If you're reading this article, it is probably because you or someone you are close to is suffering from some kind of chronic illness. You may have tried many ways of getting better: conventional medicine, different alternative therapies, changing your diet. Whilst these sometimes seem to work for a while, they often do not give you the lasting, sustainable improvement you are looking for.

Energy healing can be very helpful in these situations. I myself have cured myself of chronic illness (chronic fatigue syndrome or ME), and I have seen many friends and clients move towards health, vitality and wellness using energy healing.

So, how does energy healing work? It is based on the idea that everything is energy; This is obviously nothing new: Indians have been talking about “life force” or “prana”, and Chinese about “chi” since ancient times. In this way of viewing the world, we are more than just our physical bodies: we are our energy bodies or are aura too.

When we are born, our energy fields are wide open. So, when things which are difficult to handle happen to us, we feel the impact totally. These things can be deliberate abuse like shouting or even physical violence from a parent or other adult. Often, however, the things that happen to us are energetically not intentional, and almost always unconscious. So, a new, young mother may feel anxious for her new baby – and the baby will pick up on that concern and anxiety. Or, very commonly, a new sibling will come along, and the older child will realize that they are no longer the center of the world – which can be very painful.

Over time, of course, we get “wise” to this, and start to develop strategies for not feeling the emotions that are painful to us. So, we develop what can be termed energetic armouring. It's not uncommon for people to suddenly remember something from their childhood that explains patterns in their adult lives. For example, I was in an energy healing workshop recently, and one of the participants suddenly said that they remembered deciding again 7 that they would manage life on their own and not be fully open to love from another person, as someone had let them down so badly.

Whilst this type of decision may be essential for the survival of the 7 year old, it is easy to see how it can become destructive if it is transported into adult life. In this case, the person was able to see how they had been holding back in intimate relationships and friendships, and not feeling and finding the love and connection they desired.

These energetic blockages can manifest in many other ways. For example, it is quite common if we have been criticized as a child to be disproportionately affected by criticism from a boss or a friend or a lover as an adult. Or we may have an allergy to a particular type of food because it was forced on us a child in an aggressive way. Often, the fact that we have a “disproportionate” response to a situation as an adult can be an indication that there is something from the past that needs to be looked at and released.

This is all very well, but you may be wondering what all of this has to do with chronic illness.

Well, the energetic blockages that we create to protect ourselves literally block our energy or life force. Over time, these blockages can become so severe that our life force is severely depleted and this can manifest as some kind of disease or illness.

The path to wellness with energy healing works through the “layers” of stuck energy from the past. So, although you may come with a “disease” such as chronic fatigue, or Parkinson's the process will be to work through the layers of the energy field, releasing the stuck energy through various techniques.

This may involve an inner child healing – where the energy healer would regress you back to the time a particular pattern started, and help you to release the stuck energy related to that pattern. It may involve working with sound – helping to release discordant energy, and balance it. Or it may involve allowing in beautiful, high vibration energy; any stuck energy that is ready to be released can not bear this light energy, and so releases in a peaceful way.

Obviously, it may have taken a long while for the energetic patterns that have created illness to build up in a person's body. So, it can also take a while, and a number of healing sessions to work through the “layers” of emotions and stuck energy which allows the body to return to wellness. My own personal experience of recovery from chronic illness is that I enjoyed having more energy and being more well as time went by. So, it felt like it was a journey to recovery rather than being “ill” one day and “well” the next.

In fact, for me, this journey is still continuing, and I continue to enjoy higher levels of health, vitality and wellness than I did before I ever became ill.