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The Crown Chakra

It seems an appropriate time to come to the end of our journey through the chakras – the Crown Chakra.

This is the part of the journey that is less to do with our individual selves, and more to do with transferring a sense of separate self.

When we are balanced in this chakra, we are connected with the divine, the source, a sense that there is something beyond the material world – whatever words resonate with you! We are filled with wonder at life and its unfolding, and have a high-capacity to trust and to simply be with whatever is happening in the moment.

The crown chakra is linked with the pineal gland. The types of diseases that can manifest when we are unbalanced here are depression, dementia, strokes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and schizophrenia.

We can balance ourselves in this chakra by meditation, consciously cultivating an attitude of gratitude and wonder, and doing guided visualizations and journeys that take us to other realms.

When I was first ill with ME, I had a tangible and real sense of my illness being something to with disconnection from spirit, or disconnection from my spiritual or higher self. At the time, I had just committed to a Buddhist spiritual path. And yet the reality of my day-to-day existence was working hard, literally to the point of collapse, on a degree course. It felt as though the inability of my body and mind to continue working in such an intense and unbalanced way was giving me the message that the reality of my life was not matching my ideal of committing to a Buddhist lifestyle.

So, over the first couple of years of my illness, I immersed myself in meditation practice, and attended a lot of quite intense meditation and spiritual retreats. I had a lot of experiences of bliss literally coming into every cell and fiber of my being – which I know at the was very healing.

My path has changed quite dramatically since then, but I still really acknowledge that aspect of my healing journey.

Energy healing can also be very powerful for connecting with the divine. Some of the healings literally infuse bright, light, divine energy. This really strengthens our connection with our highest selves, and reminds us of why we are here. A particularly strong example of this is the intention line healing, which I have written about before.

The balanced chakra sound of the crown chakra is a high-pitched “EEEH” and the balanced color is a rich gold color.

This is the end of our chakra journey. I hope you have found it interesting as well as informative.

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Reiki Dos and Don’ts

If you practice Reiki long enough you are bound to bump into a bunch of big don'ts.

Do not Reiki the people with jewelery on.

Do not Reiki the crown of the head.

Do not Reiki women who are pregnant.

Do not Reiki the spine etc.

Sometimes they get even more silly, like 'Do not Reiki anyone if you are wearing red'.

As ridiculous as some of these don'ts sounds, they are usually backed up with just enough rational explanation to make you wonder.

Red, for instance, is the color of the root chakra and – according to some – giving it Reiki might inadvertently get the Kundalini energy (lying at the base of the spine) to rise up when a person is not ready for it.

Since this, genuinely, can cause people problems if their body is not energetically prepared, then you begin to wonder whether the theory – no matter how crazy it sounds – might not have some validity.

Fortunately, almost every do not in Reiki is actually short-circuited by a very simple point: that it is the recipient who determines how much energy flows – and not the giver.

Think of the recipient like someone sucking on an 'energetic straw'. If they suck hard, a lot of energy will flow. If they suck gently, not much will flow.

It is all up to them and the only thing a Reiki healer can do is provide the opportunity for energy to flow. And the better the healer, the greater the possibility of a higher energy flow.

What this means is that there is a safety valve built into the system, because an individual will only ever take in as much energy as is healthy for him or her. Taking in more would be like pushing a dagger into your flesh – not something you are likely to do.

If you are talking to someone who can not accept this line of logic, you might like to get them to define 'Reiki'. If they know anything about the origin of the word they will tell you that the most literal translation (that makes sense) is 'spiritual' (Rei) 'energy' (ki). Does it make much sense for this 'spiritual energy' to be a destructive force?

I think not.

So next time you are anxious about giving someone Reiki, remember that it can never hurt them.

It might not be the right time to give them energy. It may never be the right time to give them energy. But if an accidental Reiki drop fell their way, I would not lose any sleep.

If a drop fell, they summoned it.

(Note: While Reiki can not harm anyone, it can certainly produce a 'healing crisis'. This can bring on emotional upheaval, physical distress and other things; but extremely it is good for the individual. cleansing process that takes place when someone undergoes a fast. They might get headaches, pimples, rashes and all sorts of other unpleasant things; but once the cleaning is done they feel better than ever before. Likewise with Reiki.)

Copyright 2011, Jeremy O'Carroll

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Vibrant Health for a Lifetime – A Fantasy?

Do you believe vibrant health is possible until you take your last breath, or does that seem more like a fairytale fantasy?

For many years I have been on a mission to find what vibrant health really is. As I observed that some people seemed to be experiencing it, I knew I wanted to experience it as well. Perhaps you do too. Those of you who have been with me a while know I have searched adrenal fatigue intensively due to my personal healing journey plus the fact that it is a disorder of epidemic proportions and is a huge contributor to most illnesses. Although I uncovered answers and have improved tremendously myself, and I have been privileged to help many individuals on their healing journey, there are still concerns that warrant answers. And we know that stress, in a multitude of forms, is the basis for adrenal weakness. I wonder how many of you feel you have achieved great health to the degree you wish, and have overcome whatever physical issues or stresses that have presented themselves in your life?

Something I learned as I have researched for great health is this – it is the physical symptoms that get your attention more than anything else. But the amazing thing is that those symptoms only show up after running through your spiritual, mental and emotional bodies, usually in that order. And you can be sure that the root cause is always related to your heart. So when the physical symptoms show up, they have reached the last dimension of your being – time to pay attention!

How is it though, that some individuals seem to heal more easily and more completely than others? Or why is it that some seem to never completely heal? Or how is it that some heal only to have their old concerns return or new ones appear? Or, does anyone really heal completely? So my quest to know answers has continued for many years as I thought the answers to those questions that so many people, including myself, continued to ask.

Vibrant health is inclusive of all dimensions of your being; we've established that. Yet we live in the physical world, so naturally it is the physical experiences that receive attention. When we feel bad or are in pain, we seek help for relief. But how often does a medical or health professional dig into what is going on in your life, previously or in the past? Most do not even ask about your diet let alone your emotions or what's stored inside of you. Let me give you an example from my own life to help you understand what I mean.

All of my adult life I have experienced various digestive issues that surfaced and resurfaced until they became continuous. Testing was done multiple times, but nothing much ever showed up. I was diagnosed at one time with candida, one time with allergies, another time with spastic colon, and yet another time with leaky gut, all determined upon symptoms I had. Perhaps they were present or perhaps not – all were possibilities – because I was definitely experiencing uncomfortable symptoms. But never, in the decades that I worked on this problem, did anyone really investigate any emotional cores. Diet was addressed and many things removed to alleviate symptoms, but no one ever asked when it began or what was going on in my life at the beginning.

Recently I decided to proceed with the investigation myself. Even though I have improved tremendously, there are still things I want to address, and we know that as the years advance, new things can appear. Noted also is the fact that we have many layers to our being. Here's what I discovered in my own investigation.

In my investigation I recalled the first time I noticed digestive issues was at age 19. I was in college then, but here's what I remembered had preceded the digestive problems startup. I graduated from high school at age 17, and a couple months later my family moved from NJ to Memphis, TN. I had to leave all my friends and my boyfriend, after attending and graduating from a very small private school. I also had to leave all our relatives behind. Two weeks after moving to Memphis, my grandparents were killed in a car accident. We traveled back to NJ and were there for some time. I was upset over losing my grandparents, but I also missed my freshmen college orientation which was provided for the newbie's to understand what to do and where to go as the school year began. For me that was horrendous because I was stepping into a very large state university after attending a very small private high school.

When we returned back to Memphis I was forced into left classes or squeezed into full classes which had already started, so I was behind the get go. Everyone and everything was new and I felt a definite foreboding. Soon my digestive issues began here and there, but began full force later that year. Without a doubt, in hindsight, I can see how traumatic all of this was for me. However, I did not realize it until decades later when I knew I had to remember my emotional baggage that was keeping me from healing completely. Here are the negative emotions I unveiled after decades of storage in my cells.

Anger – I was really mad that my dad took this new job and moved me from all I knew and loved.
Fear – Moving from the familiar to total unknown territory in every way.
Grief – At losing my grandparents, plus leaving my friends and boyfriend behind. (who incidentally broke up with me 4 months later – another trauma!)
Resentment – Felt this toward my dad for the move and the whole moving process.
Apprehension – Having to basically start again with making new friends and finding my place in this new territory, particularly in this mountain of new people, more people in one place than I had ever seen before in person.

Since none of this was ever addressed, it was stuffed inside and stored away into my cellular memory, and all of it was based in fear. Then, as life happens, more “traumas” appeared throughout the years and once again, were simply added to the trash pile in storage since they were not fully addressed either. No one had ever taught me to bring my feelings to the foreground and release them so they would not be stored. I'm sure you can see how easily we are able to accumulate quite a mountainous pile of baggage in the form of harmful beliefs, negative patterns, and destructive cellular memories. And all of these negative feelings create immeasurable imbalances that ever creep into the physical realm.

My personal journey has included many changes in my physical being, my life, what I eat and drink, what I do, and all has helped in many ways. But I continued to wonder why it never felt complete, why there was not consistency in feeling vibrantly healthy in spite of all the healthy protocol I followed, and because new concerns continued to appear. That's when I realized I had to go back to the beginning and dig out the starting point of the negativity that had to be present yet. And that's when I began to sort out all that trash stored in my being.

Perhaps your desire is to experience vibrant health. Maybe you even doubt it can ever happen for you. But I believe it can once all stored trash is removed and thrown out, all old cellular memories gone, then replaced with wonderful positive beliefs. Here's what I discovered.

Every one of you have the inborn ability to heal yourself, so you are born a healer! You may doubt that, but even in the Bible Jesus said that everyone could do healing as he did. But the doubt, busy lives, focus on the physical, a continuous driving to get approval from everyone, plus the insatiable desire for instant gratification keeps all of us from utilizing the gifts that have already been freely given. And another fact is this: You simply can not have peak performance in health or any other area of ​​your life when you have blockages in your energy flow.

There are so many healing modalities offered for us, but most require reiterated and seemingly never-ending visits to a qualified practitioner. Most of you who do this feel better for a short time, but then the symptoms return and back to the practitioner you go, or maybe you decide to try someone new. This was my saga for years, and it is cost and discouraging. My desire was to learn how to heal myself as I released all the harmful beliefs, old negative patterns and the destructive cellular memories that I really realized were standing in my way of complete healing of everything. Is complete healing something you want too? Then read on …

I've known for years, and have certainly discussed this in many articles and books, that we are all composed of energy and there before connected to all living things in this universe, since the entire universe is vibrating energy. There are also only two fields of energy, a positive one-love, or a negative one-fear. When energy is created, that same vibration, whether positive or negative, will continue to move through the universe picking up more of the same energy, and amazingly, it goes right back to where it began! This is the universal principle of likes attract likes. We know that positive energy is from love and negative energy is formed from fear.

Fear vibrations create negative experiences in our lives, things like not enough, anxiety, nervousness, unforgiveness, anger, jealousy, resentment, judgment, criticism, need to be right, worry and so forth. However, love creates good vibrations of compassion, understanding, acceptance, appreciation, happiness, flowing with life, forgiveness, peace, joy and so on, which brings us positive experiences. Most of you would say that you want to live your life through love, yet most of you, if honest, will admit that the expressions from fear rule your life. And often, individuals do not even realize how much junk they have accumulated in their heart, spirit and mind that is blocking them from creating that wonderful life they dare to imagine.

This is what I discovered for myself, realizing that my clients also had stored years of junk that was blocking the love from flowing from them to create the multi-dimensional health that they wanted. So I began searching for ways to unlock the storage bin of junk so it could be released and healed. It was time to take back my inborn power of healing myself, because I really want desire vibrant health until I take my last breath. What I now realized was that I had just been experiencing symptoms, not changing disease.

I had worked with many ways to do this, things like deep breathing, yoga, visualization, EFT, acupuncture, reflexology, chiropractic, chakra clearing, reiki, crystals, grounding mats and more. All of these things helped tremendously, but never completed my healing. Perhaps you understand this all too well. So there had to be something more, something that worked on really clearing out all that junk that I could perform myself with outstanding results. What I later learned is that most, if not all of these address the symptoms, not the root image or feeling.

When a student is ready, the teacher appears, and that's exactly what happened for me. It was not a coincidence at all, but one day I received an email promoting The Healing Codes, developed by Dr. Alex Loyd. I was about to hit the delete key when something inside told me to pay attention. “What” I'm thinking, “Another gimmick or another 'probably not' possibility?” But upon checking into what it was and what it offered, I felt my spirit resonating with this process, like an awakening within me of something positive and possible. What clicked the most, after reading a couple stories of complete healing when doctors said it was not possible, was that it is simple to do and I can do it in the comfort of my own home without going to see anyone or continuing to pay for services. And, most importantly, Dr. Loyd shares that after his patients healed emotionally, they also began to heal physically. This grabbed me hard, so I purchased the program, committing to being responsible for daily practice to experience ultimate healing and health.

“The basic concept of the Healing Codes method is that all memory is stored as pictures, and that these pictures have non-truths or lies in them which, if left uncorrected, ultimately result in emotional and / or physical disease.” This made sense since everything in our life exists through energetic vibrations. They say it is healing of the heart that has the potential of creating vibrant health, which again makes sense since all emotions originate in the heart.

What's important to understand is that any disorder or illness you are experiencing has its roots in some negative image of something that you were taught or happened in your life. The picture is completed with the added accompaniment emotions. If that image remains and is stored in your mind's computer, those persisting images will at some point create a disorder, illness or emotional issue. Once you can find the early image and what energy started this, you can heal that negative feeling, which is a lie.

For some weeks now I have performed the various codes according to their proposed process. The key is to simply allow them to work, not cause them to work. You are successful when you can relax completely and focus on the new picture you want. Many things have come up for me, some not so pleasant but necessary for true healing. Sometimes I experienced intense emotions and other times physical symptoms. I have been quite amazed actually of the process of healing taking place in me, and especially amazed I still have hidden negative pictures influencing my present life after all the work I have done to produce vibrant health.

In addition, I remembered a practice I used to do but had let it slide for several years – Spring Forest Qigong. I had read a book some years ago called “Born a Healer” by Chunyi Lin. His story of his healing and all he went through is horrific. He says you can heal anything if you remove energy blockages and create open channels in your energy system. I had even taught the basic process in my Angel Love Practitioner Trainings for several years. So I re-read his book and began to implement some of his simple methods of moving and clearing energy.

Please understand that I am not suggesting you do not visit a medical doctor or health professional for your ailments, but with everything I've shared through this article, my point is that even using the best doctors or health professionals, or taking the best supplements out there, you can not heal completely, or sometimes at all, without addressing the stored emotional baggage you've placed in your mind's computer. You must release it totally and create new pictures of what you want in your life and health.

The most important point to take with you from this article is that healing and great health, in order to be complete, must include not only the ridding of physical symptoms, but removing and replacing the stored harmful beliefs, destructive cellular memories, and the negative images you've held onto for months or most probably years. There are many dimensions you can try – some may work for you yet others may not work. So the key is to stop the pursuit of quick fixes and wasting time, energy and money for solutions that do not work for you. Instead, take charge of your health from the inside out, working with a solution that truly can restore and maintain your health as you wish it to be. It will require some definite action steps to implement and complete, but look deeply into what steps you are taking and if they are providing the restoration you want. I tried so many types of therapies over the years as well as many different supplements and protocols, but until I incorporated healing my heart, going back even to the time of my conception and beyond, I can now see it was a pursuit of something that could have never been achieved. Always, without fail, any disorder or disease must be freed of the destructive emotional baggage in order for healing to take place, in other words, healing of the heart!

Perhaps you might consider the Healing Codes and Spring Forest QiGong as possible avenues for obtaining the healing and health you desire. It is not a fairytale fantasy; vibrant health for a lifetime is a definite possibility!

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The Heart Chakra

Hello! Here I am again, this time writing about the heart chakra. I am now half way through writing about the chakras – and the heart is indeed the bridge between the lower three chakras, which are more to do with the physical plane, and the higher three chakras which link us to the divine and the heavenly energies.

The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest; a healthy balanced heart chakra means we are able to give and receive love. When we are unbalanced in this chakra, we can be cynical, distrusting, feeling unloved and out of touch with the softness of life.

The heart chakra is obviously associated with the physical heart; it is also associated with the breasts, the lungs and circulation. Physical illness that is typically to do with the heart chakra includes coronary heart disease, breast cancer (and some people would say all cancers), circulatory disorders and malnutrition conditions.

Mainstream medicine also recognizes this link between emotional health and physical conditions. I remember when my father had a heart attack, the literature he received from the hospital talked about the dangers of a cynical worldview, and how important it is in recovery to not give way to anger, and to remain happy! I remember almost joking with my father about this – but of course, this advice can be literal life saving!

Healing the heart chakra means first of all coming back to the self, going inside and reconnecting with joy, gratitude and appreciation – for oneself, for others and for life itself! Seeing the beauty in everyday life is very balancing for the heart chakra, as is being quietly in nature, assimilating the sights, smells and feelings. Similarly, letting go of resentment and forgiving oneself and others can be very healing, unblocking the energy that is stuck in those habitual patterns.

Often when we are unbalanced in this chakra, we have literally lost the ability to feel. Perhaps some of the things we experienced as children (or adults) were too difficult to comprehend. And so we blocked those emotions, and in time blocked our ability to feel both pleasure and pain. We became emotionally numb. I remember in a healing session one of my teachers saying to me when I was still very fatigued, that the fatigue came from the effort of holding the blocked emotions, and that the “remedy” was to learn to feel again, which would legally allow the flowering of the heart chakra, and the flow of vital energy through the body.

Energy healing and reiki at their most basic level can be very healing for the heart chakra. Receiving loving touch is a way to “melt” the heavier emotions held in the heart chakra, and a way to open to receiving love. For some people, it can be even frightening to receive the gentle touch of energy healing or reiki (in which case it is possible to work in the energy field above the physical body); for others, while they may allow the physical touch, they may at first block or not allow in the love infusing the touch.

As well as the simple energy healing and reiki referred to above, other types of energy healing can also help here. An inner child healing can take the person back in time to where the feeling of lack of love, or disturb occurred, and release the energy associated with that feeling. A relationship cord healing can help to “balance” a relationship – and help the person come to forgiveness of themselves or of another person.

There are many meditation techniques that can help to rebalance the heart. Meditations from the Buddhist tradition that focus on developing compassion for oneself and for other people, and on awareness of the present moment can be really helpful here. Similarly the chakra balancing exercises mentioned for the other chakras are helpful. The balanced color of the heart chakra is green or pink, and the balanced sound is “AAAH.”

Finally, a very helpful simple exercise is simply to stand and hold the hands at the heart chakra. Then, slowly, and with awareness, open the hands out into an expansive, full gesture, really feeling the opening in the chest. This encourages openness and receptivity.

This ends the journey of the heart chakra. Next will be the fifth chakra, the throat chakra which is associated with communication and expressing one's truth in the world.

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The Throat Chakra

Hello! We are a long way through our chakra journey, now at the throat chakra. This chakra is associated obviously with speaking and communication. But it is far more than that – it is about how we express ourselves in our totality in the world, and how we communicate our truth and the essence of who we are. It is also the gateway between what is stored in our unconscious (ie our body memory) and what is stored in our conscious mind (our brain.) When we feel unwilling to look at or be with what is in the unconscious, this can block the throat chakra.

The throat chakra is associated with the throat, the neck (this is the back of the throat chakra), the mouth, the teeth and the gums. Imbalances in the throat chakra show up as such issues as tonsillitis, laryngitis, coughs, sore throats, stiff neck, and all teeth and gum issues.

When someone is balanced in this chakra, they will speak their truth with grace and ease, and they will manifest their life's purpose easily. Imbalances can be either a deficiency which shows up as not being able to speak up for oneself, not being able to say difficult things, and a feeling of not being heard, or an excess which manifests as someone being loud and domineering, often forcing them own views and opinions on other people.

A feeling of not being heard can, in my experience, be particularly hard to accept, as it can appear that it's something objectively “out there”, ie the behavior of other people. However, as I began the work of balancing my throat chakra, I was amazed to find that people began to listen to me, hear me and respect my opinion much more.

At first I thought this was some change in them, but then I realized that somehow energetically I had changed the way I was expressing myself.

There are many ways of working with these imbalances. The first is just bringing awareness to how we communicate, when we feel we are holding back and when we feel we are maybe too forceful in our communication.

Bringing this awareness can mean that we can experiment with different ways of communication that may challenge us – daring to speak out in the case of the deficiency, and perhaps saying less or being less dogmatic in the case of the excess. In the case of healing the deficiency, it is really common for people to go the other way at first – and almost be too forceful or too direct. If the people around you are aware of this, prepared for this, and also happy to support you in your process, this can be really helpful. After a while of “practicing” like this, it tends to set down into an appropriate balanced communication.

I believe that energy healing is very helpful in healing the throat chakra. The healings such as the inner child healing, the relationship cords or the past life healing give the person a chance to go back to events where they were possible unable to express themselves at the time, and express themselves within the safe context of a healing . Releasing the stuck energy involved here can be very liberating and lead to substantial healing of the throat chakra. It is also possible to go back to the root cause of the excess or deficiency behavior, and to release the condition, learned behavior of not being able to express oneself, or expressing too forcefully. It is often the case that a child learns that it is unacceptable to express herself fully, and so learns to keep that expression inside. Or conversely, she may learn that the only way to be heard is by forcing your opinions and ideas on others. Going back to that time can be amazingly powerful in releasing blocks at the throat chakra.

Sound healing is also -unsurprisingly! – great for healing the throat chakra. In sound healing, the healer can tune into the different chakras, and sound the imbalance that she feels there, if it feels appropriate, the client can join in, although this is not necessary for healing to take place. This sounding can release the stuck energy. Alternately, the healer can sound the balanced sound of the chakra, which invites the chakra into resonance. It is my feeling and experience that working like this works on the throat chakra as well as the chakra where the imbalance is.

For me, this is the chakra where there have been the most obvious changes. I always knew I loved singing, but was very reticent to sing in front of others, even if I knew them well – sometimes with my boyfriend, but even that was not always straightforward! I was also very shy about speaking in front of a group of people. I have discovered I have a strong and powerful singing voice, and also now actively enjoy both singing and speaking in front of groups of people. Along with this, the sense of not “being heard” (extremely painful) has also receded – it seems that people listen to me now when I speak – as a result of the way my communication has changed through healing my throat chakra.

The throat chakra can also be balanced by the chakra meditations I have written about before, particularly the chakra toning meditation. The color of the balanced throat chakra is blue, and the sound is “AY.”

So, that's the end of the exploration of the throat chakra – we will move on next to the territory of the third eye chakra.

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Colonics: The Solution to a Lighter, Brighter You!

Colonics is a great way to jump start your summer by doing a natural cleanse to help you feel generally better and have more strength and energy. It is a method for cleaning the body and to help in illness prevention. The colon and it's tissues are not separate from the rest of your body as the colons tissues impact organ function. The colon has a tendency to gather toxins and waste that cause duress to other systems in your body, giving disease a chance to grow. Colonics is a great way to improve health and get a good handle on diet changes.

Colonics improvements Health

Anyone who has had a colonic before will testify to the benefits it has. The body builds up toxic waste over time in the tissues of the colon and results in unwelcome visible and physical symptoms. The body then naturally tries to treat all those extra toxins by appearing in the form of:

  • Pimples
  • Asthma
  • Fever
  • Colds
  • Sinus Infections
  • Depression
  • Fatigue

And that's just to name a few of the most common manifestations of toxins in the body. Along with colonics, having better eating habits and general lifestyle habits, all these symptoms and potential diseases can be relieved. The overall results on the body that colonics can have will be seen in a number of ways including:

  • Improved mental clarity
  • Clearer skin
  • Better vision
  • Balanced nervous system
  • Good digestion

There are only good results in trying colonics. It is good for your body and your mind. Colonics have the power to help you generally feel better and stronger in everyday life. It is a great form of natural health to improve your bodies functions and give it the best chance at staying healthy. Similar to a car, when you change the oil in a car it runs better overall, the same goes for your body when it comes to trying colonics.

Diet and Colonics

Since colonics is a bowel cleanse to help rid the body of toxins, it is also necessary to follow dietary suggestions to get the best possible results. These dietary suggestions come in the form of fresh fruit, vegetables and juices that help to optimize your bodies natural defenses.

Colonics is a great way to jump start a diet and create better health and eating habits. It helps to change your lifestyle for the better and prepare you for the health and body you want.

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Summer Solstice and Earth Healing

What is the Summer Solstice? Typically seen as the longest day of the year. The ancients celebrated this day as a herald of what is to come. As a point where we reflect on the past and predict our future. Solstice was seen as a point of history to measure our evolution as the human race.

So how far have we come?

The solstice celebrations over centuries were also heralding the “new era”. The time when consciousness would evolve to a certain point where we no longer had war, where humans were evolved enough to live in peace, to have resolved conflict and find new ways of coming together. And Solstice – was always a time for communities to come and celebrate and have a good party. It was like a neighborhood block party where everyone came out and just partied, no matter what had gone down before you came together to commemorate what kept up the common good.

The way you perceive “how far we have come” is the key to where your personal evolution is at. We are not near the age of peace yet, but we are at a turning point. And it is your personal journey and evolution that decides the fate of human consciousness and whether the new era will truly be an age of peace or age we say “we just could not make it happen”.

What is the “new era?”

It really is something new under the sun.

The “new era” is heralding new ways of being, thinking, feeling and relating for all of us.

With these new ways, we are being asked to:

* let go of outdated models of operating in relationships

* to create CLEAR boundaries and define for ourselves what is important based on stepping into new ways of experiencing JOY in our emotions and our bodies

* to redefine how we relate to our body

The body is no longer a vessel for work. The new era is truly asking us to step into our joy and understand how we find joy in our lives that is outside how much we owe, what we do or what we think we are – and step into an authentic embodied place where we can connect more fully to ourselves.

In the meditation circle I have created called “Earth Healing” we sit in a group and align our body to the rhythms, music and pulsation of our own rhythms. Much like the ancient sufi's who would whirl and dance to feel the vibration of their central channel – we will explore our own core being and central channel in the body – to see what pulsation we can feel through our body.

The meditation circuit acts as a vibratory “pulse” barometer through our own bodies to sense what the planet's core is asking us to become aware of.

Participants listen to messages from their own body about what needs to be awakened, or paid attention to, and connect to their OWN HEALING ability so that they are more empowered to unlock their own potential.

You may also receive insights as to what you are required to “let go of” in order to move into your “new era”.

Most importantly, these circles are an opportunity for you to step into what you wish to create in your “new era”.

Independent of what any other advice you may receive – your own inner guidance is the most important element for you to pay attention to in these times of “shift”, change and evolution.

What would you like to see in your world, your life and how would you love to see your natural self enhanced by the possibilities to expand into your greater self?

The meditation circle “Earth Healing” gets us to connect what is moving and yearning to expand inside of us. The circle is not about healing the earth but rather engaging with the connection to earth through our bodies to enable YOUR OWN HEALING ABILITY and to enhance your emotional development and JOY!

Are you ready to step into a new skin?

Do not worry – you do not have to be ready. Just be open to what you really want!

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The Third Eye Chakra

We are now near the end of our journey through the chakras – at the third eye chakra (also known as the brow chakra), which is located in the center of the forehead. Here, at the end of the journey in the territory of the sixth and seventh chakras, we are in the spiritual realm – where the sense of a separate self is transcended.

The brow chakra is associated with the eyes, the ears, the nose and sinuses, as well as certain brain functions. Diseases of the third eye chakra include those of the eyes, ears and nose, as well as headaches and migraines, and nervous system disorders.

This chakra is to do with how we perceive what happens in our lives. When we are balanced here, we see our life events clearly and without distortions from the past. We think clearly, without getting caught up in cycles of self-destructive or negative thoughts. We are also intuitive, capable to rely on and trust that intuition, and we feel aligned with our spiritual beliefs.

Of course we have a long history in the west of devaluing this more feminine, intuitive way of being in the world. It is the masculine more logical way of thinking that is prized in our society. This means that many of us have a high ability to use our logical and thinking minds, which of course is really positive. However, without developing the corresponding “softer” intuitive skills, we will become unbalanced. And this why we sometimes feel out of control of our racing thoughts, ideas and plans, and unbalanced by our mind that is still “whirring” away even when we want to relax, even sometimes when we are sleeping.

There are many ways of working to balance this chakra. Working with visual art, color and drawing are very good. Similarly, simple meditation is good – just focussing on the breath, and allowing thoughts to come and go, and not identifying with them. This training on the meditation cushion can then carry over into our daily lives, and we become less identified with our thoughts, more in touch with our intuitive selves, and in time our racing mind can slow down.

Energy healing and EFT are very powerful ways of balancing the third eye chakra. It is often the case that we do not see events in our current lives clearly because we are seeing them through a filter from the past. If we were criticized as a child, we can imagine criticism everywhere as an adult. If we were not allowed to express ourselves as a child, we can feel capable to do that as an adult, and, if we manage to, we can feel unheard. An inner child healing or an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) session focussed on the past can help to release the energy that caused that pattern and mean that we see things more clearly in the present.

Past life healing can also often be very useful here. A past life healing (also known as past life regression) can get to the fear of accessing our intuition that can be held deep in the individual and collective psyche – whether you literally revisit a past life, or whether it is more an effective way of tapping into “stuff” held deeply within the energy field and body.

Finally, chakra balancing and toning meditations are also helpful. The balanced sound of the third eye chakra is a nasal “AY” and the balanced color is indigo.

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Uncovering the Truth With Tree Reading

We are all fascinated by the individual reactions that humans have. Seemingly simple things we do can tell us about our deepest self. There are dozens of psychological tests and techniques created for the sole purpose of discovering each individual's behaviors and feelings.

One of these tests is Tree Reading. This uses a tree (drawn by the person) that is interpreted and analyzed by an outside source. Tree Reading is a deceptively simple way to unlock a person's inner hopes, dreams, thoughts, and emotions.

This technique is heavily based on Freudian and neo-Freudian ideas, specifically when it comes to the unconscious mind. Originating in Europe around the 1900s, this has been used and expanded upon by brilliant counsel, psychologists and graphologists so that professionals can gain an enhanced understanding of what their client's personality.

While Tree Reading is fairly new, it uses concepts and ideas that are used in handwriting analysis. Many professionals actually use the two tests simultaneously to better judge a patient's personality. This is because they both convey many different unconscious perceptions and thoughts. Not only that, but fewer people have a negative reaction when asked to draw a tree for two reasons: a) there is not a negative stigma b) they are assured that artistic ability does not matter.

Not only that, but there's no right or wrong type of tree drawing (unlike in handwriting analysis), which means that the person will be less secretive and restricted when drawing the tree.

Consider the tree for a moment. Not only does it mean a lot in nature, but it symbolically represents so much of a person's emotional development and state. It also helps the analyst discover the drawer's feelings and interests. There is absolutely nothing mystical or spiritual about this practice. It's also not as mysterious as you might initially think. There's also nothing psychic about it.

Tree Reading is a great way to understand those closest to you, and can give you numerous insights about your friends and family, even those you know well! However, it is warned that you do not use this to understand a person's individual problems or mental health. This should only be done by those that are qualified to do so.

If you are interested in understanding the people around you and helping them under themselves, then tree reading is both fun and interesting. Give it a try, you'll be amazed at what you find out.

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Feeling Tired and Run-Down? Try Thalassa For a Change

There are times in life when you feel tired and run down from the stress of daily life, possibly also from work and family pressure. And you want to get away from it all – but also you want to try something different. You do not want to go to the same beach or mountain retreat or even to the favorite spa. You also want value for money, and not to have to pay crazy prices.

I was feeling like that a few weeks ago. As I was going to be in Paris on business I thought to myself – why not go to a Thalassa in France in easy reach of Paris? Internet search suggests Quiberon, a seaside town in Britanny, North-west of France. The choice was confirmed by knowledgeable French friends who said this was the first place to develop Thalassa and is still one of the best.

This was how my husband, Roberto, and I spent a blissful week at the Sofitel Quiberon Thalassa. Our journey began at the Montparnasse station, a major and unimpressive train station in Paris. After three and a half hours on the classy TGV (very high-speed train), we disembarked at a town called Auray and took a 30 minutes taxi ride to the Sofitel Hotel, which is linked to the Institute de Thalassotherapie.

So what is Thalassa?

Thalassa is a shortened term for Thalassotherapy, which means 'sea' and 'treatment'. It uses the healing and beneficial properties of the mineral rich seawater and marine-based products rich in trace elements and antioxidants for your health and well being. A visit to a thalassa is a similar experience to visiting a spa except the treatments are not only for relaxation and beauty, but also for healing. As a thalassa has to be located near the sea, expect also invigorating sea air.

This particular Institute offers a number of packages. We chose a package called Harmonie offering each day five seawater treatments and a massage. The use of algae is very much part of the treatment. The treatments last for about two and a half hours – taken either in the morning or in the afternoon. I left the place Invigorated, feeling that I was again ready to face the world.

An assessment

The service is good and efficient and the therapists are professional. That is all good. Being used to massage in Thailand, I was not too impressed with the daily massage at the Institute. We were on a half-board package with the hotel and found the food to be outstanding. We gained rather than lost weight since the intensive treatments. Next time, I will take their weight-loss program with a special menu and caloric control.

The highlight for me was meditating on a rock. In the silence of the mind, I could hear the sound of the waves around me and the flapping of the seagulls' wings overhead. I could feel the sun on my face and the spray of the seawater and taste its saltiness. That was a magic moment to be remembered and savored.

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The History of Tree Reading

What is the history and basis of tree reading? Considering everything that trees have come to mean or represent over the years, it's not that shocking to see that trees can also be used to show us the depressed sections of the human personality. Psychologists had started to understand symbols (trees and otherwise) as a strong metaphor of the unconscious mind, especially in terms of ideals. This is thanks to great minds like Jung and Freud.

Jung was able to show that all creative works were able to express some inner nature of the artist or creator that was spontaneous, and at the time, unexamined. It was not long before he and other psychologists began to see how this could be used to assessment an individual. Many referred to this practice as “Projected Assessment” because the person was projecting him or herself (feelings, emotions, styles, etc) into whatever object they were asked to draw.

As said by Dr. Phillip Greenway, trees have represented a life force and connection with the cosmos because it can mean maturity, a cycle of nature, decline and even death if you follow a tree through the seasons. With their roots reaching deep into the earth, trees have also evoked man to wonder about the underworld and its untold mysteries. They also symbolized humanity's interaction with the world. In reaching above toward the sky, they showed us supernatural powers.

Perhaps the first major drawing test was called “Draw a Person” test. Created by Florence Goodenough in 1926, this was used to measure intelligence (not personality). She started off working on the standard Stanford Binet IQ test, which is still used to assess a person's IQ. She did this right before directed evaluations were created to see what a person was link on the inside.

Psychologists believed that the unconscious mind was always somehow influencing the conscious mind, but they did not know how yet. They thought that these drawings tests could have been used to show that.

It was believed that all people were bound by the influence of their unconscious mind. Professionals started to think that people could only express their inner selves freely if they were given a task that only had minimal instructions. Probably the most famous of these tests, which is still used today to assess a person's behavior, is the Rorshach Inkblot Test. This is when a patient is shown 10 or so ink blobs and asked to interpret them.

Then, Karen Machover used the Draw a Person test in 1949 to help her understand a patient's personality and behavior. This used a Freudian lens and it was assumed that the person being drawn would consciously convey the drawer's needs, impulses and so on.

We start seeing the image of a tree in 1958 due to Emanuel Hammer discovering that the tree symbolizes a person's inner feelings and emotions about him or herself. The major difference between drawing a tree and a person is that the tree image would be unconscious, so it would be a better representation because the person would not draw he or she believed he or she was.

It was Charles Koch that formalized the approach that drawings could be used to discover a person's personality. His reason was that humans often expressed themselves in how they interacted with the environment. This is especially true when it comes to factors that the person was unable to control or had difficulty managing. A drawing would help convey all of this in a very simple way.

John Buck held several presentations where he warned psychologists professionals to be wary about their interpretations. Since these drawings rely on interpretations and people tend to take on labels if they hear them, giving the wrong interpretation could be dangerous. He warned that one must know the person making the drawing, and that the drawer should have every opportunity to explain the objects, angles and details in the drawing.

Karen Bolander found that it was best to use the drawings to examine a person's entire personality, not just formal details. She said that looking for specific details, especially those with specific meanings, would fail due to the variable nature of drawing. Tree drawing waned away from the professional light, but it's used today to help discover a person's personality because it can be used to open conversations and understand a person.

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What Can Tree Reading Tell Us About Someone?

One of the most common questions we ask others is, “How Are You?” But what does this really tell us? What if you could go deeper? Instead of asking how the person is doing, what about: “who are you?” Barring all psychic and mystical techniques, tree reading is a technique that allows you to do this.

All you need is a writing instrument, paper and the courage to ask someone to draw a tree. You'll be amazed with what you can gather just from interpreting a drawing of a tree.

It's human to want to feel understood and connected to other humans. This is best done by understanding that person's individual characteristics without him or her shielding or hiding these trains. This allows for deep and meaningful conversations, and it also allows you and the person to develop a relationship with comfortable and truthful communication.

If you're like most people, then you might feel a little shy about asking someone to draw a tree. The question is easy, but facing the person's confused glance and questions is the hard part. After you see just how effective this technique is, you'll have no problems asking everyone around you to do it. The information that you will gain is very precise and it allows those people to comfortably share their experiences because they will feel that you have an understanding that other people lack.

You must remember (and insure the other person) that there is no such thing as a bad tree or a proper drawing. There's also no need for artistic abilities. Regardless of how the tree is drawn, you should be able to accurately interpret it and gain insight into the person.

Did you know that the FBI is constantly refining ways to deeply penetrate a person's attitude and behavior so that they can create a profile? They frequently use graphologists to create tests and refine techniques to do this. Handwriting analysis, which is commonly used by the FBI, is very similar to tree drawing when it comes to interpreting a drawing. They also both interpret who a person is without verbal communication.

It does not matter if you view a tree drawing as a symbolic gateway into a person's mind, a piece of art or just lines on paper. Having the ability to interpret this simple drawing will allow you to easily develop a relationship and connection with most people in a matter of minutes. This gives you a unique advantage in both personal and business relationships because people like it when others understand them.

While tree reading can help you understand a person, it's never meant to be a replacement for a professional analysis. It's more for socializing and managing stress. You should never judge the person based on their drawing. You also do not need any special abilities to be able to interpret the tree, other than the ability to follow directions. The drawing does all of the work for you.

You'll get more than a few confused glances at first, but after you push through that, you'll be able to have a deep conversation with whoever drew you a tree. This substantial ability to interpret someone's behavior is a great way to connect to other humans on a very deep level.

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The Solar Plexus Chakra


This week we are moving into the third chakra, the Solar Plexus. This chakra is very much about individuation, and our place in the world. When we are balanced in this chakra, this manifests as being connected with others, without losing ourselves in the other, and remaining aware of our ultimate aloneness.

The Solar Plexus chakra is located just below the rocks, and is related to the organs to do with digestion – the liver, the stomach, and the pancreas. Conditions that are often related to a third chakra imbalance are digestive issues, allergies, crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome and diabetes.

When we are imbalanced in this chakra, we can often feel as though we are victims in our own lives, powerless to change our situation and stuck. (I think this emotional stuckness is often reflected in the physical stuckness of elimination which can lead to the diseases talked about earlier to do with digestion.) The root emotion below all of this is often unexpressed anger. As well as manifesting in terms of powerlessness (which is associated with a deficiency in this chakra) it can also manifest as an excess: being power-hungry, aggressive and controlling others.

The balanced position in this chakra is one where we have a healthy, balanced sense of our own worth, we are confident in ourselves and our abilities, we are disciplined, without it veering into over control, and we can be spontaneous and playful.

In terms of healing this chakra, it is often my sense that it is about bringing movement to the stagnant, stuck energy. Shaking and free form dancing are very good for this; other exercise such as running or swimming is also good, but there is something about the unpredictability and spontaneity of shaking and free-form dancing that I feel is particularly good here.

A physical cleanse can also be good. I remember doing a 5 day herbs cleanse, which involved drinking herbal “shakes” 4 or 5 times a day, and not eating. I felt afterwards naturally lighter – as though the cleanse had allowed me to release a “layer” of negativity that I had been carrying round with me. (If you're interested in this, it's good to talk with the suppliers of this type of products before using them, particularly if you have an existing health condition.)

Energy healing and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can also be helpful here. Sound healing, chakra balancing and color healing can help to balance the Solar Plexus chakra. More specifically, an inner child healing or a relationship cord healing can help the person heal the event or events which led to the imbalance in this chakra. Often, this will be the time from 18 months to 4 years (including the terrible twos!) – when the child is starting to feel separate from the mother, and yet needs the assurance that she is still there. Often, the child can feel that the parents will impose on him; this can lead to unexpressed anger. An inner child healing can be a safe place to express what it was not possible to express at the time.

Similarly, EFT is very helpful for going back to a childhood event that remains in the energy field, and is influencing our behavior still, and letting go of it.

Finally, as with the other chakras, chakra balancing mediations are helpful. The balanced color of the Solar Plexus chakra is a bright yellow. And the balanced sound is “OOOH.”

So, the next post will move into the territory of the heart chakra – the bridge between the lower three chakras we have already looked at, and the higher three chakras (throat, third eye and crown.)

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EFT for Fear of Public Speaking

Public speaking is often cited as people's number one fear. And I know it was like this for me – I remember as an accountant giving speeches giving and talks. Then, as I wanted to share things that were close to my heart, such as my spiritual practice, I realized I needed to get over this fear, and it was at that point that I did a day's course on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for Public Speaking.

How is a fear of public speaking created in energetic terms? Well, we feel afraid in the present moment when something happens which reminds us of a similar situation where we felt in danger in the past. So, if we were laughed at aged 5 for slipping up over a word, or for getting our lines very slowly in the nativity play, we can have that same fear years later when we make an important work presentation. Actually, we revert to having the same resources as we had at the age the first event happened. So, we can go back to age 5 every time we need to give a talk or present some material to a group.

And how does EFT change this? Using EFT tapping whilst “tuning” in to the event that caused us the fear in the first place unlocks the trapped energy in the energy field and means we no longer feel that fear. It really is that simple!

With an issue such as public speaking, there may be several events that it is necessary to go back to. And as we do, we gain confidence in our abilities in the present – and actually function from our full potential, rather than as if we were 5 years old!

That would be enough in itself, but I think there is something else that happens with energy work and EFT – that the energy field in general strengnthens, which leads to it being much easier to be in front of a group of people and give a talk .

It can feel energetically and physically very “exposing” to be in front of a group of people giving a talk. You may be the only person facing a big group of people; everyone but you is facing the opposite direction, and everyone is looking at you.

Often, I think we can be energetically “drained” by this situation. It can feel as though, when we look at the assembled crowd, we are losing energy, as though people are “pulling” energy from us, and making us feel weaker.

Actually, this feeling of becoming weaker and of people “pulling” energy from us can only happen when we allow it to happen. Becoming stronger in ourselves, we are able to look out at the people who are there to listen to us, and actually feel stronger. It is as though we can then draw energy from the situation that previously used to drain us.

And yes – that is the case for me. I used to hate the feeling of people's eyes on me, somehow feeling “exposed” and for no particular reason “not good enough.” Now, I actually enjoy being in front of a group of people and sharing my message (without needing to hide behind a learner like I used to!)

This is one of the many “hidden benefits” I have received from energy healing and EFT. Very obviously, I have got my life back from debilitating illness. And yet it is much more than this – these energy tools have literally made it possible for me to be myself, share what is close to my heart and enjoy it in front of a group of people.

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Family Survival: Healing Illnesses By Creating Energy

The essence of all energy that reverberates in the cosmos is healing in nature. Traditional medicine stands in direct contradiction to the fields of alternative therapy such as Reiki, Healing and Acupressure. The notion of energy in this cosmos is very old. The Chinese refer to it as “qi”, in Judeo Christian systems it is the “spirit” and in Ayurveda, it is referred to as “dosha”. The key to harnessing energy for curing illness comes from the belief that a life force pervades the essence of human beings and imbalances in the life force need to be treated.

Creating Energy

Creating energy is a complex process depending upon which form of therapy is employed. In Reiki, healing takes place by infusing a person with white light to prevent the disease seen in the aura from occurring. Tai Chi is a series of fluid movements designed for harmony and balance. Shiatsu is an alternative therapy which involves pressing points on the body for relief from disease.

Curing Illnesses

Curing diseases by creating energy is an important step forward. For instance, Ayurveda has been used to cure illnesses as imbalances in the “dosha”. Chinese traditional medicine also has postulated cures for diseases as wide as arthritic back pain to psychosis. Acupuncture has also been used to cure blockages by placing fine needles in the meridians of the body. Healing through reiki is also a form of curing illnesses. Continued healing helps a person to recover from the disorder.

Illnesses can be cured by harnessing, redirecting and guiding the minority flows of energy in the body. Disease is thought to result from blockages in the energy flowing in the body. So to cure the illness, the blockage must be resolved.

Family Survival

For eons, humans have lived in families and with familial support. Energy can be harnessed to cure illnesses within family and ensure the continued survival of the family. There can be positive energy generated through alternative healing systems which can lead to welfare and continued recovery by family members.

Thus, apart from the allopathic model, there are many healing systems such as Qi Gong and Tai Chi and this is what helps to guard the mental and physical health of one's family members. Harnessing energy for positive mental and physical health is an ancient art and this is prevalent in the modern day world through alternative therapies. Family survival has become possible by harnessing energy. To ensure continued family survival, there are minority energies which can be taped and these can be harnessed to create positive conditions and affect people positively. Thus, positive energies can be generated and these serve to help the family survive.

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