A rainbow is a grade of colors such as, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Rainbows appear in the sky opposite the sun, as a result of the refractive dispersion of sunlight in rain or mist. These colors of the rainbow can affect our moods, either positively or negatively. Some colors may uplift your spirits and make you feel great, where other colors may make you feel uncomfortable. Colors are a reflection of our inner state of being and are showcased in the clothing and surroundings that we choose for ourselves. Take charge of your life, and feel better, by incorporating color to impact your state of being.

I have used color in my bedroom, clothing, and jewelery to affect my health and well being. Here are some color suggestions:

Pink is a calm tranquil color. Small splashes of pink in the home, can enhance your romance corner. Pink rose quartz is also great to wear as jewelery or to to place a piece of pink rose quartz in your home to reve up your love life.

Yellow is a wonderful color to lift your spirit if you are feeling down and depressed. Give yellow roses as a sign of friendship and love for another.

Blue is a relaxing color that can support a calm environment. It is a cooling color that is connected to the third eye chakra and the art of communication. Paint a room blue, it can remind someone that they are close to the sea.

Violet is an excellent color that is quite spiritual. It is great to paint a prayer / exercise room in violet. It is a rejuvenating color.

White is a grounding color that helps to cleanse both the mind and spirit. If you notice, leaders of many faiths wear white. Wear white clothing when you meditate and pray.

Some of the changes I have made in my life with color include placing pink rose quartz in my bedroom, painting my office and kitchen yellow, painting my bedroom violet and wearing a blue sapphire pendant. The impact on my life has been happiness, a calming effect, strength and an inner peace within. This has led to an increased state of health and wellness.

Use your intuition to decide what colors resonate best with your life and begin to make changes in your wardrobe and your home environment. Use color as a tool to aid your healing journey. The benefits will last a lifetime!