When we talk about good health, good posture is one of the first things that come to your mind. This holds as much relevancy as exercising, getting good sleep, eating properly and ignoring things like drugs, alcohol and tobacco. What one can mean by right posture is being energetic and having less fatigue and stress. You can not be fit and healthy without the right kind of posture.

Everyone is health conscious today and having the right posture is an important part of being health conscious. Good posture reiter to the proper alignment of the bones and your joints, ligaments and muscles work as they are expected to be. It also means that your body parts and important organs are in the position they should be and are working with proper efficiency. If you have the right posture, it also results in the proper functioning of your nervous system.

Your health and efficiency can be at stake if the right posture is not maintained. A lot of your body functions can be affected due to a poor posture. Functions like elimination, digestion, breathing, muscles, ligaments and joints may suffer due to poor posture and you might not be able to focus properly or work with full efficiency. Your efficiency will lack a lot due to this.

For young people also, the way they relax, carry themselves or work can have huge effects. Even working for 15 minutes in the wrong post can exhaust you or cause neck pain, shoulder pain or back pain. At times, accidents or injuries are cause of poor posture. But most of the time you have the control as the reason can also be food habits or environmental conditions.

In case you have a poor posture, the part of your body that suffers is your muscles. You lose out on the energy in moving rather than using it for feeling good. You may have a tight and painful feeling in your muscles and ligaments. Years of poor posture results in tight muscles that pain continuously and most of the times you end up with neck pain and back pain.

Poor posture and limited amount of motion can result into stiffness of the joint or arthritis in the long run which is a very bad effect of poor posture. Spinal subluxation is one of the major reasons for bad posture. Your chiropractor will help you with the problem of poor posture.