Most of us have heard about Reiki symbols and that each symbol has different energy vibration, which is used for healing. Everyone has the potential to do Reiki because it only consists of being aware of energy.

Reiki healing symbols are used to assist in the practice of Reiki. It is a powerful and effective method to use energy and the symbols to clear blockages, balance chakras which assists in healing ailments and conditions, easing stress, encouraging relaxation. There are special Symbols that are used for health and Reiki emotional healing.

One of the most effective uses of the Reiki healing symbols is Stress Relief. To be able to use the Reiki Symbols, the student should experience a Reiki Empowerment or Reiki Attunement. It is a favorable experience that usually occurs throughout the Reiki training although some Practitioners have created these courses that allow you to be attuned and use the symbols in your own home.

In general, you do not need to consume years to have any spiritual knowledge and practice meditation at all. You just need to be attuned to the proper level and you are ready to go. You can start healing yourself and others with Reiki Symbols very easily indeed.

One of the most used Reiki healing symbols is the Cho Ku Rei, also known as the power symbol. The primary function is to advance the level of Reiki energy. It joins energy from around you and concentrates it to where you want.

Sei Hei Ki is known as 'the Mental-Emotional Symbol', helps in healing mental and emotional and calming the mind. This symbol gives clearing, protection and purification.

Han Sha Ze Sho Nen is applied when you want to transfer the Reiki energy to anywhere you want it to go. It defies space and time. It can be used for healing problems from the past to save good energy for the future.

Another symbol is Dai Ko Myo. This is a Master symbol. It is substantially attached to the souls spiritual journey. It heals the soul and the broadening the wisdom.

It is important to know and be able to draw the Reiki Spiritual Healing symbols by heart. These symbols open your mind, body and soul. and assist in enhancing the flow of what is known as Life Force Energy that serves as a door opener to help you gain a higher level of consciousness.