30 Days of Proof and Counting or Miracles in Five Minutes or less!

It is official. This really works! I have experienced it for myself and encountered phenomenal results. A gentleman who I met at a yoga workshop about a month ago invited me to practice a simple daily exercise. Something in me knew I should follow that advice and now I wish to pass it on to you.

As we practice cleansing the physical body, while doing yoga asanas, we can also empower our mental and emotional body layer known as “mana maya kosha.” In just five minutes or less, we can witness the magnificence of how powerful our thoughts are. WE can experience the effects of the concept “to think is to create”; a concept that great masters have been talking about for thousands of years! All it takes is writing down five things (or more if you feel moved to do so) that you are thankful for each day. It is such a simple exercise and yet remarkably diverse. The gentleman I mentioned said it brought him so many blessings. “Like what?”, I asked. “Anything you want to have show up in your life.” he responded. Of course, I was completely intrigued. Now, if you think I am kidding about this, try this real proof on for size. In the past 30 days, a few of the huge miracles that I have had happen include:

1. Reconnecting with someone who has been searching for me for 12 years, who finally found me on You Tube video recently produced.

2. Leading the 108 Sun Salutations and having the photographer capture a beautiful “orb of light” on camera in the room with yoga practitioners.

3. Wishing and affirming to the universe to be blessed with a free ticket for an event and then being handed out of a group of 100's of people, while just randomly being selected.

4. Receiving the highest compensation ever in 7 years of dance show performances.

5. Having someone very special to me receive a mantra from Amma, a yoga master, upon the very first time ever meeting her. If no other miracles ever happens, this alone is substantial enough for me!

So there are 5 simple statements. Blessings have shown up in all forms and dimensions for that matter. I am so excited about continuing this little exercise and would love to hear what happens for you!

Namaste awesome friends!


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