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Feel to Heal

The healing journey is the most beautiful of journeys as it gives us an opportunity to fully transform from one unhealthy form, to a new vibrant one. Healing is a state created by oneself and it can become fully transformational to our minds, bodies, and spirits. Healing is a process of ascension to higher vibrational life force energy and the ascension process can be sped up by incorporating regular healing techniques for the mind, body, and spirit into our lifestyle.

One of the interesting concepts about healing is the concept that we must feel to heal. Most of us find a state of what we see as equilibrium through an outside mechanism. We find something that calms the nerves and it works once so we do it again, and again until it becomes an addiction. I do not see addiction in the same way as most, because I have chosen that route in the past. I do not see it with eyes of judgment but I see it with eyes of compassion and really, even congratulations that someone has found something that works to keep them surviving and functioning, even if it is at a lower level than their potential. People who are addicted to something are still here and are still coping and I honor that in my brothers and sisters. Even if we would not call ourselves an addict we have all calmed our nerves with something at one point in time or another. Wine, chocolate, food, cigarettes and even exercise have been great outside tools used as calming agents.

My Reiki and coaching clients come to me because they are tired of living in survival mode and they want to feel great! They are tired of numbing themselves in order to avoid the pain. They want to feel the untainted joy that living a high vibrational life brings them. They want the magic that so many talk about.

Thankfully the mind, body, spirit journey of healing does not have to take years of therapy, but it can be done as a steady journey of feeling the old, releasing it, and making room for the new. Feeling, really feeling what is going on in our mind, body, and spirit is very empowering and can help guide us on our journey if we will make the choice to listen.

I challenge you to start feeling, so you can release what is no longer useful to you on your journey! Enjoy feeling the feet. Enjoy your healing journey!

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A Basic Principle of Healing: First, Do No Harm

The Greek healer, Hippocrates, set the first standards for medicine in the form of the Hippocratic Oath.

A basic principle of that oath was

“First do no harm.”

This ethical is meant to be the guide for whatever intervention a physician or healer uses to assist a patient to heal because …

the actual healing itself is done by the body.

For example, you accidentally cut your finger. You may clean the wound and put an antiseptic on it, followed by a banaid.

None of these things actually cause the cut to heal . That work is done by the physical body itself.

  • Cleaning the wound and using an antiseptic remove bodies that may interfere with the physical body's ability to repair the cut.
  • A bandaid, or bandage, assists by keeping the cut clean, and may hold the two sides of the cut together, thus making it easier for the body to reconnect the tissues as it repairs the wound.

This is similar to how Energy Healing helps you recover from an illness or an injury.

In Energy Healing, the facilitator's (healer's) primary responsibility is to support the body's natural healing processes.

This is done in a number of ways.

  1. Removing energy barriers that may interfere in the healing process.
  2. Supporting the body energetically so that it has the energy it needs to do the repair work.
  3. Communicating clear intentions to the body so it understands the expectations and goals of the person whose body it is.
  4. Assisting the body to let go of energy patterns that are interfering with the healing process, such as trapped emotions, limiting beliefs, and distorted vibrational patterns.

A healing facilitator communicates with expert energy healers in higher realms who may be able to see or perceive subtle aspects of damage that are outside the third dimensional reality.

Full recovery may require that those damaged area be repaired as well.

A well-known example of this type of situation would have been damaged chakra.

A chakra is a spinning wheel of energy. The most well known chakras are along the spinal column.

There are also many chakras of varying sizes throughout the physical and other energy bodies. Some chakras are part if the meridian system used in acupuncture and are called “acupuncture points.”

When a chakra is damaged or functioning improperly, a complete healing output may be compromised.

Each chakra may be a slightly different size, color and complexity, depending on where it is located in the body and the services it performances.

Chakras are a basic part of the energy anatomy of all conscious beings.

Humans and animals have chakras, and so do plants.

Mother Earth has chakras as well.

Within the physical body of a human or animal, the various organs and glands have chakras specifically designed to keep each one in balance and harmony by providing essential “life force” to that part of the anatomy.

When my cat Violet was diagnosed with early stage renal (kidney) failure, I discovered that one of her kidneys had a chakra that was misaligned and was not able to function properly as a result.

By repairing Violet's kidney chakra with energy healing, I assisted her kidney to function better. Using muscle testing, I was able to increase the energetic ability of the kidney to function by more than 50%.

This contributed to Violet feeling more comfortable in her body for a longer time than she might have otherwise.

In all types of energy healing, “First, do no harm” remains an essential ethical principle.

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Valentines Are Healing In So Many Ways

As a child it was loads of fun to make Valentines for each member of my class. Valentines are healing in so many ways. I felt the good feeling of making something for someone else.

Looking back on the time, I realize now, Mom was probably just finding projects to keep me and my three sisters busy for a couple of afternoon. We cut and pasted, trimmed and folded. I loved the color pink, so it did not surprise anyone when all my valentines had more pink on them and that I kinda 'dominated the pink crayon out of the set of crayons us sisters shared.

Mom was careful to have us take a break with hot chocolate and marshmallows out on the porch so we did not muss up our Valentines and, so we would not get too weary before our mission was accomplished. It was an exciting time of the school year.

Being the youngest of the four, Mom helped my valentines “just a little” so they would be presentable. We lived on a simple budget, so the one package of store bought Valentines purchased had to be shared out between us. Also bought was a box of Valentine candies and we carefully put one candy in each Valentine. I had four store Valentines and twenty-two homemade Valentines when I set out for school the morning of Valentine's Day.

Of course, my teacher would get a store bought Valentine and I had made the largest homemade one for her too. Then there was my two best friends, Elaine and Joanna. I had made them a homemade Valentine plus a store Valentine. I had one store Valentine left and I could not think of one more person to give it to. It was so special.

My teacher had set out the afternoon for exciting Valentines. It was difficult for us all to think of school work when so much was going to happen that day. All morning I looked around the room to see someone who would get my last special store Valentine. I talked it over with my two friends and they made suggestions too, but the ones they suggested were more their friends and I was a “tag-along.”

Then exchange time came and the energy level of the classroom escalated to a high roar. Notes flying around the room and everyone smiling. I got twenty-four Valentines. Most my Valentines had a candy in them too, so I thought I had a pretty good trade around. Valentines are healing in so many ways and I knew I had many friends.

Through all the excitement, I clear forgot about my last special store Valentine. As I walked from the bus to home, I remembered it. As I rounded the last corner, there was Daddy's car parked in the driveway. The love swelled inside me and I had such a good idea. I ran into the house, got the crayons and paper out.

I made one more Valentine. A big one with lots of pink on it because I knew Mom liked pink too. That was probably where I got the idea to have it be my color. I wrote “I Love You” on the back of both Valentines. Then I save the one store Valentine to Daddy and the homemade Valentine to Mom.

They were so surprised and Daddy grabbed me up into his arms and told me he never had such a sweet little “Milly” in his life. I knew I was special. It was the first dawning on my little heart that I was born to my “Best Friends.”

Now I am older, I still remember the good times we had around Valentine's Day. My friends from first grade I have lost track of, but the memories of the love I felt from my parents will last forever. Valentines are healing in so many ways. Valentine's Day is one more opportunity to heal a heart by saying the three words, “I Love You.”

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Natural Healing Technique

Do you know what Reiki is? Reiki comes from the Japanese word Rei and Ki. These words are being used in spiritual healing methods. In seeking definitions, Rei can be defined as Higher Intelligence. It is a minority wisdom that penetrates everything.

Ki is an abstract energy that animates all living organism. Flowing on every living thing including plants, animals, and also human beings. If the person feels strong and confident, it signifies that the Ki of that person is high. But if the person feels weak and more like getting sick, the Ki of that person is probably low.

This Ki can be found in the air that we breathe, the food we eat, sunshine and from getting sleep. Meditation and breathing exercise can help increase the amount of Ki of our body. When a human dies, Ki will live the human's body.

Regarding from the information above, we can tell that Reiki is a non-physical healing energy that made up of life energy. Reiki can not be guided by our minds. If the Ki is being used correctly, it can cure sickness but if this is being misused it can cause health problems. But the main purpose of this energy is to heal an ill person.

Ki is the reason for health that flow through the human body, not the organs and tissue of our body. If the Ki flows naturally and not disturbing, it will not cause any health problems but if the Ki is disrupted the organs and tissue will be affected. For that reason, the cause of the illness is the disruption of the Ki flow.

Take note that Ki responds in a person's mind and feelings. The Ki flows according to a person's thoughts and feelings. If the person's thought is strong then the flow of Ki is strong and if the person's thought and the feeling are weak, the flow of the Ki will also be weakened. Therefore our negative thoughts and mind is the main cause of the disruption of the flow of the Ki.

Our mind exists not only in our brain but it also exists in our own body. Therefore if our negative thoughts affect our mind it also affects our entire body. This negative thoughts and feelings is the main problem, therefore we are greatly being delayed in eliminating them.

The best part of Reiki is it can through the unconscious part of our body where the negative Ki is inhibiting. When Reiki flows to the part that is being affected by this negative thoughts and feelings, it broke up and washed away all the negative thoughts and feeling that accommodates in our body. At the same time, Reiki allows the healthy flow of the Ki to replace the negative thoughts and feelings that have been washed out.

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Anxiety, Asthma, Weight Gain, And Hypertension Set Up By These 2 Breathing Mistakes

In this article, you'll learn two breathing mistakes you are probably making that put your body into chronic stress, lower your mental acuity, and invite a host of health issues. You'll also learn a simple remedy. It's so easy, you can put it into practice as you're reading this.

Have you paid much attention to how you breathe? Perhaps you have during meditation, in a yoga class, during exercise, or when you were congested. For the most part, however, you probably take breathing for granted. It's something your body does naturally, on its own, without your conscious involvement. That's good-and amazing-how your body takes care of itself without you needing to pay attention to this basic, life-sustaining action.

On the other hand, your body can fall into poor breathing habits – and this sets you up for:
• anxiety,
• insomnia,
• brain fog,
• asthma,
• infection,
• Hypertension,
• heart disease,
• weight gain,
• indigestion,
• chronic low energy …

Two Breathing Mistakes

Did you know your body may be making two breath mistakes without you even knowing it? These mistakes can lead to this whole host of seemingly unexplained symptoms, such as anxiety, insomnia, brain fog, asthma, inflammation, hypertension, heart disease, COPD, weight gain, indigestion, and chronic low energy. Do you suffer from any of these? If you have not yet, would you like to prevent them?

The two mistakes are “mouth-breathing” and “over-breathing.” By mouth-breathing I mean breathing in and / or out through your mouth and by over-breathing I mean taking too big a breath or too many breaths.

Now, this may sound counter-intuitive. Are not you invited to take big, deep breaths and exhale through your mouth to release carbon dioxide? In yoga class, you may have been told to take a “cleansing breath” in which you breathe out forcefully through your mouth to release tension. Are these not good ideas?

It turns out, as regular habits, they are not healthy. Here's why: When you breathe out through your mouth on a regular basis you exhale too much carbon dioxide. Breathing too big and too often exacerbates the situation.

Why is this a problem?

It turns out that having a certain level of carbon dioxide in your blood is necessary for the offloading of oxygen from your blood to your cells, as well as for the dilation of your blood vessels and airways, and the regulation of body pH. (Source: “The Oxygen Advantage,” by Patrick McKeown, 2015, p.28). Carbon dioxide is necessary to insure the oxygen you breathe in is delivered to your cells. Without sufficient carbon dioxide in your system, your body becomes oxygen-starved.

When your body senses it is oxygen-starved, it signals more over-breathing and more mouth-breathing which makes the issue worse and worse, historically leading to all those health, energy, and mental acuity issues cited above.

(If you want more information and research on this, I highly recommend “The Oxygen Advantage,” by Patrick McKeown. He travels around the world educating doctors, athletes, and patients about these breathing mistakes and offering a simple remedy and a series of exercises to put it into practice.)

The Remedy

So, what's the remedy?

Nasal breathing and gentle full breathing. Nasal breathing means breathing in and out through your nose only. Gentle, full breathing means taking in only as much breath as you need and allowing your breath to fill your lungs completely from bottom to top.

Nasal breathing is important for numerous reasons. First, breathing in and out through your nose warms and cleans the air on the way in and clears your nasal passes on the way out. Second, nasal breathing stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which dilates your blood vessels and airways allowing more blood and oxygen flow.

Nasal breathing also limits the outpouring of carbon dioxide, so you retain more CO2 in your system. CO2 stimulates the production of red blood cells and is necessary for red blood cells carrying oxygen to release oxygen to your cells. The end result is greater oxygen delivery to your whole body.


To practice nasal breathing, just close your mouth while you breathe. You can start doing this right now while you are reading.

You can practice allowing your breathing to become gentle and full by placing your hands on your abdomen and your chest and noticing a slight expansion of your abdomen and then your chest as you inhale. Apply a slight pressure with your hands to encourage your breathing to be full, but minimal. This will insure that you are breathing deeply, but not over-breathing.

Once you are comfortable practicing gentle, full, nasal breathing sitting and relaxing, try it while you are going to sleep. (McKeown actually has his clients tape their mouths closed during sleep to reset their bodies to nasal breathing.) Finally, try it while walking, then work up to doing it during more vigorous exercise. This will take some practice and should not be forced. Allow your body to gradually acclimate to nasal breathing through consistent progressive practice.

My Experience

I first learned this style of breathing in Qigong Meditation years ago, yet, until I read McKeown's book, I failed to apply it more broadly. As a result, I was a chronic over-breath and mouth breather for years. In my fifties, this led to trouble sleeping, low energy, more aches, pains, tension, and inflammation in my body, and trouble catching my breath during exercise. I noticed myself sighing, yawning, and taking lots of really deep breaths. My metabolism was also slowing down and I was feeling colder. These are all signs of chronic mouth breathing and over-breathing.

When I initially tried to nasal breathe during exercise, I had to cut my exercise intensity down to about 50%. It took me about 3 months to retrain my body to nasal breathe at full intensity. It takes time for your body to become comfortable with more carbon dioxide.

Now, I am nasal breathing all the time and notice that I have much better energy, generally sleep better, my exercise is stronger, and my meditations are deeper. I am more relaxed and at ease through the day. My head is clear, my body is warmer, and I have many less aches and pains.

I encourage you to experiment with full, gentle, nasal breathing and see what it can do for you.

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Important Foods That Reduce Cholesterol

Cholesterol is traditionally said to be bad for our health. Cholesterol contains LDL (Low-density lipoprotein), the bad cholesterol and HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein). LDL, the good one for our health. So if we want to retain good health, we need to manage the optimum cholesterol level. Let us discuss on important Foods that can reduce Cholesterol level in our body.

Sometimes you may be unaware of consuming foods with high level of bad cholesterol. By changing food habit you can lower your cholesterol level effectively.

To reduce the cholesterol level, you may either take foods that lower cholesterol or avoid meals that increase your cholesterol level. For lowering cholesterol, different foods work differently.

Some food release soluble fiber that binds cholesterol and its precursors in the digestive system and get them out of the body before they get into circulation.

Some food, however produce polyunsaturated fats that directly lower LDL by blocking the body to absorb cholesterol. Likewise some foods contain plant sterols and stanols, that block the body from absorbing cholesterol.

There are some wonder foods that help you to reduce the cholesterol level.

Oats: If you want to reduce your cholesterol level quickly, starts eating oats. Oats lower cholesterol by producing soluble fiber named beta-glucan which absorbs LDL. One bowl of oatmeal produces 1 to 2 grams of soluble fiber. And by adding banana or strawberry to oats, you can increase the amount of soluble fiber. The recent research reveals that a human needs daily 20 to 35 grams of fiber, of which at least 10 to 15 grams should be soluble fiber.

Barley and other whole grains: Like oats and oat bran, barley also contains beta-gulcan soluble fiber that reduces cholesterol level. Whole grain and Barley also help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Beans: Beans are rich in soluble fiber. You may try navy and kidney beans to lentils, garbanzos, black-eyed peas, and beyond. As they take the time to digest, beans are also a popular food for weight loss.

Eggplant and okra: They are the best foods that reduce cholesterol. These are good sources of soluble fiber. These two low-calorie vegetables are also used in weight -loss program as the veggies contain low -calories.

Apples, grapes, strawberries, citrus fruits: Apple, grapes, strawberries, citrus fruits like orange, lime, lemon, tangor, Buddha's hand, Citron, Clementine, Grapefruit, Mandarin orange, etc. fruits are rich in pectin, a type of soluble fiber that lowers LDL.

Fiber supplements: Fiber supplements are one of the best way to get soluble fiber. Two teaspoons of psyllium in a day can give you 4 grams of soluble fiber. Psyllium can be found in Metamucil and other bulk-forming laxatives. But before considering this, you should consult with your doctor.

Nuts: Researchers found that different nuts like almonds, walnuts, peanuts, help to reduce cholesterol level. As a result, the nuts are good for heart disease. Studies reveal that consuming 30 to 35-gram nuts (a useful) every day can lower the cholesterol level by an average of 5%.

Vegetable oils: This is another magic food that reduces cholesterol. Use Vegetable oils like canola, sunflower, safflower, soybean oil, olive oil, etc. instead of butter, Ghee or lard.

Soya: Taking soybeans and foods made from soya bean, like tofu and soy milk helps to reduce cholesterol. Eating 25 grams of soy protein a day (10 ounces of tofu or 2 1/2 cups of soy milk) can lower LDL by 5% to 6%.

Red Wine: Research has shown that drinking red wine can reduce cholesterol. Red wine is produced from the grape that contains high-fiber varietals like Tempranillo and Rioja. Both Tempranillo and Rioja remarkably lower the cholesterol level. The research done by the Department of Metabolism and Nutrition at Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Spain shows that when a person took the same grape supplement found in red wine, their LDL levels decreased by 9%. The study also presents that the people who have higher cholesterol level can reduce the LDL 12% by drinking a glass of red wine.

Tea: Tea is a popular drink for fighting against cancer. Tea is rich in antioxidants that fight against cancer. Researchers of USDA postulates that tea is helpful for coronary heart disease as the black tea reduce the lipids up to 10% in 3 weeks. Tea also decreases cholesterol level.

Salmon, Sardines and other fatty fishes: Research done by Loma Linda University found that fatty fishes like Salmon, sardines, herring, contain Omega-3 fatty acid that can produce good cholesterol as much as 4%. Omega-3 also reduces LDL and triglycerides in the bloodstream. It also protects the heart by preventing the onset of abnormal heart rhythms.

Garlic: Garlic also decrees the level of cholesterol. It prevails blood clot, blood pressure, and fights against infection. Studies found that garlic helps to stop artery-clogging plaque at the early stages by keeping cholesterol particles from sticking to artery walls. It is suggested to take 2 to 4 fresh cloves a day.

Avocado: Avocado contains heart -healthy MUFAs that helps to raise HDL cholesterol while helping to reduce LDL cholesterol.

Foods fortified with Sterols and Stanols: The foods that are fortified with sterols and stanols can lower the level of cholesterol. The sterols and stanols block the body to absorb Cholesterol. These substitutes can be extracted from plant gums and should be taken according to the body needs. Plant sterols and stanols can be naturally found in vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Juice and drink companies are adding the substance to their drink. You can take supplement also. Research shows that consuming 5-2.4g plant sterols or stanols every day reduces cholesterol by 7-10% over 2-3 weeks.

Margarine: Margarine, Yogurt and milk products enriched with plant sterols help to reduce cholesterol. Margarine is rich with natural sterols named phytosterols that can reduce cholesterol level. Margarine can lower cholesterol up to 10% if regularly taken for three weeks or more.

Finally, it can be said that anyone who wants to lower her cholesterol should take foods that reduce cholesterol. As a result, they will be able to control the cholesterol level naturally.

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Why You Need Reiki in Your Life

You are already using Reiki!

You probably do not realize it but you have been practicing a form of Reiki therapy all your life. When you are hurting, what do you do? You reach out and take hold of the part of you that hurts. This is Reiki … seeking relief from pain by channeling energy to the area that hurts. As a child, when you hurt, yourself, your mother would touch the hurtful area and maybe kiss it better, right? This is Reiki healing in its purest form … love and healing. What could be better than that to make a person feel better?

Imagine if you could take that same healing energy and apply it to everything in your life. Well, my friend, you can! Reiki is all about using the energy that surrounds us all to help us heal our aches, pains, diseases, physical, emotional and mental illnesses and conditions.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping Virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to treat side effects and promote recovery.

Our bodies are composed of trillions of vibrating, active cells of energy. We are energy! I recently heard it said that if you took all the non-energy components of our bodies and compressed them, it would amount to the size of a sugar cube. The rest of our body is pure energy so it makes sense that when we are suffering from an illness, physical or otherwise, the reason is quite likely because of a blockage in the natural flow of energy that consistently courses in, out, and through our body.

We are 99% energy!

Science tells us that every living and non-living thing is made up of energy. I recommend reading Biology of Belief by well-known author and microbiologist Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Okay, so we are 99% energy. How can we correct energy blockages that affect the way we feel, act and live? This is where Reiki comes in. It takes energy to fix energy-related problems.

Reiki follows the path of ancient wisdom set out thousands of years ago, and rediscovered about 100 years ago in Japan after being lost for millennia. This path is called Reiki (Japanese for Rei … Universal or sacred and Ki … Life Force) and the seven chakras or main points in our bodies through which healing energy flows.

If your energy flow is interrupted, you will feel the effects in disease, illness, aches, pain, headaches, depression, or other reaction. Your body is telling you that something is wrong and needs to be corrected. An energy blockage needs to be removed. Because you are mostly energy, energy is the most likely way to rectify these problems.

Not sure about an unseen energy flow?

It is quite normal to be skeptical about something you can not see, right? Well, let me ask you … what about radio waves? TV signals? The Internet? Microwaves? Wi-Fi? Smartphones? We do not see any of the unseen waves that make these devices most of us could not live without … and yet we are prepared to accept them. Why? Because we know they work.

Reiki is providing it works every day in homes, businesses, hospitals, farms and gardens and is being accepted more and more by the medical profession to the point that in the USA alone, over 900 hospitals now offer Reiki as a supportive therapy. Reiki is not an alternative process, though. It works in support of traditional medicine advocated and practiced by doctors and other health care professionals because, even though they may not fully understand how it works they know it does. The key words? It works!

Reiki … the Gentle Therapy

Reiki is a gentle, relaxing therapy that relieves stress, headaches, aches and pains and can be beneficial in helping people deal with emotional and mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, frustration not to mention the rigors of cancer treatment, heart surgery , post-traumatic stress disorder and other debilitating conditions. As noted above, it is being used in clinics and hospitals more and more every day.

Energy and Your Body

As far back as the 1920s, a researcher at Yale University School of Medicine, Harold Saxon Burr, suggested that diseases could have been detected in the energy field of the body before physical symptoms appear. Scientists use SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) instruments to map the ways diseases alter bio-magnetic fields around the body.

In the early 1980's, Dr. John Zimmerman began a series of important studies on the therapeutic touch, using a SQUID magnetometer at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver. Zimmerman discovered that a huge pulsating bio-magnetic field emanated from the hands of a TT practitioner. The frequency of the pulsations is not steady, but “sweeps” up and down, from 0.3 to 30 Hz (cycles per second), with most of the activity in the range of 7-8 Hz (Figure 2). The bio-magnetic pulses from the hands are in the same frequency range as brain waves and scientific studies of the frequencies necessary for treating indicate that they naturally sweep back and forth through the full range of the therapeutic frequencies, so being able to stimulate healing in any part of the body. (Source: The Reiki Organization Science Measures Page).

Put that all together and you begin to see why Reiki can be an important addition to your life. Once you extend putting your hand wherever it hurts to a full session with an empowered Reiki practitioner, it can lead to better health and faster healing – then less expense. With the cost of clinics, hospitals, uncoached medicines, treatments and procedures, you could dramatically cut down your medical costs.

One thing that is important to note is that while Reiki practitioners always work with your best interest at heart, you need to believe in the power of Reiki to help you heal or correct a situation or issue you have. If you do not believe Reiki will help you, you are creating negative energy and this will definitely affect the outcome of any Reiki therapy you have. On the other hand, if you will surely believe Reiki can help you, your positive energy will be felt and will help to a positive difference to the out of your therapy. Caution … do not expect miracles. Doctors can not treat diseases overnight and neither can a Reiki practitioner (although sometimes it does seem to happen).

Besides your health, there are many other ways that Reiki can make a difference in your life. Let me give you a few. Reiki works well in healing pets and other animals, in gardens to increase yield, in business to stimulate production and income, in relationships to help resolve situations you or a loved one is facing and, yes, it can even help someone to prepare for final exams!).

I hope this article cave you enough reasons to learn more about Reiki therapy and why you should seriously consider making it a daily part of your life. It will make a difference. How much depends on how often you turn to Reiki for answers. Remember, we are mostly energy and the energy of the universal life force can play an important role in helping you lead a better and healthier life.

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Choice, Chance, and Signs of Gratitude

“Start each day with a grateful heart” is printed on a wooden sign that was given to me by a friend. I have that inspiring message hanging on the wall opposite my bed. I am reminded first thing in the morning to be grateful. Such a simple instruction yet sometimes, very hard to do. My mind is quick to fill with duties of the day and sometimes a reluctance to leave the warmth of my cozy bed. Yet, if I can shift my attention from activity and instead tap into an inner gratitude for the mere fact that I am alive, then each breath becomes a sacred gift. Earlier this year, I had a close brush with death and can say first hand that I no longer take for granted the blessing of being alive.

Perhaps the universe needed to startle me back into an attitude of gratitude. The time was 7:15 pm on Sept 23rd when death brushed by me. I was walking across the road with friends in a crosswalk by the beach after a birthday celebration for my friend Shaun. I was the last one in the group when I suddenly heard a shout from across the street. “Liah! Look out!” Then suddenly as if instinctually, my friend Patricia who was walking in front of me, grabbed my arm and pulled me forward out of the path of a speeding red car. I was wearing a black dress on that dark night and the driver did not see me at all. The car hit the back of my dress and left an indelible memory in my mind of the shiny red hood that almost robbed me of my life.

The driver was shaken up and dropped over on the side of the road, apparently, he heard the shouts of my friends as they screamed when he passed. I was hyperventilating and my body shook from the intensity of the situation. I could not speak or process. I was overwhelmed with shock and fear. I could not believe the magnitude of what had just happened. Had my friend Shaun not called out, and Patricia not grabbed me, I would have been hit by that car and gone hurling through space and my body would have then been on the way to the hospital or dead on impact.

I share this because too often we forget that the little things that are bothering us can take away our serenity and leave us feeling empty, frustrated and meaningless rather than grateful, alive and purposeful. If that had been my last day of life would I have felt complete and at peace with everyone and everything in my life? I asked, did I leave things undone, unfinished or not detected? Did I settle for less than I was meant to be, do or have? Was I kind and compassionate with others or was I self-centered and ego driven?

I feel like I have been given another opportunity at life. I have a chance to rewrite who I am and what I am here for. I have the liberty to love deeply, care positively and to make a difference in the lives of everyone I know. Since we never know when the angel of death will come to get us, we must live as though we only have today. No more wasting precious time in resentment, fear, self-pity and judgment. Instead I chose to live in gratitude, peace and harmony-these are my goals. I am here to let those I love know that I love them and to show up for what life brings, even if it is not quite what I ordered.

Perhaps I would add to my wall sign, start and end each day with a grateful heart.

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Mercury Retrograde As Healing

Oh no! Mercury retrograde! Well … not so fast.

It happens every time Mercury goes retrograde (the effect that makes the planet appear to travel backwards in the sky). Things go wrong-well, thanks a lot mercury retrograde. It's an ingrained response. And it reveals a not-so-hidden problem (if a generally ignored one).

Mercury, of course, does not really go backwards – it simply appears to do so from our perspective on Earth. And that's the heart of the matter – perception. We see an elliptical orbit from our own elliptical spinning. It distorts reality.

You know this, of course, and that “mercury retrograde” refers to the astrological energetic correspondence. But consider – what is simply an ongoing cycle is perceived as ups and downs. It's either. It just is, a fundamental reality.

And that's the problem with “my current problems are because mercury is retrograde.” No, they're not. Rather, mercury retrograde is shining a light on fundamental problems. Literally – the foundation is lacking, creating the perception that problems have abruptly come about that were actually a long time coming.

There's disruption – True. But the fault is not negative energy.

I had a strained conversation with my dad. My partner said something dismissive. My muscles are sore and stiff. And I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Mercury retrograde, right? (And let's not forget the annoying slow Internet speed). I even blew up a wheelbarrow tire yesterday, just pumping air back into it after it went flat.

The problems here, though, are fundamental. My dad and I have had awkward conversations for years. My partner and I have busy schedules and do not always communicate well. Instead of rotating cardio, weights, and swimming at the gym, I did all three one day, then stacked firewood the next. My schedule is too packed, and I already knew that three months ago (will be better shortly). The Internet is often slow here (trying to get a new provider to come in). And the tire was ancient.

Foundations build potentials – constant yang ever fails.

Yin energy is about potential. Before I undertake strenuous physical tasks, I have to build up over time. Before I can have open conversation when topics are difficult, I have to build trust and connection over time. Before I can enjoy fast services, I need the supporting infrastructure in place. Tires do not last forever, and need to be inspected and maintained. And plans packed tight do not work.

We're basically all about the yang energy. But just like mercury, it travels in circular motion (and not in a straight line and then back, however it might appear). We push and strive and force and stubbornly persist, working against nature herself, thinking we have to do so, but fooling only ourselves.

Research shows multi-tasking is a myth (we can do both tasks separately faster than both). “Overwhelmed” is an over-reaction we invented for dramatic effect (“whelmed” means exactly the same thing). And no matter how far you need to drive, you'll have to stop and get fuel. Vehicle maintenance is a good idea too. If not – you'll be sitting at the side of the road.

Healing can not be all yang (if you want to remain healthy)

No one ever says: “Hey, I'd like to work on the fundamental pieces creating the health, emotional, and spiritual challenges I'm facing. Frankly, sometimes yes, that can happen, but that's not quite the best approach.

Trees grow extensive root systems before branching into leafy canopies – or they're fall at the first strong wind. Busy successful and happy people do not “find” time to meditate-they know that an hour of focus in the morning is the reason for their continued happiness and success. Schedules can be more organic and realistic by making choices and delegating (“but I have to do these things because no one else can” is a lie we all tell ourselves). And 1 in 25 people never get sick, their own lives – because they understand (and constantly practice) balance.

That's why to pursue more than straight healing sessions

Self-healing, integrating levels of being, getting unstuck, building effective meditation practice, understanding and overcoming long-term pain, overcoming emotional challenges, the 12 keys to healing-these essential building blocks help you learn to live in wholeness and ongoing health – including stimulating in spiritual balance.

Some people do monthly combination programs, so they can benefit from both healing sessions and program material to heal and to maintain their health, their mental and emotional peace and balance, and to best show up in the world to thrive as the beautiful people they always were and were meant to be.

Because Mercury does not travel back and forth on a straight line. And neither does healing. For ongoing health and progress, you must master circular effort.

So thank Mercury for the reminder. Then turn your attention to fundamentals.

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The Polyvagal Hierarchy – Rules of Engagement

Ever wonder how the ubiquity of texting will affect our evolution?

Neurophysiologist Stephen Porges, professor of psychiatry at the University of North Carolina, stresses that physiological connectedness is a biological imperative. He proves this by referencing his polyvagal theory which describes the function of the 10th cranial nerve, the vagus.

The vagus is a component of the autonomous nervous system (ANS) which is the system that keeps vital organs like the heart and lungs working. The ANS contributes into the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems which spend and renew physiological resources.

Porges suggests we pay attention to the area around the eyes when talking to someone because “physiology determinology psychology.” If we feel safe when seeing kindness in someone's face, our vagus nerve acts as a “brake” on the heart rate which, without the high vagal tone, would speed out of control. The vagus “inhibits” other behaviors, like talking, which encourages listening.

The vagus nerve arises from two separate nuclei in the brain stem which accommodates older and newer branches. The unmyelinated older branch descends down the back spine and innervates organs below the diaphragm. This vegetative” vagus is common to all vertebrates – including reptiles who freeze when threatened.

The newer myelinated vagal branch descends down the front spine and activates organs above the diaphragm. This “smart” vagus is shared by all mammals. Since mammals are dependent on other mammals to survive, this vagus encourages social engagement.

The 7th cranial nerve controls the face muscles and arises from the same nucleus on the brain stem as the smart vagus. The facial nerve activates the muscles around the eye, including the orbicularis oculi, which registers emotion. Cues we read on another's face track back into the vagus and affect our physiology.

The fight or flight response is part of the new vagus and arises if we do not see a kind face but a flat face; or we do not hear a prosodic voice but a low monotone. The vagus takes the brake off the heart to mobilize either the fight or flight response. If that system fails and our life is threatened, the vegetative vagus asserts itself and we lose consciousness.

Since the smart vagus controls heart and breathing, respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) measures vagal tone. RSA occurs as heart rate speeds up while inhaling and slows down when exhaling. This variable characterizes a healthy heart.

Greater RSA advances the calm physiology of the smart vagus and encourages affiliative behaviors like face-to-face contact, listening, prosody and conforming posture. These features help us detect whether we are safe and, if so, supports optimal learning behaviors.

In summary, the polyvagal theory is hierarchical: the newer myelinated vagus inhibits sympathetic defenses which inhibit unmyelinated immobilization defenses.

Texting interrupts the “neural exercises” of face-to-face communication so necessary to ground our mammalian nervous system. Lack of practice hinders these rules of engagement. Lose the phone. Reach out and touch someone.

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An Important Role For Reiki In Schools

I get many teachers and teaching assistants coming to me for Reiki for stress management. They have many concerns in the way that they are now monitored and the way they are limited in their help for the children.

One example is not being allowed to physically touch a child. This is something that I have had to comfort many a teacher and teaching assistant with in my clinic. It is due to a UK law that says the teacher or teaching assistant may not physically touch the child. I have heard so much unhappiness about the way this law is affecting the well-being of the children. I cite below a few examples.

One teacher was faced with a child who had just been taken into hospital with a serious condition. There was no father. The child was crying inconsolably. The teacher wanted to just give the child a hug. The child tried to hug the teacher, but legally, she is not allowed to respond. She felt totally helpless and had to watch the child cry and cry and cry until a relative came. I did give the teacher an idea of ​​what to do next time that did not involve touching the child, and I did help her release the stress with the Reiki session. However, this need for children to be touched is still not addressed.

Another example is a Physical Education teacher, who had to teach gymnastics and other sports where the child may have to be protected from a fall. She informed me that she has to tell the child every time that if the child was in danger of sustaining a serious injury, she would like permission to touch the child to prevent a bad fall. She has to get permission permission every time, and if the child says no, she has to simply let the child fall and be injured if need be. Ideally, she would try and get the child to do a different sport.

On the one hand, I can see the wisdom of this law. Because of it, any inappropriate touching does not have to be proven. Touching per se is illegal, and so there is no need to disturb the child further if they have been inappropriately touched, with questioning by the Defense lawyers. On the other hand, children need touch and comfort.

I can see an answer. If every school had two approved Reiki Practitioners, with all the necessary checks to work with children, then that Reiki Practitioner can work by touching the child, even if just on the hands. There can be a camera in the treatment room at all times, for further protection. A genetically qualified Reiki Practitioner can be brought the children that need touch, and at that the children can be given the comfort of touch. Reiki can also be done in the aura, just above the body, so the warm feeling of a touch can be experienced without the need for touch.

Just a thought, and a hope for the children in the UK schools.

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What Is Reiki? What Can It Do For You?

Reiki is a well-founded and effective Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, that also promotes healing. It is, usually administrated by the “laying of hands” and based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” or “Chi” flows through our physical body. The same energy that is present in all living things and that allow us life. If your “life force energy” is low, then you are more likely to get sick or feel stress. If it is high, you are more capable of being happy and healthy. Reiki can do no harm and fears the complete being (Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual). Energy can not be created nor destroyed, but it can verifiably be transformed. Reiki is a gentle process of transforming energy.

What does Reiki feel like?
What can you expect from a Reiki treatment?

A Reiki treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance, that flows through you and around you. Most similar to a warm loving embrace. Reiki treats the whole person, including the physical body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Reiki creates many beneficial effects that include relaxation, feelings of peace and security, alignment, rejuvenation, and well-being. Every treatment and person is unique. Many have reported miraculous results.

Reiki is a simple, natural, and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement, that can and should unduly be used by everyone. It has proven effective in helping almost every known illness and condition; always creating beneficial effects. Reiki works very well with all other medical or therapeutic techniques. It is commonly recommended, to relate side effects and promote a quick recovery. Currently, many hospitals worldwide offer Reiki to their patients, which clearly validates the work and efficiency of Reiki in the world of conventional medicine.

While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion. It has no dogma and there is no specific belief system or set of rules that need to strictly be followed to benefit from its use. Reiki can Assist with physical ailments, emotional issues, spiritual, and mental blocks. It can simultaneously, promote and relieve chronic problems such as:

* Insomnia
* Stomach Pains / Conditions
* Anxiety
* Headaches & Migraines
* Depression
* Chronic Fatigue
* Emotional pains
* Fibromyalgia

and so much more …

Unlike other holistic therapies, Reiki is not exclusive to people who are sick or in need of healing. It is wonderful for stress relief, rejuvenation, total relaxation, and well-being. Habitual treatments will boost the immune system and allow for sustained health, balance, and harmony. The human body, by itself, has all the necessary tools to heal itself. Imbalances, negative emotions, mental blocks, and sometimes spiritual beliefs are the root of the body's incapacity to heal. Refusal to let go, referance to change, fear, and even anger can keep the body from becoming healthy, complete and aligned.

Each Reiki Treatment is individually unique. Every person has their own set of needs, circumstances, and concerns. An experienced Reiki practitioner will take the necessary time to discuss and pinpoint existing blocks, issues, and conditions. This type of consultation, allows the practitioner to create the perfect environment for the release of unwanted dormant or stagnant energy. Customarily, sessions begin with the setting of an intention to heal, align targeted issues, ailments, and energies. As the client-practitioner connection grows, through a common intention, the space to heal becomes stronger. Reiki treatments are a safe place for emotional release, confidentiality, acceptance, and Love. Energy work is uplifting and rooted in a strong intention of Acceptance and Love; love of self and love of others.

If you are looking for some TLC or a wonderful way to practice self-care, this is it. Keep your body healthy and live a life of well-being through the regular use of Reiki. You can also learn Reiki for use on yourself and or others. Look for an experienced practitioner near you.

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Alternative Medicine Has a Technical Value

Medicine was always located in drugs or in surgery. It was supported by a parallel system that was independent and complementary known as Alternative Medicine. However the two, till recently, were not destined to meet.

Medicine emerged from a system of clinical testing, of surveys, scans, medical records, experiments and data. These passed through rigorous tests of approval before licensed boards. The system bragged rights of methodology, license, discipline and efficiency. Alternative medicine, was located in systems of natural wellness, based on drug less, non-invasive technique. The mastery and skill of practice emerged from classical ancient texts, or new scientific discoveries with manual handling. Popular traditions of Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Ayurveda, Yoga, and Aromatherapy, homeopathy fall under this broad umbrella category of ancient practice and tradition.

Alternative medicine came under technical license and statute with World Health Organization that demystified the ancient systems and folklore. The standardization of acupuncture points in acupuncture practice among all countries, boards, colleges and practiceers became clear and uniform in technical description. There were energetic secret practices involved supplemented by martial healing arts as chi gong, tai-chi, ki aikido and others, which were not listed. The fact that the healing arts was essentially energetic, meant that acquired practiceer skills was relative to the development and cultivation of an energetic internal space.

World Health Organization addressed issues of nomenclature and technical description in some preferred ancient therapies based on scriptures. Indian Head Massage is an example of a popular science based on classification of marma points and ayurvedic massage techniques, arranged to an international qualification for practice. This science is well described by National Occupational Standards competency technical lists for applied use. Some other new systems have emerged based on public demand that are complementary practices to medicine. These include popular manual therapies as sports massage, lymphatic drainage massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, structural integration, amongst many more. Formalization of these sciences have taken place in clinical, and scientific practice. Competent Assessment and Regulatory boards across nations have sanctioned some of these disciplines as pure or integrated alternative medicine, and managed the industry to manifest in a parallel yet complementary field.

The formalization of Alternative medicine grew in significance as modern modalities and technologies were routed in ancient systems. Light therapies and low level laser became an option for acupuncture where needles were not suitable. Full body bio-feedback machines as Medilab's Beautytech, have been based on galvanic induction and acupoint bio modulation through acupuncture meridians and lymphatic pathways.
Innovation in alternative medicine, is based on the formal understanding of natural process that has benefited humans greatly for many centuries.

Low level laser was able to shift the acupuncture phenomenon to the next level with the discovery of the genetic potential of blood acupuncture with blood laser irradiation through the vein. Adjunct treatments with chlorophyll and light sensitizers supports the reversal of tissue death as in the case of malignancy. The advantage of modern scientific discovery in alternative medicine is that treatment protocols have complete controls and consequences, and the mystical human energetic practice is apart from the therapy.

The UK Crown encouraged medical practitioners, to embrace the alternative medicine industry and to approve its practices for better wellness support. This was resisted at first, and suspicion continued between the two streams. However, medical practitioners have themselves absorbed medical acupuncture in their practice through sanctioned seminaries of late, and grown in awareness of the therapeutic value of standardized systems.

As the Industry vectors grow in the ecosystems, sciences and preferences seem to merge. The disparities are less and disciplines meet with consensus. Prospects ahead seem promising and recovery is well in hand.

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Healing Begins on the Soul Level

We all have healing issues, regardless if they are physical, emotional, spiritual, financial or a myriad of issues.

Dealing with these issues is a primary reason we chose to reenter the earth's plane and reincarnate. It is the only dimension where we can settle issues from the past.

Our issues can be solved on other levels of existence, but it is a long and time consuming process, the best and quickest way to finally solve our challenges is to face up to them on the physical plane.

Jesus once said, “You must be born again.” In my opinion what that actually means is that we must comprehend and face our challenges while in a physical body by connecting with our God Source while living and walking on planet earth.

Many times, and rightfully so, we seek healing with the help of others. We consult doctors and many other professionals in the medical field. While this is all well and good and a sensible path to follow, they can not heal us without we want to be healed. No amount of the medicine in the world will cure our ills if we resist, and by the same token, if we really desire to be healed, we need no medicine.

The body will heal itself if given the proper nutrition and guidance from the soul. The trick is to discover that guidance.

Healing begins on the soul level.

The body is a mirror of the soul, it only follows directions it receives from the Super Conscious, or our Christ Consciousness.

Our body is an expert on following directions, it always does what it is told to do by our subconscious.

When we go within and heal our spiritual wounds, whatever they may be the body is healed, when we resort to drugs or other methods, we are on working on the symptoms, and not the disease.

Regretfully, it can be a little more difficult than that, our minds have been ingrained with false teachings for so long, it is often difficult to change the patterns we have developed over many lifetimes.

It is a work in process, when the subconscious wounds are healed, the physical being feels the relief as well.

To get on the path of healing, we need to increase our awareness and vibration and align ourselves with the higher levels of our consciousness through meditation and contemplation. It is only then we will see a permanent healing with no return of the symptoms.

There is no easy way out, there is no pill that will permanently heal us, no medicine will heal the wounds of our soul, only we can do that.

The rewards are many, and well worth the time and effort.

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Shamanism – An Alternative to Modern Medicine?

The internet, television, and other news sources are sounding the alarm announcing new protocols for the treatment of diseases. These diseases range from Alzheimer, cancer, diabetes, MS, to Parkinson's. Within this shout-out is near condemnation of pharmaceuticals and praise for other approaches. The intent here is not to list these approaches or to specifically discuss all of them. One among the many does require attention.

There is a proliferation of shamanic healers and practitioners within the United States. Dozens of organizations offering advice, membership, seminars, and certification abound. A bulging gold mine lights up the horizon of possible candidates for healing.

At this point, it is helpful to define shamanism. There is no need to trace the etymological history of the word. Shamanism is not a cult nor is it a religion even though there is an abundance of evidence that suggests a belief in a divine power circumnavigating the universe. Shamanism is an ancient form of healing. A shaman, despite some attempt to label them as a priest, is simply a healer, that is, one who knows remedies for certain physical issues.

One of several significant marks that distinguishing a shaman from a doctor is the recognition that illness may not be just physical, but emotion based. Treating the whole patient is a 40,000 year old approach that is catching on in the 21st Century. Another difference between a shaman and a modern physicist is the division of reality into three realms: upper, middle, and lower. And that leads to a third difference: A shaman uses spirit guides as he or she tries a client.

The shaman has a wide knowledge of herbs; whereas, the modern doctor has a depth in what drugs to use. The shaman is nature based and the physician is most likely man-made chemically based. There is a sound movement to make more “drugs” natural based which from some quarters is praise worthy.

A fundamental issue arises from a cleverly clothed advertisement or testimonials praising the remarkable wonder of shamanic healing. Whenever a practitioner offers a “cure” be very cautious. If you have a pain in your side a shaman may not know that it is appendicitis, indigestion, blocked bowel, or cancer. Accepting shamanic healing as an alternative to modern medicine is a grave mistake. And no pun is intended.

Alternative leaves a bad taste. It implies that there is a better way and that may not be the case. Supportive and interlrogative medicine suggests treatment along with current medical practices.

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