Today's stressful life comes up with so many tasks to accomplish. Be it financial challenges, deadline meeting or paying attention to family, all seem hard and create lots of stress. Then, how can we activate our happy hormones in such scenario. Well, there are a few amazing ways to do so.

Spending Time with your Best Buddies!
It is a fact that increasing competition in every area of ​​life has reduced us from little joys of life. If you can make time with your best friends on weekends, it boosts the oxytocin high. It is the time when you start feeling good naturally. Even if you handshake or pat on the back while cracking joke, the random body contact helps in releasing happy hormones.

Aromatherapy Can Renew You!
Endorphins are known to set off the brief Euphoria which historically masks physical pain. To quickly fix it, you could consider lighting a candle in your favorite scent. It has been found that scent of lavender or vanilla can really help boost the endorphins. So, do not delay to experience an aromatherapy session if it gives you multiple-fold results.

Hug your Near and Dear Ones!
Now, this has to be with the closest persons around. Make sure whenever you meet anyone close in family, hug the person. You may be surprised to know what a thirty seconds hug can do this to your body. It gets the neurons fired up easily. While hugging, throw yourself completely into it. Hold your near and dear tight and be loving. Express the love by resting your head on the hugging partner that you have.

Laugh Out Loud!
A heartfelt laugh can work wonders for your endorphin. Take time out to read a funny book, take part in play, calling a friend or dance like crazy to get that much-awaited laugh. Grab the every opportunity to laugh enough while forgetting everything for a while. Find out more occasions to smile and never miss a chance to laugh out.

Accomplishing a Pending Project!
Finishing up a pending project can really help you from long-chasing worries. Go for the set goals and make sure to complete it. Do not let television or online shopping eat your time that you could probably devote to finish something at hand. This way, you can honestly feel good because it gives you a sense of accomplishment. Wake up and clean the yard or give the piles of clothes that are waiting to be dry-cleaned or simply finish the pending blog or whatever looks important to you.

Eating Spicy Food Can Help!
Now, this may come to you as something unacceptable. But the fact is that spicy food can be really helpful in triggering the endorphins. So, do not mind having spicy food once in a while even if you do not like it generally. This is one of the best ways to activate happy hormones in your body.