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Awareness of Other Causes of Disease Brings Healing

Having a disease of some kind is bad enough but having one that is unable to be diagnosed and cured is even worse. Millions of people are running around out there with an incorrect diagnosis, being victimized twice: first by being labeled with something that is other than what the label fits and second by feeling worse and worse as the condition goes untreated. Why does this happen? There are several reasons, not the least of which could the changing conditions on the planet. While some might scoff at such an idea, the simple fact of our planet warming up by several degrees (along with all the other planets in our solar system … it's solar warming, not global warming) allows organizations to flourish in the environment- and sometimes WE are the environment.

There are also over 3,000 chemicals around us that we are in contact with on a daily basis; this has never happened before. Basically, no one knows what the future holds for the race of humanity when living in such conditions. With our air, water and food polluted by substances never mean to enter the body, who knows what will happen? There are other factors to consider also, such as the power of the mind over the physical body. People can actually think them into strange incurable illnesses. While there are ample pharmaceutical answers to such a dilemma, as well as thousands of psychologists who would be more than happy to assist such sufferers, that might not be enough either.

The spiritual realm also needs to be considered when strange diseases manifest. As the veils between our dimension and others continue to thin, people and animals can be infected with other-worldly attachments, in a sort of vampirism. Those things termed Shadow-people, ET's and inter-dimensionsal can actually feed the energy of third-dimension dwellers (us). The more emotional one gets about fearful things, the more food provided to these energy-suckers. The simple solution to that is to develop and remain in peace and keep the environment calm and clean.

While some of these reasons may seem odd and impossible, if not addressed in the strange, recalcitrant cases of physical disease, the patient may never get healthy. As a physician who is aware of such oddities – and who brings many people to health by dealing with them-I can tell you that I have been witness to the efficiency of employing ancient healing techniques to cure these strange afflictions. This is a truly amazing, wonderful, and stranger-than-fiction world. We are both privileged and puzzled by the things that happen to us and the bees we care about; it's all part of our well-rounded education.

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Info 101: The American Heart Association’s New Life-Saving CPR Guidelines

CPR, aka cardiopulmonary resuscitation, saves lives, no doubt about it. But bystanders who witness a cardiac event typically are related to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on someone they do not know. Indeed, less than 50% of sufferers receive CPR from a stranger.

The good news, though, is the American Heart Association's recent announcement that mouth-to-mouth need not be done and now recommends only rapid chest compressions-especially by the untrained. In fact, in a study of 3,700 cardiac arrests, hands-only CPR saved 22% more lives than the conventional method.

The two exceptions:

1. Conventional CPR is still advised for children and those who are oxygen-deprived.

2. Those with training should, after 30 compressions, open the airway and give two breaths, then repeat that sequence until help arrives: 30 compressions followed by two breaths.

For the untrained bystander:

1. Have someone call 911 or, if alone, make the call yourself.

2. Place the heel of your hand on the person's breastbone.

3. Keep your elbows locked and your arms straight as you push down firmly 2 “for 100 compressions.

4. Release and then repeat, giving at least 100 compressions per minute to the beat of the Bee Gees '”Stayin' Alive.”

5. Continue until help arrives.

Says the American Heart Association's Michael Sayre, “This is not hard; it's really easy.”

Meanwhile, just never practice on anyone; doing so can result in injury. Instead, take it one step further and be trained by experts to be fully prepared. Contact your local American Heart Association for CPR course locations, times, and costs.

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The Power of Feeling Complete

Sometimes the steps to your front porch seem as if that is your goal, for that is where your focus stops. Affirmations and positive thinking may be the first step that takes you out of your habitual way of thinking, but those are still creations of your mind. It takes courage to go beyond thinking, for you have nothing to hold onto and nothing to support you.

Prayers may be your second step, but you still are not home yet.It is not until you enter silence, that you really feel at home. The creations of your mind are temporary and that is not the real you. Connecting to that beyond-thought, beyond the mind-made reality is when you connect to the real you. Entering that silence connects you to strong inner resources, which allows you to be harmonious with your higher self or that which is one with the ultimate. This gives you the power to heal at your full potential.

When you face a health battle, you have to feel at home and connect to inner resources that exist beyond the creations of your mind. It is unusual that a health crisis can force you to go home, but that's the way many people find it. Too often, we identify with affirmations and prayers and do not go all the way home, which is found in silence. When you are sick, there is a strong desire to heal, strong enough to force you to let go of your attachments.

For example, imagine a person recently diagnosed with cancer. When their life is at stake, there is no thought in their mind that is more important then their life. It takes faith and confidence to let go of their thoughts and embrace their life, which activates the healing powers we sub-consciously have within us. Conscious thoughts alone will not heal you. If they could, doctors would never be sick!

There is a sub-conscious drive called the will to live that activates the healing process. We all have it, but, too often, our thoughts muffle that drive. It is essential in healing, but it also does wonders in other aspects of our life. Imagine a person with a weak will to live; how would they be in relations and their work? We have the power to reveal that sub-conscious drive and make it a part of our healing process. If the will to live involved the most conscious part of you, which contains strong inner resources, do not you think you would better accomplish your goals?

Have you ever looked at what thoughts weaken your will to live?

© 2010 Marc Lerner and Life Skills

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Why Do I Always Have Nausea? Three Tips to Get Your Nausea Under Control

Do you often wonder “why do I always have nausea? There are many causes for a feeling of constant nausea, of course determining the cause will put an end to it but if you find yourself asking” until you can get to the bottom of it these three helpful tips will help until then. Just read all the way to the bottom if you're still searching for the cause of your chronic nausea.


Ginger is a magically root and has long been used to control nausea by expectant moms. You can make a nice ginger root tea by cutting off a piece of the root and steeping it in boiling water than removing it after 2-3 minutes. This will calm your stomach and treat the nausea. Ginger root tea works by relaxing the stomach lining which in turn reduces the feelings of nausea.


Peppermint is also known to reduce feelings of nausea, you can prepare a peppermint tea or you can simply pop a peppermint candy into your mouth to relive the feeling of nausea.

Dry Soda Crackers

If you start feeling that you are always experiencing nausea you may want to try munching on some dry soda crackers. The crackers work by absorbing excess acid in your stomach to calm your stomach and reduce the feelings of nausea.

Of course absolutely your goal should be to find the cause, the above tips will not cure you but they will help you to reduce the feelings of nausea so you can live with them until you can find the answers that you need. There are numerous causes you may not have considered such as Parasites, Candida overgrowths, undiagnosed food allergies etc.

Walking around wondering “why do I always have nausea?” If so then this obviously impacts your life in a negative manner, do what you can to help yourself and search until you find the cause and cure.

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Unbalanced Levels of Energy in the Body Can Be Treated With Energy Healing

Most people have heard of Reiki healing, which is in fact, Energy Healing. There are many different types of healing via the energy in the body, but most people have some knowledge of Reiki. The basis for this type of healing is the body has natural energy that flows through every cell of your body, if the energy is not flowing smoothly in your body, and then the body is not completely well. When the energy in the body is flowing freely and evenly, health naturally follows.

Energy Healing or what many refer to as healing work can be looked upon like quantum physics in that energy is complicated in many ways. Look at electricity that runs in your home, if everything is running smoothly and the correct charge can get through the wires behind the light switch, when you turn on the switch, you get instant light or power. However, if the light bulb is burned out, you can turn the switch on and off all day long, the light bulb will not work until you change the light bulb and restore the flow of energy from the wires in the wall to the bulb. In this way, energy in the body can be looked upon as if you have a “light bulb” off in your energy flow, then you need to have the source repaired in order for the proper flow to happen.

Moreover, energy exists in two forms, solid and non-solid matters. Everything you see, touch, and what you do not see (such as the air) is energy, and when something breaks the flow, it breaks the entire process. With Energy Healing, the practitioner works to find the areas in your body where energy is not flowing smoothly and works on these areas to “fix” what is causing the disturbance. Furthermore, as people move about their lives, they are capable of picking up good and bad energy; for instance, fear is a bad energy, while joy is a good energy source. Therefore, if you are fearful, then removing this through Energy Healing will cause the fear to be replaced with a good energy, which will affect your life positively.

Many people have found the answer to many of their everyday problems by having their body energy properly balanced. For instance, if you grow up in a home with lots of stress, anxiety, and strife, you picked up this energy as a child and it may be affecting you even as an adult. Energy Healing can remove the “bad” and get the good energy flowing through your body, which will absolutely affect your relationships and you own home in a very positive way.

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Gemstone Therapy and the Central Chakra Channel

Gemstone Therapy can be an essential key in enlivening the central chakra channel. The central chakra channel is a column of energy that runs along the spine, and which purpose is to nourish the chakras. In Eastern Teachings, the central chakra channel is called the shushumna nadi. Ideally, it is about three to five inches wide. It extends from the earth star chakra (the 11th chakra, located in the ground beneeth our feet), through the 7 body chakras, all the way through the eighth, ninth, and tenth chakras, well above the top of the head.

One purpose of this channel is to unite earth and heaven energy, which becomes a source of nourishment for all the chakras. The earth energy moves up through the channel from the bottom of the channel, and the heaven energy enters it from the top. The energy mixes within it to the exact proportions that each chakra needs. Healthy chakras have roots that reach from the chakra vortex into this channel to receive this nourishment.

Many individuals' central chakra channels are in very poor health. Here are some common anomalies that can occur:

The channel can be accompanied down to as much as a half-inch in diameter. It can have blockages or constrictions over certain chakras. The energy moving through the channel can be sluggish, ineffective, and in some cases non-existent. Chakra roots can be absent or denied and thin, and receive only minimal nourishment. The channel structure may be intact, but there may be no movement of earth and heaven energy flowing through it.

Ideally, the central chakra channel should provide a welcoming spring of nourishment that is so refreshing and enticing that every chakra will build and maintain roots to access this channel and its vitalizing contents. In short, your chakras can only be as healthy as the central channel that feeds them.

Gemstone energy medicine offers a solution to restoring, building, and maintaining your central channel. The gemstone tanzanite has a natural affinity with this channel. Its warming energy relaxes tension in the channel and invites it to open. White beryl in combination with tanzanite clears and purifies the channel. When blue sapphire is added to these gemstones the vibrations of the channel are uplifted and become more receptive to earth and heaven energies.

When you wear these gemstone in a theatrical gemstone necklace, chakra anomalies are naturally and gently corrected in time. However energy workers can use this combination in certain gemstone therapy techniques to directly treat various types of central channel anomalies during a gemstone therapy session.

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How We Get Sick – It’s All in Our Minds

For those who suffer from a disease that has persisted since all treatments that are typically effective, it may be time to consider other causes. The mind can bring on a physical state that mimics and then becomes a named disease; there are numerous books and programs now to deal with such things. From Alice Bailey's “Who's The Matter With Me?” to Louise Hay's numerous books on the subject, sometimes all that needs to be done is to consider the circumstances precedenting the illness and take steps to deal with that.

A good example is that of Adult Onset Type II Diabetes, which is considered by those two authors as “the feeling that all of the sweetness of life has been taken away.” The illness usually occurs after a devastating change in life, such as the death of a much-beloved partner, sudden loss of income, or other traumatic experience. The person mourns the loss of circumstances that provided happiness and comfort: in effect, throwing a temper tantrum that upsets the entire body. The limbic system gets involved in a big way, causing a change in hormones with each emotional hit. While most people go through major emotional disturbance with such difficult occurrences, if healing of the emotions does not occur, the body may move into a permanent permanent disease state.

Medical science is now becoming more aware of such connections. Although slow to accept that the person can actually cause disease due to mental-emotional upsets, some progress is being made. Broken Heart Syndrome is now listed as an actual medical condition, used to explain the sudden death of one who has lost a beloved partner. The person left behind is often physically healthy and free of any hidden underlying disease. Within three days to a year, that formerly healthy person may suddenly drop dead of a heart attack. The cause is actually unlenting grief and ability to move on into the healing of that grief.

There are other patients who have worked hard and suffered multiple instances of catastrophic interferences with life, who suddenly have a stroke or heart attack and have to take care of. Such people usually have never taken time to rest and the whole idea of ​​having to lie lay there and let someone else minister to their most basic needs intrigues them. Some may revel in that care, loving the idea that someone has to feed and bathe them-and even wipe their butt. Such patients often linger for ten years or more, enjoying every minute of attention they get. The type of person who enjoys such treatment is usually one known to be a 'control freak' who enjoys manipulating others. While most stroke or heart-attack victims are impatient to get back to their normal lives, there are a few of that type who really love the attention they get and have no intention of ever having to be responsible for anything again.

What about the common cold? Modern science may think it's due to the adeno-virus, but how does that explain the sudden change in only one member of the family, when all have been together in one place, away from outside influences? If one examines the circumstances, it is usually discovered that the afflicted one was feeling overwhelmed-either feeling that they were not given enough responsibility to do things that they are capable of doing, or being given more than they felt they could handle. Once that issue is addressed, the 'cold' often resolves very quickly.

Human beings are complex creatures with the ability to think themselves into health or illness. The more powerful the mind and emotions, the more quickly and intensely the health or disease manifests. Far from being helpless victims of the vagaries of life, we are powerful manifestors who bring the experiences we need to us. Unfortunately we learn best from the hard times, when we are challenged to the max … just ask anyone who routiniously survives against all odds.

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Healing and Massage – On the Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Level

Different levels of healing and awareness.




Each depends on how deep you wish to go in your own healing process.

You may just want to be rubbed without any thought to your emotional emotional life and how that may affect your muscles.

You may wish to combine a therapeutic massage with an emotional inner dialogue to get to a level level of healing in yourself.

Or you may wish to live deeper into your soul to come up with why you are not healing … this level of healing is taking you to the deepest level inside of yourself … to heal soul wounds … wounds that occurred from deep this life and / or past lives.

There is no separation between mind and body. The mind is running through or occurring through the whole body..the body itself and the mind .. are one. Science now is starting to catch onto this way of thinking.

There are different reasons why we are tight in the body.

The most obvious are the physical reasons …. I gardened today and my back muscles are tight..or I sit at a computer all day … and my neck and upper shoulders are tight. These are mechanical reasons we are tight.

There are also emotional reasons. Anger that has not been expressed can lead to tight muscles. Holding sorrow and sadness in the body can also lead to tight muscles.

In both of these notice the cyclical effect. Tight muscles = pain, frustration, even anger.

And vice versa … notice how your chest / upper back feel the next time you are sad. Or how your shoulders feel when you are angry or someone is yelling at you.

The spiritual level of healing … is the deepest level and it is more humble … it encompasses mind / body and the spiritual energy we exist as. We are vibrations of energy. This level of existence is possible to experience within yourself. And there can be damage or trauma to this energy body.

When you heal on this level you are taking yourself to the deepest chasms of your soul to learn to allow the life force energy within you to flow freely. Here is the eternal fountain of love. When you allow yourself to access this love within yourself. Pain-physical, emotional, and spiritual just seem dissipate.

Each level of this healing process can take on different levels of discomfort.

This is because to experience this level in yourself you have to be willing to first experience and let go of all the pain you have held in you body for so long.

Read on to discover how your level of awareness can affect the ability of the mind / body ability to heal itself.

Just like there being different levels of healing … there are also different levels of existence or awareness.

There is the physical awareness of life. I am here in my body … typing on the fingers are pressing the keys. Or I am bending over my flowers and touching them with my hands.

The is also the emotional awareness of life. I am feeling content right. I feel love. Or I am frustrated.

Then there is the spiritual existence / awareness of this life. And it only takes opening the mind begin to see that there is more to our existence than meets the eye.

There is an energy that runs through the entire universe. That energy is conscious..meaning wake and aware of itself. When you look at a flower or sunset. You may get a different feeling. You may be able to experience this minority just a knowing inside of something deeper. Or an inner experience that you are bigger or more expansive than you can imagine. Sometimes it helps to look into outer space and imagine yourself expanding into it.

Some people exist their whole lives dominated by one level.

The mostly physical people who do not have a balance in their emotional … the balance of checking in with how your emotions are today. A dog dying for instance to a person in a more physical realm would look more like simple hewniness in the shoulders. There would not be a defect honoring of emotions. I am devastated that my dog ​​died.

The mostly emotional person..would not have balance with their body. They would be so lost in the sadness or the anger that the dog died that they would forget to take time to nourish their body with good food, exercise. Sleep. Love.

The spiritual people are the ones who sometimes sees a bit otherworldly. Maybe sometimes the 'crazy' people get lumped here too. Yet the spiritual person understands the connection to something larger than themselves in the universe. Albeit, God, Allah, Spirit, Jehovah. Etc ….

These people can sometimes lose touch with the physical and emotional realm of life..ignoring the fact that not all people are balanced in the spiritual side of life.

Massage and bodywork can help to balance all three of these areas within oneself. It just depends on where one is ready to go in their healing experience.

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What Is the BioMat and How Does It Work?

The BioMat is a tool that uses three different time-tested methods for energizing and revitalizing the body. It's undertaken of 17 layers of various different materials that help to enhance the benefits of its infrared and negative ion technologies. Because of this, the BioMat helps to encourage the flow of oxygen in your body, increases your mood, and decreases stress and anxiety.

It does this first with heat. Heat has been used as a healing agent for centuries. Heating pads are commonly used today for muscle pain as it helps to dilate the blood vessels, carrying oxygen and other nutrients through the bloodstream and expediting the healing process. The BioMat takes the healing power of heat one step farther by using Far Infrared Radiation, or FIR. FIR has been used for decades in infrared grills to heat foot in a more thorough and equally distributed manner. FIR can work for our own bodies similarly. The BioMat produces FIR, which heats not just the skin on our bodies, but our muscles and cells. Like the heating pad, these wars and dilates the blood vessels through our entire bodies and helps oxygen to flow more readily. The heat of the BioMat also causes perspiration, which rids our bodies of toxins.

The BioMat also uses negative ion technology to clean the air, providing us with more oxygen to breath in, and promoting greater oxygen flow through our bodies. Molecules can be either positively or negatively charged. Typically, negative ions (molecules that have lost a proton) can be found in abundance near the ocean, in the mountains, or after a thunderstorm. People tend to feel more uplifted and alive in these situations. This is due to the high negative ion count. Scientists say that negative ions can increase the flow of oxygen to the brain. Negative ions also latch onto dust and other pollutants in the air, dragging them to positively charged surfaces (and away from your lungs). This results in in cleaner, more oxygen rich air to breath in.

Finally, BioMat uses amethyst crystals to enhance the benefit of FIR and negative ions. Amethyst has been noted to have a calming, soothing effect to those who are near it. The name itself “a methustos” means “not intoxicated” as the ancient Greeks found that amethyst helped to cure hangovers. Many other ancient civilizations believed that amethyst had healing properties, and kept the wearer calm and focused. Today, amethyst has been found to contain highly conductive properties. BioMat utilizes this by adding a layer of amethyst to the top of the mat to help amplify the effects of the FIR waves and negative ions.

In short, BioMat brings three different technologies together to help your body do what it already does naturally. By heating up your cells and blood vessels and charging your body with negative ions, it gets your body working-moving oxygen and other nutrients to the places that need it the most.

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Does the BioMat Really Work?

If you've ever heard of the BioMat, you're probably wondering if it really works. The answer to this question actually lies in your own experiences. Have you ever been sitting at your computer, feeling sluggish, tired, and depressed? Have you found that a simple walk in the sun helps your mood immensely? Even a quick hop in the shower can be relaxing and uplifting. These are the types of things that the BioMat emulates. It uses infrared radiation, negative ions, and amethysts all in conjunction in order to bring the revitalizing science of nature into your home. But how exactly does it do that? And how do you know that it really works?

First, the BioMat uses infrared heat. This is the same heat that comes from the sun or from other living creatures. In fact, far infrared radiation (FIR) is the specific heat that warms us the most. Unlike near infrared radiation, which only heats our skin, FIR waves penetrate deep into our bodies to heat our cells and blood vessels, helping blood to flow and carry oxygen more efficiently. This has the same effect as natural sunlight, which mostly emits visible light and infrared radiation. So, the BioMat is similar to a heating pad, only with more effective heating waves.

A FIR heating pad would be an effective tool on its own, but BioMat does not stop there. It also creates negative ions, which naturally occur by the ocean, under waterfalls-even in your own shower. The movement of wind and water are two natural ways in which negative ions are produced. These negative ions can have two different effects on us. First, they are naturally attributed to positively charged molecules. This causes them to attach to dust and other pollutants in the air, which then fall to the ground or cling to the walls. This provides cleaner air, allowing for easier breathing. Many tests have also been related concern negative ions and depression. They've shown that negative ions typically lift spirits, while an absence of them does just the opposite. Just think about that sluggish feeling you get when you've been shut up in your house all day. Homes and office buildings typically have incredibly low ion counts, while mountains and oceans have the highest.

Finally, the Biomat uses amethysts to amplify the effects of FIR and negative ions. Amethysts have been proven to serve as a conductor for infrared light and ion producers. Like a magnifying glass, the amethyst layer on top of the BioMat increases all of its benefits, creating an atmosphere of energy and healing that mimics that of nature.

Ultimately, the BioMat does what the sun and the earth do: it creates heat and energy, directs it into your body via a natural superconductor, and allows your body to work at its full potential, moving oxygen and other nutrients through your blood to the places that need it the most. So, if you've ever felt refreshed by a summers day walk or a cool, refreshing waterfall, then BioMat will work for you!

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Using Essential Oils Effectively

Using essential oils effectively gives you the best nature has to offer. When using these remedies in their most natural form, for your wellness needs, you are sure to receive the full benefits of their herbal healing powers.

In order for you to be using essential oils effectively you should know how to identify the purest products for your needs. You should know the correct way to utilize each oil of choice, whether it's best used in a diffuser, applied onto the skin, if it should be taken internally, or if it is best mixed with other oils.

When purchasing essential oils there are a few things you should know. You are looking for the purest products that are highly-concentrated and that have superior distilling practices. You are looking for a supplier that has 100% pure or pure therapeutic-grade oils that were distilled from herbs that are grown in the right conditions and harvested at the correct maturity of the plant. If the supplier you are looking to purchase from has no guarantees for these factors then that is a sign for you to move onto a new supplier. Have no fear of moving on to a new supplier, your health depends on it.

Once you have your pure essential oil you need to know the correct application or uses of the oil. You will have already identified the reasons why you have purchased one or more oils. So, lets get right into using them effectively.

1. The diffuser method.
Most suppliers will have a diffuser product for their line of oils. There are several different types that can be used. If you have yet to purchase a diffuser but have a humidifier you can use that. Do not pour or put the oil into the humidifier. The oil will sit on top of the water delaying any use of the oil. When it does enter the humidifier it can mess up the internal function of it. What you want to do is fold a kleenex up into a square. Then place a few drops on the kleenex and place it in front of the humidifiers discharge, this will effectively diffuse the oil into the air. Once in the air you will be breathing it in were it enters the lungs then getting into your blood stream. You may also simply smell the open bottle getting the fragrance into your lungs.

2. Apply directly to the skin.
With this method you do want to be sure you check that you will have no skin irritation when you apply the oil. To do this you test the area you are going to apply it. First, place a small amount in the area, if you your skin does become lightly irritated then you should dilute with olive oil. Once you have determined whether or not you have any irritation from the oil and have diluted accordingly, go ahead and apply the essential oil to the desired area by massaging it into the skin. Here it will enter through the hair follicles mixing with the sebum and then mixing into your blood stream. Using this method gives you several options and techniques of use.

2a. One such technique that is a wonderful use, is reflexology. There are several nerve endings in your feet that quickly deliver benefits of the oil.

Some fragrances once on your skin do also emit their odor into the air around you, so, you will also be breathing it in, which depends on the oil can be uplifting, energizing, calming and even stress relieving.

Here we have covered a few ways to identify pure essential oils as well as a few methods of use. There are other methods such as internal use as well as many others that will be covered in a future article.

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Chiropractic And Infantile Colic

Since the time chiropractic profession has been established, it has consistently been provoking people wrong by achieving benchmarks that no one thought could be done. This profession has seen its part of struggle and ups and downs and has now emerged as a clear choice of most of the patients.

Critical thinking and research has grown as this profession grew slowly in the first half of the twenty-century and grave rapidly after that. There were many claims that were investigated and are still being investigated for the truth. One such investigation is discussed here.

Chiropractors often face a case where parents who have not had proper sleep in the night for more than four weeks come to them with a baby who is severely six weeks old. They try all the options they could and give up and come to chiropractors for help. This problem is known as infantile colic or the crying baby syndrome.
Chiropractic treatment is the best option for this condition. This condition not only troubles the infant but more so the parents as well as they stay awake for nights trying to calm the baby down. Babies respond to chiropractic treatment very fast and in a very positive manner. The crying spells reduce to about fifty percent in a day's time. Within a week's time, the baby becomes normal and eats and sleeps on time.

There were many studies that have been associated to get the truth regarding chiropractic and all of them have shown the wonderful benefits that chiropractic has in store for the patients. Infantile colic is a problem that is a nightmare for many parents and it is chiropractic treatment that can handle it and treat it in a gentle manner.

There was a study that compared chiropractic treatment of infantile colic to drugs and medicines for around two weeks. This drug helps in reducing the foam and gas in the intestinal tract of the babies. The results were in favor of chiropractic treatment. Colic is termed as uncontrollable and unexplained crying in babies of around three months for continuously more than 3 weeks for around 3 hours a day. This happens usually in the afternoon or evening. Chiropractic treatment can help parents in controlling this situation. It is a completely safe method as it is natural and chiropractors are trained to treat infants with utmost care. So, helps your child to come off this problem of colic.

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Different Stress Relief Products

Are you suffering from stress lately with family, work, and bills? Do you have a coping mechanism to combat this tress? Do you take any medication to relieve your stress? Actually, there are a number of stress relief products that you can use to combat your stress. These products were made to help people relate their stress. Here are some of the examples of those stress relief products that you can try. This includes; music, garden decorations, aroma therapy, medication, exercise, and yoga.

Music: This is one of the latest stress relief products that were use to help people be relieved from their stress. Music was found to be effective after several trials and testimonials of other people. Many people find listening to their favorite music to be very effective in relieving themselves from stress. Today, there are already music therapies that are being offered to people who prefer music to be their stress reliever. There are methods used to make music as effective as it can be to combat stress. Of course, there is always an assessment before taking any further action.

Garden decorations: Transforming your garden into a very relaxing, entertaining and soothing place in your house can be very effective. You can transform it by putting some elegant garden decorations available in the market. There are a lot of decorative garden decorations which is also known to be stress relief products that you can choose to transform your garden into and glamorous and relaxing place. Some examples that you can try include garden water fountain, solar garden lights, try to put some wind spinners, and etc. Make your garden as colorful as you want as long as it could help you be relieved from your long stressful work.

Aroma therapy: This is one of the most effective stress relief products or therapy to relieve stress. This therapy uses fragrance to ease the stress. By just simply smelling the fragrance it already does the process of relieving your stress. Of course there is still a proper method to be followed for it to be effective.

Yoga Exercise: This method has been known for decades already. Many people have changed their lifestyle with the help of yoga exercise. This is considered to be one of the top choices of most people when talking about method to combat stress. There are different types of yoga exercise depending on the sickness that you're dealing with. You will be assessed before you could decide which type is right for you.

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The Evolution of Energy Work In Massage Therapy

Dr. Rolf the founder of Structural Integration and Dr. William Garner Sutherland the founder of cranial sacral therapy both were bucking the tide with their inquiry into energy of electricity and magnetism. It was just not fashionable in the early 1900. Any experiences of practitioners of their era or day for that matter, who espoused the rhetoric of energy medicine, were considered quacks, fakes, or if successful in their technique, that success was due to the placebo effect. I believe its imperative in a massage continuing education course, to focus on the value of energy work in all technique!

Dr. Rolf was very aware how important it was to separate herself from any inquiry that was not fashionable. Stating that treating with energy fields would have been considered a mere fantasy and would have be ridiculed. Even though she has earned a Ph.D. from Columbia University in Biochemistry, she steered way clear of any reference to the value of tuning into and running energy while doing healing work. Talk about who are the real quacks. Energy field work has been practiced since ancient times. One only need journey to any culture that practiced shamanism to know that their energy work was effective due to their manipulation of invisible energies.

There has been a battle raging for centuries, very much like the ancient Chinese when Chuang Tsu battled with HsunTsu philosophically, relating the nature of mankind. In the West it was the Mechanists and the Vitalist who stood on opposing sides of the fence. The Mechanists believed all life can be described as obeying certain laws of chemistry and physics. The Vitalists describe the mysterious life forces that can not be seen. This battle has been raging throughout the globe, much like Republicans and Democrats of today.

Prior to 1910 doctors used electricity to treat a number of ailments that were brought to their practices. After 1910 all medicine was based on the science of the time, even tough metaphysics is only the physics we do not know of today. The ruling establishment even made the use of electricity in treatment illegal. Hmmm, sounds like a familiar pattern. As I have stated in a previous article Dr. Harold Burr, with stellar credentials that allowed him to be rented at Yale, went on to prove the existence of energy fields. Today we have “scientific” tools that irrefutably prove the existence of energy fields around the body. Thirty years ago the FDA began to approve the use of electrical and magnetic devices to improve bone health. This was a beginning of what has been call electromagnetic medicine. Now there are a whole new array of devices that are being manufactured to help to protect us from all the electromagnetic devices that we use in our everyday life. Many of which are also considered quackery. Go figure.

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More On Chiropractic And Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is considered by many to be a serious and complex disease for there is no fixed cure. Chiropractic treatment is the best option to reduce the pain and symptoms caused by this problem and improve the quality of life of the patient.

Fibromyalgia was not given the recognition of a proper disease up until 1987 by the American Medical Association although its symptoms have been treated and cured since 1600s. Even today, many doctors still deny the existence of this disorder because there is no prerequisite test that can ensure this problem in a person. Instead, they view these symptoms as psychological or emotional causes.

There are studies that suggest that fibromyalgia is a disorder of the central nervous system. Patients of fibromyalgia show abnormalities in the chemical compounds that the nerve impulses transmit. On an average, these people have four times more of nerve growth as those people who do not have this problem. This implies that fibromyalgia is a disorder of the hypersensitivity of the central nervous system. Chiropractic treatment is the best way to reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia as chiropractors are trained and skilled in the area of ​​central nervous system and fibromyalgia is a problem in that area.

The chiropractor will make adjustments to the spine and the neck depending on general and tender point evaluation. Spinal manipulation is done with hands and a sharp thrust is applied to the area which can result in a popping sound. The aim of these adjustments is to correct the misalignment of the spell. Once the spine is aligned properly, pain symptoms in all the parts of the body and not just in the spine and the neck should disappear. Your chiropractor will also help you in brining changes in your diet, exercises and lifestyle so that you can improve your health.

Many health insurance policies also cover the cost of chiropractic treatment. Before beginning the treatment, patients should check with their insurer. In order to treat pain, patients visit their chiropractor at the beginning of the treatment a lot. Then the visits become comparatively less. In chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, treatment goes on for a prolonged period of time. Although there is no particular cure for fibromyalgia but chiropractic treatment can help reduce the pain and the symptoms of the disease and help the patient in leading good quality life. So, if you are facing this problem, you should consult yoru chiropractor soon.

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