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Reiki Healing – Should You Time Hand Placements?

Many people starting out in Reiki may wonder how long to keep their hands in one place before moving to the next. There is really no set time that I have heard of, and most of the time I prefer to just go with the feeling and move when I feel I should move. Sometimes this will be 10 minutes and sometimes it will be just a few seconds. I try to let my intuition guide me in such things.

Sometimes I feel angry or impatient though, and find it would be helpful to have a timer. Sure, ideally I would center and relax myself. Sometimes I am self healing and part of the reason for the Reiki session is to help center myself, so there is a bit of a paradox there.

I also found it helpful when I was first starting out to time my hand placements. It helped me to practice “feeling.” I could spend the time just feeling the energy and vibration without worrying about deciding when to move to the next hand placement.

The amount of time can vary, and each session could be different from the last. Even so, there is no harm in timing your hand placements. There is no reason to be accused of this practice, and it actually has some benefits, as it allows you to focus on the Reiki instead of considering when it is time to move your hands.

So, what is the ideal amount of time? I like to decide how long I want to spend for the overall session. A typical Reiki session consists of 12 hand positions. If you take three minutes for each position, then you will have a 36 minute session. If you take five minutes for each position, then you will have a 60 minute session. These are probably the most common time frames for a typical Reiki session.

When timing Reiki session, you have a couple of options. I have seen some reiki timers out there that you can set for different intervals. My preferred method however is to use a music CD that is geared towards Reiki. Some Reiki Music albums include a small bell, chime, or tone when it is time to change positions. Others will have tracks of a certain length and you change positions when the track changes. I like using Reiki Music CDs (or MP3s) because in addition to timing the hand positions they provide a peaceful musical back to relax and provide healing.

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Steroid Use in Youth

In sports, the use of steroid is an important issue. It can have serious consequences for both new players as well as professional ones. Some sports athletes think it enhances their performance and they can not do without it. Professional athletes still have nutritionists and trainers to take care of their health. In the case of kids, they do not have any guidance. There are tests that are conducted on a national level but at the school level, there are no tests for steroid.

You might wonder how can you go ahead and talk to your child about steroids. You need to be very natural while initiating the talk. You can ask your child about how their training is going on and if they are doing anything extra to win or get an edge. You need to be very tactful and talk about supplements and gradually about steroids. Explain him or her about how using steroids will not get them anything. Observe the friends of your children. See if you notice any changes in them physically. Get your kid tested and if the results are positive, you need to go for professional helps as stereoids not only affect the body but mind as well.

Teenagers should have made aware of the harmful effects of steroids so that they understand how it is not natural and will not do them any good. They should be told that steroids can prove harmful for their body to the extent that it can even kill them. Slowed growth, damaging psychiatric effects, fertility problems, effect on the liver and cardiovascular system and breast enlargement in men are some of the side effects and problems that are caused due to steroids.

Children should also be realized that intake of steroids is not fair and is counted under cheating as it does not result in a fair competition. They should also know that stereoids will not make them any better of an athlete as this is not a fair method of winning. They can build muscles but will not provide them good balance or reflex. These are all factors that are independent of steroids. They need to strengthen their skills to win.

Your children can consult a chiropractor if he or she wants to improve their skills and performance. In order to reduce the risk of injuries, your chiropractor can advise your children on rest and training methods. Your chiropractor can also advise your children on the proper nutrition plan so that he or she can get the best results.

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Temporomandibular Joint Disorder – What is It?

Some people suffer from pain and discomfort in the jaw muscles and joints. At times, this is not permanent and usually stops after your stop doing it. But at times, people with TMD or temporomandibular pain can develop chronic symptoms. Your chiropractor will help you to recognize the problem and if it is TMD, help you to get a treatment for the problem.

TMD can be due to three reasons. One, it can be due to a dislocated jaw or displaced disc. Second, it can be due to degenerative joint disease like osteoarthritis in the jaw joint or rheumatoid arthritis. Lastly, it can be due to myofascial pain like pain in the muscles of the jaw, shoulders or neck. The main cause of TMD is a severe injury to the jaw. Excessive chewing of gums or chewing on one side of the mouth more often and a hit in the jaw, there can be many reasons for the cause of TMD.

While diagnosing the patient, the chiropractor can ask the patient to put three fingers inside the mouth and bite them. The patient may also be asked to close the mouth and act as if chewing something so that his jaw movements can be monitored. If there is no problem in these activities, then the problem might not be TMD. Chiropractor may then look for inflammation and abnormalities. In order to be sure of the diagnosis, MRI, x-ray or some kind of special imaging technique is required.

Along with the treatment, you will also be advised to perform three important things that might help you. First of all, your chiropractor will advise you on how to apply heat and ice so that the pain is reduced. Initially, ice is to be used to less the pain and later on, heat is the method of treatment. Secondly, you should avoid joint traffic that can prove to be harmful for you. Any fast or heavy movement or a movement with jerk should be avoided.

Lastly, you need to do specific exercises that are meant for TMD. You will be advised on some specific stretching and strengthening exercises. These exercises help you to get your muscles in the right shape. These are some of the key points that will help to speed up the recovery process. Chiropractic treatment is one of the most effective method that reduces pain in a natural way and also helps to avoid having TMD in the future.

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Osteoarthritis and Chiropractic

It is a common notification that osteoarthritis comes with aging but it is not like that. It has been observed that older people are not unnecessarily sufferers of osteoarthritis and it is not necessary that they will have to suffer the pain. Even someone young can develop this problem.

OA or osteoarthritis is more common in women than men and affects around 20 million Americans. It is also known as the degenerative joint disease. The slippery tissue that meets in a joint towards the end of the bones is known as the cartilage. In OA, the cartilage is affected. The main function of the cartilage is to help the bones to glide over one another. In case of OA, the cartilage does not work properly and breaks down. Due to this, the bones do not glide and just rub against each other which results in pain, swelling and loss of motion. Recent researchers have shown that OA is not due to aging despite the general observation of OA is in people above the age of 65 years. Various factors contributing in OA are lack of exercise, joint injuries, family history of OA and overweight.

In order to diagnoseose osteoarthritis, there are patient examination, x-rays and clinical history that need to be taken care of. Tests like drawing fluid from the joint are at times performed. Continuous pain in the joint, stiffness in the joint after sleeping, sitting or not moving for a long period of time, swelling in the joints or a crunching feeling when the bones rub against one another are some of the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

In order to treat or even prevent osteoarthritis, exercise is an important thing to do. It results in strengthening of muscles around the joints and provides proper functioning and moving of the joints. The key factors that affect the seriousness of the symptoms are the patient's mood and outlook. Exercise helps in improving that and the weight of the patient as well.

Chiropractors have a good knowledge about the symptoms and treatment of OA. They can determine the effect of degenerative changes in the spine, knees, hips and other joints that can get affected. They can help the patient reduce the pain and get the condition back to normal. With the various methods that are available, chiropractors can help the patient achieve long term relief. So, consult your chiropractor in case you think you are suffering from OA and can notice the symptoms.

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How Can DTS Therapy Help?

We come across many instances these days where people suffer from problems that generate from damaged discs like sciatica, neck pain, lower back pain, a pinched nerve and many more. There are problems related to lumbar and cervical spine as well. The main reasons for these problems are our food habits and the way we carry our life. A long term solution till date was surgery. We are all aware of the pain that surgery causes, the amount of money involved and the side effects of medicines and painkillers. There is no point of going through the pain when you can easily get DTS therapy done and avoid all the pain from surgery.

Basic and simple equipment which is standardized as well is manufactured in the USA by a recognized rehabilitation equipment manufacturer is used in the DTS therapy. With the help of DTS therapy, the disc related symptoms and problems of lumbar and cervical spine can be treated. For many of those who have been suffering from the problem of damaged discs and pinched nerves, this therapy as proven to be a boon for them.

The key factor in the DTs therapy is to enhance the healing process of the body. This is done by swiftly stretching the spine and reliving pressure from the joints and disks. The treatment is done for a short duration of time. It is usually for duration of an hour or maybe even less than that. In few sessions, the patient will feel relief from pain and discomfort.

In order to go through this therapy, you need to start with lying down on a specially designed table with your face up or down as you wish. Your position to lie down on the table is determined according to your physical condition, comfort level and clinical considerations. If you do not feel the position is comfortable, you can consult your chiropractor and change it. It would be best if you could be as comfortable as possible while the treatment is going on.

DTS therapy is a very useful way of avoiding the pain of going through surgery and at the same time stops or reduce back pain and neck pain. In case you or any one you know is going through chronic low back pain or neck pain, you should consult a chiropractor and see if DTS therapy can be helpful to you or can provide a solution to your problem.

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Eczema Homeopathy – Try Homeopathy For Skin Complaints Like Eczema – It’s So Effective & Permanent

I have experience using homeopathy for my eczema and have had amazing results. It inspired me to become a Homeopath and now I have had successes in treating eczema. Children respond really well and quickly to homeopathic remedies for eczema. Stop the problem before it diverges into more progressive problems such as asthma or other related chronic diseases.

The medical community has discovered there are specific patterns of diseases. As a Homeopath, the way I see it is that if you start as a child with a susceptibility to having skin issues such as eczema that there is a likelihood that you will develop other related diseases such as asthma or chronic bronchitis later in life. This only happens if the eczema is not appropriately treated in a way that it will not come back. Unfortunately, convention medicine's answer to eczema is cortisone which works by suppressing the natural immune response of your body.

When your system is trying to move through a problem, you may never know exactly what the core problem is. What we do know is that your body is designed to attempt to heal itself of the eczema or other skin problem. This is what symptoms are. Symptoms like a skin rash response is the expression that your body is giving to attempt to adjust through a problem. Some people say that eczema is related to liver problems, some say its an allergy, some say its a lack of certain important metals / elements in your body. Whichever it may be for you, homeopathy can make sure that its is deal with at the core level of where the problem is. This way, there is a permanence to the results and you will not have to rely on specific creams, drugs, supplements or elimination of certain foods in your diet or exposure to certain substances.

Homeopathy is a very gentle and natural approach for eczema that supports your own body to move forward in the direction that it is trying to accomplish towards healing itself.

Eczema Homeopathy – Give it a try as a good holistic option for eczema to help you find permanent results for eczema and other skin problems.

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The Chinese Way How to Heal a Sprained Ankle

Are you wondering what the best way to heal a sprained ankle is? The question here is how to heal it. Of course on the internet you'll find lots of information about RICE and how to rest and ice your ankle for 48 hours, but there is little to be found on the rehabilitation aspect of how to heal a sprained ankle. When I sprained my ankle in China three months ago, I was very surprised with the traditional techniques they used, but more surprised that they also use RICE which is a pretty western and scientific approach on how to heal a sprained ankle.

After the initial rest, ice, compression, and elevation period (I did not really compress it until later when I began to walk on it), they suggested immediate massage and walking on it as soon as possible. When speaking about how to heal a sprained ankle, the Chinese doctor had a lot to say about “bad” or “old” blood being in the injury area, probably related to the swelling and blood clots down there. The important idea is to get new blood to replace the old blood, something that is also used in acupuncture techniques (I also broke my leg in china).

Now, although during the RICE period, getting too many fluids to the ankle area can increase swelling and there is pain and also can be detrimental to the healing process, after 48 hours, when RICE becomes less effective, getting fresh blood to the area can aid in removing blood clots and scar tissue and get you ankle back to normal. They insured that I massage the area and try to move the joint as much as possible (beginning with the toes as my injury was more serious and I could not move my ankle much). This leads the joint from locking up and makes moving and exercising it later much easier. I was given a “musk deer” rub which was also used to stimulate blood flow. The feeling was a bit like tiger-balm if you've ever heard of it, so I'm sure you could find something similar. Keeping the area elevated at night, I walked on it as much as possible, always pushing the limits but never training beyond what I knew I could do. Within three days I was walking and five days I was climbing stairs normally. Two weeks I was running and a month later I've got no problems whatever. It truly was a unique experience in “how to heal a sprained ankle” the Chinese way.

It seems strange that many people who suffer from sprained ankles spend months healing. I think the difference lies in the activity of rehabilitation after the injury.

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Chiropractic Adjustments For Car Accident Victims

Car accidents are something that happens in a large number almost every day. Some of the accidents can be avoided whereas other can not be avoided. Whatever the situation maybe, it is important for everyone involved in the accident to recover and get back to their normal state. Chiropractic treatment can work wonders for those who suffer pain and other form of problems in such kind of an accident.

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked question by the people who have faced car accidents and want to know about it.

Why is there pain?

There can be many reasons or rather say a combination of reasons when car accidents occurs and this is due to high impact injuries. Our muscles, ligaments and soft tissues undergo wear and tear to a certain degree. The degree depends on how severe the impact and accident was. It is due to this hearing that we suffer pain and inflammation. Due to high impact and force, our muscles protect and support our spine by becoming tense and spasm. This tightness can also cause pain.

Can healing occur without treatment?

You can heal without treatment as well but that will bring in scar tissue with it. What you mean by scar tissue is a quick treatment and fix for the body but it can cause long term harm and difficulties in the long run. Chiropractors will help you avoid this and provide treatment that can reduce stiffness and give proper alignment to the fibers so that normal motion can take place.

Why choose chiropractic?

If you consult your Chiropractor, you will find out how to go about the treatment process as your chiropractor will help you and examine you. He or she will provide a proper diagnosis and come up with a useful plan for treatment, which will provide manipulation so as to increase by effecting the nervous system in the right manner, aligning the joints properly. He or she will also reduce the tightness in the muscle; coach you on the right rehabilitation regarding the injuries and also about other services like massage and nutrition.

In case you have had such a kind of unfortunate car accident and want to recover from it and get well soon, then you need to look for good chiropractic treatment. You can check out the American Chiropractic Association to see the evidence to support that chiropractic care can actually prove to be really helpful in the situation of car accident.

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How To Choose The Best Alternative Healer For You

Alternative medicine is fast emerging as a serious option to the western medicine system, for its natural, gentle and holistic approach to healing. This article introduces a few of the more popular alternative methods to help find the one that resonates with you.

Are you sick of regular doctors and just want to be healed without all the drugs and their associated side effects? There is currently a massive undercurrent in society away from regular “western” doctors and towards “alternative” healing methods. However there are so many varieties of alternative medicine out there that it can be a huge challenge to sort the quacks from the genuine healers. Here is some background to the major alternative modalities and what they can do for you.

Chiropractors are so well known now that they have almost graduated to the mainstream of medicine, however they are still considered as “alternative medicine” by a wide range of people who think of them as little more than “bone crackers”. On the contrary, chiropractors are highly qualified professionals who have an indepth understanding of the human body and approach it as a holistic system. They can deal with muscle pains by massage and stretching exercises. They have also had great success with arthritis and other joint problems as well as the more commonly known spinal adjustment procedures. These adjustments can actually help far more than just backache however. Relief from chronic headaches and migraines can be achieved through relieving the pressure that vertebrates can place on the nerves and muscles. Chiropractors do not ever just randomly crack the bones. They first assess the problem area, then relax the muscles around it, and perform careful and gentle spell realignment that may be causing muscle and nerve issues. Research has found that as far as alternative medicine is concerned, chiropractic patients have significantly fewer recurrence symptoms than standard western medicine patients.

Homeopathy is another form of alternative medicine that is based on the concept that “like cures like”. In other words, it is possible to heal a symptom in a person by giving them minute portions of the same thing that made them sick. One example of this is Allium Cepa, a homeopathic remedy that is created from angles. Just as on cause cause watery eyes and nose, this remedy is associated with healing symptoms of hay fever. Once again, this is no quackery. In fact accurate assessment of symptoms and choosing the right remedy in homeopathy is a highly specialized and complex skill requiring deep understanding and years of practice. Homeopathic remedies are excellent at solving chronic symptoms that western medicine has failed to cure. In many cases this can be achieved with just a few days of the correct remedy. Many who use this alternative medicine swear by it and never use any other remedies for their health issues.

Naturopaths a true holistic healers, and look at the human body as a whole system where everything is interdependent. When present with a person who is sick, a naturopath will look for the root cause of the disease, no matter whether it is in the mind, body or spirit. They then use a range of treatment techniques to heal the root of the problem, ranging from nutrition and herbal medicine to the use of homeopathic remedies. The philosophy of naturopathy rests on the promise that the body will innately try to heal itself, so by supporting this healing, long term solutions can be found to both chronic and temporary conditions.

Aside from these three common alternative medicine modalities, there are a wide range of other approaches that are slowly emerging into the mainstream. These include acupuncture, reiki, Chinese medicine, kinesiology and far more. Every person who must find the system that works best for them, however the great part is that there is now a real and effective alternative to western medicine, with its copious side effects and single-symptom approach.

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Crystals and Crystal Healing – Bringing a Metaphysical Subject Down to Earth

More than five billion years ago, a star exploded in a fiery supernova. Over millions of years, the swirling, colliding cosmic debris produced larger and larger spatial bodies. Our solar system took shape, and as the red-hot molten rock cooled, water vapor condensed in the earth's atmosphere. Clouds formed. A deluge of rain created the primordial oceans; and crystals formed.

Crystals are highly structured units of energy in constant motion:

  • they gestate deep within the earth and, metaphorically speaking, assist in unifying individual buried reserves of power and strength
  • they are structured according to precise mathematical rules and adhere to clearly defined geometric patterns
  • they are forced to transmute under intense pressure, and are made exquisite by extremes of time and temperature

Every crystal is unique, with properties and characteristics as varied as their individual strengths. The study of crystals would consume years but a surprising number of benefits can be attributed to all crystals.

Each and every crystal can be programmed to receive, store, release, reflect, refract, magnify, transform, balance and harmonize, organize, amplify, focus and redirect energy. Thus, the understanding of their endless applications historically documented in all cultures.

Ancient Egypt's Pharaohs were entombed with vast quantities of precious jewels, gemstones, and ornate golden statues to insure their enjoyment in the afterlife. These gold encrusted metals were ornamented with:

  • carnelian – believed to ensure the soul's passage into the netherworld
  • lapis lazuli – the ancient alchemist's stone of heaven; used by the royal morticians in cosmetizing and painting
  • turquoise – believed to ward off the “evil eye”
  • quartz – the mainstay of the crystal world, and the most versatile, multipurpose stone
  • amber – believed to aid in discovering ancient wisdom and knowledge
  • emeralds – favored by the Pharaohs for their breathing green color; symbolized life, growth, fertility, and creativity
  • ruby – considered one of the most valuable gemstones of our earth; symbolizes power, passion, and desire
  • sapphire – the stone of prosperity and the sister of the ruby
  • topaz – once thought to be tinted with the golden glow of the Egyptian sun god Ra; believed to increase physical strength

Chinese jade, long believed to be a symbol of wealth and honor, has been treasured since 2950 BC The ancient Chinese used jade extensively in treating chronic disease, restoring energy balance, and strengthening spiritual healing power. Jade is incorporated in feng shui to help one improve life by receiving positive qi (energy).

The mysterious, enigmatic crystal skulls of Mexico, Central and South America, represent some of the most fascinating archaeological finds of the 20th century. Within the last ten years or so, there have been recently discovered crystal skulls, either excavated or held by private collectors. The mysteries of the Mayan Crystal Skulls have endured for millennia; most interestingly, the prophesied, parallel demise of our world as we know it, and the great cycle of the Mayan calendar on December 21st, 2012.

Individuals familiar with natural healing practices are all very well accepting of the universal laws of mind / body / spirit interface philosophies fundamental to Indian Ayurvedic and Native American systems.

Crystal healing teachers the basic principles and characteristics of the human energy field:

  • barite – a sky-blue stone, is favored by many Native Americans, who use it to transform from physical to spiritual animals in their ceremonial practices; is also said to inspire lucid dreams and dream recall
  • emeralds – the ancient Incas and Aztecs in South America believed emeralds were holy; the Vedas, the ancient sacred writings of Hinduism, teach that emeralds are lucky stones that strength well-being
  • nebula stone – black with nebula-like marks for access to cosmic wisdom and understanding
  • pink manganocalcite – is sometimes called the Reiki stone; healers use it to magnify their healing energies
  • serpentine – believed to guard against the bites and stents of venomous creatures; on a metaphysical level, it is thought to help with the rise of kundalini, or “serpent fire” energy through the chakras
  • Shiva lingam stones – any Indiana Jones enthusiast is familiar with Indy's quest for the 3 sacred stones symbolizing the Hindu god, Lord Shiva; the markings symbolize yoni or female energy, for the perfect balance of masculine and feminine fertility
  • sugilite – used by healers to dispel pain and instill peace of mind
  • sunstone – used to dispel negativity and fear; radiate health, happiness, and good fortune

Practitioners of crystal healing develop and experience personal energy sensitivity and healing abilities. By “listening” and being “in tune” with their crystals, they can redirect unhealthy, negative energy patterns; rejuvenate, balance and align their energetic bodies.

Civilized societies depend on quartz as the key component in advanced technologies. The discovery of solid-state silicon radar crystals and transistors turned the tide for the Allies in WW II, and generated new concepts for electronics in oceanographic and atmospheric research. You will never again look at your computer, digital camera, cell phone, crystal watch, cd or dvd player; or even an xray machine; without thinking about the quartz powering these.

Crystals, in and of themselves, do not heal. Instead, they can be used as a focal point for inspiration and enlightenment; they can prompt practitioners to think and live in healthier ways; and they can be used as conduits for healing energy. This knowledge will awaken intuitions to guide you through the science and the superstition.

Good Health!

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What Are Herniated Discs?

Discs are the pads of cartilage that separates the 24 vertebrae of the spine from one another. There are two layers in these discs. The outer layer and the inner layer with the outer layer being touch and the inner layer being soft to absorb the strains caused by the various movements and also the stress put on the spine.

As time passes and the disks are used more and more, they are more prone to disease, injury and degeneration. The risk of the disks being deteriorated or getting damages is increased due to certain day to day activities. The disc is herniated when the soft inner material of the disc is pashed out due to wear and tear. Degenerated, bulging ruptured prolapsed, protruding or slipped discs are some other names given to herniated discs. There are slight variations in the way these terms are used but they basically point to a disc which is note in its normal working condition anymore. The nerves in the spinal column are injured and there there is a pain caused by these herniated discs. They produce irritation, discomfort and pinching sensation.

Disc herniation typically takes place in the low back area. Other than that, neck is the next target for herniation. Due to herniated disc, there can also be pain downwards your spine to your buttocks and thigh right down into your leg. Cervical disc herniation can result in shoulder pain, arm pain or pain in the hand. The problems that come along with herniated discs are that it causes muscle weakness, causes pain when you strain, causes pain when you cough and it makes it hard to get back up once you sit or lay down. Herniated discs also cause pain in the lower right side of the abdomen most of the times. Incontinence can also be caused due to herniated discs as they may affect nerves and bladders as well. If this is the case, then immediate action and attention is needed.

Chiropractors can be of great help in such a situation. They evaluate your condition and find out the exact cause of the condition. Chiropractic treatment can provide you the treatment and adjustment that is required in your case. This treatment reduces the pain and removes the strain on the discs. Once the normal functioning of the body is restored, your chiropractor will give you words of caution so that you can avoid this kind of a situation in the future and stay fit.

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Alchemy – Can Thoughts Purify Water and Food?

Alchemy is not just changing base metal to gold. Spiritual teacher Jim Self, founder of Mastering Alchemy, states that “alchemy is first recognizing all that is possible, and then transforming one possibility into another.” Alchemy is accomplished by changing the frequency of thought, altering the harms of matter, and applying the elements of Love to create the desired results. ”

In a similar vein, Dr. Emoto, a Japanese minority energy field (Hado) researcher, teaches that water has a bio-resonance field and is affected by human thought and actions.

“Hado * creates words. Words are the vibrations of nature Therefore beautiful words create beautiful nature Ugly words create ugly nature.” This is the root of the universe. “ ~ Dr. Masaru Emoto, author “Hidden Messages in Water”

“Hado” refers to the intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter. It is the smallest unit of energy and its basis is the energy of human consciousness. Dr Emoto's water crystal research proves that thoughts and words have the power to change water on a molecular level. He experimented with different words affixed to water jugs, then studied under a microscope as the water froze. The water jugs with positive words like “love and gratitude” created incredibly beautiful and unique crystal patterns like snowflakes. The water jugs with ugly words like “I hate you” would not organize into crystalline structures and retained incoherent and muddy.

Emoto took water samples from a polluted lake in Japan, and you can see how muddy and unstructured it was, when compared with the beautiful clear crystal taken one hour later after a priest prayed. The implications are indicative for our ability to clean up our environment.

Here in Florida, the water is so nasty even my dog ​​Suki would not drink it. So I spent years researching how to improve our tap water, and now have several systems in place to filter, oxygenate and remineralize it so we all enjoy the taste more and stay hydrated. Since becoming aware of Emoto's research, you can bet I placed stickers with words like Love and Gratitude on my water container and everyone comments how great it tastes!

Applying the Elements of Love through Chanting

However, this is not entirely a new awareness. In 1990 I lived in a meditation ashram and often did service in the kitchen. We were advised how important it was to maintain a high vibration while handling all aspects of food preparation as our thoughts and feelings would be delivered to the food. We were asked to remain silent without necessary, to eliminate gossip and negativity. A beautiful devotional chant was constantly playing that Indian sages concurred that both the melody and the mantras were particularly beneficial during food prep and eating. Even though I really disliked all facets of food prep, I was often in deep states of bliss in that kitchen.

At first blush I admit the rules appeared a bit, well, fanatic. However, I was shown the opposite effects very clearly one day when I was eating out at a restaurant with a fellow ashram resident. We were both feeling queasy towards the end of the meal, even though we ordered completely different lunches, so it did not appear to be food poisoning. The food was not digesting well and we could not quite figure it out.

As we discussed what was causing our indigestion, we began to hear shouts emanating from the kitchen, and the crash of pots and pans flinging against a wall. Next the waitress came running out crying-clearly not a happy environment! We immediately understood why we were not feeling well! It was the vibration that was going into the food from the stressed out angry chef, not the food itself.

Altering the harmonics of matter with Reiki

I have been practicing Reiki, a natural energy healing method, for 18 years. In the very first class we learned we could apply Reiki, or universal life force, to our water and food to raise the vibration. I have been applying this healing energy to my food and water for many years, especially when eating out.

For validation, for the past 5 years my partner (and Reiki student) and I would compare notes while applying Reiki to our meals. Our results always matched and some patterns began to emerge. Whenever we prepared food at home, it always held a high vibration and radiated energy back to us. It did not seem to matter if it was organic, vegan, raw or highly processed junk food. It was in our unified field and already seemed to hold a high vibration.

However, when we went out to eat it was quite varied. Sometimes it would take several minutes of Reiki toill the food and water felt vibrational higher. This food would draw energy from my hands like a thirsty desert tenant, and then finally subside and even out. Other times it would feel even and balanced; only requiring a few seconds of energy. On rare occasions the food would be such a high vibration, it would be giving energy back and flow out so strong it seemed to be healing me!

Changing frequency of thought through Intention

Then one day about a year ago, right before I ate I thought a frequent thought pattern- “This food is probably really bad for me”. I spend a lot of time researching natural healing and healthy foods and of course pesticide-free, organic, living and whole food racks high on my list of “shoulds” -though unfortunately this is not always how I eat. I realized my thoughts are too powerful to be so negative about my food and sometimes, more potent even than pesticides- my thoughts are literally poisoning me ! While I may not have control over how pure all my food is, I do have control over my thinking.

That very day we began to install a new intention: ” All my food / water nourishes me at the highest level “. While it did not shift over night, we both noticed a significant change in the vibration of all of our food. Now whenever we reiki our food, no matter where or what we eat, (yes this includes the rare but occasional fast food while traveling) it has a steady and vibrating pulsing giving-back energy!

We are all energetic creatures, living in an energetic world, and we all have the power, through our thoughts, feelings, and healing energy, to purify and uplift our food, our water, our planet, our selves! We are all Alchemists!

Copyright Kumari Inc. 2010

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Hip Pain

Hip pain can be frustrating. You want to walk but it hurts just to sit or stand. Severe hip pain can be very debilitating. Patients with chronic hip pain often end up getting hip surgery. The Spanish sits on the pelvis and the pelvis sits on the legs. The concave area where the pelvis meets the legs is call the acetabulum. The femur or long bone of the upper leg sits in the acetabulum. Pain in the hip is often due to a femur head subluxation.

Lower back and hip pain: If the head of the femur is out of alignment, the sacroiliac will go out of alignment and then the fourth lumbar disc on the right will start to bulge. The second cervical on the right will also go out of alignment. The femur head often goes out of alignment in two different directions: anterior superior and anterior inferior.

Hip pain causes: There are three main causes for the femur are going out of alignment. The first is crossing the left leg over the right and the second is due to emotional armoring at the third lumbar and the third is a second chakra imbalance. Because a misalignment of the femur is one of the main causes of the spell being unstable it is essential for every chiropractor to check it on every visit. Emotional armoring at the third lumbar and second chakra imbalances can be cleared out using CARE or Chakra Armor Release of Emotions technique. This will stabilize the femur as well as the sacroiliac joint.

Hip pain relief comes in the form of a chiropractic adjustment for the femur head or releasing the emotional armoring at the third lumbar and second chakra imbalances using CARE. If treated in time this often can prevent the need for hip surgery.

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5 Causes For Chronic Health Problems

Chronic health problems have multiple causes. As a chiropractor, first I look to the spine being out of alignment. Then I look for food allergies, pathogens in the gut, hormone imbalances and energy imbalances.

Spinal Misalignments (subluxations): When the spine is out of alignment, it causes a lack of nerve and blood flow to the organs. This causes the organs to get tired and get symptoms, which then leads to disease.

Pathogens in the gut: I order a Comprehensive Stool Specimen Test which does a DNA scan of your bowel movement. This checks for bacteria, parasites, candida albicans overgrowth and which probiotics are low. The lab tests to see what natural and medical treatment works best against whatever they find. I then give you whatever sulements you need to correct the problem or refer you to a medical doctor for the more serious cases.

Food allergies: Most people eat the same 10-15 foods every day. Often 2 or 3 of these are food allergens. To help determine which foods you're allergic to I'll give you a list of the most common food allergies and ask you to circle the ones on the list you eat at least once a week. I then muscle test to see which of those foods shows up. You then avoid those foods for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks a provocative test is done where you eat only one of the offending foods at a time to see if you get a reaction. We then do a treatment to fix the underlining emotional cause of the food allergies. Lastly you eat the offending food again and should have no reaction.

Hormone Imbalances: To check for hormone imbalances first we have you filled out the Metabolic Assessment Form to determine which organs are out balance. This is followed up initially by the Adrenal Stress Index test. This is a saliva test which tell us which stage of exhaustion your adrenal glands are in. This helps us determine which supplements you need to help strengthen your adrenal glands. This is often followed by male or female hormone saliva tests.

Energy Imbalances: The energy in the body flows in four different major pathways: chakras, armor, acupuncture and polarity energy flows. First I muscle test to see which energy pathways are out of balance. Then I determine which imbalance is causing the chronic health problem. Next, with Applied Kinesiology or muscle testing, I test to see which homeopathic flower essences (Bach Flower Remedies) are needed to help release the energy imbalance. This process moves the energy up and out the body. Lastly I work on the spiritual level, testing for which passage from the Psalms or the Tao Te Ching needs to be read in order to get a spiritual release and complete the healing.

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Treating Gout Knee Pain

Although our knee is a large joint which has a lot of weight as well but its motions are not as much as other joints in our body. It can bend to almost 120 degrees and supports the leg. It can not move in just any direction. The strength of the knee comes from its limited motion but it is not made so that I can take a lot of stress.

The knee stretches to a straight leg and it it needs to be stable. In case it can not stretch fully, the muscles need to support the body all the time and that puts a lot of continuous strain. We can relax usually when out knee locks in the straight position. The horses can sleep standing upright because they rest on their knees. If you wobble knee side to side a lot, that causes a lot of stress on the side ligaments and it might lead to a lot of problems.

There are two compartments of cartilage in our knee. One is the inner cartilage and the other is the outer cartilage. In case the cartilage is even, the leg can bow in or out but in case you are overweight, then you are bound to have a lot of knee problems. You should not do things that will increase your pain. You should use a can as it is helpful and also an elastic bandage in case of any injury. You should avoid using a pillow near the knee as it might cause the knee to stiffen and not straighten out in the night.

You can start with exercises and can repeat them many times a day. Swimming does not involve any weight lifting, so that can be done as well. When you start, focus on straightening the leg and flexing it. If you have a help to move your leg and help in movements, then it will be better rather than doing it alone yourself. The bottom line is to work at getting your leg straightened. You can then go for isometric exercises. You need to tend the muscles in your upper leg, front and back so that your leg does not have to move but there is an acceleration of force. Do this for two seconds and then stop for two seconds. Do this ten times continuously three times a day. Then slowly begin active exercises. Working on a bicycle with a low gear is a good starting option. Stationary bikes are a good option. You can start walking as well as this is a good exercise. You can increase the distance gradually. Do not do exercises that put a lot of stress on the knee.

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