Throughout the world, certain colors and sounds are imbued with powers and emotions. More recent scientific evidence has shown that certain types of energy healing using colors and colors are quite effective. Using soothing sounds and colors to calm down, and brighter, more energetic ones to rev up can be easy, natural ways to get in the right mood.

Certain sounds are soothing, while others are more jarring. Either can be appropriate depending on the circumstance. Soothing sounds are appropriate for when you are trying to sleep, relax, meditate, or calm down. They can help people deal with negative situations by relaxing them and giving them some more perspective on the situation.

More jarring sounds can stir certain creative inspirations, and give you energy or resonate with an angry mood. Artists often like to match their music to their mood, and that same mood comes out in whatever medium they employ. Some of the best art is made with strong emotions which can best be released in the presence of angry, jarring music and sounds.

The power of sound is easy to show. If you play a whale song or the tides going in or out, people inevitably become more relaxed. The repetitive, quiet sound lies inner calm. But if you play heavy metal, heads start nodding to the beat and feet start tapping. The response to this jarring sound is to wind up and become more energetic and prepared for something to happen.

The attention with which interior designers and homeowners study paint and accent choices shows the well-known influence of colors on well-being. Certain colors are cool and can make a room seem cold. People may have trouble feeling emotionally open in these spaces, as the coolness of the color extends to the emotional as well as physical.

Other colors are very warm and welcoming. The earth tones are especially likely to be used when a room is expected to become an emotional arena. Pale colors, especially pastels, are often used in nurseries and children's rooms. This is because these colors lend a sense of newness and innocence to the space.

Energy healing is most commonly associated with alternative medicine and natural healing. But there is sufficient evidence to show that humans process colors and sounds in certain ways that can not help but elicit an emotional reaction. This means that whatever your alternative medicine practitioner is telling you about colors and sounds is likely to be true, at least to some extent.