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Important Facts You Need to Know If You Want to Become a Crystal Healer

Probably one day you woke up and decided you would like to learn something new; or perhaps you're that kind of person that is always looking for new ways to help yourself and others.

If you are interested in Crystal Healing, there are some things you may want to consider:

A few crystal healers lay the same color crystals as the color of the chakras on the individual to heighten the flow of energy. Crystals are stated to guide the flow of energy to the person in a certain part of the body and bring in balance to an individual's energy.

Ultimately, they're used to clean the individual from foul or damaging energy believed to induce sickness. Driving out the defective spiritual energy eases the physical aliment. Crystals are used for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

Not only do individuals visit “crystal healers”, in a few places, professional nurseries are getting trained to use crystals for their patients. In addition, crystals may be worn, placed next to a person's bed as they sleep, and in a few cases placed around an individual's bath.

This practice has been around for hundreds of years.

Individuals have used amulets, magical stones, and gems all through history (despite primarily in the eastern cultures). It's now making its way into the western culture, primarily in the New Age and Occult causes.

Crystal healers contend that it really works; all the same, there's no concrete scientific evidence to establish that it really heals. Individuals state they've beenaled and feel better, however these cases are broadly limited to personal testimonies.

A lot of the scientific world has brushed these testimonials off as a placebo effect, selective thinking, aspirant thinking, sympathetic magic, or communal reinforcement.

Crystal healers generally prefer clear quartz, because of its shape and color. All the same, as chakras have colors associated with each area, they may place the particular color crystal / gemstone on the same color chakras.

The crystals / gemstones are listed to have vibration frequencies that are shape stimulates, interconnecting the earth's and the person's energy field. The crystal is used to expand, or realign, human 'psychic' or cosmic energy by guiding vibration energy.

To maintain the crystal, it's laid in salt water or covered with table salt. Sustaining the crystal helps keep it clean from environmental unbalance. “It is stated that it likewise needs to be recharged and operated through proven methods.

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Promote Energy With The Help of Natural Supplements

There are a number of reasons why you could feel lethargic, and this problem can be improved by including natural energy supplements with your diet. One reason that has been attributed to this cause is the lack of sleep that you could be getting. You must remember that it is not the time you spend in bed that determines whether your body has gotten the rest it requires. It is the quality of sleep that matters. It is common to notice people awakening during the night and taking some time before they can fall sleep again. If left alone this problem can develop into a destructive pattern.

Issues with sleep can develop into issues with the health. Some of these can be serious in nature. It is possible that you may not think highly about this subject. However, you are often advised to do so unless you are prepared to spend a large amount of money on getting treatment for a condition that you could have managed yourself.

Lack of proper exercise is one way by which you can make your body tired and push it into a state where deep sleep occurs naturally. You do not have to spend a lot of time or money to get the kind of exercise you need. You can choose simple methods like a brisk walk for about 20 minutes or any other methods that will get your heart rate higher. Do not consider this as a chore but look forward to enjoying the time you spend exercising. Your body needs natural cycles of sleep, rest, exercise and energy and this objective can easily be achieved with the regimen spoken about.

A poor diet is also likely to cause you to lose sleep. Make it a point to have a healthy and nutritious diet regularly. Do not look forward to having junk food or try to lose weight by using shortcuts in the form of fancy diets. These methods will not help you but will certainly cause problems that will require medical attention.

Think about taking energy supplements, which can provide you with all the essential nutrients required. Do not look forward to buying concoctions that contain caffeine because they will only provide you with a short boost of energy. Rather look out for Royal Jelly supplements that are made from 100% natural ingredients. Remember you will still be required to get some exercise and also change over to nutritious food. However, by adding these supplements with your diet regularly you will be giving your body the essential nutrients that are not available from other sources. Make a start today and you will soon feel better the natural way.

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Many Therapeutic Uses of Apatite Gemstones

Apatite is a gemstone that Crystal Healers turn to, to treat various symptoms due to the wide range of uses it has.

* Weight loss: Apatite gemstone is perfect for those with weight issues for it not solely aids in appetite suppression, but lets you look inside and see the truths inside ourselves. This is frequently required in a quest for weight loss so you are able to get to the root cause of overindulging.

* Balancing Chakras: The perfect gemstone for utilization on any of the chakras as it can both perk up under activity and calm down over activity and clear congestion in any of the chakras.

* Spiritual attunement: Apatite gemstone crystal aids in the development of psychic powers and helps you attune your mind, heart and soul to the spiritual forces that run through the universe.

* Bones and Pains: Apatite gemstone helps bones to mend faster and stronger. It aids your body absorb calcium from the foods you consume, which helps to keep bones and teeth firm.

To help ease the hurting of arthritis, wrap the involved joint in an elastic bandage allowing it to hold one or more stones against the affected joint. The apatite gemstone may help heal the painful sensation and heal the joint quicker.

* Hypertension: To help lower hypertension, wear an apatite gemstone so it hangs just about on the heart. Wearing one on a chain is all right or if all else fails, pin a stone to the interior of your shirt.

* Manage emotions: If you realize inside you the tendency to let your emotions rule instead of logic, particularly in emergency type situations, apatite gemstone crystals may be your solution. This gemstone will let calm prevailing introducing you the time and power to let logic rule in the situation.

* Creativity: Wear one or more apatite crystals while executing any kind of creative work. It helps you to link up with your origination center and produce spectacular works.

* Self confidence: Does sheness or doubt for you from enjoying yourself at parties or in additional social situations? An apatite gemstone may provide you the confidence to attempt contact with other people and provide you the feeling of security you require to shine at your best.

* To expand your power to receive visions of the future, meditate with an apatite gemstone leaning against your 3rd Eye chakras (somewhat above and between the eyebrows). Blue or purple colored apatite gems work best for this.

* Job accomplishment: Require a little extra motivation to get the job finished? A gold or red apatite gemstone held during meditation may help you keep your mind centered on the subject at hand presenting you the desire to continue working till completion.

* Produce an elixir by placing one or more apatite gemstones in a glass container of water and let it sit outside overnight, preferably under a full moon. This elixir may be drunk to help beef up bones and heal and prevent joint pain.

Apatite gemstone is considered very versatile, due to the many healing properties it possesses.

Crystal healing is a way to help yourself and others, learning the different techniques of applying this therapy can increase your well-being and the well-being of people that receive loving and caring good vibes from you and the intention to live a better life by experiencing this kind of alternative treatment.

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Releasing Trauma From The Past

I recentlyAVE a talk to an ME group on how I work with people who have ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – 5 simple steps to releasing fatigue and becoming more energised. And someone asked a question, which is one I am often asked which I I like to write about in more detail here.

I was talking about how a key step in healing a condition such as ME / CFS is releasing past trauma from the energy field.

I've written in previous articles about how we can “accumulate” unresolved issues from the past in our energy field, and how the energy techniques I use can help to release these energies. In letting go of the energies of stuck emotions such as anger, sadness, despency (or whatever it may be for you), the energy in our bodies flows more freely, which in turn leads to more wellness, more energy and less fatigue.

In the talk I was using as an example how it's often things that happened to us in childhood that can cause us to have some energetic “armouring” between us and the world. This can be anything on a continuum from physical abuse to just a careless, unkind word from an otherwise loving parent. And of course it can also be difficult events in our adult lives – an abusive relationship or a difficult boss.

And someone asked a question which I did not have time to answer fully, so I am going to address it here. The question is: what if there is no “trigger” from childhood, or from adult life, so there's no apparent “reason” of this kind for the sunset of a condition like ME / CFS?

There are several aspects to my response to this question. The first is that it can sometimes be the case that really small things can have a disproportionate effect. As a child, our energy field is wide open, and we expect only love. When we receive anything other than that, it can be a big shock and our energy field can close down, in what might seem a disproportionate way.

Or it may be that we have just forgotten. It's often the case that, I think as a protective mechanism, we do not remember the details of a difficult situation. My own personal experience is that as I do this healing work, I remember more about my childhood and other parts of my life. This is not in a negative way – the only point of learning more about these less positive experiences is to let go of any stuck energy around them, and to gain freedom.

Another possibility is that we came into this life with certain energetic patterns that can create stress or even physical illness. I have written in a previous article about past life healings, and you can read that here. For those of you who may immediately think “I do not believe in that” or even feel cynicism, I would say there's no need to believe in past lives for this type of healing to work. For whatever reason, it appears that we often hold energy from the past that can be released by regressing to a different time. Whether this is literal a past life, or just a “convenient” way of releasing what needs to be released to become more well, I do not know. But I do know from my own experience that this can be really powerful healing modality.

And that brings me to my last point. In the end, there is something mysterious about healing work. Sometimes we can say: “Oh! This thing happened in my past, I had this healing, and now I feel better in this area of ​​my life.” But in the end, we can not prove that this linear relationship is really how things happened (although much the logical mind may enjoy doing this!)

So, if none of the “explanations” for how trauma came into the energy field seem to apply to you, then my experience tells me that it's still the case that the energy techniques I use can help to release whatever needs to be released. I have often had the personal experience of a big release of stuck energy from the past, and I had no idea what it was about – and it 'something I often see with my clients too.

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Energy Healing: A Treatment Used Worldwide

Energy healing can be described as a holistic healing method that covers the body, the mind and the spirit as well. It is quickly gaining popularity and people suffering from incurable diseases are being asked to try it by their traditional practitioners. Those who have used this alternative kind of treatment have denied to have experienced fast and very effective relief from a huge number of sicknesses.

Energy healing is an all natural process and therefore carries no negative effects that are harmful to the body.

The illnesses and health conditions that have been reported to submit to energy healing are huge and they include the following:

Muscle tension
• Stress
• Depression
• Adrenal glands
• Physical pain
• Emotional trauma

Since energy healing is a non-invasive kind of treatment, it is a very gentle way to treat and heal. It is done using the universal way of life force energy that has been known to flow through all living things in the whole universe. This healing energy is known as Chi in China, Mana in Polynesia, Prana in india and Ki in Japan. It is also known as Reiki in Japan.

Energy healing – how does it work?

When one is ailing physically or emotionally, unbalanced energy fields are created by the life force. This is where energy healing comes in by balancing these electromagnetic energy fields and also by balancing the flow of energy in the body therefore restoring the lost health be it physical, emotional, spiritual or mental.

Energy healing invigorates, manipulates and brings back blocked energy channels from the body's aura and chakra system. It is also through this healing process that the body's natural healing ability is restored and strengthened. A calming and gentle transfer of Ki energy from the expert to the client takes place during the healing process. This elevates the vibrational frequency of the patient to the same level as that of the healing expert or spiritual healer.

Patients have reported the transfer of energy from the spiritual healer to their bodies as a pleasantly calming and relaxing occurrence. This has been shown to encourage feelings of greater well-being and revolution. The healing experience is unique to each and every patient and the results different from individual to individual, this is regardless of whether these individuals are suffering from the same health condition.

The amazing fact about energy healing is that it can take place on location or over a distance from a location far from the spiritual healer. This is usually known as distant energy healing and it knows no boundaries, as a matter of fact, it is very successful from long distance even from a thousand miles away as long as a photo or visualization is being used.

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Dr. Edward Bach: Flower Therapy

Dr. Bach also known as Dr. Edward Bach is famous for developing an assortment of remedies known as the Bach Flower Remedies which is a type of holistic medicine inspired by classical homeopathic traditions. This British physician also used to be a spiritual writer, a bacteriologist, and a homeopath.

He was brought up in Birmingham and attended the University College Hospital in London to study medicine. He later on went to Cambridge where he obtained a Diploma of Public Health. A malignant tumor was removed from his spleen in 1917 and he was given only three months to live. He proved the prediction wrong and recovered. This British doctor was later to die in his sleep in November, 1936 aged 50.

From the beginning of 1919, Dr. Batch worked at the London Homeopathic Hospital where he was influenced by a certain Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. It was during this period of time that he developed the seven Bach nosodes which have been largely bound to British. John Patterson and Charles Edwin Wheeler who were also British homeopaths introduced these Bowel Nosodes sometimes in the 1920's together with Dr. Bach.

Aged 43, Dr. Bach then bought a new healing technique and spent the spring and summer investigating and discovering new flower remedies. His research was not based on the scientific method but rather on his professed psychic associations with the plants.

Whenever he experienced a negative emotion he would immediately hold his hand over various plants and the one that lightened the mood would be ascribed the power to heal that particular emotion. He strongly believed that the early morning rays of sunlight touched the dew drops resting on the flower petals transferring the healing powers of the flower to the dew drops. He would there collect these dew drops and reserve them with an equal amount of brandy producing a mother tissue which would be later diluted before use. He later realized that these dew drops were too little and he begon hanging flowers in spring water allowing the sun rays to reach them.

At one time, the doctor is said to have burned his hand accidentally and successfully treated it with his dew drops. After some thought, Dr. Bach came to the conclusion that illness was a consequence of conflict between the purposes of the soul and the actions and outlooks of the personality.

According to this recognized doctor, this internal conflict promotes emotional imbalances and energy blockage and this goes ahead to cause a lack of harmony therefore leading to poor health. Dr. Bach's healing techniques can be said to focus on the personality of the ailing individual which the good doctor strongly believes to be the basic root cause of all diseases.

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Crystal Therapy: Balancing Body, Mind and Soul

Crystal therapy also known as crystal healing is an alternative healing technique where stones and crystals are used. The healing expert or practitioner will place these stones or crystals on certain parts of the body. These parts are believed to correspond to chakras. The healing expert may also place these crystals around the body so as to build up or create an energy grid or energy web. This energy grid is believed to surround or cover the patient with healing energy.

Crystal therapy practitioners believe that when these stones are placed on the part of the body corresponding to chakra, a stone color that matches up to the color believed to be that one of that particular chakra is chosen. To try to ground the patient, stones are usually placed around or on the feet or held in both hands. At other times, the healing expert will use crystal wands that will be placed around the patient's or receiver's body. These crystal wands may also be placed near the chakra that is believed to be blocked.

Crystal therapy has been practiced by different cultures through many centuries. Among the people who have been using this alternative healing treatment include the Hopi who are Native Americans from Arizona and Hawaiian Islanders. The Chinese in particular traditionally believe in the healing powers of microcrystalline jade. Other Eastern cultures strongly believe that the emerald has memory-strengthening attributes that help in increasing intelligence.

Crystal therapy has been known to balance the body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It has been known to lift the spirit when one is feeling depressed and to calm the nerves when one is feeling agitated or troubled. Generally, crystal therapy acts as a stabilizer to the whole system. The most common stones commonly include the following:

• Amethyst
• Rose quartz
• Clear quartz

Most stones used in crystal therapy contain lithium and they happen to be the most beneficial.

Discussed below are some of the stones used in crystal therapy that contain lithium:

• Golden C- this one is extremely rare and was mined somewhere near San Diego sometime back in the 1800s. This extremely special stone contains 35% lithium and is no longer available for mining. It has been known to balance, align and blend with all chakras.

• Tourmaline – this one contains one to one and a half percent of lithium. It has been known to conduct electricity through strikes and can be very effective when terminated naturally.

• Lepidolite- it contains 3 to 5% and has been known to reduce stress and balance emotions.

• Lepidolite with pink tourmaline – this one contains 1 to 5% lithium it has combined properties of both lepidolite and tourmaline.

Other stones that contain lithium and are used in crystal therapy include Lepidocrosite, Rose lepidolite, Sugilite, Kunzite, Hiddenites, Amblygonite, Lithium Quartz.

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A Cure for the Common Cold Or Some Things Pharmaceutical Companies Really Don’t Want You to Know


The dialogue to follow is not about Oregano Marjoram, the oregano we commonly find on supermarket shelves; This variety has little therapeutic value. The article is about two other types of Oragano; Thymus Capitatus, a variety found in Spain and Origanum vulgare found throughout the rest of the Mediterranean. Either of these two varieties are the source of the medicinal oil. They are the wild oregano and they are found in the remote mountains regions; places without the pollution of more populated areas. The leaves and flowers of this perennial herb must be picked at the right time of year when the oil content is highest. The two plants have been used for centuries of years as medicine and as a spice. The ancient Greeks were first ones we know of that used the plant as a medication. The name Oragano most likely comes from the Medieval Latin word organum.

People who eat a Mediterranean diet in which oregano is used liberally often have a longer and healthier life. The pizza pasta and salads in this diet all taste great as well with the wild Oregano added. The oil is a good way to get vitamin A, vitamin C and the vitamin E complex; also contained in the oil is a good supply of calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, copper, boron, niacin and manganese. Oregano is an effective antioxidant because of concentrated levels of phenolic acids and flavonoids. Lab tests have shown the wild herb to have a level of antimicrobial activity against some strains of the food born pathogen Listeria Monocytogenes.

Others Testimonials:

Hippocrates touted using oregano for a number of problems including stomach and respiratory ailments as well as an antiseptic. Dr. Cass Ingram wrote a book called “The Cure is in the Cupboard”. In one chapter he tells how he punctured his skin with a tailed IV needle and contracted a blood born fungus in the process; by ingesting Oil of Oregano he killed the infection which saved his life.

My Testimonial and Rant:

I have used pure Oil of Oregano on many occasions to cure common colds and the flu virus as well. As soon as the symptoms appear I take two or three drops of pure oil of oregano and using an eye dropper place the drops under my tongue (sub-lingual); the oil is quickly absorbed directly into the blood stream this way. The drugs effect will be felt in seconds as it moves through the veins killing the virus on contact. I keep the oil under my tongue for as long as I can stand; about two or three minutes as it has a very spicy and somewhat unpleasant taste but before spitting it out I can feel the symptoms of my cold receding. I repeat this procedure three times a day; the symptoms lessen with each use. After three days use the virus is gone. By the end of the second day the symptoms have disappeared but if you do not continue for the third day the cold and its symptoms may return.

I think oil of oregano and many other medicinal herbs are at best ignored by drug companies. In some cases I think these companies choose to suppress information because a natural product can not be patented. If a company can isolate the active ingredient in a plant that can patented that ingredient. They must protect the bottom line which is their profit margin. There is no reason and no profit in exploring the uses of herbs and other natural remedies. Using Oil of Oregano to cure colds is not what Pharmaceutical Companies want people to do because the cold and flu symptom relievers are big money makers. Why would they want to have people take a natural herb cure? No one would buy cold and cough medicine to relieve the symptoms of a virus if that virus could be eradicated cheaply and quickly with a herbal remedy.


Oil of Oregano is a strong natural antibiotic and should be taken with some caution. This drug should not be used by people who are anemic or pregnant. Do not take the oil as a daily supplement or on a long term basis unless under the care and advice of a health professional. If you plan on using Oregano oil orally it should be taken with a liquid such as milk, water or juice; alternately the oil can usually be purchased diluted with carrier oil such as almond, olive or flax. Oil of Oregano can interfere with red blood cells and iron absorption as well as blood flow so use the oil short term to achieve a desired goal then discontinue its use. Be aware Oragano is from the same family as mint, thyme, basil and sage; if you are allergic to any of these herbs you may be allergic to oregano as well. Watch for allergic and other adverse reactions even if the oil is used topically. If any symptoms such as skin rash, difficulty breathing or vomiting; you should discontinue use and visit your doctor if any symptoms are evident even if the oil is used topically.

When you go to your favorite Natural food or health food store to purchase Oil of Oregano there will be many brands and many concentrations of the oil available. You must discern what the concentration is of Oregano and the carrier oil. It would also be a good idea to find out the quantity of the active ingredients Carvacrol and Thymol that are in a diluted solution. I prefer to purchase pure naturally extracted Oil of Oregano. I can dilute it myself with olive oil if I need to.

A Vast Array of Uses:

Oil of Oregano can be used to enhance flavor – as a spice, a food preservative or a natural hair treatment. The oil will kill household germs on counters and in the bathroom. If used in a diluted solution it will help clear up many pet infections. As stated the oil is a powerful antihistamine for fighting colds, sore throats and any other viral bacterial infection. It can also be used on mosquito bites and as a mosquito repellent. The herb is as effective as any prescription drug in fighting colitis and inflammation of the gut normally without side effects of many prescription drugs. The oil will fight some types of parasites and bacteria that trigger unpleast gastrointestinal symptoms. The latest lab tests show that Oil of Oregano is beneficial to both the colon and liver. The oil will regenerate liver cells. The oil has been effective in fighting some cancers Research is showing that a common yeast infection called Candida is a relatively suspect in causing some forms of cancer.


One thing I would like to mention- is genetic manipulation If the drug companies change a gene then Organo or any other herb could be patented but that is another article or a book in itself

This incredible herb has many other uses than I mentioned; I could have written a novel on the subject of Oregano Oil .. If you are planning on trying Oil of Oregano I suggest research is a good idea on this unregulated and very powerful medication. There is a lot of information about the uses of Oil of Oregano on the internet. I would suggest starting at Wikipedia the free online dictionary you want to research the drug further.

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Energy Healing: Working With Fatigue In A Healing Session

This week, I was just thinking about the kind of issues clients tend to come to me with. And I was thinking that although there's quite a wide range of reasons that people come to see me, it's quite common for a couple of symptoms to be present: often people complain of some kind of fatigue, and often people talk about intermittent low mood, sometimes even depression.

And I was thinking about how this makes sense if you see health and wellness from an energetic perspective.

So, thinking about fatigue first of all. From an energy point of view, you become physically ill as a result of energy blockages, or energy leakages. Over time, the blockages can build up to the extent that they cause physical symptoms; and the leakages can become so severe that the physical body becomes drained or depleted.

It's probably useful to look at a couple of concrete examples. Someone may be driving themselves to do well in a career or profession that they do not really love or even feel excited about (often, of course, this may be to do with satisficing our parent's desires for our lives.) To do that we ignore the calling of our heart; at first, it may be that we hear the calling, and just choose to disregard it. Over time, we may not even hear it, as we are so out of touch with what we really want. In energetic terms, we have created a block around the heart, and also perhaps the throat chakra – which is to do with expressing our truth in the world. As this block hardens, we may become physically ill.

Or another example might be of a child who is constantly criticized, say by her father. To protect herself, the child puts an energetic armouring over her heart, and Solar Plexus (the solar plexus is to do with our sense of self and our self-esteem.) As time goes by, and she becomes an adult, other men may criticize her – her lover, her boss or even just male colleagues. And this causes the armoring and protection around the heart to become stronger and more impenetrable, and the sense of self-worth to become weaker and weaker. Again, in time this manifests as physical illness.

So, these energetic patterns of armoring and of blocks mean that the energy is not flowing in a free way. This in itself leads to fatigue for obvious reasons. However, more than this, I believe it takes an effort to keep these armouring, blocks and defences in place. Our natural state is free-flowing and open, and building up all this “armour” and defenses actually takes a lot of energy.

So, for this reason, it makes absolute sense that a lot of my clients (and of course a lot of people in general) are dealing with levels of fatigue in their lives.

The way to work with the fatigue is different depending on the person. Often, inner child healings can be really good to go back to childhood to discover the patterns that may still be causing us difficulties now. Similarly, a past life healing can also help people to go back to the root of a problem that is causing them difficulties in their current life. For other people, bright celestial energy can help to unravel the blocked energy. This type of healing allows us to open up to the love that is there for us in the universe, and allowing this in can literally “melt” down the energetic armoring and in turn lead to healing on the physical level.

More generally, energy healing work of all kinds breaks down armouring and blockages, and allows us to release past hurts and traumas. Letting go of these makes us in touch with our own, authentic way of being in the world. This in itself is extremely energizing, and a panacea for fatigue!

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Energy Healing: Working With Low Mood and Depression With Healing

Hello again! Last time I wrote, I was talking about how it is very common for clients to complain of some level of fatigue, whatever else they are coming to me about, and I wrote about why this may be the case from an energy healing perspective.

This week I want to continue with writing about another “secondary” symptom that clients often come to me with, whatever their main issue is: low mood, or even depression.

In the previous article I have talked about how ill-health develops from the energy healing perspective. In brief, as children we will encounter situations that we are unable to fully deal with or process; the unprocessed part is held in our energy field as a block. Over time that block grows and hardens, so that it forms an energetic “shield” or barrier between us and the world. As we saw last time, maintaining this shield can take up a lot of energy, which can cause fatigue. Similarly, the block literally impedes the natural flow of energy within our systems which in itself is very tiring.

In terms of low mood or depression, I would like to talk about “vibration.” Everything in the universe has an energetic vibration: plants, animals, human beings all have their own vibration. When we are feeling bright and energetic, our vibration is naturally high and bright. The blocks and armouring we develop over time impede that natural flow of energy and are of a low energetic vibration.

So, from this perspective, it absolutely makes sense that people will tend to feel low if their energetic armouring and blocks have led to their feeling physical problems. Put another way, as we all know from personal experience and experience with others, depression and low mood can have a heaviness and stuckness to it – which is obviously the “feel” to old blocks and traumas that we hold onto.

As well as this type of “stuckness” which can come from the old traumas, we also make decisions pretty much all the time about how we maintain our energetic vibration. Food can be either high energy and high vibration (fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts), or low energy and low vibration: processed food, sugar, wheat etc. Similarly, we make decisions about the people we spend time with. We all know instinctively that some people “drain” our energy, whereas others are supportive of us and what we want to do with our lives, and actually lift us energetically – which can be really beneficial for our health.

Energy healing can help in several ways with the feelings of low mood or even depression I have talked about. Firstly, as I have described in other posts, energy healing can lead to the blocked energy “melting” and to the armoring “dissolving.” This in itself means we are much more in touch with our life force – which is by its very nature life affirming and high vibration.

More than this, however, being in touch with this life force can lead to what I sometimes call a “virtuous spiral.” This life force energy will lead us to make positive choices day-to-day: we will be more drawn to healthy, nutritious food, we will find we are spending less time with people who “drain” us energetically, and we may find we are spending less time listening to “gloom and doom” on the media.

All of this course moves us away from low mood and depression, and towards health and vitality.

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Touch: Healing Lives

It has been said that money can not buy happiness. It holds true. You can experience it on the face of a labor walking out with a smile on his face after daylong toil, and a millionaire spending sleepless night in his luxurious apartment. This is all about the way of life. The way he leads it, the way he perceives life.

We all desire to be happy and healthy. We all want to have more and more money. We all need all the modern facilities and for these things all of us work hard and get paid. We have luxuries of life. Whether it is ultramodern furniture with softest leather and soft stuffing or cozy beds it is all there. There are sophisticated Televisions and Music Systems to add some spice to our lives. We are connected to the world like never before.

There are multivitamins and lots of food supplements and genetically modified food stuffs. Now man is able to live in smart homes, but still we do not have real happiness and peace of mind. We are too busy to find leisure time for ourselves and for our near and dear ones. Amid this chase we have forgotten to lead a happy life. We have lost the feeling and magic of touch.

Let's find out the reason behind it. As stated above, life is swift as compared to the past. Every day is a new beginning, a new challenge, a new opportunity. Man is running and living all alone. To stay ahead in life man has changed its way of living. A complete change of schedule which leads to a whole new lifestyle.

As we have come a long way. We are entirely dependent on high end gadgets and technology; we can not think living without them. But still we have lots of things to do for a better life. Going years back we can easily find out the reasons of emptiness in our lives in spite of having all the modern facilities and comfort. Do you remember when you shake your hands or hugged the people you love. Do not feel any guilt of not doing so. It can be easily understood that we have forgotten to live the life like a real life. It is artificial like plastic. Your smile is plastic; as a result the relations are also the same. But a simple question to be asked. How important is money in your life? Why do we earn money? -To lead a happy life. Now it is about doing injustice to yourself and your family if you can not find time for them.

It's clinically proven now that with touch of your loved one, a positive energy travels from one body to another and these results in the secretion of good hormones to fight diseases and stay immune. This is the magic of simple touch. It is ironical that we have touch screen devices but we have forgotten touching hearts of people. Start embracing relationships in your hands and in your arms. There are touch panels around you to make your life easier like never before but never forget to touch your loved ones.

The easiest way to understand and feel the effect of touch in your life you can start practicing this touch therapy in your life. Life will be transformed into a better and healthier one. Try it now.

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Crystals That Help You Battle With Fatigue and Stress

How many times after enjoying a nice lunch, you feel like you are prepared for a nap, or maybe after a workout, or a run in the beach you seem to feel exhausted … this sort of afternoon slip may be alleviated using crystals instead of caffeine drinks or sugary snacks.

* To hike up your afternoon fatigue; crystals like Ruby, Amber and Red Jasper are good options. Ruby and Amber are referring stones, and will help jumpstart your system. You can complement with Aventurine, to add optimism to the mix.

Having plenty of energy is vital to fulfilling our lives; to enjoy life, one needs a good supply of energy. We can restore and balance our energy levels with a proper diet, rest and sleep … also with the use of crystals.

You can try some of these remedies:

* Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Pyrite and Fire Agate, any of these can be transported around the sacral and base chakra area for tiredness, add Sunstone, Hematite, Ametrine, and Dioptase if you're fatigued. Use them in combination with Rutilated Quartz, Smokey Quartz or Clear Quartz for an energy boost.

What happens when you're so down and you feel sleep for a week? Your mind just will not switch off? Take a cup of chamomile tea, listen to some calming music or practice meditation? Go for it!

* To bring a more relaxing sleep you can place Rose Quartz and Amethyst benefit your pillow; these quieting stones will help greatly if you feel overwhelmed or experiencing insomnia. Blue Lace Agate can be held in your hand to help you relax your entire body.

* Lolite is a crystal that aids in the quality of your sleep and helps with headaches, mental tension and eyestrain, by calming those overtaxed nerves.

Fatigue may be caused by illness, stress, over work, etc. if you carry a high vibration crystal or stone, its energy will merge with your own correcting and restoring balance.

* Apophyllite is a high vibrational crystal which can raise your energy and assist with fatigue … Try lying down, with it placed just above your crown and a Hematite and Clear Quartz below each foot, along with a Rose Quartz in the middle of your chest.

* For a quick fix, or to re-energize try sitting down with your feet on the ground and holding a clear quartz in each hand pointing inward. Breathe deep and slowly in a relaxed state for 15 minutes. This will give you an instant energy boost.

So, whether you're a long-distance runner, or simply living the day by day issues … these crystals can help you battle with stress and fatigue and remain relaxed, serene and energy recharged.

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Sign of Recovery?

A few weeks ago, when I was in Manchester for healing sessions, two of my clients and one of my colleagues talked about being drawn to wear a different type of clothes. This is an experience I've had at different times in my life, including when I was recovering from ME / CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) – and now looks like a good time to talk about it.

Both of my clients in different ways were talking about how as they are changing, they feel drawn to different types of clothes, or that their old clothes no longer represent who they are somehow. The first woman had been suffering from extreme fatigue, lethargy and inability to motivate herself (no doubt quite a few of you with CFS / ME can relate to those symptoms.) clothes – and now, receiving the healings, and feeling a lot better, this is reflected in a renewed interest in how she looks.

I can really relate to this experience. When I was first ill with CFS / ME, I was not at all interested in how I looked, what type of clothes I was wearing – and did not have the energy or inclining to look for new clothes anyway! For me, beginning to be interested in clothes again was a sign that I was more well.

My second client has been seeing me because she feels that there must be more to life than she had been experiencing – she felt somehow as she was just “getting through” her life rather than really enjoying it. As she experiences more energy and enthusiasm for life, she is finding that she wants to wear a different style of clothes to be more in tune with who she is becoming.

This is also my own personal experience. At a certain point in my recovery journey, not only was I interested in clothes and my appearance again – it just felt as though I could not bear to wear the clothes that I had been wearing. Somehow, it felt all wrong – as though they were not “me” any more.

And I suppose that clothes do show to the world who we are, or who we aspire to be. And this is what the third person, my college was talking about. She was saying that she is beginning to dress for who she wants to become, and the energy that she would like to be bringing into her life.

So, I suppose that we choose clothes for how we are feeling, and we also choose them for what we would like to become. In other words, our energy chooses the clothes, and we can also be transformed by the energy of the clothes.

People often ask me if there was a moment when I knew I was “better.” And I think when I was first ill, I used to imagine that one day I would just wake up and be back to “normal.” In fact, it was not like this at all for me. It was more that I would notice things gradually changing in my life.

I would notice that I was able to see more people, that I was not thinking so much about how many times I was going up and down the stairs, as I had the energy to do it as many times as I would like, and that I was more interested in things outside of myself – like what I was wearing, and even having a different haircut! And these signs grow and grow until I and the people around me realized I was “better.”

And what has happened since that point is that I've become more well, more alive and enjoy my life more and more. I believe that this is a lot because I continue to receive healings, and to prioritize using the healing tools I am writing about.

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Basic Truths About Bach Flower Remedies

In these days, resorting to a safe, simple and natural treatment can be a viable option to achieve total healing. You may be familiar with other methods like aromatherapy, yoga and others, but have you heard about Bach Flower Remedies? This is an increasingly popular form of treatment that delivers natural relief from tension and stress.

Who Created Bach Flower Remedies?
Bach Flower Remedies is a form of natural therapy coined by Doctor Edward Bach. He is also the man behind the “Plant Kingdom” which refers to the use of herbs through homeopathy. In his Flower Remedies, he made sure that people would have healed for the origin, and not only curing the symptoms of the disease. He then performed his search from various flower healers all over the world.

Bach believes that there are flowers that can bring about balance and restoration in the body and even heal emotions and mental stresses. Bach Flower Remedies focus on treating the person and searching for the root cause, instead of curing the disease. He firmly believes that a sound mind reflects in the body.

Flowers Used in Bach Flower Remedies
According to testimonials and studies, this treatment is highly effective. However, you need to explore what types of flowers out of the 38, are suited to your lifestyle and personality. For a better idea, here are some that are most alluring:

* Cherry plum – this is most helpful for those suffering from nervous breakdowns

* Beech – it is applicable for those who are actually intolerant, since it replaces this negative feeling with tolerance.

* Agrimony – this flower best works by releasing all the inner heartaches and helps people realize that letting go is not actually a weakness.

* Cerato – this provides healing for people who have low self-esteem

These are just a few of the flowers being used in Bach Flower Remedies and these are totally safe and produce no negative side effects. There is no risk of overdosing and will not deliver ill effects. Plus, it can be taken by everyone from babies to the elderly population.

How Do You Use It?
Bach Flower Remedies can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some of the most common ways:

* By orem – This form of therapy can be administrated by mouth. You have the option to use one flower or a combination of six. All you need is to fill a bottle with 30 ml of spring water, one teaspoon of brandy, two drops of the selected remedy. Shake the bottle gently and take four drops every day.

* Skin – It can be applied on the temple, lips, wrist, and other body parts.

* Baths – The remedy can be poured on your bath tub and even added to lotions and creams.

If you wish to try Bach Flower Remedies, just choose from these methods and get delighed with the results. It is important that you consult a Bach Flower therapist, who knows which is the best treatment for you.

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Is Your Voice Being Heard?

A lot of my life I have suffered from something which I used to find very confusing and frustrating, but which I have found an explanation for in the energy healing work I do.

I used to find that people would often ignore what I said, appear not to hear it or not listen properly and then discount it. If I was in a group, and wanted to attract someone's attention, I would find it mystifyingly difficult, and at times impossible. What made it even worse was the ease with which some other people seemed to be able to make themselves heard – which could make me quite angry. I would often “zone out” in groups because I would find it so painful trying to make myself heard and being consistently ignored. It was easier to not be present.

All of this has changed as part of the healing work I did to recover from ME / CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

I now feel that the difficulty I had in speaking and making myself heard came from my throat chakra being blocked. The throat chakra is where we hold issues about communication, and our ability to speak our truth and manifest our life purpose into the world.

I know as a child that I often felt that it was unsafe to speak. My father would often “shout” us down, or quickly criticize us if we made a mistake or did something slightly out of the way he wanted things done. I learned to say things that would please him, and choke down those words and those parts of me that were unacceptable to him.

When I came to energy healing, I had a lot of unsaid words (and shouts actually) blocking my throat chakra. These unsaid words from the past mean that I was unable to communicate myself effectively in the present.

Receiving energy healing cave me a safe space to express what I was not able to say as a child, in the context of an inner child healing. In this type of healing, you are invited to go back to a time in your childhood where something was difficult for you, and given the chance to express yourself in a way you were not able to do at the time. This expression and release of words and old energy allows the throat chakra to unblock.

For me, this led to quite a few other things. Firstly, it led to more energy and less tiredness. I think it was tiring holding on to all the irritation and frustration around not being heard, and all the feelings of lackency around not even bothering to communicate. I also think that releasing the block at the throat allowed stuck energy in my head to move down to the rest of my body, where I really needed it.

It also led to me being much more heard when I spoke – and I had a very graphic illustration of this when I was still working as an accountant during my energy healing course. I remember being annoyed and frustrated at something that was happening in the organization where I was working. I had explained the situation several times to the trustees, and felt that either nobody was listening, or nobody was taking me seriously – because they certainly were not showing any sign of understanding what I was saying.

And I remember being in a meeting where all of that changed – all at once. I was explaining (again) the situation, and I could feel everyone looking at me, and taking in what I was saying. I somehow knew as well that I was explaining it more clearly than ever before. And then people began asking me intelligent questions, which I was able to answer clearly … and then they acted on what I said!

All of this was a huge thing for me at the time – as I realized that a lot of the problems I had had with people not listening and not hearing were down to me and the way I expressed myself.

This journey is not over for me! Since I have been working as an Energy Healer, I have been learning how to share the message of how energy healing can transform people's lives. I've had a lot of hesitation about this – and some stuck words, and some lack of clarity.

Now, I feel more ready to share the message of how energy healing and the other work I do can help people bring change in all areas of their lives – physical and emotional health, limiting beliefs, having more joy in their lives, relationships and more .

So, I'm going to be sharing my message in more different ways – in radio interviews, in different publications, in virtual talks, in live talks … All of this would have been unimaginable to me even a year ago – and now , though it may at times be challenging, I am mainly enjoying “stepping up” to tell more people about this amazing, transformative work.

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