

You've got meditation, the Aura, the Chakras, crystals, and other components of other disciplines merged in, and adopted as part of Reiki healing.

Another common theme in many of the ancient arts is self healing. Particularly for energy themes, all teach that the energy doing the healing comes from within the person themselves. A practitioner may help to channel the energy or balance the energy, but the energy itself is not transferred from the healer at all.

The great thing about that aspect is that it means we all have the energy within ourselves to heal if we only make the effort to learn how and have an open mind to be taught. What a wonderful, comforting idea that is. We all have the power to perform natural healing!

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Can Animals Heal Us?

Any person who has ever lovingly cared for a pet will quickly confirm the mental, spiritual and physical benefits of four-legged companionship. An animal soothes the spirit, relieves tension and contributions a much needed, happy-go-lucky attitude to our busy lives. Beside the fun and laughter a pet can bring, being in the presence of animals has other amazing benefits. For example, the responsibility of owning or caring for an animal promotes accountability, discipline and a nurturing, cultivating spirit. It has also been scientifically documented that animals can be used for all sorts of therapy. There are countless stories about animals helping children with autism or people suffering from different medical issues. Maybe even more important is that animals encourage their human counterparts to set away worry, doubt and fear and instead live fully, gratefully and in the moment the way they do.

If you doubt the healing power of animals consider that every human has the need for physical contact, however, there are many people that, for whatever reason, either do not feel comfortable touching others or sometimes they are merely alone in life and have no one to hold or hold them. Petting, stroking and hugging on a dog or cat provides a valuable stimulus which has been missing from their life. This union between human and animal is immensely valuable during any type healing process wherever it is small, like recovering from a bad day at the office or huge, like bringing a child out of severe clinical depression. Animals have also been known to assist kids who suffer from attention deficient disorders, helping those with emotional difficulties and even bringing Alzheimer's victims to safety.

Even though dogs and cats may be the most common “therapeutic” animals, you'll be surprised to discover the other types of animals used for healing purposes. Horses, snakes, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, fish and even pigs (who are actually more intelligent than most people think) have all been used for human / animal therapy. Honestly, I believe that any animal who offers a person the opportunity to connect physically, emotionally and even spiritually can offer healing- even if it's a lizard! When it comes to drawing a person out of their particular circumstance, what it boils down to is that pure value inside of every animal, and their ability to love and accept us unconditionally as we are.

Finally, animals can teach us how to live. Many children's charities use horses to help kids, who are facing special circumstances in their lives, learn valuable life lessons and skills. The children learn to tack a horse and skillfully ride them. Afterwards, they'll clean the horse and lead it back to its stable. On the surface, this may seem a fun diversion but it has been documented that these tasks teach children patience, compassion, goal setting, the value of hard work and how to improve their listening skills. Horses, dogs, cats and many other types of animals can teach our young people the valuable life skills that they need to become the caring, compassionate, responsible adults our society needs. And that might be the legacy of our furry, feathered or finned companions; to change the planet one human at a time.

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Intention As a Healing

Today, the world seems to lack sensitivity of how people can live their life with intention. With the amount of information, the society is flooded with habitual routines that allow people to forget appreciation of each moment.

Objects do not contain any meanings. Subjects, people, add meanings into the objects. Becoming part of the society often diminishes the opportunity for people to have the space to actively add meanings in every moment. In that situation, it is necessary to decide to create a space to bring the intention.

When things become usual and lose their freshness that is not because they are losing it, but the subjects are losing the intention to feel the freshness. Each moment from getting up in the morning until go to bed, people can have the intention to connect with means.

Cleaning the bed could be something very meaningful if you think a bed as a sacred space in your life. Taking a shower could be very meaningfulful if you think refreshing not only your body but also your mind and emotions. Anytime when you use water could be very meaningful if you appreciate water for what it does to you. Organizing stuff in your room could be very meaningful if you related that action to creating spaces in you to allow the energy to flow. Being under the sun could be meaningful not only when you simply feel good but if you feel your being at the moment. Meeting people could be meaningful if you become aware of meaning in life. Saying “Thank you” or “Have a good day” to a person at the store could be meaningful if you think and feel what that really means to you and the person instead of just saying …

Shifting the awareness from habitual actions to intentional actions makes the world difference. By changing the habitual actions to intentional habitual actions, you can live a totally different life. As people create these intentions by their own choices, they are actually creating connections. Healing happens when one re-connect with wholeness. Most people seek information, motivation, and connection, however, connection is becoming an unconscious activity in current materialistic society.

Healing can be possible by intention. Rather than seeking happiness outside, people have the ability to produce it from inside by using their beauty of consciousness. It is about organizing life and being creative. People already have the ability to heal themselves. It is a matter of either notice it and tap into it or not. This artistic side of human potential enables to guide people to the next healing level.

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Whiplash And Minimizing The Injury

When automobile accidents take place, injuries happen that are at times life changing in not a good way. Even small collisions can result in serious problems and chronic pain in the muscular and skeletal system. A lot of patients who live through the whiplash injuries do not regain the exact pre-accident comfort level. There are many studies that are going on the condition of the patients that suffer from whiplash injuries. Usually, all the data that is available is related to the claims and if the case is closed, it is considered that the patient must have been better. The fact is that the patient gets tired of the continuous treatment which does not lead anywhere and closes the claim. If the case is closed, it is believed that the patient is satisfied with the treatment he or she got and has healed.

Neck injuries and back injuries can result from a rear end traffic problem with an impact speed of as low as 4 MPH. Earlier, insurers did not pay attention to people who claimed pain and injury when the damage to the vehicle was very little. But it has been observed that there is not much relation between the two.

Acceleration or deceleration of the spine and the neck results in whiplash and similar spinal injuries. The most common scenario is an impact from the rear and especially when stopped at a traffic light while waiting to turn towards left. Of all car injuries accident, around 65 percent are due to car accidents. The figure goes up to 200,000 accidents a year in Canada and about 2 million in the US.

It is pretty evident how easily one's neck can be affected by the serious stress from automobile accidents. With the weight of the head, if there is a sudden jerk or forward movement in a rear end collision, it becomes a lot for the neck muscles to control. The first reaction our body gives is jumping off the seat and our spine lengthens. The lower back is pushed forward and the neck and head goes backward. There is a reflex contracting that takes place. Our front neck muscles suddenly lengthen. It is similar when the knee is tapped with a small hammer and the lower leg jerks a little. Chiropractic treatment is the best treatment method for whiplash. It treats the muscles and joints in a natural way and help you regain your normal self.

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Reiki Is More Than Just a Healing Technique

Reiki can be given as a treatment, which can be learned with a purpose of self-treatment and treatment of others. Hands-on treatments with specific positions of the hands on the body of the receiver along acupunct meridians are the primary way of treatments for self and for the others. The positioning of the hands in a given sequence on the body is a way to allow Reiki to fill the gaps between the hands and the recipient body. Whether receiving a Reiki treatment or giving Reiki treatments, the exchange of energy remains high and the benefits are usually activated in synchronicity. To give is to receive and since Reiki works at three levels, the physical, the metaphysical and the spiritual, one common point between these three levels is represented by a significant increase of intuition. It often occurs that a person returns from a healing session either hands-on or distant, with a sense of having been in touch with a defect part of him or herself. During a Reiki treatment the frequencies of the waves in the brain usually lower down to Beta level. People with flexible and open chakras through the practice of other holistic treatments or practices may hear, see or feel their intuition become sharper. A Reiki treatment or a self-treatment would never generate ill-thinking like anger, impatience, restlessness or boredom. It is an effortless session of diving into the deep waters of silent healing, feeling happy to be on [self] treatment mode. Whether the benefits are plainly physical, or at a defect level of consciousness. Reiki energy will fill all the gaps between the layers and direct itself towards its most required location.

Reiki works at a defect level than a massage. Within Reiki the body is treated beyond the surface of the skin. The connection with the mind will emerge spontaneously. The particles that compose the cellular pattern of the body are simultaneously interconnected and independent from the mind. In its interconnectedness, the mind and body connection will react to conditioning, mental of physical. Let's say, soup is good for growing strong bones. No medical evidence is required for the mind to accept repeated messages and statements. In other words the mind will register the messages according to age and, quality of the soup! This is called emotional physiology. The body is a system based on integrity each organ has a primary physical function to which comes a metaphysical function such as storing data and information, activating a process through learned reactions ie the spleen about sadness, the back and sciatic nerve about financial wealth, kidneys about self-esteem, and adrenalin glands on the upper back, resentment and frustrations. The fact of asking and receiving a healing treatment even in the case where the mind of the receiver attempts to inquire and analyze it the cellular patterns and the etherical energy of the body already started a healing somewhere in the intelligence of the cellular process. At some point the smoker who asked for a treatment hoping to stop smoking and realizing it requires efforts, will eventually stop smoking one day, eventually. The mind may take over for a while and claim not being able to handle the effort. However, at the molecular and etheric level, the healing was triggered and will manifest in a way or another request for stopping the bad habit, guaranteed. It is also often noted that once a person receives Reiki just once, s / he will one day meet Reiki again. It is a form of intuitive and natural law of attraction. A vibrational frequency is set into motion.

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Chiropractic Around The World

Gradually, people are starting to recognize the importance of chiropractic treatment and people around the world are recognizing this profession. Initially, this profession was practiced majorly in English speaking countries and South Africa. With time, the number of countries that started practicing this type of treatment started growing in number and people started being aware of the advantages of chiropractic treatment. But still to a certain point in time, chiropractic was a rare profession. It was not known to many people as compare to the present time.

In late 70s, Anglo-European College of Chiropractors was started and things began to change in the field of chiropractic. In recent times, it is not just North America that has the knowledge of chiropractic. Places like Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavia, British Isles and South America are also producing many graduations in the chiropractic profession.

There are about many chiropractic colleges in the US, the UK and Canada and now even in places like Brazil, Japan, Denmark, Australia, France, Mexico, New Zealand, Korea and South Africa. There are many foreign colleges that are opened in affiliation with the local universities and have partners in US based chiropractic colleges. For three decades, the accreditation process for colleges has been standardized. A minimum of four years of academies are attended by students and then they receive clinical training and give exams for licensing. There are many degrees that are available in chiropractic science, rehabilitation and sports chiropractic. It is very common these days to see chiropractic treatment being associated with sports and sports teams. There are many spheres of life where chiropractic treatment can prove to be really helpful. People need to be aware of the many benefits of chiropractic treatment as it can help them avoid many harmful drugs and complicated procedures like surgery.

This profession is protected and recognized in the legislation of more than 20 countries which include Panama, Bolivia, China, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Nigeria, Jordan and Zimbabwe. In many of these countries, chiropractic is practiced under general law as a profession. The use of x-ray and primary contact and the right and obligation of diagnosis are the common characteristics of chiropractic treatment. It is a natural method of treatment and it is very famous among patients and especially senior patients. Chiropractic also gives you information on what exercises can be helpful for your condition and also what would be the right diet.

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Chiropractic Treatment And Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is an irritating condition which includes the outside aspect of the elbow. These types of terms can be very confusing for a normal patient. Usually, when chiropractors inform the patients that they are suffering from the problem of Tennis Elbow, the most common response from the patient is that they do not play tennis. If at all they do, they do not understand how this condition developed.

Tennis elbow is in fact a tendonitis of the extensor muscles that are present in the wrist and hand. The cause of tennis elbow can be many like lifting any object with your palm facing down. The main action that results in this condition is reaching out from the front seat of your car to get a briefcase from the floor of the back seat. In this case, the briefcase becomes heavy to be lifted because the position of your body does not give you any advantage from the muscles of the shoulders. You are then left with no other option than to use all the force of your extensor muscles of the elbow to perform the task. This extra pressure results in partial wear and tear of the tendinous insertions on the outer part of the elbow.

Activities that result in soreness, pain and inflammation of one person's elbow and other's are not deficient in proper healing of the tendon, repetition of stress and a lot of tension in the extensor muscles. Some of these conditions results in underlining the intensity of the muscle and increases the time of healing by causing a continuous traction of the tear. This does not allow proper healing to happen. It is moreover like a cut which takes time to heal if someone continuously keeps separating the skin borders. Just like in repetitive stress, in this condition, partial healing takes place which is then followed by partial tearing and then partial healing and this cycle keeps on repeating with the normal activities of life. A scar is the result of this cycle and it is uneven, jagged and has loose and tight sections.

Chiropractic treatment can work wonders for the problem of tennis elbow. There are many people who suffer from this problem but prefer to treat it in a natural way. They do not prefer drugs and do not want any side effects. Chiropractic treatment is the best option in this case. It can help in treating the condition of tennis elbow.

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Colloidal Silver – Should You Trust It?

To Believe or Not To Believe

A survey of colloidal silver on the internet can be confusing. How much can you trust those who are trying to sell you colloidal silver or devices to make it? And then there are the websites where doctors with impressive titles basically say that colloidal silver is worthless, possibly harmful, and that no sound scientific studies support its efficacy. What are we to believe?

The Democracy of the Dead

I think the first thing we need to look at is what I would call the democracy of the dead. We have become rather arrogant in our modern culture of science and sometimes totally ignored the wisdom of those who have lived and thought and died for millennia before us. Our scientific method is not the only place to find truth.

A short peruse of history will reveal that the antibiotic properties of silver medically and in food preservation have been recognized by the ancient Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and by the accused alchemist Paracelsus.

Successful From The Beginning

Second, we can not ignore the successes with silver directly following the discovery of bacteria. It has successfully treated disorders such as skin ulcers, compound fractures, wounds, and eye problems for more than 100 years, providing itself effective against 650 different types of bacteria. These procedures were discovered and used by mainstream pioneer doctors and researchers.

Mainstream Science and Industry Support It

Third, in more recent times, scientists like Dr. Robert O Becker and Dr. Flick have shown the effectiveness of silver for treating serious infections and healing burns, among other things. Bob Beck, the inventor of flash photography, developed a colloidal silver generator that could easily produce silver for the common people. He successfully treated many diseases with it.s

NASA and others have used it for water and air purification. Today it is used in kitchen surfaces and appliances to prevent food poisoning and woven into clothing to kill the bacteria that cause body and clothing odors. Large firms are now researching and producing new silver compounds that combat microbes and serious diseases such as AIDS.

Another Victim of the Pharmaceutical Cartels

Already a proven and accepted germ fighter, the use and study of silver fell out of vogue when antibiotic were discovered. Doctors peddling antibiotics belittled silver in favor of the miracle drugs. Many still do. However, the emergence of so many antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria has revived of interest in colloidal silver.

The Truth Can not Be Hidden

Under fare scrutiny, the facts about colloidal silver speak for themselves. Its track record is clear and unhidden for all to see if they will look. But do more than just look. A colloidal silver generator is a powerful tool that can be used for our health that should not be ignored.

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How to Become Zen


Meditate … I dreamed about it for years. Finding the inner calm, an oasis of peace away from daily stress, worries and anxieties can not reach us anymore, this sacred parenthesis in the heart of the self or or, at least for a moment, when everything and everyone sees perfect, as it should. I gave myself the right to open this parenthesis in my life two weeks ago. I finally managed to overcome my resistance of the unknown and I committed myself to participating in weekly meditation sessions with the Tibetan Buddhist temple in my neighborhood. A new adventure begins. A fascinating inner journey, just a few minutes from my house. The young ones look at me leave every Wednesday night, ill at ease in front of their father's enthusiasm for this unusual activity, but they are nonetheless somehow intrigued. On my return, an avalanche of questions are waiting for me: how was it? Do the monks have a long red dress like in the movies? Do you pronounce some (aumms) during long minutes? I smile every time. Yes, the master who teachings meditation wears a red tunic. No, there is no (aumms) on the menu. Only teachings about Buddhist philosophy and some very simple meditation techniques, which we practice together in a large room full of golden statues of Buddha. I love it … First, because I feel like I'm traveling whenever I enter this colorful temple, but mostly because I feel I have finally succeeded in opening a door and entered into a room full of light and promises. Meditation, the teacher explained to us the first evening, calm our cerebral restlessness, purify our thoughts, chase away our gray clouds, increases our ability to concentrate, free's our creativity, alters our perception of things and events and, in turn, increases our optimism for facing life.


Within a few months from now, my children will have a new father. I made then believe in the dream of a Zen Dad who will react much more calmly when it becomes difficult to open the bedroom door because his teens are too messy, a dad who can better choose his words when the pencils chests is empty and the pencils disappear, even after having to repeat fifty times let go of Face book to do your homework, or help your Mom do the dishes, and when the after class retention's start to multiply. Two or three breaths and presto! The lid of the boiling pot will fall back in place just in time before I start adding my teenager by names like (sort of heartless, selfish, messy, lazy, soft dough, future Jail Bird) and all those adjectives that are hurtful names that we sometimes yell to our children when in anger, without always realizing that we are sowing in them the seeds of their identities. Of course, nothing has changed yet! When you aspire for a substantial transformation you must be prepared to spend the time and energy required. In my case, it means getting up early every morning, not to train my muscles, but my mind. A few minutes a day at first, then try gradually increasing the length, as do the athletes who train for a marathons. The beauty of the thing is that this type of training is available to all, whatever our physical condition.


(Anyone can do meditation and it can be practices at any age, recently said the Buddhist monk, Matthew Ricardo, in an article published in January 2008. Even children love it, it's simple: they are asked to keep their attention on a flower, a stone or an image of a butterfly. It is something relaxing and fun for children and has been proved without a doubt to help children). Mr. Ricard even sees the practice of meditation as an effective antidote to violence at school. So then …. what if we spread the good news in our schools? The therapist Melanie Gambino started teaching yoga, tai chi and meditation to schools in New York. The results, it looks, are very conclusive. She said the regular practice of these activities helps young people better manage stress and to forge a positive image about themselves. With us, the idea is slowly gaining ground. Some primary schools in the Montreal area have begun to offer yoga sessions to their students. This more active form of meditation would also help calm the hyperactive child physical and cerebral, while increasing their ability to concentrate. And God knows that children need if we are to believe the dramatic increase in Ritalin prescriptions in our schools. Stresses our children? Undoubtedly. Perhaps because they are asked to do rather than letting them be. To be at the height of our expectations, to inflate our pride when we meet other parents at school and they can see your child perform in all spheres of life. Perhaps also because they see us going in all directions, without apparent purposes other than to earn more money to buy some temporary material comforts and happiness which evidently will always leave us wanting more and more. For some real and easy free meditation videos have a quick search for Lilou Mace on You Tube.

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Singers and the Nose

Singers are sometimes more prone to nasal / sinus infections than others. Long hours, stress, overheated dry places, traveling-all these put a strain on the resistance of your body.

Things that aid your resistance are smiling and relaxing. In one study the people who smoked did not catch a cold. A good way to relax is to practice looking in the mirror and see relaxing your face, your jaw and your shoulders as you breathe relaxed. Practice this at least 10 minutes a day and you will reduce your stress level. The lower your stress level the better your immunity.
An important aid for avoiding infection is nasal care. Your nose should be moist. Whether you keep a vaporizer handy or use a saline nasal spray, good moisture of the nose is important. You want to keep your nose and throat moist. That means plenty of water. If you add lemon or lime to the water, that thins thick mucus even better. Proteolytic enzymes such as papain and bromelain are helpful.

Postnasal drip can affect the voice because the thickened mucus can clog the nose and fall onto the larynx. This results in good apposition of the vocal cords and you may get a cracked voice. Postnasal drip means that your nasal cilia are moving too slowly. This allows the nasal mucus to thicken and remain in place. This permits bacteria, which normally would have washed quickly out of the nose, to multiply. These bacteria account for the yellow or green color of the drain that you hawk up.

Numerous factors can result in slow nasal cilia that allow infection to take place. For example, pollution from diesel fumes or smog or chlorine products. Blowing your nose too hard can damage your nose too. After a bad allergy attack your nasal cilia may slow down excessively and you can get a sinus infection. To restore your nasal cilia you can try humming in a low tone, “oooommmm.” Pulsatile saline irrigation at the correct frequency to match the nasal cilia is particular of value for singers. For the Hydro Pulse Nasal / Sinus Irrigator you simply add one teaspoon of salt to the 500 cc of warm water and irrigate through each nostril. This also removes stale mucus, and reduces common cold infections by washing out the ICAM-1 from the nose. ICAM-1 is the portal of entry for the cold virus; with the ICAM-1 washed out then there is no portal for the virus to enter the body.

The very best immune fighter is good sleep. This is difficult when you are a performer with varying hours. But, you have a sleep clock that you can set for better sleep. The method is to make a very formal sleep pattern: brush your teeth, comb your hair, cream your face, warm tub bath or shower, warm bed room, special pillow, etc. The more formal the better. Then you body will know it is time to sleep.
If your nose is stuffy, try lifting the tip of your nose up gently. If that helps, tape it up slowly to open the nasal chamber.

For singers with allergy, allergy desensitization is usually a good idea. That way you can avoid taking the heavy allergy pills.

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