We come across many instances these days where people suffer from problems that generate from damaged discs like sciatica, neck pain, lower back pain, a pinched nerve and many more. There are problems related to lumbar and cervical spine as well. The main reasons for these problems are our food habits and the way we carry our life. A long term solution till date was surgery. We are all aware of the pain that surgery causes, the amount of money involved and the side effects of medicines and painkillers. There is no point of going through the pain when you can easily get DTS therapy done and avoid all the pain from surgery.

Basic and simple equipment which is standardized as well is manufactured in the USA by a recognized rehabilitation equipment manufacturer is used in the DTS therapy. With the help of DTS therapy, the disc related symptoms and problems of lumbar and cervical spine can be treated. For many of those who have been suffering from the problem of damaged discs and pinched nerves, this therapy as proven to be a boon for them.

The key factor in the DTs therapy is to enhance the healing process of the body. This is done by swiftly stretching the spine and reliving pressure from the joints and disks. The treatment is done for a short duration of time. It is usually for duration of an hour or maybe even less than that. In few sessions, the patient will feel relief from pain and discomfort.

In order to go through this therapy, you need to start with lying down on a specially designed table with your face up or down as you wish. Your position to lie down on the table is determined according to your physical condition, comfort level and clinical considerations. If you do not feel the position is comfortable, you can consult your chiropractor and change it. It would be best if you could be as comfortable as possible while the treatment is going on.

DTS therapy is a very useful way of avoiding the pain of going through surgery and at the same time stops or reduce back pain and neck pain. In case you or any one you know is going through chronic low back pain or neck pain, you should consult a chiropractor and see if DTS therapy can be helpful to you or can provide a solution to your problem.