Healing hands or the laying of hands for healing has become very popular. It normally includes the channeling of healing through the hands of the healer. Reiki healing is the most popular and highly respected form of healing hands therapy available. Healing with only your hands is a form of Spiritual Healing.

Many many people have healing hands with no formal training. Sometimes a person experiences warm hands or tingling in the hands and when they place their hand or hands on another it feels very soothing and calming. This is Universal Light Force Energy which flows through each and every living person including animals. Naturally some people are more connected with energy than others.

Everybody has the natural ability to connect with energy and heal themselves and others despite for many it requires practice and patience.

Massage is the most popular complementary therapy. Everyone knows that the therapeutic healing touch is good for us. You may have a back pain sometimes, stiff neck and shoulders or muscles pains that needs actual physical touch. Sometimes the physical element is required for a real balance.

Like having a massage, a healing hands massage with Reiki energy and it is a relaxing experience. You may find it pleasant and enjoyable and many people regularly make it a treat.

During a healing massage that is energized by Reiki, the hands of the healer may contact and manipulate your skin but the healing power itself comes from a defect source. The energy from the healer's internal light of peace and serenity is flowing into your body through their hands. While you, in a concentrated and calm state, receive the energy that resonates through your body that awakens your life force.

The energy that is targeted by the massage is assumed to be the same energy that is completely accounting for your physical compliance and disease for which you are looking for relief. Perhaps there is more of a force of direction between individuals with eagerness and desire who give faith that we can touch the souls of each other if we stay unblocked spiritually.

Have more knowledge about the origin behind the Reiki massage or find a healer who just may change your life. But the most essential thing for you to know is the fact that it can help you no matter what ails you, what is bothering you, whatever emotional fluctuations you may suffer from, or what addictions that are strange you may have, it can absolutely help you become a healthier person.