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The Hidden Truth About Energy Healing Techniques

Are you worn-out by the stubborn and repeating pains that you experience on your back or other parts of the body? Or maybe you are exhausted to the frequent trips you need to take to see the doctor each time your sinusitis and other annoying medical condition strikes? Maybe all you need is Energy Healing in order to loosen up all the emotional tension that you may have inside your body.

Energy Healing – The Answer From Within
Does the answer really lie deep within you? Yes, it is really possible that the fastest solution to medical problems can be found in your home or any facility without having to spend thousands of dollars. This answer refers to the practice of Energy Healing otherwise known as Energy Medicine. What is this kind of treatment all about?

Basically, Energy Healing refers to the practice of various holistic healing techniques that are focused on energy or life force manipulation, in order to achieve balance and deliver wellness to the body, mind and spirit. Some of these therapies include Reiki, Yoga and the use of meditation for healing. Most of these techniques do not involve touching a person's physical body in order to obtain healing. In fact, these treatments are even used to heal other people in different locations also known as “distant treatments”.

The Big Difference
In these modern days, illnesses are usually managed with the use of aggressive surgical procedures and medicine. But then, there are sicknesses that can not be treated by modern medicine. In such cases, medical doctors do recommend painstaking and highly expensive therapies in order to manage the illness.

On the other hand, there are also practitioners who have perfected Energy Healing in order to deliver milder, safer and cheaper medicinal practices. This type of practice makes use of varying therapies to achieve balance in all aspects of the well-being.

Miraculously, this kind of healing provides healing to illnesses that can not be borne through contemporary practices. Energy healing techniques can guarantee great and quick results with the absence of undesirable side effects.

Learning the Ancient Practice
Energy Healing is an ancient practice that has been widely used in these modern days to provide healing to a variety of illnesses. The great thing is that it can be learned and perfected by anyone. Thus, you can become a healing master and save tons of people from all sorts of conditions. With such, you can provide safe and effective healing at the most affordable rates.

In fact, energy healing techniques can be taught through personal courses, online courses and even with the aid of instructional videos that you can watch at home. With such lessons, you will become more aware of yourself and move towards a life of renewed vitality.

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Bach Flower Remedies Aids in Pet Loss Recovery

The impact of pet loss can be so great since it does not only involve loss of a companion, but of course of affection. There are people who get so attached with their pet, and this could lead to negative and intense feelings that could affect their life entirely. If you are one of these people, you may want to consider going Bach Flower Remedies most especially if you think that there can be no way out.

Bach Flower Remedies Overview

Basically, Bach Flower Remedies is a form of complementary treatment coined by Doctor Edward Bach, a British physician. It was developed in the 1930's and involves the use of 38 flowers and plants to promote emotional wellness; by fighting off the emotional demands and stresses of life. Essentially, Bach Flower Remedies correspondents to the 38 flowers used in treating different emotional archetypes such as what follows:

* Sadness
* Fear
* Despondency
* Guilt
* Emptiness

Out of the 38 flowers, you may choose one or come up to a maximum of six, to form a remedy. The key here is to realize how you really feel and select the most suitable remedy for such emotion. It can be tricky at times since a person's emotional and mental state can be composed of different mixtures which may need a particular mixture of flower remedies. All of the emotional states indicated above describe the most common feelings of pet owners who have lost their best friend.

Bach Flower Remedies for Loss and Healing

There are a lot of Bach Flower Remedies that are proven effective for those experiencing grief for pet loss. If you are having a difficult time determining how you feel, here are few of the remedy suggestions which work great for loss and healing:

* Walnut – This remedy works like a link breaker to aid you release, or let go of your pet. It is also safe for other pets that may be grieving as well. It is the key remedy for adapting to your pet's death.

* Gorse – This remedy is perfect for the feeling of hopelessness, most especially, for feelings of resignation, darkness and discourgement. This form of treatment gives abiding and deep feelings of hope, faith and optimism.

* Honeysuckle – This remedy eliminates your tendency to get too attached to the past, by releasing this type of emotion.

* Pine – It is used for letting go of the guilty feeling, associated with pet loss.

* Bethlehem star – It can help you cope up, with the shock feeling connected with the loss.

Once you have chosen the Bach Flower Remedies fitted for you, just take about four drops with pure water until you feel that your current emotional state is becoming more manageable.

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Who Is the Doctor?


– Thomas Edison

Let's say- “the doctor of the present – right NOW” -should be concerned with the health of his patients. However, the responsibility to maintain your body is yours in the first place. So here we go, let's talk more about whats truly very important – Healthy Life.

Do you know what is the source of Life?

The basis of all life in this Universe is pulsation. The source of it is inside the organism – it is The Heart.

The Heart is able to generate the pulsations inside itself without any outside stimulation. It can keep going in the proper environment even after taken outside of the body. The end of pulsation means – End of Life. This means that the Heart is the reason / source of Life, it is our Soul.

Next important question:

What do you know about your blood?

The ancient Tibetan medicine mentions two types of “channels” inside the human body – white and black. The name comes from the dark color – black are all the channels connected with the heart. The black channels are moving the blood in our body. Only a thin layer of our blood has a red color. The volume of the blood has the same properties as “the blackbody” – in physics is a surface that absorbs all the energy falling on it. This is really important to understand. Our body, since the blood is everywhere inside it, is absorbing all kinds of energy / radiation from the outside environment. Our inside organs are absorbing from this energy / radiation only the colors that correlate with their color, structure and form. This is the reason the ancient Hindu and Chines medicine believes that inside the liver flows green energy, inside the heart – red, inside the spleen-yellow, inside the lungs – white, and inside the kidneys – blue.

Understanding the knowledge, you can not help but feel deep respect and amazement for the simple and effective engineering of creation – “Mother Nature” or “Father Universe”.

As we can see it is logical that all the energy / radiation from the environment will severely affect the “work” of our body. By working on our physical bodies we can strengthen and influence our minority bodies, according to our evolution. The result of this “work” is the restructuring of our physical body, leading to the appearance of completely new qualities. Those qualities are actually easily achievable by simple exercises and procedures, but with clear mental sub base and deep inside content.

So it is clear that in order to achieve and support complete health, the “work” should be done not only with our physical body, but all our 5 bodies or levels of human bodies. Are you ready to dive deeply into the knowledge of your own body and take full responsibility for your own wellbeing?

If yes, just keep reading and observing yourself carefully, your body will give you clear signs that you can not ignore.

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The Problem With Western (Takata) Reiki

Imagine you want to cook up a nice vegetable stew. You gather your ingredients: some potatoes, carrots, zucchini, pumpkin, onion, garlic, chick peas, salt, pepper, olive oil and water. You throw them all in a pot together and stew them for thirty minutes.

The result?

Hard chick peas, mushy zucchini – and everything else somewhere in between.

So what went wrong?



To get a dish right you need to put everything in at the right time. First you soak the chick peas, then you fry the onion and garlic, then you add the water, then the chick peas, the potatoes, the carrots and on and on all the way down to the zucchini.

That way everything will be cooked just right.

Now imagine throwing in nine potatoes, twenty cloves of garlic, a quarter of a pumpkin, 100 grams of salt and only a little of everything else.

How tasty would that be?

Not very.

So not only do you need to get the sequence right, you also need to get the quantity right.

And Reiki is the same.

Most Reiki courses and methods fail because while the individual components taught are all valuable, they do not fit properly together.

There is no system or structure and, as a result, there is no cohesion.

So if you want to get the most out of Reiki, you need to ensure two things:

  1. You learn a Reiki system that is coherent.
  2. You practice that system in a coherent manner.

There is no point learning a coherent system if you then simply practice whatever you want in a random order. That certainly will not get optimum results.

Why the Huge Majority of Reiki Systems Fail

There is a simple historical explanation for why most Reiki courses (systems) taught today are not coherent: they have come down from a Western lineage (ie from Mrs Takata's) which, over the years, has had many additions made to it – in particular from Indian / Tibetan spiritual traditions.

Now, do not get me wrong: there is nothing wrong with the practices that have been added to the Reiki system. In general they are powerful techniques – that is why teachers have included them.

Unfortunately, however, a champion team will generally beat a team of champions. The team that works together gets the best results.

In a Reiki context this means you'd be advised to learn a system where each piece complements the other; where each piece builds on the one before it.

If you learn a system like this you will naturally make progress. If, instead, you learn a bunch of disparate techniques then you will generally get the feeling you just are not quite making the progress you would like.

I learned this the hard way as I originally learned Western Reiki systems that were not coherent. This led to a long period of slowly aimless practice. It was only once I came into contact with the classic Japanese Reiki tradition that I saw and experienced a complete system that was coherent.

A system where all the pieces worked together.

The Classical Japanese (Usui) Reiki System

It is often a case that your weakness is your strength – and vice versa. The Japanese can frustrate you for their near pathological dislike of questioning their teachers on 'how things are done' – a problem that inhibits growth and innovation (here, naturally, we are only talking about the spiritual realm).

The flipside of this, however, is that they can maintain the purity of a tradition for centuries – even longer.

In the case of Reiki it meant that when it was 'rediscovered' in Japan in the 1990s, it still exists in something close to its earliest form.

And this form was structured and coherent.

It was built around the 'five diamonds' (or 'pillars' as I call them) – attunements, meditation, healing, mantras and symbols, and the Reiki precepts – and all of these 'diamonds' fitted together perfectly (for a more detailed look on this, please look up my article 'The Five Building Blocks of Traditional Japanese Reiki').

The trick for modern day practitioners of this system, therefore, is simply to spend time on all of these components (note: mantras and symbols only come into play for level 2 practitioners).

Do not just work on the healing aspect of Reiki, because if you do you will be missing out on much of the system and, absolutely, it will be your healing that will suffer.

Healing is greatly strengthened by the other four 'diamonds'.

How to Practice

All participants of my courses get a 21-day e-program with each Reiki level. This is a great place to begin your practice as it will help you develop all of the components of the classical Reiki system.

After that I recommend that you contact me for advice on taking the next step. In many cases this will simply be to do 'more of the same'. Keep working on the techniques covered in the e-program and go more deeply into them.

What you will then discover is that the Japanese tendency to have fewer, rather than more techniques, is very profound. It enables you to touch their essence and, as a result, taste their nectar.

Not surprisingly, Japanese Reiki techniques can generally be studied for years without you ever feeling you have mastered them.

You are always journeying more deeply into them. You are always learning more.

And if you do not introduce too many foreign elements into the system, if you practice all five diamonds, then your balance will generally be right too. It will not be a case of too much 'salt' or too much 'garlic'.

You will develop all of the core strengths needed to make Reiki progress and that, absolutely, will greatly accelerate your growth.


If you want to get great Reiki results, be systematic with your practice. Practice all five 'diamonds' and try to do a little practice every day.

If you do this you will find that consistency builds momentum, and momentum leads to breakthroughs.

( Note on innovation : I would never encourage people to be dogmatic. In fact, everyone should experiment with new things. I myself teach things – like the chakras – they were not part of the original Reiki system. neglect the 'diamonds', and second, to only make changes and add things once you have firm grass of the original system.

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The Basics of Tree Reading In 8 Steps

How do you read someone's tree? With the tree reading process, there are 8 things to start with.

Step One: Have the Person Draw a Tree

The very first step to tree reading, obviously enough, is having the person draw you a tree. The directions are simple. Start off by just asking the person to please draw you a tree. Give the person a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. It's also a good idea to create a rectangle on the paper beforehand because many of the tree reading techniques are in relation to the tree's size and shape in accordance with the rectangle.

A Tree Reading Pad already has this outline, but you can easily do it yourself with any piece of paper.

If the person objects by saying that he or she is not an artist, then reply that it's perfectly fine and that artistic ability is not required. It's about the individual parts of the tree, not how realistic it looks.

The person may also ask if you are going to analyze them. Tell them that this is simply so that you can better know each other. Also insure the person that nothing psychic is implied because only personal insights are considered.

Step Two: Determining the Location

Determine the location of the tree in accordance with the rectangle. The location influences the beliefs. This is because it shows you how the person sees him or herself within their own environment and how they are affected by it.

Fold the paper in half (vertically) and use the crease as a determining mark. The left side of the rectangle symbolizes feminine aspects and the past, while the right is about the future and masculine aspects. However, you should reverse these meanings if the person is left-handed.

Now, fold the paper horizontally so that there are two creases. Trees that are primarily in the upper half tend to represent a more creative and spiritual outlook. Those on the bottom are usually more pragmatic and grounded.

Step Three: Identify the Tree

Consider the difference of every tree. Trees have differences (cones, leaves, size, bark texture, etc) so that they can best survive in their environment. The same goes for the person's tree drawing. The drawer is imbuing certain characteristics into the tree without knowing it.

First of all, you must remember that there is no bad or good tree. Each and every tree is important, regardless of its ecosystem or characteristics. All trees are beautiful and diverse, which is part of their beauty. The same goes for drawings.

The drawn tree can be used as a starting point to help you understand the drawer. While the drawer may not be conscious of what he or she is expressing, you should have the drawer confirm anything that you see because minor differences in the drawing create huge differences in the interpretation.

Step Four: Treetop

What does a treetop do? It's there to absorb all of the energy and nutrition from the sun. It also shields the tree from dangers and the elements. This symbolically represents the person's way of interacting with the world from everything such as friends to a career. It's also about the person's way of pursuing goals and dreams.

It shows how the drawer engages and interacts with the world. Some of the common shapes are: cotton ball, circle, triangle, and umbrella. However, there are many others that can occur.

You should also consider the branches, which show how the person reaches goals and achievements. They also symbolize thinking and expression.

Some people will include leaves, which tend to show a curious and inquisitive nature. It also shows that the person likes organization.

Step Five: Trunk

The trunk will give you insight into the person's feelings and emotions. It can sometimes serve as a timeline to show you the longevity of an emotional event.

Everything from stress to contentment can be disclosed by examining the marks and shadings on the tree trunk, if there are any. Markings on the lower half tend to represent that any emotional events have occurred long ago. Those on the upper half usually mean that the emotions are recent.

Those that draw bark are trying to symbolize a way to protect themselves and manage their feelings. Any knotholes will show that the person has strong memories of a certain event. You should also pay attention to the knothole's placement, which works the same as the marks above.

Step Six: Roots

Roots exist to draw in nutrition for the tree, as well as provide stability. These represent culture and instincts within the drawing, depending on the depiction of the roots.

Roots might be important, but we usually can not see them. This means that many people will not draw the roots. While it's easy to assume that the person does not care about his or her family since the roots are not there, this is very the case.

Never assume that unobvious roots mean something bad. Keep everything in context while interpreting the drawing.

Step Seven: Other Items

Some people will draw more than a tree, like a bird or tire swing. Usually this represents something else that is connected to the tree, and you should consider the importance of this object by separately considering what it conveys.

Step Eight: Putting Everything Together

It does not matter what the person's gender, language or anything is. This technique relates solely to interpreting the tree itself, which helps create a consistent reading regardless of the person's characteristics. These steps will help you formulate proper insights into the drawing.

Also, do not make any judgments on the person drawing the tree because there is no wrong, bad, good or right tree. This is just about gaining insight.

Just match the features in The Tree Is The Key to help analyze the tree. However, some features may not be found in this book. Never guess. You should identify the features that you can and confirm with the drawer.

This will take practice, but you will soon be able to properly identify the features and form an insight on the drawer.

You will eventually hear someone say that the characteristics that you identified do not apply to him or her. You may have interpreted something wrong, or the person just does not recognize (or is unwilling to share) these characteristics.

This should not be considered a substitution for professional counseling, but more of a starting point for a conversation and understanding the person.

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Energy Healing: Meditation

I learned to meditate about 17 years ago, and nowdays meditate 4 or 5 times a week, as well as going on intensive meditation retreats from time to time. For me, it's an essential part of a busy life – a chance for time to be with myself, to see what's really going on in my body and my mind when all the outside “busyness” stops, and a chance to just be quiet.

How does that relate to healing? Well, you often read that people who meditate have longer attention spans, are better able to deal with stress, and look younger!

I also think that taking that time out to be with yourself is very nurturing in itself – allowing yourself to be sad, angry, happy, joyful, frustrated, or whatever it might be. And just allowing it to be there, without trying to “fix” it. Knowing that we have the capacity to just be with whatever comes up for us is clearly helpful in everyday life.

For meditating on the pillow is like a “practice” for life. If we are able to develop the capacity to stay with what is going on for us in our meditation practice, then we are more likely to be able to do that in our day-to-day life.

From an energetic perspective, staying with our emotions and really feeling them means that we are fully processing whatever happens to us in the present moment. It is when we do not fully feel what is going on for us that we tend to accumulate blockages in our energy field which over time lead to physical illnesses.

It is also the case that in mediation we often feel that a part of our body demands our attention: a pain in our back, or an ache in our head. By gently placing our awareness in this part of the body, and breathing into it, we can very soon release any blocked energy there, and the related emotions. This need not be traumatic, and we may not even be aware of what the “story” of the emotions is – and actually we do not need to know in order to release it.

This is the same process as one of the energy healing techniques I have learned. If a client comes to me with a pain in his heart, I can very well place my hand there, and ask him to really feel into the pain. By feeling the pain and the emotions associated with the pain fully, and by accepting them as they are, it is possible to move on. Again, there is no need to know the “story” of the emotional pain: it just is!

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Mystery: Why People With No Obvious Cardiac Risk Fall Victim to Heart Diseases

Raman did not smoke, his cholesterol levels were normal, he had no diabetes and he had none of the risk factors that conventional wisdom demanded for a heart attack. Despite it suffered two heart attacks within the span of three years.

Today there are answers at last to the mystery of why people with no obvious cardiac risks fall victim to heart disease.

ATHEROSCLEROSIS [narrowing of coronary arteries] the process starts when LDL [bad] cholesterol penetrates the wall of an artery. If all goes well HDL [good] cholesterol will reverse the process carrying cholesterol away from the artery for eventual disposal by the liver. But if LDL accumulates in the artery wall, it becomes a target for oxygen free radicals, which bombard cholesterol to turn it into oxidized LDL, much as free radicals turn fat rancid.

It's the oxidized cholesterol that gets atherosclerosis started. Now scientists have already identified inflammation and clot formation as the two basic processes that translate the initial effects of oxidized LDL Cholesrtol into the damage of a heart attack.

Now doctors have moved beyond cholesterol to identify new risk factors, many of which participate in inflammation or clotting. Below are some new risk factors responsible for heart ailments.


Homocysteine ​​and cholesterol both are natural substances that are present in many foods and are also synthesized by the body itself. In normal amounts, both are essential for health, but in high amounts they increase dramatically the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Cholesterol and homocysteine ​​are chemically distinct. Homocysteine ​​is not a fat but an amino acid. It is one of the 20 nitrogen-rich compounds that are building block of all body proteins.

High level of homocysteine ​​accelerates the atherosclerosis in following ways:

  1. By producing toxic damage to the endothelial cells that line the inner surface of arteries.
  2. By increasing the activity of oxygen free radicals.
  3. By stimulating the enlargement of smooth muscles cells in the middle layer of arterial walls
  4. By accelerating the clotting process.

As with the cholesterol levels, healthy people have a wide range of homocysteine ​​levels. The normal range is 5-15 micromoles per liter, but below 10 are safest ,. In general, the levels for men are about one point higher than for women.


Although atherosclerosis is many causes, infection is emerging as new risk factor.the leading candidate is Chlamydia Pneumonia. It is an unusually small bacterium which such a primitive metabolism that it can survive only by living within the cells of the people it infects. But once it gets inside those cells, it tends to linger, causing low grade chronic inflammation.

Many people with the infection have no symptoms at all; others develop the flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis etc.

From the respiratory passage C. Pneumonia enter the blood, where they are taken up by macrophages, these macrophages enter arteries with early atherosclerotic damage. Once in the arterial wall, C pneumonia stimuli infection, adding to the damage and weakening the plaque so that it ruptures and triggers clot formation.

Dental infection

There is a direct connection between periodontal diseases and the severity of coronary atherosclerosis, the worse the dental disease the worse the heart disease.


It is in prostatitis, appendicitis and bronchitis. Inflammation can show up in any part of the body because it's the most basic response to the injury. Infection is the most common trigger, but inflammation can also be set in motion by allergy, immunological reaction and even by trauma.

In arteries, oxidized LDL cholesterol produces injury and the body responses with the inflammation. Macrophages and other whit cells are the first to answer the call, in turn they produce CYTOKIN , tiny protein that injure endothelial cells, stimulates smooth muscle cells and recruit still more macrophages to perpetuate the process.

The cytokines that causes such mischief in the artery wall also spill out into the bloodstream, traveling to other parts of the body.

Liver also responds to cytokines by producing proteins of its own, including C reactive protein and Fibrinogen .

An elevated level of C reactive protein and fibrinogen is a reliable indicator of cardiac risk.

Blood lipids

Elevated blood cholesterol levels predicted increased cardiac risk. High LDL cholesterol increases risk but high HDL cholesterol decreases risk.

The other two important risk factors are TRIGLYCERIDES and LIPOPROTEIN (a).

High triglycerides levels do increase the cardiac risk, at least in those people who also have low HDL cholesterol levels. High lipoproteins (a) also increase risk.

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Relationship Cords Healing

Hello! I hope you've all been enjoying the sunny weather – I certainly have been feeling as some kind of weight has been taken off me as the sunshine comes.

This week I am going to write about another really powerful healing technique – relationship cords healing. The idea behind this healing is that when we are in relationship with other people, we build up energetic cords with those people. A physical example of this which of course people can relate to quite easily is the umbilical cord; energetically, that cord is always there between mother and child in some form. Similarly, when we are in relationship with friends and lovers, energetic links or cords build up. Even with people we may meet casually, or not know at all well, there is some energetic connection and cord.

A healthy energetic cord can be experienced as bright, clear and sometimes almost like a rainbow. However, it is also common for less positive patterns to develop over time. Typically, if we experience “issues” with people, this will be reflected in the relationship cords. They can become thick with stuck energy, distorted, heavy or sticky. It is also possible for an energetic “hook” to be left in someone's energy field after a relationship has ended. This can account for the fact that we have said “good bye” to a past lover or friend, and find we are haunted by aspects of them, or are somehow almost unaccountably unable to move on.

In terms of the healing, the initial case taking identifies the issue to be worked on, and the person with whom the work is to be done. During the hands on part of the healing session, there is a chance for the person receiving the healing to express to the other person what they have been feeling, how the way the other person has been affected them, and, if appropriate, what they had wanted from the other person that the other person had not given them, or had not been able to give them.

Being able to express this in a safe place is very healing, and can lead to a “cleaning” and “disentangling” of cords, and also, if necessary to the removal of a hook. There is also a chance for the person receiving the healing to express other emotions that may come up such as forgiveness, or love.

This type of healing can be useful in all kinds of situations. Obviously, it is useful for relationship breakup: letting go of the past and moving on. It can also be used as part of recovery from chronic illness, for example chronic fatigue or depression. Holding on to “stuff” from the past is literally draining – letting go can free up energy for living and enjoying life, and so help us to heal whatever condition we may be working with.

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Understanding Reiki Levels

Today there are three Reiki levels: Reiki level 1, Reiki level 2 and Reiki Master Level (level 3).

Level 1 attunes students to the Reiki energy, enabling them to channel it to heal both themselves and others. This connection is instantaneous – and it is strong right from the very beginning. The ability to tap into Reiki energy is 'unleashed' during the attunement and good forever. You can never lose it once you have been attuned.

Naturally, your Reiki ability will improve with practice; but by the end of your level 1 course, you should be a competent healer.

Level 2 introduces 3 symbols and 3 mantras. These help Reiki healers to expand the range of things they can heal by enabling them to more easily connect to a wider range of healing energies.

The first Reiki symbol is typically used to either increase the flow of Reiki energy or to help a practitioner focus better while healing. It is commonly known as the 'power symbol'.

The second Reiki symbol is used predominately for mental / emotional issues. It has the power to create substantial shifts, and is great – among other things – for depression, loss and stress.

The third symbol introduced in level 2 is the 'distance symbol'. This symbol is generally used to facilitate distance Reiki, but it can also be used to heal your past and improve your future (eg you can use it to send Reiki energy to a future 'you' who is having a job interview, then ensuring that the interview goes smoothly).

The three Reiki mantras help you use the power of sound to create wonderful inner shifts.

The first Reiki mantra helps students tap into what traditional Japanese Reiki calls 'earth' energy. This is great for grounding and creating a solid energetic platform for more advanced energy practices.

The second Reiki mantra helps students connect to what traditional Japanese Reiki calls 'heavenly' energy. This is particularly useful for activating the higher chakras.

The third Reiki mantra fuses both 'earth' and 'heavenly' energy to create balance and harmony in practitioners.

Many Reiki students find to their surprise that the mantras are actually the most powerful thing that they learn in a level 2 course.

The Master Level combines both 'practitioner' and 'teacher' components, so it is sometimes divided up into parts '3a' and '3b'. More traditionally, however, these two parts are run together. The 'practitioner' section gives students tools – in particular the Reiki Master symbol – to improve their healing ability, while the teacher section – as the name suggests – shows students how to teach Reiki.

Interestingly, many people believe that the original system Usui (the founder of Reiki) taught consist of six levels. According to this theory, the first 4 levels are included in today's level 1 course, and the next two levels are what has become level 2 and Master Level. Very few people teach this level structure today, however, not even in Japan.

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Healing Through the Law of Attraction

Almost everyone faces health issues in their every day life, and they could stand to have a little help with them. Whether you deal with stress, anxiety or have low energy levels, there are ways to promote healing through the law of attraction. This simple method utilizes your body's energy flow to direct your healing process to the areas that you need it most. It does not require any special skills, instead it can be done by just about anyone with the right preparation. Give this process a chance and you're bound to see results.

One of the first steps towards harnessing the power of healing through the law of attraction, will be to establish a meditative routine in your daily life. Just set aside a short block of time towards meditation. This may sound strange, but many have found that relaxing and concentrating your mental energy can be a highly effective method of promoting the healing process.

Most experts in meditation advise that you only do the process when you can devote all of your mental energy to this process. Try to seclude yourself in a quiet room where you will not be interrupted by outside noise. You might want to cancel out these distractions by playing some gentle and soothing music during your meditation routine. This will allow you to focus on the issue at hand and maximize the rate at which you heal your body.

There are many signs that you're making progress with your meditative practices. Some people may not be sure that they're doing things right, but here are a few key steps to keep in mind:

– Take deep, shallow breaths
– Close your eyes
– Relax your thoughts
– Focus your mental energy
– Use your imaginative powers to direct that energy

The key to healing through the law of attraction is that you're going to want to imagine yourself being healthy and capable of doing something you could not otherwise accomplish. So if you suffer from arthritis and you'd like to be able to sew a pattern again, you would meditate and focus your mental energy on this task. The law of attraction prejudices that if you prepare your mind for this task, you will be provided with the health and energy necessary to perform the action in real life.

There have been many attempts to explain why this phenomenon occurs in real life. Some people suspect that the Universe is naturally capable of directing energy resources to individuals who need it. This energy may be called upon by exerting mental effort and imagining our bodies doing the action. This comes naturally to athletes and others who are active, because they do it constantly through their lives. But once we lose our health, we may also lose our confidence to focus our mental energy on these tasks.

Whatever the ultimate reason, the fact remains that it is possible to heal your body through the law of attraction. It has been demonstrated many times over, and there are people everywhere who will swear by this methodology.

Considering how easy it can be to simply try the meditation stage out, there may be nothing to lose by giving it a shot. If you find that it works for you, it may become gradually easier to harness the powerful capacity that the law of attraction holds.

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Enhancing Your Massage Experience

Having the right setting for a massage is half of the experience. When the temperature and lighting is to your taste and the comfort or the sheets and table is just right for your body type, it makes the massage experience that much more enjoyable. When the massage comes to you, either at your home office or hotel, you have the option to make it as enjoyable as possible for your massage experience. Having all the pieces in place for the best most relaxing and therapeutic massage as possible does take a little bit of thought and action.

The setting is what you are paying for at a very high class resort or spa. The ambiance the luxury the beauty of getting a world class body treatment experience one to remember. This can be an experience that you will remember for a lifetime. What makes this experience so memorable are a few key things. The mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the massage must be addressed in order to enhance the massage experience. Adding just a few simple subtle things to the environment will bring everything together in a harmonious and balanced massage.

Adding a flowing water aspect to the massage gives your mind a steady and consistent flow of the therapeutic white noise that helps put the mind at ease. Adding a water fountain to the massage environment benefits the experience a tremendous amount with just a simple stream of water. Water is the same as our Chi or life energy it flows through us, adding a water-fountain brings the natural flow to you and the therapist allowing both of you to enjoy the experience more.

Aromatherapy and essential oils are another very humble piece to enhance the massage. Using a essential oil aromatherapy diffuser adds a light but still noticeable scent to the environment. This gives off that spa scent when we smell nice soothing pleasant scents of essential oils it makes you feel like you are in a different space. Essential oils have been used for centers for therapeutic services. When the oils are diffused into the air you breath them in and the positive effects are felt immediately.

Adding just a few extra things that are cost effective and easy to add enhance the massage experience tremendously. Bringing the extra spa indulgence to your home, bringing the spa and all the service to you. Allowing you to enjoy the experience even more.

The calming and therapeutic effect of many of the good spas around the world, have been carefully thought through and organized in a way that each of your senses is given a positive experience. Allot of the nicer hotels also create the flowing and aromatic effect that many spas use to bring the people staying there moods up. It can be used at any time, creating the flowing water and positive smelling aroma into any space makes people feel better. Remember that just a simple push of a button can create a flowing sound of water or the positive aroma of essential oils, so use it as often as you need.

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Energy Healing: All in the Body?

Hello there! Over the last few days, I have been reminded of the way the body sometimes quite literally speaks to us. We can see this in our everyday language: “He's a pain in the neck.” “I knew it – I had a gut feeling about him.” Or “I put it all behind me.”

I remember the first time I became aware of this, it was like a big penny dropping – an “aha” moment. It was the first time I went to see an energy healer, and I suppose my first exposure to these kinds of ideas. She worked very intuitively and picked up information about my throat chakra and my sacral chakra – telling me the age I was when these had been negatively affected by events in my life. It turned out that the ages she told me about were when I had a tonsillectomy (obviously linked with the throat chakra) and an operation to remove a small ovarian cyst (linked with the sacral chakra.)

At first, I assumed the effect on the chakra was caused by the operations themselves. Nowadays, I see it as the chakra and related organs being affected by life circumstances: when the pain of what is happening in our lives is too intense to process completely, the unresolved emotions are held in the body, and can block the chakras. In retrospect, I think my childhood episodes of frequent sore throats were to do with being unable to find a voice for myself, or to stand up vocally to the strong critical energy coming from my father. My bodyAVE me the clue to this in a throat chakra illness. Similarly, the ovarian cyst came about at a time when I was deeply unhappy with my life, including with my marriage, and feeling disconnected from myself, and from my (then) husband. This identified as an illness in an organ governed by the sacral chakra, which is to do with sexuality.

Currently, in my own life, I often ask myself why I might be experiencing certain symptoms. For example, a couple of years ago, I would get a lot of nausea. And I think it was because there were certain things in my life that were not serving me any more, and were quite literally making me “sick.” I also sometimes get that fuzzy feeling in my head (foggy brain) which immediately tells me I need to come out of my thinking, analytical mind and back into my body (time for some dancing or some chi kung shaking!)

So, often, in energy healing or EFT sessions with clients, I will ask people to think about why they may have developed certain symptoms or illnesses. Often, a bit of quiet reflection, or even dialoguing in meditation with the body part that is affected, can give an answer. This can often indicate a certain course of action that needs to be taken to begin to heal the symptom or illness.

Having said all this, we are all unique individuals: a pain in the knee may mean one thing to one person, and quite something else to someone else. On the other hand, I find reflecting on this model is often very illuminating – and there seems to me a certain beauty in the literalness of the body finding a way to talk to us through symptoms!

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The Power of Healing Crystals to Improve Your Life

Being grounded is a phrase that is being spoken about more and more in this consciousness awareness time that we are living in. Being grounded is having the thought and mind control to have your own being, mind and body at the same place at the same time. When you are grounded you are able to control your thoughts and be free off all unnecessarily potentially harmful or unhelpful thoughts feelings or emotions that may cause you dis- ease or to be ungrounded. Being present being able to really be you you are at all times, making you more in control of life that is around you; making it more relaxing and full of flow. This is what being grounded can do for you.

The goal of life is more to be in the flow as much as possible, be grounded be present, crystals give you the positive energy to do this. Crystals are from deep inside the earth. They are very dense thick and full of deep rootedness. Allot of the most prized and deeply powerful crystals come from deep down in the earth. They are formed from massive amounts of pressure from the earth above. The Earth is pushing down into its core where there is more gravity putting its force into it; grounding it closer to the most grounded place on earth, the center of the earth. Crystals have deep grounding effects on people. They clear and dissolve minority energies. They ward off the harmful electromagnetism radiation that we are constantly bombarded with as a result of our increased use of electronic devices like phones and computers. Crystals are used in many ways for self healing. They are used in Massage, Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Feng Shui, Reflexology and many more ways that you can possibly imagine. They balance your chakras, if you have either an under used blocked chakra or an overactive condition which is causing harm to any chakra there are specific types of crystals that bring balance to each chakra when placed on the specific point of the body. Each crystal color has a relation to the color of each chakra or using the opposite color crystal to bring balance to the chakra center of the body.

Crystals can be used in massage wands to go deeper into specific trigger and reflexology points of the body. The crystals have a very powerful effect on the energy points on the body, they dissolve the stagnant or blocked flow of energy in your body that is causing a dis-ease of natural flow. They have been used for centuries for their powerful energy giving benefits. They bring balance and a flow back into the life around them. Using crystals brings in a higher frequency vibration allowing for more ease of all aspects of your person. There are thousands of types of crystals used for the many different positive effects that they have on us humans. Used allot in Jewelry for therapeutic purposes giving them a dual purpose as well. Finding the right stones and crystals and jewelry is a beneficial and helpful way of getting to know more about yourself and how to use the crystals for your benefit.

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Empowering Your Children’s Breath and Yours!

The stresses and demands of modern living have literally taken our breath away. Most of us do not breathe as deeply and consistently as we could.

We breathe through our mouths when we should be breathing through our noses. Our noses FILTER the air coming into our bodies-our mouths do not!

We even hold our breaths when we should be breathing.

What's more, we breathe BACKWARDS.


When we inhale, our bellies are caving in like we've been punched in the stomach instead of expanding outwards like big balloons. Take a moment right now and observe your breath.

Is your stomach moving in or out as you inhale? Maybe it's not moving at all. Perhaps the air is only moving your chest.

Shallow breathing, holding our breath, gasping for air, and breathing back provides our brains and other organs, muscles, and tissues with enough oxygen to survive but not nearly enough to THRIVE .

Without breathing deep into our abdomens all day long, we do not have the energy and drive we should have to do and be our best.

Deep breathers, on the other hand, get enough oxygen to:

  • fully develop their bodies and keep them very, very healthy;
  • think clearly and make good decisions;
  • fuel their muscles so they can exercise, play, and compete at peak levels;
  • cool raging emotions;
  • continuously fan their fire of enthusiasm;
  • sleep well; and
  • achieve their maximum potential in all areas of life.

As newborn babies we were all deep breathers. Sometime, somewhere, somehow, however, a terrible thief silently crept into our lives and stop this natural ability.

Sometimes that terrible terrible was a sickness. Perhaps our nose became stuff and we had to breathe through our mouth.

Sometimes that terrible thief was FEAR – Moments when we had the air scared right out of us.

Moments, minutes, even hours when we held on to our breath like a prized possession someone was trying to steal as our body tightened up or braced itself against dangers known and unknown like:

  • A scary trip to the doctor or dentist.
  • Listening to or watching our parents fight with each other.
  • Being yelled at or even hit for doing something our parents did not like.
  • A really scary, loud, or intense scene we saw on TV or at the movie theater.
  • Losing or not being the best at something.
  • Being locked in a dark closet as punishment.
  • Thinking about or actually being physically hurt.
  • Hurrying and scurrying to get somewhere or get something done on time.
  • Booming thunder and crackling lightning.
  • Being teased about our weight or looks.
  • Being forced to eat something we did not like.
  • Not being liked.
  • Standing up in front of others or being called on in school.
  • Darkness or being left alone.
  • A dog barking at us or chasing us.
  • Just being afraid of spiders, snakes, scorpions, and other such creepy, crawly creatures.
  • Being disappointed.

The possibilities of who or what stop our natural breathing processes are endless.

But who or what this thief was that hole this precious gift we were given at birth is no longer important.

Reclaiming our own natural ability to breathe deeply and fully is important!

Keeping this terrible thief out of our kids's lives right from the start is even more important!

Teaching our young ones and learning ourselves how to breathe correctly, consciously, and regularly, just like we eat and drink, is vital to fully nourishing body, mind, and spirit.

This teaching should begin right from the start – before birth.

There are things you can do with your breath that will nourish your child's development in the womb. I encourage you to investigate some of these you may find in articles, fairy tales, and yoga / qigong programs !!!

You and your kids can also enhance your abdominal breathing by using a novel, yet time-tested, approach of improving your instinctive ability to “blow”.

How many times have you been told to or tried to “take a deep breath in”? What happens?

The ensuing attempt to “take a deep breath in” is usually accompanied by a lifting of the shoulders or a puffing out of the chest as you try to suck the maximum amount of air in to your nose or mouth.

In reality, this lifting and using our shoulders to pump and draw air into our lungs does not result in a deep breath. It results in a clavicle or “shallow” breath.

When we lift our shoulders to inhale, our auto reflex pulls our stomach inward (contracting it). When our stomach pulls in, our diaphragm muscle pushes upward, causing our body to fight against the flow of air trying to come into our abdomen-actually preventing us from taking a deep, life-enhancing, oxygen-rich abdominal breath.

My experience as an author of children's breathing books, yoga instructor, and T'ai Chi / Qigong Master has proved that how we “hoo” (blow out) definitely affects how we “shi” (draw in).

In fact, the Chinese word / term for breathing consists of two characters – “HOO-SHI” – which literally translates as “blow-draw”. A thorough exhalation is a natural precursor to a health-enhancing deep abdominal breath. The more thorough the exhalation, the defect, fuller, and more satisficing the following intervention will be.

If you ask a six-year-old to take a deep breath in, you'll get a blank stare. “Breathing in” means nothing to a child because it does not produce a visible result.

On the other hand, if you ask them to blow out the candles on their birthday cake, you will get a great big smile because they can “see” the effects of their effort. It's far easier and much simpler to help them breathe better by leading them to blow out thoroughly and then “letting” the deep in-breath take its natural course.

For instance, as they practice blowing like the wind (like through the loop in a bottle of liquid bubbles), they learn to control the “blowing”, make it last longer, gain more focus and strength, and produce greater and greater results. They see they can do more fun things and win games simply by blowing better.

People of all ages also find excitement and satisfaction in screaming, yelling, and laughing freely. These emotional expressions naturally let out pent-up air and release tension in the muscles used for breathing, creating a “relaxed vacuum” which is automatically and naturally filled by a deep abdominal breath. That great great inspiration from deep within is the source of the excitement, satisfaction, and even elation thought about by screaming, yelling, laughing, and playing. This is true for adults too!

If you do not know what a deep abdominal breath feels like, I invite you to sit in a chair. Bend forward as far as you can. Blow all the air in your body out through your mouth. Now, slowly inhale through your nose. Feel what happens!

As your family members, young and old, learn and practice ways to regain your natural ability to take deep abdominal breaths effortlessly and continuously, you'll observe the truly valuable end results – enhanced mental and physical abilities sustained by a rich flow of oxygen , chi energy, controlled coordination, and centering.

You will empower your child and yourself with abilities that will last a lifetime! Abilities they will pass on to their children!

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Reiki – Basic Facts That You Need To Know

Using energy techniques for healing has existed for hundreds of years now. It comes in various categories and one that is most intriguing is called Reiki. What is this type of healing all about; and does it guarantee success?

Definition of Reiki
Basically, the term Reiki is derived from two Japanese words such as “rei”, meaning higher power or God's wisdom and “ki” referring to life force energy. If you will take a look at the meanings behind these words, you will become aware that this kind of healing actually makes use of life force energy that is spiritually guided. This treatment can be best described as a shining and wonderful energy that flows all through your body.

This treatment is applicable on the holistic aspect including not only your body, but other things like mind, emotions and spirit. It offers a lot of beneficial effects which may have peace, relaxation as well as security. While this is the case, there are also others who believe that Reiki offers miraculous results based on experiences.

Why Is It So Popular?
There are many reasons why Reiki is getting popular these days. Primarily, most people these days are becoming more open to alternative treatments such as energy healing. Moreover, this type of healing is natural, simple and safe; and provides self-improvement and spiritual healing to everyone. It has been so effective in treating almost all sorts of malady and illness; and guarantees positive effects all the time.

Another great thing with Reiki is that it can be used in combination with other therapeutic and medical techniques; in order to promote fast recovery and avoid side effects. It is also very easy to learn since the techniques are simple; and can be taught through a Reiki class. If you are planning to become an energy healer, then you can highly benefit from such classes. The ability to provide healing can be passed through the process called atunement. It is only administrated by a master in Reiki which enables students to come into a limitless supply of “ki” or life force energy. This greatly helps in improving the quality of life as well as one's health.

Is It A Religion?
Despite the fact that this kind of energy healing is spiritual, it must be known that it can not be called as a religion. You do not need to believe in anything, to learn and utilize this treatment. There is no dogma and it will always work regardless of your belief. It is a treatment that comes from the Lord and according to most users; they have experienced a closer touch to their religion since they started using Reiki. Although it is not actually a religion, it is highly essential to act and live in harmony with one self and others.

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