Learning Reiki is a continuous process. And the more we know, the more the wise amongst us realize that we can learn. Reiki itself stretches on and on to infinity, a concept most of us can not really understand but accept.

Logically, if Reiki, like pure unconditional love, can stretch on and on to reach ever more, then so can the practice of Reiki. In other words, it takes an infinite number of ways to learn Reiki. Let me illustrate.

I have personally taken my Reiki First Degree course in 1999. Initially, I assumed that was all there was. Even after learning Reiki 2, I still thought that was all there was. And then, I had the opportunity to do a demonstration of Reiki to the public. This was in one of two big shows in the UK, for the association I was a member of. One show was in Birmingham, the other in London. This was in London, which made it easy for me to attend, as it was local. I was excited about the show, but little did I know what was about to happen to me. Still thinking that I knew all there was to know about it. The head of the association of which I was a member started by asking that we all receive a healing from each other. She chose to give me a healing. I found that a nuisance but put up with it anyway. She even cave me extra time, as she said she could feel that I needed it. Well, all I can say is that she was right!

After that day, a pain which was my constant companion reduced very significantly. I had been seeing various professionals about it on average three times a week in total. Strangely after this healing, it reduced to once a fortnight. Now that was an eye opener!

Since then, I have been going to more Reiki shares and workshops. And although many of those were run by me, I learned to expect learning from others far less experienced. This is because every one of us Reiki healers has a different energy and different experiences. By participating in Reiki shares and classes, we learn more from everyone present. We notice different energy patterns, we question, we see new revelations, we feel new feelings. And so we learn even more about Reiki. And we learn that we have not learned enough!

It was very humbling for me to learn from my own miracle experience with Brenda Davies, the head of the Reiki and Seichem Association, who gave me that fateful healing. And humbleness is something we can always improve on. The ego can take us to places in our mind that do not serve us well. Humbleness can give us great peace and open us up to even more wisdom. And humbleness is one of the properties Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, has asked us to embrace.

To be honest, healing with Reiki is such a pleasure that learning more is also a pleasure. So it is not at all a chore. It is wonderfully pleasurable and uplifting!