Everyone knows that you can bring a horse to water, but you can not make him drink. So one of the things that happen here is you come in to the program and I find out why you want to do this, what you are taking out of your life that you want to bring back – all of these different things so I can find out what's your desire level. That desire level shows me how much you're willing to put into it. As I start to develop the program more and more, I started realizing that, 'Oh my goodness. Desire is not good enough for long-term results. '

And that's what started getting tricky because I had to get people to, one, desire something and then switch that desire into something more primal. You need to be this other person, and you have to lock on to the, 'I need to be this other person' because if you do not, things will start to waiver. Or it's almost like if you want a piece of chocolate: 'I really need it.' When it happens, because you crave it, because you want it right this precise second. But if I take you away from it long enough, 'My God. Wow, I really did want it. ' But you know what? It did not turn out all right. So be it.

I see this a lot when it comes on to pain, when people stay in pain for long terms. They're like, 'Oh my God, I can not do this but I really, really do want to be pain free.' But as soon as they realize they have to put in the work, consistently, consistently, that desire starts to wither away. It does not hold up for the long term.

We have to get you to focus on the long term only. And the only way that's going to happen is this: start off with the desire. Start off saying, 'I really, really want to do this.' Then start to change that thought process just a little bit based on your experiences: celebrate, 'Oh look, I have my first day of pain-free living. Yay! ' Everyone just says that. But what I intend to do is reinforce it: 'Oh my God, you had your first day. Does not it feel good? ' Look, this is what you can do and I'll show you. This is who you are and this is why you have to stay there. Think about it. How much better could you be after your first time you're pain free? And now you look at all the things that you're doing, how you started to expand your self-image. How much better would that feel if you did that for a week, for a month? And then when you start doing it consistently more and more, I start reminding you: 'By the way, you're doing it! Great job! You're doing it! '

We have this tendency to play down all of our accomplishments. Stop it. Folks, get it. Get it and say – like scream it – 'Oh my God, I had my first day without knee pain! Yay! ' or 'It's my first time that I did my trigger point stretching and my pain actually went away. I'm starting to communicate with my body! Yay! ' Tell yourself constantly, 'I need this feeling to be here. I need to do the things that got me here consistently because this is what's going to make me that person on a later date. ' That's what you have to start doing, it's not just the desire. You have to manually focus on the fact that you need to be this person.

That desire starts the process, but it will wither away as soon as you keep on getting hit with tests and tests, hit harder and harder with more things that you're doing. Because remember, it only gets bigger in the obstacles that you have to do, the better you are. You have to change it up.

So when things happen to a person that's functional and all that, it happens on a massive level because he's cutting down all the little stuff. So many bad things have to happen in a row for something monumental to happen. It's going to be huge in that way. So you have to remember that. And in order for you to do that, you have to realize that this is who you are; you need to be the stronger person for your kids – for whatever reason it is, you need to be it, not want it. 'That would be nice if I could get down and play with my kids all day.' 'That would be nice if I would play basketball because I used to love playing basketball.' 'I need to do this because this is who I am.'

That's what you got to focus on. 'I need. I need. I need. ' Get it. Get it in your head and do not let go because that what's going to drive you for the long term especially when it comes to pain because that's a hard thing to start cleaning up for the long term. You're going to be hit with constant bouts of: sometimes it hurts, sometimes it does not, sometimes you do this, it hurts and sometimes it does not. You have to reel it in. It's just going to be an ebb and flow. You're going to have to dance with it. And the only way you're going to be able to dance is if you recognize your accomplishments. As small as, 'I did not have knee pain when I woke up. I had a day without pain, etcetera, etcetera. ' Get it in your head. You need it but start with the desire.