Dr. Bach also known as Dr. Edward Bach is famous for developing an assortment of remedies known as the Bach Flower Remedies which is a type of holistic medicine inspired by classical homeopathic traditions. This British physician also used to be a spiritual writer, a bacteriologist, and a homeopath.

He was brought up in Birmingham and attended the University College Hospital in London to study medicine. He later on went to Cambridge where he obtained a Diploma of Public Health. A malignant tumor was removed from his spleen in 1917 and he was given only three months to live. He proved the prediction wrong and recovered. This British doctor was later to die in his sleep in November, 1936 aged 50.

From the beginning of 1919, Dr. Batch worked at the London Homeopathic Hospital where he was influenced by a certain Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. It was during this period of time that he developed the seven Bach nosodes which have been largely bound to British. John Patterson and Charles Edwin Wheeler who were also British homeopaths introduced these Bowel Nosodes sometimes in the 1920's together with Dr. Bach.

Aged 43, Dr. Bach then bought a new healing technique and spent the spring and summer investigating and discovering new flower remedies. His research was not based on the scientific method but rather on his professed psychic associations with the plants.

Whenever he experienced a negative emotion he would immediately hold his hand over various plants and the one that lightened the mood would be ascribed the power to heal that particular emotion. He strongly believed that the early morning rays of sunlight touched the dew drops resting on the flower petals transferring the healing powers of the flower to the dew drops. He would there collect these dew drops and reserve them with an equal amount of brandy producing a mother tissue which would be later diluted before use. He later realized that these dew drops were too little and he begon hanging flowers in spring water allowing the sun rays to reach them.

At one time, the doctor is said to have burned his hand accidentally and successfully treated it with his dew drops. After some thought, Dr. Bach came to the conclusion that illness was a consequence of conflict between the purposes of the soul and the actions and outlooks of the personality.

According to this recognized doctor, this internal conflict promotes emotional imbalances and energy blockage and this goes ahead to cause a lack of harmony therefore leading to poor health. Dr. Bach's healing techniques can be said to focus on the personality of the ailing individual which the good doctor strongly believes to be the basic root cause of all diseases.