Indigestion was once known as infantile colic. Although there have been many diagnostic criteria after that, there have not been a firm decision on what coli is and what are the causes of this and how it can be treated. The standardized definition of colic is continuous and uncontrollable crying of babies for more than 3 hours a day which goes on for more than 3 days a week for 3 weeks or more in babies who are 0 to 3 months old. This happens in the evening and afternoon time.

It has been estimated that an average of 22% of all newly born babies suffer from colic at some time or the other. It has also been estimated that 8% to 49% of newly born babies suffer from colic. This situation limits itself and goes away quickly at around three months of age but it has been observed that in many cases, it persists till six and at times 12 months of age as well. This leads to a lot of anger and frustration for the child as well as for his or her parents. It becomes disturbing after a while if it persists for a long time.

The main symptom of colic is too much of crying. The baby wears for a long period of time and it lasts for days and weeks. This is not the case with a child who is non-symptomatic. The crying of the baby may also have a higher frequency or pitch than that of a normal baby crying. Motor unrest like clenching of the fists, straightening of the trunk, arms and legs and flexing of the knees against the abdomen are some of the other symptoms of colic.

Since a long time, chiropractors are knowledgeable when it comes to children and treating their problems. They are very good with treating colic symptoms and there have been good output. The advantages of chiropractic treatment for managing infantile colic was shown in a recent study that observed and compared the short term effects of drug intervention and spinal manipulation. The results showed that the use of drugs did not make a significant difference and did not help and was less useful than the chiropractic treatment where the chiropractic treatment reduced the hours of crying of the babies and reduced colic symptoms. In order to get the best treatment plan to better the health of your child, you should go to your chiropractor for help.