Historically it was termed the Bishop's stone since it was worn as a symbol of humility, spiritual wisdom, compassion and piety by the Roman Catholic Bishops. Due to its rich colors, it has been used in many jewels which have been worn by royalty. It is therefore associated with wealth and prosperity.

In days gone by it was made into drinking vessels. At the time it was said to have the power to stop toxoxication to those who drank from these vessels. The crystal is classed as a sacred stone for meditation. Many people say that it possesses the highest energy vibrations of all the gems. it is thought to cause an augmented spirituality and serenity level. The ancient Egyptians believed that it could ward off evil. The ability to stop negative thoughts and feelings has been noted.

It is believed to aid in relaxation, meditation, spiritual awareness and psychic ability. This item has also been linked to serenity, tolerance, forgiveness and peace. Many people believe that wearing amethyst will assist with relaxing the mind an sharpening intuition.

This stone is normally used as an introductory stone to healing with crystals. For this purpose it is easily available as well as affordable and is one of the most convincing healing stones. To use it in crystal healing they can be worn in the form of jewelry. It can be placed in the pocket or on specific parts of the body for healing.

For physical health, it can be used to assist with skin diseases; pain and tension; headaches; blood cleansing; bruising or swilling on the body; intestinal disorders and drunkness or hangovers. It can also assist with respiratory tract and lung ailments. It has great potential for use in mental clarity. This will allow creative thinking; relaxation and restful sleep. It can improve concentration and help with overcoming mental blocks.

Amethyst crystals are remarkable healers regarding loss, sadness and grief. It also functions very well as a dream inspiration tool. If you place it under your pillow at night it is meant to promote clear, lucid dreams and prevent nightmares. It is used for emotional healing and spiritual development. This is one of the most important crystal healing stones as it can assist with the development of spiritual awareness.