A lot of my life I have suffered from something which I used to find very confusing and frustrating, but which I have found an explanation for in the energy healing work I do.

I used to find that people would often ignore what I said, appear not to hear it or not listen properly and then discount it. If I was in a group, and wanted to attract someone's attention, I would find it mystifyingly difficult, and at times impossible. What made it even worse was the ease with which some other people seemed to be able to make themselves heard – which could make me quite angry. I would often “zone out” in groups because I would find it so painful trying to make myself heard and being consistently ignored. It was easier to not be present.

All of this has changed as part of the healing work I did to recover from ME / CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

I now feel that the difficulty I had in speaking and making myself heard came from my throat chakra being blocked. The throat chakra is where we hold issues about communication, and our ability to speak our truth and manifest our life purpose into the world.

I know as a child that I often felt that it was unsafe to speak. My father would often “shout” us down, or quickly criticize us if we made a mistake or did something slightly out of the way he wanted things done. I learned to say things that would please him, and choke down those words and those parts of me that were unacceptable to him.

When I came to energy healing, I had a lot of unsaid words (and shouts actually) blocking my throat chakra. These unsaid words from the past mean that I was unable to communicate myself effectively in the present.

Receiving energy healing cave me a safe space to express what I was not able to say as a child, in the context of an inner child healing. In this type of healing, you are invited to go back to a time in your childhood where something was difficult for you, and given the chance to express yourself in a way you were not able to do at the time. This expression and release of words and old energy allows the throat chakra to unblock.

For me, this led to quite a few other things. Firstly, it led to more energy and less tiredness. I think it was tiring holding on to all the irritation and frustration around not being heard, and all the feelings of lackency around not even bothering to communicate. I also think that releasing the block at the throat allowed stuck energy in my head to move down to the rest of my body, where I really needed it.

It also led to me being much more heard when I spoke – and I had a very graphic illustration of this when I was still working as an accountant during my energy healing course. I remember being annoyed and frustrated at something that was happening in the organization where I was working. I had explained the situation several times to the trustees, and felt that either nobody was listening, or nobody was taking me seriously – because they certainly were not showing any sign of understanding what I was saying.

And I remember being in a meeting where all of that changed – all at once. I was explaining (again) the situation, and I could feel everyone looking at me, and taking in what I was saying. I somehow knew as well that I was explaining it more clearly than ever before. And then people began asking me intelligent questions, which I was able to answer clearly … and then they acted on what I said!

All of this was a huge thing for me at the time – as I realized that a lot of the problems I had had with people not listening and not hearing were down to me and the way I expressed myself.

This journey is not over for me! Since I have been working as an Energy Healer, I have been learning how to share the message of how energy healing can transform people's lives. I've had a lot of hesitation about this – and some stuck words, and some lack of clarity.

Now, I feel more ready to share the message of how energy healing and the other work I do can help people bring change in all areas of their lives – physical and emotional health, limiting beliefs, having more joy in their lives, relationships and more .

So, I'm going to be sharing my message in more different ways – in radio interviews, in different publications, in virtual talks, in live talks … All of this would have been unimaginable to me even a year ago – and now , though it may at times be challenging, I am mainly enjoying “stepping up” to tell more people about this amazing, transformative work.