Hypnosis exists on a double edged sword. On one side we have hypnosis promoted by the antics and media grabbing attention of the stage hypnotists. On the other there is hypnotherapy which is desperate for recognition that hypnosis is a legitimate and powerful method of healing.

The mysticism and almost supernatural powers that stage hypnotists' project draw people to hypnotherapy … but at the same time create so many misconceptions.
To top this all off, the speed and high degree of success that hypnosis may provide goes against existing power structures.

Time and time again long term anxiety clients have left after 3 sessions transformed and back in control of their lives. This is after years of psychologists and pharmaceuticals.

Was their magic involved?


It was just hypnosis and changing their thinking processes.

Now resolving Anxiety this quickly breaks economics. The math is simple. Happy people do not need prescriptions. They do not seek mental health care professionals. They do not consume like they used to.

Just in the case of Turmeric and Alzheimer's, no money can be made from it because it can not be patented.

Now hypnosis is not a panacea. No claims can be made that it cures diseases. And I'm sure it can never compete with modern medicine. But in my experience it can assist in the prevention of many illnesses that are driven from psychological factors.

Obesity in the developed world is at epidemic proportions. We know for a fact that those eating beyond sustenance are doing it for psychological and habitual reasons.

Every week the media announces a new diet so that people can trick themselves into trying to change their thinking (not to mention the weight loss industry is highly profitable).

When you change the psychological drivers then you change the eating and exercise patterns. And people lose weight naturally without rigorous eating and exercise regimes. And there is no need to hype themselves up for some kind of structured program.

Similar anxiety and depression can just be habits of thinking. Many people can acquire anxiety and depression in their later years without any real presence of it in their younger years.

In my experience it often leads to just a particular way of thinking that negatively feeds itself. Hypnosis is excellent for breaking negative thinking patterns and establishing new productive ones.

In the future I hope that modern medicine and mental health care professionals consider integrating hypnosis into our current health care systems.